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Why are we cheering a lifelong Yankee (Mo Riviera) at Fenway?

Jul 22, 2013|

Salk doesn't care how accomplished that Yankee is, don't cheer him in our house! Holley takes a more global view on it, and we discuss it with you.

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I probably needed the advice that you gave everybody on Friday I should have heeded some of the advice that you gave everybody on Friday and that's relax a standard. Whereas when it's when it's 959600. 105. Just relax. Relaxing standards a while people say things that. You think a little crazy allow people to do things that you think are a great excuse. People do things. Well I I thought that 38000 did something very on on Saturday and I clearly am in the minority so I will respect the fact that. From what I see about 80% of you out there completely disagree with me. But I don't get the standing ovation from Mario Rivera I don't get it I don't see it I wouldn't do it I was in the crowd I was there as a fan I was watching from from the seats. In no way. That I stand up each year. You're at Fenway Park. In Oregon on. I'm thirty for -- he has been broadcasters as. What do I told you. What do I told you. The last time. The last time you got a chance to see Mario Rivera and Fenway Park and change doesn't change anything for me I think I think. The great thing about Boston this is why I have no problem with the ovaries and what's -- great thing about Boston is that people here. Can have very. Very strong feelings about the opposition have very strong feelings about their rivals. Well when. Dole's rivals are doing historic things when they are are achieving a level of excellence that we rarely see. And it's at the end of their careers. Or some milestone they region just happens to to take place here. People in Boston great sports fans are able to say OK that's worthy of my applause Mariano Rivera your career. Is your career. Not this Saturday afternoon in July. But lots of Saturday afternoons over many July that is worthy of my applause thank you for everything you've done thank you for. Thank you for healthy competition. Thank you for tearing yourself and me and almost regal manner. You've gotten us more than we've gotten you but we've gotten it. And we were able to get our our first championship in many many many many many years. Because we got to you when it mattered most so I had no problem with the operation. All of those things are true that they are everything you just said mr. All the respect for the dignified Mariano Rivera won in the class these people in the game what he did before the game on Saturday meeting with some victims of the marathon bombing and people start to -- cantor meet. These teams like a fantastic human being. -- yankees uniform. I'm not cheer for the guy and the Yankees uniform it's just not gonna happen went and -- no way. Know how and -- -- -- Obama to make his life there -- closer -- -- it's not happening art so when I told you why hold grudges and maybe this is just the extreme example of it. But I sat there and I'll be our support me in a bad mood for the rest of the -- got to be kidding just did it it just something about the idea and ended his career day I don't could that be enough. I'm sick as a Red Sox and you tell me even joy that all of the times Mariano Rivera made it an eight inning game instead of a nine inning game. When you step when you step back and look at it yes no I did get back and look at at the greatness you're able to see that you're able to I. One day one day you'll tell you you'll tell your children in your children's children okay when you're talking about. Some some 24 year old closer police think is great you'll say -- You know Mario Rivera. We -- will. Am -- -- all know that that's true but muck it up and -- the the reputation. Of the Yankees closer I'm not gonna do that. And I look I admit I take rivalries wait too seriously I love rivalries -- my favorite things in the game and do a complete before somebody takes this to the way the way extreme yes I prefer Red Sox fans cheering for Rivera to dodgers' fans -- giants fans. Yes I I think that's but that's too far. And it you don't really you don't need to convince me that this is a better use of people's time then what happens when it goes way too far the other way and somebody in -- -- because of that. I I was there in the park. And it didn't feel right it didn't feel like Red Sox yankees it didn't feel and we talked about some of the death -- Dorman C of this rivalry before. It just seemed like just another example and I know what's happened before notes not the first time ever. But it it just it just left me with such an uneasy queasy feeling -- know I'm not cheering for that I. I'm sure he's the greatest person in the world and I got a -- Jindal got a. About the person was on about personal issue was for a lot of people and I think well it -- that gives the way he has eight we don't know what they are. Personally I don't know what they are how to you know formally from the ballpark. All you know is what you're seeing. On the field how he has handled himself in interviews he. Just what you hear from from teammates and those who know best but it is still filter to a degree you don't really know what a person is like but what we know Mariano Rivera. Time is is pretty good great okay and he's had in his career is over it wasn't just random randomly each year Mariano Rivera is the same thing when. When Joseph Torre came back from cancer. At Fenway Park to get an ovation from Boston fans. Many many years ago -- and Kareem Abdul Jabbar was retiring from the lakers. You get an ovation from Boston fans -- -- Lakers and I wouldn't have necessarily -- that they don't I would've done that the only one I would say is different there -- Joseph Torre thing because that's a recognition. Of something specific that is that is personal is supposed to baseball related and if you're telling me you were only cheering Rivera because of who he is as a human being off the field -- what he's fine. I guess I'll buy that but that's why people are cheering and they were cheering for the greatest closer of all time -- I -- know about it. How did you allow. Me. You know a lot you don't allow yourself to -- hall of Famer. Hall of Famer at the end of his career. Coming to your ballpark. For the last time. And you don't allow yourself to stand up and say -- -- -- -- -- it's not for the last okay is going to be back at least two more heart well maybe the last time that you say you mean I go to a game in the east people. Who went on Saturday they mean -- again right. So. You've had a great career. Is coming to an end. And I just wanna stand up and applaud that greatness that I've seen now. I just it wouldn't it now that we didn't even dawn on me to do that. I was sitting there all -- like they announce your therapy so if it just the Yankee dollars up its cal Ripken you would have sure you're -- -- -- cal Ripken find I mean I think that's very nice thing to do. -- yankees to -- the house. I don't cheer when the dealer wins even if it's the best dealer of all time 61777979837. You know but under mr. Johnson people tried to. I saw -- Mike how are you on great. You know. Thought I'd been listening to you since you came on the hill here with our our our eye out for months but I guess it seemed like. Okay well you got out and Mike are you can you you are aware cute and his wife. Very cute sense about what this simple and lights. You you'd you'd want it just like Michael alluded to. When he checked he stood up and -- -- up in chief Mario or they're dodging guy he is equally we integrate all. Took -- out and -- were wrong when they stood up and cheer for him. I'm not and also. Another bone -- pick with -- okay. About Europe. To watching on that last week when you thought it was ought. Somebody put -- -- what it's like -- say yeah and whatnot but that do you you feel like almost every question like that. Don't really necessary to brush one today but if you -- -- more than that I guess it's on new element that's fine John. When you're still sad about this a week later I got. To be upset about Rivera. Not. Much more sense about did you like you know CD thing Mariano Rivera -- with multiple times and I was he thinks he's like the old pitcher from the Mets -- and help these guys during -- is Steve between innings every single time. Not data flow in because I was seeing -- something just how that really student bought back. Well maybe there is John I don't know what to tell -- I I I I without the game and and cheer for the Yankees. I understand that he's a great player they're there there's no lack of respect for Mariano Rivera knows a great player Texas -- form -- -- from sprinkles there's number do you smoke. Go down a bit disclose -- testament to screw around a bit. I hear yourself with you I was so sick of watching Jeter run up the field after another World Series win. He never plays again that's how many taken too much crap from the Yankee fans over the year I think that's part of it absolutely. I mean it it was it was weird being there and and I hadn't been doing Red Sox yankees game in the stands for a long time and and being reminded of the kind of family reunion aspect -- Red Sox yankees games are you know what I mean. You go outside and you're watching people and you realize that the two fan bases have so much in common but then are separated by some really. Really incredible dividing lines that make them different and everyone kind of knows each other and as always around each other it's not like Celtics lakers which are on either side of the coast. And it's Red Sox yankees Boston to New York the right there next to 200 -- -- you know everybody and you have family members or friends or college roommates or -- co workers and it's constantly in your