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Minor Details Ep. 60: Trade chips and untouchables with Keith Law, Henry Owens

Jul 22, 2013|

With the July 31 trade deadline now looming, this episode of Minor Details (original air date, July 21) focuses on the state of potential trade chips in the Red Sox farm system, examining the team's inventory with ESPN's Keith Law. High-A Salem Red Sox left-hander Henry Owens also joins to discuss his outlook as the trade deadline approaches, both in terms of dealing with rumors and in terms of his standout player development season.

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You know the -- It is now July 21 ten days away from the Major League Baseball trade deadline. In the focus of the baseball -- squarely on who's going to be dealt and who's not between now in July 31. That's -- subject to work -- this week as well. So we'll check in with someone who is quickly establishing himself. As one of the Red Sox untouchables in the trade. Lefthander Henry Owens who's been dominant down and -- Salem and who this week threw six no hit innings. But first to get a better since the overall state of the Red Sox farm system. In how it stacks up in terms of trade chip. What welcome Keith law of ESPN to break down the Red Sox prospect pool. Law recently published his mid season top fifty prospects and ranked Red Sox prospect Zander Bogart number three overall. Here's what Keith was seen from Zander Bogart's in order to give him that kind of prospect status. Two things one is that the approach. Mental ports. Strikes and balls where I can breaking stuff is pretty advanced for kids that age and I think particularly for international prospect that there is. It's funny discounting biased but I think it's one that sounded a little bit of reality which is that the kids to come through the draft US Canada and Puerto Rico. And she EU. How to tie your approach at the plate. Particularly strikes involved that there's more emphasis and into the -- level on that week working the count maybe not and so on walks. So would stand out when it hit from any. Any country of origin outside of purview of the draft. Had an approach that's different -- just don't see it very and it is really stands out with over. And also that. For all the talk about that you've seen on the ball really flies off -- -- most people think he's gonna -- at least well above average power and maybe more than. -- that they think it's not a big -- like he could get big you could certainly see him I'm sure at some point he's just going to be too broad for shortstop. But that trend doesn't have to go in that direction. And worked on north into -- cross based on the others can look at my top fifteen in the -- shortstop prospect honor and -- march. Most of them were they could get big but there's an emphasis now we're gonna try to keep -- -- shortstop anyway we can -- Russell dropped. Talk of the refugees he should drop about twenty pounds between juniors summer and the start of the senior sprint. And that was in part designed to have a commitment better draft prospect but -- convince teams he can play shortstop he can actually physically stay at shortstop. All the shortstop time I was the only one that I think I've said is. Almost a -- in the off -- -- -- -- -- that he already bigger than almost every shortstop and mutually just. Right things out but instead it's like when Mike Morse was the military base shortstop you can literally that it isn't so. Funny because that's the guy critically because I love baseball reference to do the plane back and just putting him. Figures listed dimensions that he six war to fifteen by the for -- you don't know this is Kyle Weaver's younger brother with the Dodgers first round pick last year. And quite because of a better prospect and -- ever was turned into an -- So a plug in -- dimensions and it plays to -- at least half their means that shortstop and the answer I believe it was one it was Mike -- this is only guy that -- it's secret my key. He's actually gets more at this point. There -- few and he's not over the counter anything east of the big -- so. I think that was one -- -- you know what were really bucking history here but as opposed to ten years ago. We're against the industry was to get his biggest possible but to bulk up and you get hit for more power and obviously some teams from what we don't care I woke up is just doing got to build. Now with more it would try to keep that body -- and flexible on athletic and it gives you more defensive value. And you know what your probably you've got the rift in hamstring you're probably gonna hit for enough power anyway if the trade off that -- -- homers here. -- you get to stayed at -- fill positions especially you can actually stopped. So. We're we're happy with that -- we might actually be better off in the long run and that's why I've got guys like excellent Bogart and even -- grace saw him on Sunday. And -- -- player -- in the gonna -- and I think that. Right he's a nineteen year old 65 he was bigger than Bogart is bigger invoke its. Gonna market it actually still BP might be about to turn nineteen he's a seventeen year old high school senior reporter -- But it's not the one thing in his favor is he's not. Who