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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 07/22/13

Jul 22, 2013|

We tackle four topics we haven't yet touched upon today. Today: Von Miller, Tiger vs Phil, Man vs Dog and MORE

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-- And now our silicon -- swollen painful rate roller board or -- -- Fun cleaning. -- -- Well we solved it Kelly and sports radio and W. Von Miller of the Denver Broncos have been suspended or will be suspended for four games for a drug violation. Many experts. Are predicting the Broncos represented in this terrible does this change their predictions now. Now the first four games they still playing a lousy division in the. By the time they end up in the playoffs which I think they will Von Miller will be back now will be able the use amphetamines or maybe that will hurt him but finally -- of hurting the Broncos at all. To Bethpage -- some get a chance to -- -- in the four. Thought I heard from an irksome because they've already lost Elvis Dumervil little problem they had there so Elvis Dumervil gone. Von Miller there their only real scary pass passed Russian threat -- for four games sure but can we say this. The prediction of the Broncos being the best team in the AFC was little skeptical -- little shaky to begin -- I agree that. Overrated little overrated heading into the year but because this is only going to be the beginning of the season instead of the whole season not network. -- Phil Mickelson had an amazing final round yesterday at the British Open and finally added that trophy to his case filler tiger who is the best in the world. I'll ask the question is the best in the world. Tigers ranked number one phills and number two. Have when you when it comes down to it if you just say. At a tournament in the -- won this one. If you got a tournament to win -- got to put your money on feel we're gonna put your money on Tiger Woods put your money on tiger. I would say the best the world I would go Tiger Woods drove it I don't know -- Watch it watching him the way he's fallen apart on Sundays in majors over the last last -- so it's not pretty. Cute. It. Should help. Now vodafone's news. How the other ones. About the fifty government for you to call yet the the triangle take care this and he deals that doesn't work out too well form I would take Phil right now I think so yeah. I'm not I don't know whether either one of them is particularly likable -- one of people were rooting for Phil. -- and stents and down the stretch he would do much needed it Lee Westwood he was giving -- -- Tiger's not saying I don't tigers don't has the reputation. But it really is interest in watching him play on Sunday is now in majors he puts on the redshirt last yesterday had a covered up by the black vest. But it doesn't have the same fear factor that I think it once did guys have no problems don't -- to tell them if he'd won the question I was asking is would you think tiger is back. And I still think the answer is no even if he is number one in the world. Back meeting to winner tiger was before. Know back in terms of being a good player again yes clearly Tiger Woods a good player who was a threat any time he gets out on the golf course to win a tournament but. In terms of being where he was when it was a legitimate shocked that he did not win a major anytime he didn't win. He is not there it isn't gonna be there even just because he wins another major I know 3725. Or something like that. And is making that up when he is 37 years old B 38 and December. Does he -- -- Ten years ago it was an answer to that was obvious yes of course is the maritimes and if it's inevitable. As he passed Jack. Don't finally does and I know it's easy to say that right now anybody's it while it's easy to say that when he looks the way he has in majors for the last few years but I don't I don't think he's going to. He needs as many as Phil has -- told -- career. And there's so many good young and when you watch the tour now and watch how many good young golfers there are. They really it's it's an impressive group in any given tournament. A few of them are there between the Adam Scotts and Brandt Snedeker isn't -- still hanging around at some legal guys that are still there. Yeah I don't I don't think so I don't see you know what was on this level ten years ago no one was on -- level now. Maybe no one is still on this level but -- that the field is much more competitive than one factory. Yesterday Bartolo Cologne tosses third complete game shutout of the season at forty years old -- is having arguably his best season of his career. -- -- What are your thoughts on -- -- Believe that I thought these are my thoughts commissioner. Did on email and they don't using -- using email. Start a campaign. I I take great offense you're -- by Mariano Rivera being cured from -- part that -- about it bothers me. Bartolo Cologne and Major League Baseball. Given me the middle finger every time Cologne takes the mound because no treatment that's -- there's no way. He is able to do that this is a person of interest. Should be tested. Ten times a week. There is no question Bartolo columnist -- there's no doubt him why. I guess the answer here is the same as you just said about Tiger Woods 37 has been -- 25 -- held it up and for the same reasons on tiger is I would say it about -- call. -- -- I view I view them somewhat similar I don't anybody who is I don't I don't -- and similarly at all only Tiger Woods is used TDs in his career I don't view Tiger Woods this thing where you parked on the hunt for -- and every facet of -- artillery round was that internal people I believe it yeah absolutely. Career was over and -- -- and remember he was with the Yankees yeah. And Brian Cashman said it's amazing you know we thought and then -- the surgery and -- -- generated is -- and brought him back to life what happened. At the platelet rich plasma injections. And then he had he went down -- the Dominican and got some fat from his -- stuck into his elbow right -- no doubt. You watch it watch in the game last -- -- the shots of CC sabathia is albums that -- and gross to almost in slow motion LOO perhaps flat. Mikey had the love the weenie shots of the in the all the shots that flap on the elbow he had the law that. The. The AT&T question of the day Antonio Morris in his second year linebacker of Florida was arrested over the weekend for parking. At a police dog. His excuse was that the dog -- first. Is -- the funniest a rest you've ever heard of. I have to. You -- to -- and will Muster office. It would go in there. You know really really a dog. -- like you got arrested you're walking out of a club. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You try to throw the dog I don't know man I don't died in August. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It feels that much to arrest somebody for -- auditing -- -- but it is there a specific statute that has no barking at that part of -- Kind of pattern -- -- what is happening DMX summit amateur events to be totally screwed up if you were to run into one of these intimidating of police officer. That's hold on. So what that was opinion on -- so we we're we were asked earlier we have some of these open -- here we -- you guys terms of you imitating a what you do to talk to your dog yeah. In addition to some PO puppy dog talks. I have a French bull Bob Wendell great -- He makes this we're sound. Like this I can get him to. I've. He makes is what is already knew who knew what are you doing there exactly what you're that's me for the most argument would would. OK now. Just do that police -- Get excited moved back in court. -- A dilemma as he does that. You guys begging for -- well. It's part so Andy. I've heard so much about yours. Are so much about your communication your report dog Yemen. -- Apartment to apartment so give me -- missed that -- talking and he found it hard. It's very similar -- season. -- peculiar name but you go hire illegal real but I can't do it without -- it is hard -- -- I don't know why it's so hard to if you rock tool we don't know -- wrong. -- get many many rocky Roscoe -- and their dog and aliases rocketed you don't know what rock star at. Is that what he does. Is he can be Iraq starting the Iraq. But many personalities. The police ever come to India's door looking for his dog he can easily say not you at the Ron -- who who. Factors have harassing police are -- dog has been a misdemeanor -- really. And most -- for fifteen years. Person thinks I somewhat predator. That of the predator sounds. -- -- You're rolling your tones and making dogs sounds great for your radio or do we have some of other people talking like talking of their dogs we have some open -- -- brought you by AT&T head over to the WEEI live app on your apple -- android device bottom right -- -- the open Mike buttons. -- talked to your dog. So I can't take you seriously. You enjoy being a day. That's like talking dogs let's just somebody doesn't like me I don't enjoy it. This happens naturally what you want in my life. If it was still more editing but it's not that has -- -- -- -- want hurts me. Go to Texas says. Soccer -- your wife must be so perhaps. A bit -- the movie. Scoop. -- movies. Completely. That's pretty and that's definitely somebody who actually has the doubt when you couldn't do that voice -- about. You probably could really. You probably couldn't I couldn't. Have -- -- -- have the dog the baby the baby talk Dyson we're gonna try this one more time. No fighting. Just linked -- peanut butter -- nice and easy. On off. Bomb man. -- Is supposed to be kind of fun light hearted all you gotta go right to there really while. Salt stop calling for -- -- I guess there's a little tube optimist and a little bit -- got -- will keep up -- -- -- I don't wanna make some really strange -- to start making that one day and I just. -- -- our dog ran. I have a dog it just never use the dog voice. Text and slowly that's salt stop flapping your YouTube. I've never be young men talk about a dog. And I -- a dog which doesn't. Disclose who we view with the apparent now it's my it's my apartment. -- Half black lab half Irish Setter to basically smaller club but the kind of interest welcome I like Irish setters they get that kind of bold on the popular. A little. Conflict finally sort of a little bit. I don't talk about the ordinary. -- you personally it's most because it would -- Michael Vick. But the right thing for those. Hundreds of loving animal. The utopia and Mosul whatever you do whatever animal -- with -- it's okay. So brits out in the office of course and I encouraged to. He's reformed -- -- find form now.

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