face. No I'm not cheering for the guy I I understand that he that he's a good dude I understand he's a great -- greatest closer -- ever lived are not cheering for a six or 77 so I -- 793 cents. I stores -- -- you don't cheer for him beat because he's wearing yankees hat. Because he's wearing yankees hat but -- but not not after this year. Not just -- if it is this morning and I cannot share Foreman 1997. That's your form in 2007. Cheering for him in 2013. Its final time you could say. Probably. That I've never cheer for Mario Rivera a cheer for -- about restores your form once was at the end of his Korea -- When you want to cheer for Mariano Rivera a one time they did before this which is when he blew the 2004 ALCS -- -- gave them mock -- the next year -- -- you wanna do it all -- thought it was a very nice moment he had at the all star game. Last week it was a really nice special -- only one out there on the Olympic sailor that was great good good for him Yankee I don't like him but I don't like Mariano Rivera contradiction. Just that you wouldn't cheer for Yankee and I. I wouldn't but I understand why the crowd which ruins your part to you were interpreted and Wear down problematic Reynolds are now prime and got an altered our behavior at all. -- ice and why did it right over your head. And ESPN right now I get the Yankees insignia up there and I don't like get there are seeing that I see the Canadians insignia. Those things die hard man I I don't see -- in Newport project. They got it the great topic and you know I think for me. Come down on the side of cheering for them. In order to be in the Red Sox are out in a baseball first and actually -- to respect what you accomplished. Over the course of his career. And and for me also it makes each year. You applaud him because he's not a sure he doesn't stare into the dugout when he walked up the dual. He doesn't trash -- of doing that stopped by our count -- as a good guy on and off the fuel. A pretty neat that makes your Q what are recognized. And all those things are true Jake I mean there's no doubt about it I'm not sit here on Mariano Rivera jerk. He doesn't upset me the way Jorge Posada upset me the way Paul O'Neill looks on in those guys were lightning rods. And you watch them play and you couldn't help but be irritated. But I guess I know I keep grudges I know that's out. I'm not saying this is the personality -- of mine but I can't do it. And -- I guess I I was surprised that everybody else to do -- as easily as was done in the park the other and yeah I think you could do it for. There are few guys on the team. That you could do for posada would have a hard time that you're telling it she ever hit solid. It's impossible -- no no I don't agree posada I would have a hard time you couldn't do that nobody could. Jeter I could and I will when his career is over -- -- -- knows he says it's my last year or Jeter sure A-Rod no. Even Andy -- no. Any credit before all the the clemens' testimony any -- it would it would have been of those guys you just said. You know them you've seen the Yankees up close that if you're Red Sox fan you've seen the Yankees more than anybody even including Mets who. You have watched that more than anybody except for yankees. So you know all of their characters you know all of their methodology you know their history a you know how their fans think you know other fans react. You've seen these guys a lot you know which guys are are respectable which guys but the game the right way which guys you despise. Even if even they go to another team you still can't stand. Yeah. Only Mariano -- in that category. Mario Mariano Rivera played -- game at a very high level conducts himself. In a way that you'd like to see professional -- that conduct himself. Yeah he's worthy of applause. In his last season and so was in any of Derek Jeter who gets to appoint Derek Jeter's liked it. I assume the tax coming in here 379837. I know there are those who think it's a radio bit I don't really feel this way all exactly like -- actually done the more you get to know me the more you'll know that this is -- -- -- and there's -- there's one word at. That sums it up. Michael give you that -- next -- call 61777979837. So alcohol WB. There are stretches again he delivers two -- none in this in the ball game is over. Mariano Rivera strikes -- Jarrod Saltalamacchia today in the ball game -- five to two Yankee win. How long relief to bubble up again tomorrow. -- -- -- was going to didn't win the division invented guys can't Scarlett precision. I -- for me but it's great though there's grave. They do that. Denied knowledge you and me. You know. He's been there for -- -- It was so great walking out of Fenway on Saturday afternoon and all the Red Sox yankees fans is getting together to -- -- by Yost who walked over the like together. Cheering for Mariano Rivera. I know he's classy it's no disrespect to him I just feel like I can respect to Rivera without having to cheer -- Fenway Park 617. 