brought it would kill me about him when I met him -- amateur and and we got the excellent teams in the people organizing -- they were -- -- -- parents that brought him over just so I could say a big hand. You know it's sort of like you say like -- -- brought to his politics I feel like you can see it. Teenage prospect with big hands big feet like he's gonna have a big -- he's just gonna get -- that was my concern on him. But the Astros -- thing they're working on -- try to -- we don't get -- -- you can get strong but don't get too big because the Astros recognizes same thing. He disputed the executive VP candidate stated shortly because the third might just scare -- here just -- all. Right. So is that it is is that a projection that you have for Bogart's you know kind of the the potential all star future may be MVP candidate. Yet he's stated shall we I think you can hit for average gonna get on base -- -- really good clip and I think you like 25 -- the year is probably a little bit on the pessimistic side in you know I didn't have that it was sort them around to. A bunch of front office guys who were on the pro scouting side and I talked to cross capture friends of friends of mine who is evaluation by trot. Nobody came back means that the apple two. Nobody. And the people without Peter let all at Bogart and -- territory it's going to be a superstar. It's been mostly because there's and we now greater belief than it was. Twelve months ago. That you can stage short whereas a year and a half ago especially before -- teams to the US the people it's seeing him. -- internationally and you know what he's gonna go to -- community it's just easy to say that right to justice and sure he can go to our. When people had seen him -- in the body mature over the last 1518 months. -- seen inflation work you know what got got a chance. He continued he's the body he'll -- spare his actions are good his hands are good at -- spotlight but he beat checks most of the boxes and now it. It's just the concern that eventually -- -- look at these 2930 in the outgrowth of that that's all that's not atypical right Iran right. And but in the meantime think of all the value that he's managed to deliver to you by stating it short five or six years in the -- Well that I guess that. Get into an interesting question I guess before we get into some of the ones related to the Red Sox and Bogart is potential that there and what they do with all of these interest -- prospects they have on the left -- the infield. It's worth asking you have Bogart's at number three overall that's a great great rankings why is Byron -- in wire Byron Buxton and Oscar Oscar -- are ahead of him. So much and. Center fielder with eighty running speed top of the scale. He's got tremendous bat speed as it turns out that this is another one that's kind of finesse -- He's got a pretty good idea that strikes them as well coming from the world part of Georgia world in the sense that he was two and -- half hours from Macon. To the peace it was a town of 4000 or so. But you know typically players who don't clean your major cities -- in baseball hotbed. Did he worry about what he probably didn't see a lot of good pitching price -- though. I was sitting right he was hitting missiles off -- mile an hour meatball. Exactly or like -- a lot of walks what's that they never pitched to break out that turned out books and got a pretty good idea what he's doing a plea. That eighty running speed and he's not quite Billy Hamilton but it's potentially game changing and that then he might put on -- particularly because there's some physical. -- -- -- Is Eric Davis before all the injuries and it's similar skills that Davis was any runner who grew into some power. And have a good idea but played just can't be all around superstar athlete and this is the play -- you're gonna bit on. The best athletes who have baseball skills if you continue to bet on most guys. More often than not you'll turn out to be and that's bucket the -- and -- there was taveras. It's just -- bad. Tremendous raw power. Great plate coverage gets the black where competition is good bad ball hitter. Can play center but I don't think he's an everyday center fielder born emergency center fielder who will be very good -- right. And he's the senate to get healthy he's had issues of the high ankle screens here. He's -- he could step in tomorrow -- helped leak -- B. Think -- average everyday player in the big -- gonna do give a little bit of an extra boost to guys like him. And Michael -- who are ready to date to coming contribute about because as much as -- loved to dream on the nineteen year old an eight ball. If you're looking at two to three years before they deliver Major League value and -- would you rather have a dollar today -- dollar and three years from it rather have a dollar to that. Short. I guess how far do you -- -- are being from the able to help the mentally level right now. Probably here. And you know you can AAA I think he's got some good if we're talking small adjustments with him at this -- there's nothing huge but he needs welcome in this game. And I would love to see -- get to fortify under 500 at bats at triple -- he's fairly quickly. He's -- dazzling pretty quickly that he's the longest he