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John Farrell Postgame Press Conference Monday July 22nd

Jul 22, 2013|

John Farrell Postgame Press Conference Monday July 22nd

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John can you talk about Matt Mullen and on what kind job to do. Well shut us out. A lot of quality pitches he stayed out of metal plate three base runners all night really never had a chance at. Getting single one he was efficient. Very good fastball good changeup kept us off stride enough and still. A lot of power suit to good location and strike -- And -- After the first couple innings in which they pressed him for you know pretty. I'm pretty good number of pitches thrown the first two innings a lot of poise even that first inning when he gave up a couple of base hits. He keeps the game and control and he shows some maturity -- mound for just three appearances here at the bit at the big league level and an outstanding six innings of work force tonight followed by dilatory that those two guys -- a very good game against a good lineup. I gave or the rest our bullpen a little bit of a blow which was much needed. Overall a solid pitched game on both sides of the battle a story tonight. Any comments. And Ryan -- on here. No I'm not familiar enough with the case. Have you seen Joseph -- progress. -- few innings and now. Couple times is pitch against this club Tampa he's thrown multiple innings. Throw a lot of strikes. Induce a lot of swings and there's some late action to a sinker two breaking ball changeup. He's had two very good outings against Tampa. And you know another young guy who's learning each time he goes to the mound but that tonight was probably the most impressive outings -- -- just. His ability to attack the strike zone got some early outs and give us. Two plus innings of much needed relief.

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