7797937. In the works doesn't it it's just it's the Yankees in Montreal at certain. That I truly have those kind. Grudge hatred for answers no -- there's no circumstance where you would ever say. Where Yankee. -- -- poll how will applaud that -- there there's probably two I could think. One is the September 11 thing I mean the the idea of honoring New York by paying homage to the Yankees. After a tragedy along those lines I think makes perfect sense and if I'd been at the park for the next yankees -- or something along those lines. Absolutely that's when things completely transcend the game. I think you're the one you brought up in terms of Joseph Torre coming back from cancer his first time back at Fenway since 100%. I could see giving -- an ovation for something along those lines and it's and I know there are people who were cheering Rivera for who we is as a person. I get the sense it was more though about him be in the great closer -- and walking away from the game and I'm not gonna cheer Yankee. For being a great player for shoving it down your throat for his many years as they did it. I don't believe -- I would I would I would say that. If they hadn't beaten Rivera which makes it better. There's one thing there's just great Rivera the great mountain that you've never been able to scale but they -- it. And then they were able to cause the the Yankees in pain I'm not as much pain as Red Sox fans have gone through -- over the years. But it was all it was worth it to know day you do you beat. You've got you've got Bob -- The greatest -- -- all time you -- a couple started to cheer him all right you've got a client that got what you want to see not cheering him. If there had never been 2004 there never been 2007 and you're still waiting. And you still saying this is the year this is the year hopelessly -- people are laughing at you because they didn't know that your your pathetic up but that hasn't happened. Couple of these text message I know what you mean I know that's true I know that and yet I'm not cheering for Yankee. 379837. Salt you have no class that's true about middle class I'd be screaming obscenities and Mariano Rivera when I don't know that's true. I have so that's what I -- a private. Sector and over. Screaming obscenities at the guy out of luck to you in the horrible a couple of people did not cheering for. A couple people on -- I'm who agree with you than I've seen a couple reports that spot on who couple people at haven't agree with you until now on an. Oh well the word is this this is the work this is why I feel so strongly about it we've talked about this word before its rival. Rivalries mean it's -- much to me because I think that's what separates. An average everyday sporting events from the truly great sporting events I wrote it and WEEI dot com what are the dark. You -- and Eric Bedard did over the week I unfortunately I -- -- takes himself out of a no hitter but he's pitching through six and a third. Never heard of it never seen it's it you'll never see it again but Erik Bedard is is own unique personality. And it leads to a bigger question Michael about. How hard athlete should play all the time price should a guy die for every fly ball should capture block the played in a game in May how hard should you play all the time. The answer is really. They shouldn't play as hard as they do too often. I mean it when they know -- gonna make the playoffs when you have to take a long term approach and that's sucks for us as fans because often were paying customers we don't get to see guys going balls out a 100% -- we would like to. Well you know when they do. For great rivalries. When Larry Lucchino. And and George Steinbrenner when they're swiping at each other and making evil empire comment and posadas put into his head and you're saying who is Kareem Garcia tossing Don Zimmer and all those things. Game's great. I don't some of that took place in the playoffs but just took place during the regular season and it elevates the game to a position where matter so much. And that's what sports is truly at its best -- I'll get a scraper what you think do you think guide David Ortiz. It is -- you know I know that he doesn't and I saw Rivera talk about it after the game. But I try to pretend like that's not true when I'm watching the game I don't -- wanna think about that. I don't even wanna think about the fact that they go out have years to get around look at -- just look at first base I don't. I don't think about it I don't even wanna think about that -- I hope I I like to imagine that there's true animosity 'cause I wish that there was more at 61777979837. Ricks in the car pirate. You guys toward. And it -- so I you know I haven't thought it -- go. Back. Yeah uncle uncle Rick. Uncle Rick I'm not uncle -- the limo driver was them. Yeah I -- I won't. And that it's bad public rules -- -- -- that you are -- -- computer