spent in any league. In any level is a hundred games basically in Salem last year. Yes which is where I saw him first so if you like do. This is more subject than anything else but I like to see a player. Took particular top prospect where it almost looks like he has no flaws in the game. Have to spend all beat them at some level. It could be quite a double or triple like he goes around the league multiple crime rate which are seen him a few times and spicy garlic Bogart's. That that's the guy you're planning but stable force targeting advance scouting AAA but they're gonna say how we gonna pitch to -- the last time we saw and did this this in the past. We need to change our plan of attack here. Make that happen before he gets the big leagues because the worst is what happens if yes -- pretty cool. When it forces the its first month rates and now you see teams trying to exploit some little holes here. With now is the first time he struggled in -- -- he's got. It basically no experience before them but we expect it seems sure that this is do you really want the players struggle for the first time at the big leagues you'd rather. And potentially send him down by the way which rubio hold another in a warm all you know given like you know I talked to -- -- with politically is about the nature of you know of how the of how based on top level baseball works in Cuba. And he was like there's no -- really has -- much right if you're pretty talented at seventeen you're playing at the highest level every day that's part of the reason why it was so difficult. To wrap my head around spending all these years in the minors yeah you know regardless of how Major League ready. Yeah that's perfect example and so -- its -- we can't imagine it happening but what if we get. To wondered for the next month and they say you know what we need to benchmark and. Would you rather have him get that experience out of the way in the minors when you indicated that -- -- like we elect Bogart's. Would you rather have them do with a double or triple like man the first failure and the first major adjustments cycle is over and get it again the big leagues. There's a little confidence -- yeah I've been through this before I'm going to be fine I'm not gonna you know than these soccer crater in -- emotionally from. That first significant taste of failure in doing it on the biggest stage of -- Right I think that the Red Sox view is that his makeup is such that he -- you know he won't be. -- and if he does fail but yet he is very charismatic. Guy who who appreciates the parts of the team that are challenges and -- those challenges for two -- part of what plays into I'm sure your ranking. Well part of why I also think he could really be a superstar that the and it actually door. Up so you and yours is on the futures -- guarantee Keeney who hadn't a very good you to scheme even though it was basically all of two pitches right -- he ambushed a couple first pitch fastballs drove one to the opposite field warning track in left center. Pulled another for a double you have him I believe it number 21 in your midseason top fifty. That's quite a jump from where it was if he wasn't in your top one hon. No he was not he was -- I had seen him early last year we have Greeneville. And he was OK he's just looking at that point. And really the first half of last year he was just OK a lot. And the one thing he's doing is stealing a lot of bases which started talking about that you know that this is before the -- in the. How did you manage to do that he's not exactly a burner -- anyone say your probable elaborate. Right right below that right -- 45 or something. Happy that I'm not I'm really not -- -- talked about. Reading pictures and understanding -- out counts thinking. It's pretty sophisticated. Baseball knowledge for a guy this young. He's got a really strong. Understanding of some of the finer. That players a couple of years older. And some of them never. And for him to get it and talk about like it was a target approach. Write about it and I enjoy it for you know the back story to his brother's first round pick his parents there. The -- the coach's mom apparently trust one of the best BP's -- -- -- seem like she's legendary. And quality of the BP. She was actually a guest on this show and lost some amazing in her sophistication she was talking about should talk about the video systems that you would use -- lining up -- swing next to Joseph man hours. You know sort of they could like look at different points and figure out to Europe precisely what was happening with this swing mechanics. The way in which he broke down some of from and how you went out for -- and bring him home with foreground a second that's OK you're you're still squaring up the ball you're sitting on the outside of it stay inside of it -- feel free to drive up the middle the other way he'll be fine and well it was just like well this is not this is not usual baseball dialogue around the dinner table. No now you can imagine right what -- with a four of them. They should try this should do that is like a charity auction dinner with the -- it would probably I mean you might not want the same thing I just wanna sit there and listened for. To back again -- -- What they jump in the