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Ryan Braun is a massive fraud

Jul 23, 2013|

John, Gerry and Kirk opened the show with their reaction to the fraudulent career of Ryan Braun. is he the biggest liar in sports history?

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It's Dennis and Callahan and I will continue to take the high road because that's who I am and just wait it out of my life. We want the troops on my side and here. We'll Maggie -- that we are -- or not one of that you -- going to have to be perfectly honest. I've examined you would secure extra. And I find that there's absolute. -- -- -- everything's going to be all over. We'll save and where to get up -- -- very this. Shoppers and you've been involved. Give it did and I continue to be -- hit yeah. Yeah. I know that he did -- do when it's given. You can defeat that. Yeah. Did you -- something and remove me from the beginning to take it yeah. And I'm taking it day. On 93 point seven W. You aren't getting tired of this once again nothing to talk about here this morning wolf will invent something will find something we'll uncover some rocks or turn over some rocks. And uncover some subjects but that the drought continues in sports talk radio let me just say this. Tampa Bay lefthander Matt Moore is on a big time pitching role. It is a top of the rotation left handers -- It is as it looks like that that is I had forgotten. It is scary. If -- Red Sox and Red Sox player yeah its books owner GM look and and that's. But his way with your team. That's negated their heads to next time they see him. On. My -- He's he's come in music and look at this oh. That's what they let James Shields yeah that's why -- was expendable is 20/20 three what are. Four point four -- work and by the way right according to -- badly. Badly I enjoyed it aren't so well Matt Moore certainly at a big time. General hopefuls. Rock and brawn is a disgraced fraud and I might -- Based on the map that he used for its apology yesterday he is also an abject how port. Matt Kemp got screwed in 2011. ESPN's Barry Larkin. Was an utter embarrassment to himself and the four -- and get a win you have to get to that we will get it that was incredible. I I I was texting with she'll afterwards and he's -- I don't know what that was all about. -- give she'll credit because I know he was tempted to go -- what what are you held did you just say I know. I have a theory on this and and we can play an argument -- played again PLC. This is a couple of guys who are. A little uncomfortable news -- a couple of what's happening -- at at this point out Barry Larkin is just an add to list they do not not to address this. She was so remarkable I hit our rewind and listen to two more times right and then I heard it again this morning on the way yet. Unbelievable. Jon Lester is in a big time spotlight tonight to prove to us to prove to himself to prove to his teammates. Who and what he is in the second half of the season and finally. Clay Buchholz is officially on the clock. It's not -- -- what's what's the question here I'm sorry go where you want all all I'm down -- largely if not faster buckle I always have -- out to me is. You wanna talk to a team where some of these MVP obviously a -- degree mark in 1995 and Alex don't harassing us and I write this about. You could do that we give Campion BP that we know nothing about Matt -- that's usually how we did right -- doing right he's. It's probably although you don't wanna give green well Canseco and sodas can -- by the way he was willing to give -- MB auction went well. And shoot -- W 100 -- -- let me welcome everyone. Americans who come on radio today your television reverence it -- promised for yes obviously we all know yet what is unbelievable was he is it. As I said yesterday sort of this generation's Palmeiro. And he was public about he -- that you and said how dare you suggest that I would do this a better person has a better person. That is then this is I just worker from Wisconsin I would I would do this O'Brien brought everybody just kind of slot people sat there nod their heads. Thought -- bodies on people to buy at any point. -- -- I would bet my life that the substance never answered my body at any point oh he bit more than they're Rodgers did well he -- his life Roger many years with -- -- he didn't that is life unfortunately. But he built his reputation I mean honestly though. I I feel like. When people defend it brought back in 2003. When you heard these idiots like you -- -- what connection it -- for Advil. I mean it doesn't help you hit a baseball. I don't think people who defended LeBron. Really believe that I know ROL made Perot didn't really cool if you take a beating last night I mean meter defend them because he was the Hebrew