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The Trade Deadline Show: July 23, 2013

Jul 23, 2013|

Rob Bradford and Alex Speier react to the news that Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun has been suspended for the remainder of the season after cutting a deal with Major League Baseball. Turning to the trade market, Rob and Alex talk about what the Red Sox are willing to give up for a rental at this year’s deadline.

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A short in addition of the trade deadline special live high atop Fenway Park. I'm rob Bradford WEEI dot com with Alex spear a WEEI dot com. We're steam rolling into the Herb Chambers Audi pregame show to get all kinds of momentum heading into that leading into the great joke at stake be known. -- shot grandy leading into the Red Sox broadcast table bay rays taking on the Boston Red Sox in what. Figures to be highly anticipated four game series but Alex first we have to touch on. A couple important things that just came out just as we were sitting here getting ready for the show. Number one salt and -- talk a little bit about it the right -- situation what's your take on it. Well it's interesting bit I guess that the compromise arrangement is that he's getting suspended he's. Getting a suspension of longer than a first time offender shorter than a second time -- so somewhere in in the middle but. It doesn't really -- there's no consequence to the Brewers of course. It aside from the fact that they're on the hook for a terror for what may end up being a terrible contracts and depending on what was. What is underlying his Brian -- skill sets. But you know the Brewers were going to contend this year and Brian -- wet weather Ryan Braun was playing for them or not. Well here's my take on and also is that. Right and -- place for the Milwaukee Brewers some real world -- Milwaukee Brewers stink this year they're not going anywhere we -- have heard other names that are perceived to be coming out in this scandal. So are they can hold these names. A lot of them who -- aren't with teams that are contending they get hold -- -- the rest of it to the end of the season when it don't affect the pennant races or are we gonna start seeing some of these names trickle up because this could have an enormous effect on some of these races toward the end toward the -- to October well obviously -- did not appeal which I think is probably going to be a difference maker of the players -- are going to kind of get to pick when they. When they allow their suspension to be in force -- was that brought in this case it is well but think about this the Bruins action at the Brewers actually benefit. Because they're going to get probably a better draft -- it's resentment with the -- a negative as you said in -- anywhere and we should note -- is 64 -- -- Ryan drunkenness. He's gonna is gonna cost them about three point. Four million dollars for the rest of the year he made a statement the statement reads as -- I realize now that I have made some mistakes I -- willing to accept the consequences of those actions I wish to apologize to all of baseball fans especially those in Milwaukee the great Brewers organization and my teammates so all of a sudden now he's basically admitting to what he didn't and it too. And what he yelled never went for saying that he was being accused of falsely by the way robbed you of anything you wanna get under after testing of anything you wanna apologize or you know I'd do and I am not overturn any suspensions lately you know so. In the next thing that we do just learned before we came on was the Matt Garza perceived as maybe the guy at the top of the list in terms of starting pitchers heading into the non waiver trade deadline which is but he decent rate right Alex note that I try to ninety's away. I only count -- would we're gonna do that starting next Monday. But Matt Garza is trade has been traded. From the Chicago Cubs to the Texas Rangers 214 hours. To thank you thank you 214. Hours -- non waiver trade deadline and the first big issue -- I don't know for shoe to drop. -- the president not temperature or -- of the the first big issue has been dropped. Matt Garza had a -- Texas Rangers it was a deal that was thought to be done. Late last week it is snag -- they have revitalized it. Though biggest piece in the package is third base in -- third base prospect Michael what's your thoughts on the street. Well it's interesting I think that all was a guy who had considerable her prospects standing -- in fact the Cubs and them in the Rangers talked about all moving to to Chicago last year. With with both cars and and Ryan Dempster. Permutations. He. Between those clubs but it obviously ended up was putting on that opens up going this year when his value is lower because he's had vision problems but to me basically what this says is that. The Red Sox didn't want it we didn't wanna compete with the Rangers offer for a short term rental. It presumably if there if the Cubs are getting all back then they would have wanted someone like middle Brooks to front a package they were getting from the Red Sox. The two of them are actually fairly comparable prospects in terms of both potential in the fact that they're dealing with down years. In so the Red Sox you know Phelps felt like they were in a position where they didn't have to. Put so many chips on the table for a rental and I think that that's what we're going to see from them going forward. And what we've learned from team sources is that the clay buckle situation to get to a minute that did not affect how the Red Sox approached a guy like Matt Garza. They were confident what they're gonna get back enclave the result for Clay Buchholz so they were proceeding as usual for the last whatever two weeks. Three weeks now if other guys have gone down Jon Lester been injured might be a different story. But it. They were still going in what exactly what you set out to Matt Garza was just going to be too expensive for a guy who they were not willing to expend the extend beyond here right -- so that the guys we've heard them connected with for instance I had heard them connected with Bud Norris and others have others have said that they've been you know I've said that they they harbor interest in the garlic and Jake Peavy both