rankings. You know -- hit tool I was faced a super -- it is the single hardest thing to evaluate and because if some of it is just quality swing and -- got a few times and I scored about this way he can square up a lot of ball. You're going to believe that he probably would have told most likely but there are other things wrapped up and I like approached like plate discipline. Like consistency -- which actually might seek a twenty or thirty at bats to feel good about him being able to stay within the swine. I've seen too strict approach which is often not easy when -- high school I could never get to choose topics. With Gary and it's become clear and this is not just need to and to everyone I talk to the rockets who is more advanced. Then we thought it was even a year ago he saw glimpses of it in the second half last year -- just don't short like she's just a -- this season. But. He's clearly better pure hitter for average of contact. Then he appeared to be. Six months ago especially your and so the fact that number is a great rock power. Ever going to be great defense at third base choice he had 310320 can really might be back kind of player many others in will be right. Mistress of its a 3103 Tony it's not a hollow but instead features you know has is. Brakes on approaches such an incredible BP were you project from. He could get up into the 400 range you know may be more likely you'll -- a lot of guys -- an increased its cities hit three radio BP guy. With adequate defense at third a slew of doubles probably -- top. And we can still 20/20 -- -- -- high percentage because he's so instinctive and he could steal more intense and what if -- ankle issue this year. Yeah yeah yeah so that's kind of slowed him down we talked I talked about -- and so. And how he got what a peace deal. To say 25 that he was only getting caught three times getting value there Tuesday charming and again that doubles power which really typically. Not a superstar but you know -- 21 best prospect of I was still count indictment twenties were going to be superstar Jupiter's great. Re just aren't sure. -- well that ends obviously you know if he does -- power than it doesn't rule about the prospect of you know of taking it further trumpets kind of it's kind of you coalition in its and it cleared and -- -- a guy who has just. He and I understanding of the plate of a strike zone and you know their end. If there's if there's more detained in terms of power and that that's it for you never got -- -- a single digits home runs throughout his minor league career. Even people who like him. As a hitter and I was at the blue jays at the time we liked him we love them it's concerned it really an advocate for power. He going to be good enough defender -- currently -- defense got substantially better of course indeed and all of a sudden he became a power which I don't think anybody I walked the Red Sox thought that was coming but nobody outside the organization. He drastically remake his batting stance and allowed him to do things that he never never -- of his ability to do for a large part of the first years of his pro career archer. The interesting thing about those two guys missile play into our conversation talking with key club ESPN about both his mid season top fifty rankings. In about Red Sox Trajan is the trojans component of it will be interesting thing about those two guys we've identified. Zander Bogart's guarantee -- they're both on the set being -- now that might not have been an issue before as much as it is now but. Right now Jose Iglesias looks like he might be a big speaker you know of a big league regular potentially. And they also of course have will -- Brooks as a third baseman in -- -- right now if you're the Red Sox what you do you you know you're approaching July 31. Do you do you think about it to entertain moving any of those four right now or do you kind of wait for the dust settled little bit more. Probably wait for the dust to settle I'm watching this thing. Iglesias is the one guy where he talk like that. And I liked that we at one point -- in my top 100. And then he went out I think that. 200. No secondary stuff right -- Ohio once -- -- where that cost balcony at 400 market street fifty. If the Red Sox think they could move him. For a little more than he's worth -- -- -- say they're -- -- high -- -- teams are not idiots make -- places is history. But if somebody says what is an everyday shortstop question doesn't make a lot of money in it under control for many years. If they're willing to pace for the full value for that he might be the one is worth it because of all the guys we discussed. -- the lowest rate. And it the Red Sox recognize that too especially in in the market within their division. You want story you want guys like that at every position could possibly get -- Bogart projections that. To -- you might be close to that. Legally is is not and I love the guys defense he Ian and Rob Simmons or could battle for years for the title of best defensive shortstop in baseball. That said -- let's -- have a circle would let a surplus and it would make sense to cash in connecting all the wreckage short. And seeking a third of their best long term option. If they believe in our player development -- there's