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Breaking news: Ryan Braun cuts deal with MLB, admits to steroid use, suspended for the rest of 2013

Jul 22, 2013|

We speak about Ryan Braun's suspensions, and how the words he spoke less than one year ago ring so hollow now.

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Whether he gets a break in those TJ Quinn of ESPN's Ryan Braun has been suspended. Justice John payments saying that Tehran Iran has been suspended for the rest of the -- Now this is now she's been suspended because of the Major League Baseball or is this a result of the -- Genesis connection RI agents are trying to address the seasons that it -- It's got to be more well we'll -- because that's. -- that's 975 game suspension. Oh I think. With all the stuff that Ryan Ryan brought that four between eight and fifty and a hundred T gotta match and it's gonna be in a hundred games suspect out of Adam before. And he was able to get out of it because of the process. And now they got to -- do it can't just -- brawn I pretty bad it's got to be the other guys to Islamic it's just the first that it is starting but why wouldn't do all -- to got to be brawn and -- and and the the most interesting one what if they are James got plenty of time if you're telling me I should be afraid of of Matt -- going to Texas well I wonder who's -- whether or not Nelson Cruz is going to be there for the rest of the year. -- on this list as well and it Nelson Cruz is going to be out that's gonna change the way I view the Rangers as well. Six on seven centers -- time it's too -- Ryan Bryant Ackerman from where I could get him that you don't make -- and. Iran had -- in boxer and I don't put it. -- They yeah actually get I had the pleasure of going to the -- and last night that much on nice to say to the -- We particularly the game and I credible and the so called because we listened to the show and he wanted to call and ask about. You know that that Dotson and you know -- on the practice some time with the game and all you -- and -- didn't. -- -- that you'd think are sort of course like that used and in those but it just you know. As -- and that it was kind of embarrassing to be scared you know we actually yankees and Red Sox and and some of that and go back and fought a lot of. I don't know it's time -- like to highlight it -- analyst -- -- or. I don't mind yankees Sox I don't mind her a lot of a lot of families -- important with young kids remain. It. Well it would be there at the end yeah I mean look at it you're at a ballpark -- -- not an erotic concert I'm sorry I'm you're a ballpark you're getting your cursing. This is an issue out of Seattle I never thought to be an issue here. Yes your ballpark people gonna curse our scenarios so that raise questions you can be the president of the -- include home. The president between detonation. For a year of a full year -- seller how many roughly concerts I have to attend during that well you probably have to go about to go to about him now now that I think had names that are Rockefeller got -- -- rocky year. I told you much more of a music together guy. That Miami roughly guy hey here's the news it's not just that Ryan Braun has been suspended -- that he's accepting the suspension. He's accepting the suspension and says in the statement I'm not perfect. I realize now that I made some mistakes. I am willing to accept wow that Hunts Point oh wow hubbub that he said in a statement though I don't want to -- in the state well he may go out spot on he has to. He has to because -- -- on this and this is annoying to me -- broad when he thought he was right when he thought he got away with it. He went out of his way to do an Academy Award winning speech. Where he wagged his fingers instead on the soapbox and he said that he has done at the right way you train hard and somebody. I'll let people are out to get involved with that it was very passionate well. Don't hide behind a statement now to have made some mistakes. Out. Just like you did you thought she got away with things and answer some questions talk about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you're right. The story about Brian -- is not just that he got caught cheating it's that he is now admitting. That he chiefs. His lies were so intense and they were in your face finger pointing for how dare you accuse me kind of lies. And the whole time he was completely full of. Mahuad had eight heels to pick one aside to remember he had. I think Aaron Rodgers. For obvious reasons and -- -- And Wisconsin so Aaron Rodgers came to his defense and I don't know what a great job he did with his with his comments about doing at the right way. A lot of support baseball yeah. Players today. In I believe -- Berardino but it played the game right away -- -- is he didn't do anything wrong I believe them. Bogus. Well I'm glad he has. He has been brought judgment a little bit I -- But now are you hungry for the next well aren't -- hungry to see what happen to rob -- -- more games you think I don't know I don't know this is some type of agreement owners are going to be hundred if you come out and end today. The you're wrong and don't challenge Major League Baseball. Would you deal little deal. We'll let you stay in the game and not venue for life. And that that may very will be about how this went out of an advocate and another 100 games for Ryan I would -- -- -- always talked so much interest in pressure on Iran to what they -- do now. The other guy linked to by Genesis is saying yeah I did it by Genesis is real what does -- do now. What does Nelson Cruz do what they -- all what is what is out what is -- -- to do now. All of all those guys what what does -- always -- -- in in and he will be -- will be very small gym pass on to slip as -- slipped his way out of Jeff -- and enough on Yahoo! already some anger in baseball. The brawn got only 65 