it almost for sure it won't I won't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and as. A key. Did you do that and as well the more. And intellectuals. And -- stay. Like that. -- And I could who beat schalke and it could be that way. We were clearly the total number -- -- did you interpret might -- -- in our immune to it but to actually why -- cute. You know are they gonna keep on Egypt which I think it. I'll wreck all those things are true and bums me out I got to be on -- matter how being -- I don't know being -- factors in here it it seems like a nice insult. I may be spoiled I don't know how this is an example of that. You know what I'm being I'm being immature let's all admit. Sitting in the chair you you can if you wanna hit me with the immature rap hit it -- all day I don't think I'm being classless I'm not doing repair screaming obscenities at them. I'm not I don't know how being spoiled them not being entitled to anything because of who I am aware I was born. All of doing is being immature and I know and being immature but I don't care where I like rivalries -- I think the Yankees I hate to get it it's not cheering for them for God's great quotes all of being looters. Immature yes. I'm happy I'm fine with that I don't -- collateral taken albeit with a content etc. Immature jerk at all I I just need to grow up one day I will -- in Springfield I'm Brian. How we don't. I got a great point the world completely forgetting about when it comes to Mariano Rivera's. Awkward Boston cheering. We I -- -- I thought about it. A couple of years back particular -- sixty years back Mariano Rivera had a very tragic incident -- whole lot. And members of remember that -- vocal. In my memory serves me correctly. I'm sorry Michael I didn't back give him standing ovation I think that is -- appearance at Fenway -- because that was the thought in my mind is he human being in February the -- Apparatus again I think that falls under the -- banner that I was talking about four win when in real life events. Supersede baseball I -- I got -- promise that I I think -- what might over would have done the same thing. I don't remember the circumstances when he first came back it was during the playoffs. I just don't really remember I apologize but. But that's what was going on yesterday yeah yesterday wasn't about the family members of the died or or who was outside the game that was it or Saturday rather was -- vote. Mariano Rivera the greatest closer of all time. My -- for -- He gives it wants from me to fight him. Simply appalling -- New York Yankees and and I actually agree with -- that. Trying to be local government. So you -- we can save this city. Well. I hated Mariano -- repair and would never actually a form. But there comes a point in time where. He you've seen this guy. That is at the end stage or not they're still doing it and has got to Kia. Our our measure of respect trap them. -- -- -- -- Is that we are eligible or not obliterated concerned about little cheap crap area -- I wish only appreciate -- I know. I would say I would say two things I don't think that's really the reputation of Boston fans and all for being knowledgeable about the game in -- think it's always been about knowing about the Red Sox as most of knowing the game in general but but the other side note. I think them the more important thing is. -- was being disrespectful to Mariano Rivera not to cheer for. Can I can respect Rivera. I'm not I'm not doing anything disrespectful to him but why I have to stand up in my seat when it's a hundred freaking degrees out I could barely stand up anyway. And cheer for guys that I hated. The entirety of his career Richard being Richard in Taiwan might have at least part of it but I sure as hell wasn't doing their hundred what are you crazy over a hundred -- damn hot. Good -- says I'm a yankees fan and I'll never give a Red Sox players stand. Now out. For the most part. It's just say well we're talking Friday about the dining room table who Pacific dining room table incidents. Only happens and it happens left in the dining room table happens at a roundtable about five times a year this is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You have on this team yeah I'm not cheer for Derek Jeter -- just to remind me not to go to the game where the where the applause is scheduled for Derek Jeter. Because that's not happening. You can benefit from that front that's that it wanted banking regulators closed what'd you. They play. Whom. Who you. After that the next -- they -- of bishop of great mark to Connecticut hi mark. I or -- -- what's up. Not -- first time caller but often don't agree with Cuba it's time you you've got it. Mariano Rivera -- grew up. -- What did happen when that happened the first time Houston. Well I want me personally. I like. That went on here. And I I don't believe it now I get it occurred everything Pakistan. -- in the baseball. I hear her in. Yet