hammer and and he gave. Hope little skinny Jewish kids. And that's all well and good but now we know why the little skinny Jewish kid became one of the great sluggers. In the Major League Baseball. It's more evidence. And god knows we have mountains of evidence of why guys -- why they take that chance why they'd hate these drugs -- risk everything risk reputation. -- -- An 805 million dollar contract -- -- as a five time most Wright -- MVP. And he rookie of the year. He won everything he became a superstar. Initial point that out. It makes good plays great I'm not sure Ryan -- even a good player and straight up. Clean. No Jews nobody CDs. I'd ever had an STV. I don't think he's ever even played the game clean and went to the University of Miami. He's learned the tricks of the trade down there -- sure he got hooked up with that totally lost or some other podium -- I doubt there are. I think the -- -- weeks ago when the MVP of the -- we saw. Test positive. Poor synthetic testosterone the highest test basic -- ever seen yet highest ratio dirty guilt the lion -- and cockroach. I promise you on everything that's ever -- anything in the in my life the morals and values or virtues but which -- live from 128 years on this planet I did not do this. It's unbelievable. RW -- -- wary of 2012. The assembled his teammates around him for 23 minutes in the warm February -- in Arizona is that guys pop vocal support -- split is against it and looked into the camera. And said the falling. I promise you on everything that's ever meant anything to me in my life the morals and values or virtues but which I've lived for much when he is on this planet I did not do this is going to hell. Ideas -- -- -- -- to -- -- always going to be back in February reporting to spring training that is all gonna be behind him yet at the apology really just be off he says I'm so glad. To put this all behind me sorry -- up behind you for about it and don't. And brother may have offended or may have may have believed in him. I I knew it was line and everyone in Major League Baseball knew -- was line and I think even you know on the die hard brewers fans of the die hard Hebrew hammer fans. No he was lying and it's kind of go to the motions of its when he heroes -- of -- One of these and and -- -- -- used to do this and we need more evidence that encryption is come around obviously. Everybody knows that in Clemens and bonds and acquire all frauds all liars A-Rod fraud wire everyone knows braunfels in this category two. I think -- that yesterday I believe the yesterday it was a good day for Major League I -- -- yeah absolutely I believe they are not messing around I believe there's going to be many many as as -- only said the gonna fall like dominoes. And is going to be this field across baseball but you can't get away without even if you're testing. Negative. Because you get you in this these new drugs these new designers synthetic testosterone that he stays in your system for 2448. Hours Victor -- point that out. You can time -- right Brian brought for the most part has timed it right he got nailed during the playoffs. With that high the ratio -- tested positive. He was guilty some eighty arbitrary Robert -- Decided should mine boss decided. You know he did stick -- Major League Baseball. And let them off on a technicality in the -- Acted as if he tested negative yes he didn't it was no way. To tamper with that nasty tested positive based on how -- -- out and skated on this technicality isn't this next chapter to his life like many stupid. It's -- stupid is not pitted again. Yes I hadn't. Now we didn't lead me it could have been the same you know same timeframe. Was a little bit after that we don't know we don't know done -- -- -- the -- entries -- little bit after the -- -- item in the book but the Bausch and we are dated after he was eggs two -- I don't read I need -- -- you -- perfect but very -- and I and I need clarification. What's Bob well Carl Ravitch said when he was between Kurt and that -- reluctant was that his sources told them they had a couple of texts. On on. Brought a couple of texts they have volumes that have reams. Of evidence on Alex Rodriguez is my second thing. After the -- situation is that ESPN's Barry Larkin was a complete and total embarrassment to the four letter network and himself put it this way that he stood up. On the set of baseball tonight. And that was a urine stained. All around his crotch and down -- his legs it could not have been more embarrassing. More humiliating. Than what he said and the stand keep talking yesterday now picture this it's called -- on the baseball tonight. Offset its its -- on his left Barry Larkin on his right and listen to this remarkable exchange and Barry Larkin is take on this. Well -- still looking