a little bit of a leap of faith involved there but these guys -- gonna turn into what we say they're going to turn. But that. If so what Democrats are believing they're what was it well -- player development machine. Yes they're starting -- development machine. So far so good I don't think they've done a pretty good job of credit agreement that the big -- are converted to trade. I would be willing to do that elected it's a risk but I think in this case it's well worth taking because because the talent of those two prospects and because both of them have tremendous -- So presumably there that would be less a mid year candidate. Right because as you noted Bogart she'd like to see you'd probably you know in a perfect world you'd like to see him down in the minors for a little bit longer get so that means that Iglesias is the Major League ready guy who. -- I've -- your everyday third baseman when Stephen Drew returns or he's -- option -- for. Much. Right although he's actually been pretty good against right handed right handed pitching so I think that they're comfortable with him is there every -- cut that -- it would. How do you see middle Brooks I realize that he's not he doesn't qualify for quote unquote prospect status but. You know there he is having had 200 in the majors still showing considerable power in the time -- was up. Down in -- it hasn't exactly been lighting the world on fire again still showing power at third base. What's your view. Got power despite two years ago before 2012. She was the most controversial emissions from my top 100 prospects. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're number one reason why electable out west is that his approach at the -- I think it's I do just that -- -- in terms of getting himself into good counts. The recognition as often strikes more than that oversaw speeds which is not very good. Easy he's got a great arm got power plays OK defender at third did the best because he's not a very good athlete not a good war. Police power more than hit. I generally do not like guys like that unless it's the Chris -- types -- -- years ago before before -- of long. -- dry spell or striking -- 47 that -- but you know what you're gonna bet on parable -- -- but I would he be -- Right but I -- who might hit forty or not every Sunday I think sixty. -- -- But just the point is that that's the kind of guy where. You wanna bet on -- even willing to bet on for a longer period of time because the feeling is so if he gets just enough to get to the power it's forty. I don't think middle Brooks is that kind of guide -- tweet cycle. With adequate defense at derby really well is something to. And as it turns out probably low compete for a forever I don't think he's -- going to be high oil BP guy. And so if he was the best available option for them I think absolutely -- out there Belichick they're going to have. Better options within the system whether it's -- TV or whether for whatever reason they do put over to bird. Notebooks is way down vote long term. Depth chart for the organization at third base and -- I think they can do better and I think they have to do better given the divisions that there and they can afford to settle for a guy but he's. Maybe posting three country -- of BP. In offer it for you wish he'd be again kind of a leader trade candidate you know namely lecture Keeney develop further get closer to big league ready. Not you don't sell low and middle Brooks at a time when he's been demoted or or do you think that even though you know -- based on. They're still relative recent CO of his success at the big league level in 2012. Did the Red Sox would be able to find. You know to entertain offers that weren't telling blow for him at this point. That's the question because he's been hurt and not very effective for about a year now. It's tough to get. Feel like you're getting full value for a player like that. One thing that might help them as if they're dealing with a club that has an actual hole at third basis -- looking for a guy can play it for the next three years. And make it definitely be here. There's always value in guys like that where it seems like he can at least play everyday. And make no money. Don't always team's rebuilding teams are always looking for guys like and the hope that. He was the top prospect he had some success maybe disease given -- help -- regular playing time can at least get back to what he. Seem to be a year ago this essentially used -- strategy in net in deals where they're not getting. -- are in doubt and -- them they're going after. Sort of tarnished prospect. Rate they've acquired a number of former first round picks. Who haven't done very well in the minors the -- Wallace's. -- torturing him. Which makes sense to me. -- -- -- well for the rays Hamlin when they started their run related definitely you know the the number of guys to they had who -- again as you put it tarnished prospects are back up. They're posting it was there what are your best example look at what she was. It was a high -- he's succeeded in the minors everybody was going to be a star and then it just never quite happened and. Yeah I think that's what rebuilding teams should they when you're trading at its treating the middle relievers say when