games. They gave that piece of expletive -- deal. One person said that's right so somebody think inexact he's Jeff. Sixty -- a weird compromise. Mean you would think -- either would have been fifty games for the first defense -- hundred games for assault harassment when and how do you get how do you get 65 game always to hear the statement on the statement Paula -- next enemy and it's the question -- that 3793 sevenths alcoholic. Really I will not make any further statements about it the truth has not changed I don't know the specifics of story they came out today. Come but I Marty just Marty -- and on and I'll say nothing further about itself. I'm hope that you guys can respect as I -- in spring training thanks. Those are LeBron when he was originally. Accused of cheating. -- after he won the MVP okay here's. Little different tune today is now the cost I'm not perfect he says if he gets gets worse. Now according to the tweet from. TJ Quinn it is. I am willing to accept the consequences of those actions this situation has taking has taken a hole on me and -- hired him. Well now wait a minute -- -- -- It's taken at all. It has been a trying time for why fuss about it and arguably draining. I wonder why it's emotionally draining because I know I. Doubt why straining. As -- bit -- after. So I -- I'm sure it would be another ploy for sympathy yet I advocate infopath from him and I didn't look how long I've been lying about -- -- for him you think it easy for me in my family that I've had to live this life for this long it's been toppled and it'll be telling created this ought to let you know -- I. Think it was easy going down by the Genesis. This is without a doubt the biggest challenge ever faced in my life and it's made that much more towns in a bad deal with the public. Com but I truly view this challenge as an opportunity to society you have here the challenge I faced my life as an opportunity. Try to respect his process. You know the confidentiality of the process was breached early on. To handle entire situation. With honor. Thanks and keep going now. You're gonna get it was a good -- -- this is -- for just to be clear this is not from today this is this is what he thought he got off this is when he thought he was getting away within a year so potentially be the first one step up Wednesday. I did it. By no means perfect. But never made any mistakes in my life taken responsibility for -- Actually believe in my heart and I would bet my life that the substance never answered my body and point. I've always had tremendous respect for the game baseball. In part of the reason that I have kept quiet. Throughout the course of this ordeal. And part of the reason why won't be allowed to get into all the details today is to put the best interest of the game -- the best interest of myself OK stuff. Okay that's what liars -- -- easier -- is -- whoever it is liars say I would bet I would bet my Life Partners don't believe. Any thing you said I want to clarify how swear on this grave I'll let my -- how duke it out do that you can hold this to my head on on him. Line of that I would bet my life he says yeah but what do. When he does go on sixty minutes is -- who's the big interview these days on sixty minutes. I give -- going on sixty minutes to get got who're you going on who's the toughest interview around there. Now Anderson Cooper and Donna inevitably have to go somewhere else now he go to and it's I told you I would go to I would go to Erin Burnett on CNN that would be the easiest of all time I would go right to -- Burnett get -- -- attacked. You know my name is interactive. -- everything. Works for. Technical questions. How how are let's say you go on with -- -- -- -- -- Anderson Cooper all right I don't even know he would be the guys some new riches is by. You go there's a Cooper he's going to play that apparently the first thing he's get a deal once he kind of gets you buttered up if he's gonna say -- to play you. Some things that you said to what you thought you were getting away with what you think -- there were you thinking when you said I would bet my life. That this -- is never -- entered my body would you really pick your life. Clearly not I mean he's he has at. Like the way he knew knew very clearly he has bad. His lifestyle. You said you think your life and this is all talking about it actors up. I'll always stood up for what is right oh -- today is about everybody who's ever been wrongly accused a hole and Brad and what is actually right up. Just. One player that's about all players current players. All future players who plays the game. Does not start the -- trailblazers now that -- -- there -- a human rights advocates for everybody. Got it. It's bigger than me is it about the gave it a forfeit his life phenomenon even cause a white uniform for your life I think I have another problem -- -- you do and and the problem is. No matter what happens. If it's too easy to beat up on Bud Selig when he makes it easy. Because of his attachment and only officially doesn't have the attachment -- brewers. He does you think about the brewers you think about blood and his family. So there's you're the Commissioner of Baseball this guy has cracked on your sport. He's made you look like fools he has called -- out he has made himself ought to be this great human being who's not. Just because he wants to do it for the love of the game and the good of the game for everybody -- -- accused and it even sort of for them. Okay but here's my problem. My problem in his. It got away with that he if you go to get sixty plus games. Then your your. Your suspension has no heat hits a 65 -- and I think five games for a guy. Have to lie to you try to embarrass you. Failed Major League baseball's drug policy. Toward some stuff on the thought along with Biogen has but but but -- aren't so. Williams 65 games I I -- I don't. Think Bud Selig the stupid guy I