for clarification -- I'm still looking for the entire story you know we heard a hundred game suspension of this could potentially. It is skilled. Ambiguity out there they're still Latin and a lack of OK this is exactly what he did so what's the collection process bat. Last time he got on TV and talked about how I didn't put any of this stuff in his body. War was it actually very. Questions for me still I still need to have. More information. As far as prime concern was -- -- did he did he really tells us two years ago because now I assume he did and he's been lying to us for two years and it just feels very Lance Armstrong to me because he went out of his way to ruin. A man's life who had nothing to do with baseball and was delivering a sample of -- that that was he was -- for his jobs. This is that it's embarrassing had been listening Bryan Bronson -- -- I assumed I just assumed you couldn't do what he did and say what he said. If you're guilty. And then that was a naive assumption on my part but mostly clear. Steroids initiation they make bad players could they make good players great they -- great players -- streamers there's no doubt anybody that says and different is winding. There is flat out lie but still. Why did he do. And clarification I think that we all need that it that the is there a precedent does being set Major League Baseball certainly is trying to clean up the game what are they do believe why he violated yes he violated the program -- I thought -- -- -- -- Basically gives credibility to -- Genesis -- -- -- when Ryan -- presented with here's what we have against you is that here despite this appeal it or. Take take a suspension for the rest of this year in the post season what are you wanna -- so are the other guys that are supposedly on his bio Dennis relationship are they gonna say hey let me sign -- for that Ryan I'm. They would descended on its web depend on the amount of evidence of Major League Baseball has against those people I think they're Disney still to be the clarification this is what these guys did a relationship with what Tony must okay. That it's just so many days but did he violate something in particular what makes our list specifically did he did I. I don't mean bill's specifics my assumption is that they -- they cheated they -- initiation took steroids into book I don't know but I'm assuming that all holes same caliber player who doesn't who comes up publicly and says you know what I'll take the suspension -- weren't -- anything I'm assuming you cheated got caught and got caught badly -- -- -- hall of fame player. But it cannot be any assumptions are put -- -- play. I'm sorry cheated -- cannot -- That's my point and how we have enough. So rabbit he's tried to be the voice of reason and try and talked this guy you know off the ledge Schilling is making absolute sense and this moron is just based baying at the mode. Ambiguity. What was the collection process a lot I have a lot of questions. But still what that he do I need Clara for quite chase you talk about. It's just nonsense and my theory on this site need to hear on this is -- -- Larkin isn't juices -- put yourself in this position. If you're juice -- if you're guilty you know you do at some point your career. You've got that voice in the back -- than you could face a day of reckoning somehow some way the guy who sold -- that draw. I mean obviously you're not gonna test positive now you're retired. But that could be at Tony Bausch and your past eighteen may eight trainer. A who would rebound ski. In your past and he could come out of the woodwork at some point. And then they would have that -- on you the way that did an audio and you waited abroad and it was an analysis from Eric Harris on this one day. And he now all but said it got me he just that we need to move. It's in the past let's let's go move on he didn't say clarification clarification over and over again he -- symbol of that. And I'm looking at a many skinny he he was big -- -- and -- saying this is how you react if you skated if you made it to the India Korea without getting caught. You still have that hesitation. That reluctance to come down hard on these guys. And which -- there's no doubt in my mind. 00 doubt in my mind the chilling is going is going to us would you agree there you know I think everybody's a possibility I do I think chilling juice milk amok in the state with anybody from that generation 100% -- I must -- out of percent -- in the senate -- glad it's a massive dale Murphy. A mavericks. A -- for a few guys. I'm -- I -- I would say you know one or 2% -- -- guys but not but but they -- the exact category Larkin Eric Karros Mike Piazza there -- guys when they talked you say. This is this this is how you react. If you're just had that little