you're not gonna get an elite prospect of returns. But can get a tarnished prospecting is just out of favor with his kind. It is on the Red Sox that's under middle Brooks is available if you want an abrupt. Yeah we're willing to discuss don't give more weight for 25 cents on the dollar but. If I were them I would have no hesitation to make him available now if you get to pack a little bit at third base while you wait for checking. Talking with key club via he had about Red Sox prospects Red Sox trade chip. When you think when you talk about the kind of extreme power it would priced brands represent that type of is he almost in that eighty -- range. Of where you you have a certain degree of discomfort about making him available. Because of the Chris Davis an aerial or is he not in that category. Yet have that kind of raw power it's more sixty or 65. On the scouting scale but twenty deep they're keeping averaged eighty being top of the I don't know where -- but then I don't know that there's an everyday player in the -- he's got an odd mix of. Very interesting skills. And very terrifying scale since the and it is it's actually continued to play center field summit Middle Tennessee State and his sophomore year he was. Probably the best -- performing. Asian player in the country. And got hurt his junior year and has never quite in the same player again offensively or defensively. Couldn't be below average regular for somebody or short period of time. Yeah probably I think is more bench guy right time player -- -- strike out too much and just not very good defensively which is almost writing to me. Discuss his reputation coming out of college that. They have at least been able to play a more confident right field. I think he's more some extra outfielders slash power battle that chase. When -- you did mention in your top fifty was I was Jackie Bradley junior and it's funny because as much buzz he's generated in March. And I'll raise my hand is part of the hype machine because it was fun to write stories about him every day. You know he's he's no longer prominently on the radar in Boston which is bizarre. Given the recent -- you had a basically ranked. You know Reagan -- mid twenty's range I believe right 24 overall in fact. Note to your mind. You know is he an asset from the Red Sox just can't afford to trade basically given the uncertainty about -- -- future and you know and what in in the certainty of that of certain skills such as defense and played approach. How. I mean I'll ask you a question. For any logic to them giving Ellsbury awards long term extension. I guess that it would require. It would require enough people to be skittish about the about the draft pick compensation. To suppress has market to the kind of territory that you saw from the likes of born and -- barring that I don't it. And I can't see that happen I -- he's. Informed classes in December when -- Which is always a close to -- -- once probably top as a -- lines Ellsbury made it below that but. Way more offensive potential when he helped write. He's the kind of creating your dream on and you open collects and otherwise you get burned very badly you'd think it was you drop as a result all but there's there's quite a bit player to watch. So but I -- -- and helping after the Red Sox to give this guy but over fifteen million a year or. We probably -- you know possibly -- -- -- BJ Upton at the bar at five in 75 yards and spike in spectacular and I cannot import them but we're that the. But Jackie Bradley junior. Plus plus defender right away he's ready to go play them out there and senator. Great approach of the place I understand this whatever 67 at bats that they at least -- -- a bigger -- Let's talk let him spend the rest sit here in the minors. And plug in and hopefully opening day next year. I don't least power hitter at all I think he got doubles -- it is -- the high on base percentage but might be ten to fifteen homers a year. When I'd seen him in the past get into trouble it's been trying to -- too much. -- -- it's just not this -- I think what she fully accept that that's not who years. They might be. Really cute and I want your response you know between -- 400 and played great defense is that there -- Steve Austin two incredibly valuable player. And for the Red Sox to have. We're the go to guys were talking network fairly close to the big -- they can eventually by the end of next year he's going. Three lineups spots with guys making half million you know that's for a club like the Red Sox at a lot of money to be able to put into other positions. Yeah and there just aren't a lot of teams that have three I mean does it for us in the top 25 -- position players. Who are you know anywhere between maybe a year to a year and a half from basically to -- I don't know I can anybody else that's situation between the head I think at the best crop of prospects in the top fifty. But a couple of further away but since I think two years away. We -- you probably -- an apple so. If the Red Sox it really did during -- very very strong position. From the on either of the debt that the inquiry on the farm where you're the guys were not going to talk about what we -- the top fifty. There's a drop off somewhere fairly high but the fact is