though. The pain I don't know I think it's that the the the scars of of the 1990s. In and in 2000 that just -- have. They never been fully erased for me I know that -- 407 at your amazing moments out. It in the race those things for me -- -- I'm never going to forget the debates of the three great shortstop coming up in the 1990s with with. Oh Nomar and Jeter and Iran and just be angered that they which you would how those conversations. With people who cheered for one of the other two guys. You're twelve when it was I don't know I believe I forgot all -- drop it. -- -- your hand there were where Paul -- were like OK you know would I go to my house. And after dinner -- YouTube pull. Would call you opened can continue this why I have to grow up when it comes to sports I can grow up also many other parts of my life. Why don't have to grow up when it comes to rivalry six point 777979837. Sultan -- W via. We'll definitely have an island from on the list of -- -- an effort organization for. -- found here and it's still an army you re against and again the -- for him come here as you know this. Bottle and and duplicate. The man. Russell Preston you have everything wrong the NBA thing on its own begins right -- not vote for against muscular yet. -- -- -- That's sloppy kiss our marry. Our hypotheticals that's a good idea -- the by that you see a Yankee made an incredible play her. Do you say you mumble do you release saying. That's a great play and don't cheer or you and you don't even acknowledge great plays from the -- good knowledge that they've occurred but I wouldn't cheer and activities -- I like him. It was great and I -- Jeter going into the stance. Yankee Stadium and has no -- that. Would you say about that at the time. I'm trying to reflect back -- that's really like the height of my fan and I wasn't really in the media Yemen haven't. I haven't covered the Red Sox did in the clubhouse and sort of lost some of that true. Passionate and a minute that you you almost can't help but lose when you go into that room -- Dot. Hi I am definitely. The type of irrational fan who will not give credit to the other side even when they deserve. Yes that that is the that is definitely -- -- has not -- that's absolutely me. Wasn't that impressive. I mean -- one ever wants to say it was great but it wasn't that impressive get -- I'm definitely I'm definitely got a lot of great -- trying to break what a much kitty for repeat. I saw him. -- Brit -- what you did save for the public here is that you're just immature I -- -- class but you're immature. You wanna get better not really. You wanna get past well. You wanna be on the road to mature not really know I'm perfectly content to be heard him order about her as yes because it is about because it it it gets to. Two things one the sort of child like love of the game that I don't ever want to lose -- and I know their people so why love the game just as much but I see it from you know that dirty house bigger and an old bracket match. And a I don't know better than rhetoric thank you thought about the game I don't know down in history Red Sox yankees is is soul. So passionate to mean that's part of the fun of because I really do love rivalry I really do love. When when an average gain gets kicked up a notch his two teams can't stand each other and because to fan bases can't stand each other -- Not stand -- You can still -- share for people can't stand it could've been there you can have been there on Saturday and he. And cheered Mariano Rivera and the enemy came into the game last night you could have booed is that. But that didn't happen idols of the -- you could it doesn't change the fact that you stand and applaud stand and cheer Mario or parents say great career. And then. Carolina did they don't turnaround and a very have a -- hey I hope our Russian art then -- look I'm one moment where everybody agrees we are going to -- -- some specific acknowledgment. To the great career or the great things he's done off the eyes of the Red Sox really want that. I don't think guides to I still don't think I'd be okay with this but I'd be more okay -- one moment -- they say let's let's honor the career Mariano Rivera and now. Let's stop. Now enough -- is now let's move the guy delegate and I he this is organic no it's just. This is growth -- of organic marks in Seattle something that's not on SARS but something that's fantastic. Is withdrawing -- Cumberland farms coffee yet hundreds corruption and it's actually yeah column -- Lou coming -- -- -- -- upset -- -- -- -- -- it's not iced coffee is hot coffee you drink hot coffee on holiday eighty plus degree days now. But I am now in a -- Tell you I wasn't bringing any hot coffee I would as -- hundreds of trees at the park -- -- circulation the other day no way. I was all -- anything marks in Seattle I'm mark. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why you're. In an -- we are better which -- As a member of the media. But as the as the Red Sox than. -- Not coming up -- -- well I wouldn't make a thing to go over what you have -- is that it is now marketers -- the question this is. This is Mike -- Red Sox -- no press pass or -- -- -- -- and I know it's kind of a weird it's a weird dichotomy but term. -- -- Even if he saw a restaurant and said I'd really like we are governor -- -- it. I guess I would but but there here's the difference. There's nothing to do with with his on if you older. With the moment on the field right I mean that would be hey you know what this guy is has done some special and no one's doubting the fact. But he's done special things I really do admire everything he's he's a great player who's done great things there's no doubt about that. But I don't watch your form I'm not going to publicly express my -- -- for Mariano Rivera just not gonna happen mark never. People and the people understand that they will never had that opportunity never have the opportunity usually it's yet you're out here at Seattle and Robert Rubin entered yet on those hands. Seattle we're cheering for older brother know. And I thought and and if you remember I was on the the next days and what the hell. Stop cheering for the other guy. Right out Mariano Rivera on the map and let's expand our. Cheering -- he's striking a Red Sox fanatic you don't have a problem but in the time it takes her to come to the spoken out to the mound I don't have more a problem with the guys that part of my parents need to let Stewart make that. -- -- -- -- Now I don't know man I just I I. I just didn't see it that way I know you're saying that it was not specifically during play the -- cheer what he'd just done in the game but they cheered for guy who was coming in. To close out a game that you were losing. What why haven't gotten over the 1990s. I just haven't you people in general and I. -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't know it was the plaid flannel I don't know I don't I don't ever get on the ever get over titles kind of come back in some way did you know what I will never get over is the fact that when we went to high school girls always always always wore shirts that were so big they covered their entire career. I'll never get over that we went to high school the wrong. Or you do it -- -- your little yes I went to high school the wrong time I'm 35 they were showing no really they were showing a -- to -- announced an honest about it. Know why haven't gotten over the pain you said -- yet again over the pain of the 1990s yankees and I and I remember I think in -- in the statement. I believe in 98 yankees in nineteen ones you do gazillion games. I believe they clinched. At Fenway Park. In the Red Sox made the playoffs that year I think the Yankees they would so far from one division by twenty plus games. Declared separate report on we've seen a lot of crazy things we've seen. In the in the Carl Everett units with in the ninety's early 08 aren't broke up my guess minor issue that was a. A lot and by that -- Eric yet but still 2004 were in 2007. -- a world a lot of pain out of it but not all that not so -- on -- them ask each -- for her it's have you been at the park that game Messina had had completed the no -- would you have thought. It's OK good I asked Mike Mussina. Rivera stands alone repair -- AG where it's a rare thing. You know I -- every Yankee coming to end his career mr. Paul -- earlier. I couldn't get sick of 2530. A hundred things -- rather do than each year Paul O'Neill. Okay never gonna -- Paul O'Neill. I don't yankees in two of them approaches from the get -- your approach but here's here's the differently Williams maybe you would -- Bernie Williams Bernie Williams -- it's gonna put on here that still don't run off a -- back well no way I can cheer for him and that's what my favorite -- is no way favored governor rod Beck well that ball no regular rest in -- up also are orbiting earth. But still. Earlier -- here's the difference -- on -- I don't. Those guys for their specific personalities if they'd been on my team are probably would love I love them. I hated those guys because of the hat the pinstripes the we uniform they war and the people that cheer for them there's no way. I was gonna offer any sort of appreciation. At a game for anybody who wears a uniform are. I -- Jim Leyritz when he came to Boston you'll love this I still hated him from his time in New York Jim McCain alone Laden's texas'. It's all carbon defending you since you came down. This is a turning point for -- -- Just my maturity maybe one day Al -- We come back to this year cause you guys zero or six or 777979837. Text messages to 379837. -- for coming up and then I really do wanna hear some people doing dog dog -- some curious. Whether you will be as mature -- about that as I'm being. About Mariano Rivera and the Yankees assault and Hollinger WB.

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