know that that's not always a popular opinion but I don't think he's -- I think he's made some mistakes I also think he's a pretty bright dude. And that may be the first permanent river called the dude whatever. If you if he needed to cut some sort of deal with -- -- in order to get this ball rolling. If he was the first guy who was willing to say you know what. All come clean on also everything I've said has been lie up until this point because really it's been hard for me and my family I'm willing to come forward and say that I've been wrong. If that's need to do in order to get the ball rolling in order to convict all of the other guys who were involved in this thing -- And and A-Rod argent and got to commit the -- well -- -- -- -- you need may be may be the case is not airtight maybe they need that first guy. To come forward and say it's true. In order to swing public opinion and to their side in order to -- to justify the fact. That reached a tipping I don't know I look hey I'm not involved in the meetings I'm trying to figure out why Bud Selig would say okay. Do we 65 game suspension. If Ryan brought it played him for all the way that he had as a brewer. He's just don't think we really because Powell -- keeper or that is that's a huge accusations. Yesterday wow. I guess that hadn't dawned on -- I mean I know he and I I knew that he was a brewer and I know the blood was there but really you think his allegiance to the brewers. Would make him. Would make him. -- Aimed less than adequate suspension for Ryan -- who's been haunting him for years -- the cats really OK he's been dormant for years argument in six he's -- get I mean I'm trying to come up with a reason everybody I -- can't the most -- what what's a good reason there isn't one -- sure we're gonna find out -- more of the story trickles out over the next couple -- days maybe even just the next few hours. That's the thing that makes the most sense to me. That's the thing that would net -- -- -- access to answer your point -- -- 65 games forgot whose team isn't gonna make the playoffs. And it's gonna cost him like four million dollars and an error and help us three point 78 million dollars for the rest of this year actresses and Ron has hurt and the brewers stink this year what a joke. Are they only got to punish guys who are not in the playoff hunt this year. I mean I would think you'd want to do the opposite Nelson Cruz. And Jhonny Peralta to -- the big prizes. In terms of fairness and equality in baseball right. And they're the two names on this list who were playing for legit contenders in play major roles for those contenders are no longer count they are the big prize for his own reasons. But the party got -- rod wants is already embarrassed. Himself in the game and he's refusing deployment -- already been need to be -- -- but you still wanna suspending your Porsche you don't but he -- -- -- names yes. But immediate information on it yet he won his career to be maybe this is it for Iran which just via a crazy ending to -- -- saga. Talk about debating Nomar and A-Rod and Jeter dear -- But but but all and anger where her. He asked Jerry -- in the final and -- forum but I have finally got a bigger one I guess he's gonna have to love. But but. -- Nelson Cruz and Jhonny Peralta played major roles on contending teams. If they are bio Genesis. Users and there are in the middle of what is going to be playoff run that and maybe even a World Series. Don't have to eliminate those guys before it's too late. They were willing to do it with with. With what's his name last year in San Francisco. -- Melky -- Melky Cabrera -- why wouldn't they be willing to do it with Ortiz and brought have to imagine they'll do that -- assured they're not. Right exactly -- and there they'll have to. It's weird that the -- come out first and that's what makes me think that maybe that's the reason that -- bronze comes out first because they needed somebody. To admit to it in order to get the other guys -- -- what would that I just don't see how the connector like why do you need an emissions from Ryan bronze to go after notes -- because I think it justifies what really happened it it legitimizes. Ever all of the information that they have about Biogen I was brought this is so -- that this guy is saying I did it get another. And get somebody else. You get somebody else. Cute to legitimize operation the guy who made a mockery out of your your drug testing policy. Drug testing procedures while my apologies beating it into your phone questions today because of the right bronze stuff but it's the question was brought to you -- -- restoration specialists if your property facilities manager or insurance -- heiress to retreat and disaster restoration game plan in place the date 774611111. -- they are -- -- -- There's not a brunt of disaster restoration I always -- he's an -- and Ryan -- a result -- -- -- right that. Aaron Rodgers tweeted he would donate his entire salary brawn was guilty of abuse that was actually I was back then he says that. Now -- -- -- his entire salary that time he did tweet pleaded guilty until proven innocent all he neither backs. And will be cable sports -- to Sully the reputation of an innocent man yes picked the wrong got a -- the truth will set you free exonerated. Okay hash tags on the panel MLB OK so we what we want -- Is -- donation of some sort donate. Ryan run defense fund. -- Why would you ever did anything on a guy not taking. He davis' body in the I don't play at -- body temperature so you're data and the guys at. I would. I don't care -- father -- brotherly -- real boy I don't care you cannot at this stage and everything we've known. -- on anybody having nominees will be back tomorrow pursuit Aaron Rodgers and -- problem I didn't say that hey exonerated has the packets that we'll catch you guys tomorrow to. -- --

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