that much impact. Close to the majors is incredibly valuable no matter what your Major League payroll. Actually I wanted to ask about what must position care because you mentioned him in the honorable mentions Blake why cart in its. Collection lender and lender into a good segue in a minute into the conversation about the pitching as well but. You have him near your top fifty. How you know. Is is he a guy who UC being I assume that you see those first three guys were talking about Bradley to Kenya and -- is being. Barring a potential superstar acquisition off the table laden is is why -- in that category as well. How can be off the table just because he's not quite back. It would be right back caliber. High probability. Above average to better big leaguer by. In defense is improved dramatically since he got and he was only a part time catcher in high school actually saw him -- played. He caught one -- to keep it short in the other and. There are some sentiment that you just end up at third base could. -- really good athlete well he's pretty rough on the plate and I remember last year the first half toward the Red Sox was. They were actually shot back -- that the defense wise and a little surprised at how. And advance. Shall we say about -- -- -- further ago than I thought well now the bat is making some progress in Portugal the approach has been better. Recognition must be has been battered apartment where he played but based on Albuquerque was actually at the Rio Rancho but the greater Albuquerque Brighton is not good is no way. Since that's the it he you know I think that would -- huge adjustment is an older high school player -- so. Clock was ticking on Hamilton wore them on your typical high school. She needs some night. Very nice strides this year and I actually do little more -- com. Actually develops and as he gets out of Salem of the Carolina that which is not a good place now about it ought to buy an island. Bring your woman to balance. Ball does not -- here at all actually seen. I think three home runs in four games at Wilmington and so far that's why -- up to sell. Yeah I think there's there's some more back there. I think he's at least an everyday catcher he's got a chance for a little bit war. And -- at one capture on my top fifty and he was at 49 and a guy who may not even if they capture. I started to an Austin that is not only capture an Garrett can't -- -- not state catcher Matt amnesty -- captured in the minors right now. Is pretty awful. So I could see the red sex thing you know we don't XY part of MVP candidate but. There's no catch and we had such public action and we need to and on to this. So he he -- himself eight to meet Y hard is is one very interesting example into -- Henry Owens of a guy who's. Whose value in the trade market. Even though you -- think entertain trade offers for them -- for -- -- especially I think Owens may be an upper class we'll talk about that second. By virtue of affected is so far from the majors other teams are going to save -- he's a secondary piece in the Red Sox have a familiarity with them and they say. You know what we know this guy we we kind of understand. We like we have a better feel for the projection. He's he's he's more than that in so he becomes really difficult trade. To mean those guys are -- -- -- Henry Owens in the Red Sox. You have Henry -- ranked at number 31 overall OK so he's you know he just threw six no hit innings the other day he's been having it terrific but not. You have to -- I've been having a terrific season high a problem to me I think he's the most difficult person to trade in the Red Sox system. Is it under Bogart's you can entertain Bogart's for Mike Stanton right right like that. It's clear. You inspired by your own by -- and -- by your own suggestion when you're sending a Bogart's in his place on the ever who knew this guy what I imagine the same is not true with a guy like Henry Owens who has. I've -- a very interest in three -- makes his six foot up and left handed in the ball comes out in a way that hitters are really -- Don't see the ball at all -- seen him behind the plate. Also an amateur I think four separate times. And its interests and a critical letters of course to -- ninety like it was. He right and you could just. CP. When he's out from behind the late this is one of the big disadvantage. -- video like TV. Scouting video. Where. You know I'd like to sit behind the plea. I'm not using the reader contest to see well with a look out of his hand how can cry again by the pitch because. If I can identify and further away from the pitcher but I've got more time to figure out. Can be part -- the hitter to deal. I don't have to try to hit it on my only job is to try to -- by the -- so I can focus on not decided whether or not that's why. And with a once the ball disappears -- -- and it's very hard to pick it up so that. Got a good -- and he's got a good slow curve ball and you can't distinguish between those. He can put my deep tissue could that -- -- to 94. Brady was -- manual on the other day topped out at 94 in the six no hit innings. -- and in high school he was war ED 91. Which is fine for a -- especially if you got good secondary that now where we're talking about a different. Typically if -- -- caliber