nagging concern you might someday be out while still looking for clear case. Of you know what that means that -- who wants Obama -- -- -- is I mean honestly I don't know what else there is -- -- soldiers that's solidified his viewpoint I don't find out the -- -- but that's the beauty of -- -- that's the -- new OC -- the -- the revelation is that they kidney failure -- I mean nearly 65 games is not lifetime but this guy's reputation is on. He's Jews -- all these numbers in the these post all the money he's made. Is fraudulent. And they did it without applause -- obviously at a positive test in 2011 yes but they don't need a positive test they can get there and other ways and and this jerk -- brawn. -- -- -- They got me what I see that -- -- consensus and intentionally made a great point if you are why abroad and you assemble your teammates behind you in Arizona in spring training in February 2012 and say the following I promise you everything it's a permanent thing in the in my life. The morals and values -- virtues -- which I've -- from a 28 years on this planet I did not do this and then you fast forward to yesterday when presented with I assume reams and reams of information that has him guilty SN. And admit although statement cowardly statement that your take in the suspension. If you really did by all things that are holy to you didn't do this why would you take the suspension why would now you stop fighting for yet trees because they have you read. Handed what. Part of that is Barry Larkin not understanding while I. Good question I just think that he is everything needs done everything he says. Is filtered through this this. The perspective of a -- yeah who got away who was fortunate that baseball when he was in his -- was not taking this year's so. He said Ryan -- said I'm so happy to put this behind yeah. Will not exactly listened to bolster old these take on how far behind you this is right and broad. He's gonna have a lot of work to do in terms of rebuilding. On his credibility with the other players because he has been viewed. I have to get positive drug test even after 100 billion a lot of players they know -- private leak. That I spoke way it is thought that he got away with -- -- As the face of the steroid era. B bonds -- -- rod when those guys I would say bonds Clemens who thousands -- -- Clemens. McGwire. I would say it rod may be in the 2000 and arts. And now we have a new face because. This is the reason you know me the pearl of the and the reason a lot of kids probably looked up and misses the skinny Jewish kid from California. Who made it to the top of the game and an wins real. -- underdog story yes this was not. So bumps -- you know incredible 64 to -- vital public look like -- trial run in them first base of this was not some -- Jackson and Griffey junior. This was a guy who just seemed overcome the -- reached the top of his game and defying all expectations and make a hundred million dollars -- -- -- And now we know. Well and now we know why and again it brings up the questions -- do over again. You know what do you do it over saint worship -- do all brigade you -- not personally text Tony -- If he would do over again but he would absolutely rub a cream or shoot that needle. We don't know what do we need color for my education reform bill just absolutely do over again I mean the guy has muscles -- come back. In the spring like man like Manning. Doesn't care committees reputations in the upper back and picked up a double -- bit of a hundred million bucks. But contract his contract is absolutely bully an obscene. It goes this year. He -- 65 games -- of that percent three point seven million he was caught is the sellers only half right. If he had somehow delayed notice a couple years. It's unbelievable. He goes from next -- and then twelve that nineteen. Then nineteen and nineteen and eighteen and sixteen and then a mutual option. Twenty million dollars total is more than -- 10530. When he 130 system. That is all. Payne who fraudulent means he doesn't make any he's probably Daniel now. If he doesn't. Anthony comes -- yeah. The region which -- these guys up that becomes -- hits next year as the Milwaukee gimmick here and -- pop for the nobody. Built cheer him but they'll always be reluctance to always be an asterisk in the ocean or -- and the way the rays would Barnes and -- acquired -- -- the list goes on our keys -- MVP list may have the MVPs the last twenty years cheaters -- in Milwaukee they say he's. Our Jews -- 6177797937. Text machine 379 -- 37. Our -- will join us. In -- 7 o'clock -- 730 to be exact. Curt Schilling the L one of two people making sense on the baseball tonight -- last night will join us at 830 your phone calls next 1000 --

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