those guys are people who are. Under control beyond the 2013 and they're going to give up. Meaningful prospect assets then it's only going to be if they're going to be able to get a player who's going to impact them beyond. Just two months and I -- also once again note that this rob Bradford WEEI dot com with Alex spear. Of WEEI dot com with the special trade deadline addition of the trade deadline so sorry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That you all through. The Red Sox game with this -- much much anticipated game in it today was a much anticipated day Alex. Because of what we talked about before which was the clay buckle situation. And John Farrell came out today and he said what a lot of people. Really thought he was gonna say when we get the results back from doctor James injures in regards to Clay Buchholz which was. It lined up with what the Red Sox at night and yeah it's not quite like entirely clean bill of health but it saying. Okay you're dealing with information you can pitch with this he can pitch through this without jeopardizing your career. You can now resume your place at the top of the Red Sox rotation. As soon as you've built up your arm strength so it is a landmark day for the Red Sox and it is important to me I mean you know I think in. Confirming the Red Sox suspicions about their trade status. Namely that they don't need to feel. This desperate void in their rotation and they may be able to focus more -- their -- On their bullpen on their bullpen even though they do need to start worrying a little bit to my mind about their Major League pitching depth. Because they've had some some setbacks in terms of what's going on in their in their depth options such as -- most prominently. Allen Webster you had this is a very interesting -- development as we only have how many hours now. 214214. Hours of non waiver -- 213 and 43 minute yes and in so we focus so much on the Major League club in Clay Buchholz. Being perceived as you go to I think 33 bull pens in a simulated game in a rehab outing correct is that right. Yes okay. So we have that before Clay Buchholz returns but they feel like he's gonna return sometime in August for well it might be at least one rehab outing in my -- more than that run that and so you -- we we know that. We're focusing on that we're focusing on Jon Lester making this start tomorrow about how what his health -- like as he can bounce back from some some aches and some pains. But also as you mentioned some things that we should also pay attention to. Are there were other performances down Pawtucket by some key guys most notably -- Webster ruby Della Rosa. Right and -- Webster just had a dreadful outing yesterday it quite frankly set off alarm bells he threw one and two thirds innings gave up seven runs five blocks. It was a nightmare of an outing I think that he threw eighteen of 49 pitches for strikes. That's bad. There's a little bit of -- there's anxiety in the organization about what they have and -- Webster right now because the guy can't throw his fastball for strikes. Or at least or if he does they end up being forced him twelve steamers down the middle and end up being it. 19100 feet at the Major League level so right now he's kind of removed from the depth equation with the Red Sox thought they had building. And that kind of plays into. They kind of need Brandon -- -- show. That he's a Major League ready viable fallback option for them out of the ball well again as the swing man on you know and in Britain and -- -- you'd hate to say this about a guy who lesson and double it was in double A not too long ago. He has become one of the most important players on this team. He really has because of what he could potentially do in the starting rotation. And then if you do get buckled back and you feel okay with a starting rotation what he might indeed be needed to do in the bullpen as well. And you know that whether it's him weather's Great Britain. They put a lot of stock in these guys heading into an important time of the season. Right which is part of the reason why I think that they still need to find a veteran to help stabilize one of those sides. Whether it's rotation depth or whether it's the bullpen. But certainly you know look this was always a long term process entering 2013 this was about the Red Sox view of the next great Red Sox team where they're able to. -- their internal depth problems with that with guys from their own farm system and they might be putting their money where their mouth this for a good part of this year is there anybody else we folks we know that -- up here in Drake Britton is done all right for himself in the few outings that he's done that you showed the promise he might be able to help as well. And other than Webster. Other than Della Rosa is there anybody else who we might see in the last couple months -- to potentially make some sort of impact on this team well you're seeing a couple of the guys up -- derby out so don't look past him he did a great job of throwing strikes last night and has stopped. He is a pretty good reliever for the Mets a couple of years ago. And then you know obviously they have a guy in Ryan Rowland Smith who's been injured for awhile. But he had a when basically a one ERA over the course of about fifty innings in the minors so he's insisting to have some other guys who have been very good down there -- thing or. Who's kind of a little bit below the radar but been very effective at both Portland. In Pawtucket this year the same is true of Chris Martin. Well it Alex it was a it was a short one but it was a good one and we're gonna -- right into Herb Chambers Audi pregame show. There's a lot to talk about this is a huge yours here it's real quick before we go what's your take how the Red Sox could do in the series. I have no idea I don't know I don't know and I don't I don't know how are they going to do in this series and I'll go right down the middle split four games here and there you go 213 hours forty minutes right with -- okay we'll see our next rate data I've you'll be back all the all this week. Mike he had -- -- Simon will be back tomorrow at six. Full trade deadline show will be next Monday as well but heading in right now yet the Herb Chambers -- pregame show.

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