pitcher. If he can put 92 by guys like it's -- six or so up -- to get away with pitching up. But the very interest and -- perspective -- -- -- -- coming up they have more market value in baseball was actually more valuables probably hold separate conversation but. You do not want to under value your lefties because there are is still fairly strong sentiment in baseball that. You wanna pay more in -- -- a draft -- got higher because there is -- scarcity. Talking to -- club ESPN about Red Sox prospects in his his essential midyear if top fifty list so it Henry Owens then. If there is that market you know do you think -- do you think that he is a guy who. It with the Red Sox have an interest in poor pitching prospect right to have a reasonable amount of guys who look like they'll be ready to contribute to the mutual global let's say the next. You're two years three years Alan Webster ruby dollar rose sub Matt Barnes Brandon Workman. Owens is Owens is there and as has Henry are not -- excuse me. As his anti Granada who is just in the -- in the futures game. Is Owings for use of the biggest -- guy evolve those. Yeah I think he would certainly the most interest. How could you returned it twenty. Maybe not and number two an outside chance. Certainly you're really good week more than it just a minute rotation more than a week average starter. Was -- they think you're probably looking at. It was good league average store -- pretty durable. And can stand -- for a long time if you're looking for real feeling among Red Sox -- prosecute political further down into the system. I think you're talking about that the trade also that they are not. -- close but he's not tradable anyway but he would be ward and street value would be fairly low so far in the basically right. Webb sure is the only other guy who I've who I wonder about is whether or not he has the same kind of healing inside out. I would I still think it will Ressa has better feeling -- Webster. It's -- spot for me -- Webster for all of it was supposed to be the truth seekers fighter guy really gets ground ball they can but the bottom Parker on him pretty. Yeah that's startling to me. From seeing him it's -- seems like every -- in Bristol watching in the green room. Can access all looks flat you know it's not supposed to be out and you are sitting with -- issue. Tactically pitchers who just haven't seen Webster before that their first impressionist. You know softly straight until I don't know. Is that despite intense and it's got a report from -- coming into the you're very consistent this guy's got -- decent -- -- when he was still in the dodgers' system he's got. Big time sanctity and he got it's -- changeup is better than them breaking ball but. Well look what it would be good enough at least for a third fourth starter I. If I had no history with a guy at all if I was just basing it off about his big league tenure. But probably put him in as a reliever or and I understand it sounds harsh but. I mean that the best ball back flat and the total lack of fastball and I mean I've argued in. In chat to the -- start bringing him this is not helping anybody at least not helping them win. And I topic has -- well and -- in my -- to have other guy in portrait somebody else. Yeah I think just isn't that good good and I'm not -- got a call up from try to Great Britain there at -- -- Not that I like and I'd like that the bullpen that I don't really keeping answer irritation they'll work until the what was probably a really good relieved. Bill Norris is the one guy and hell up and forget about and he's not prospect eligible anymore. He's got a huge field and a member up a long long time -- out and saw him for the first time. His first Major League spring training with the Dodgers was -- three months before he got hurt and -- best -- -- a year and a hundred could really good change up. You see I mean it was is that applicable Clinton is about to explode normally and then got hurt whatever 23 months later. So I assume that you put kind of -- a separate category and you know given what we're talking about a typical for the Red Sox value of -- match up with that of another with that of other TS in all likelihood. So if you take him out of the equation. Then. What can the Red Sox reasonably to the -- how valuable the Red Sox trade chips. When you look at the context of you know of the other starters that we're talking about the other pitching prospects we're talking about. Bob and then beyond. You know. I mean if they want to go get -- can't. They could that -- make. One or more the untouchables available. And then emphasized to the Marlins that there are gonna get a lot of money expert seems to be on my own daughter figures out at this point -- you know. You can be real international day of the international -- -- to -- Well actually what the Marlins they -- they give you. Money from their international pool and you send them cash. Like money launder yeah so skeptic I think the Red Sox are one of the few. Buyers who could get pretty much anybody they wanted it. If they were willing to meet any prospects available now they may decide they don't wanna do that that acquiring Stanton. At the cost of say two of the three untouchables or something else is too much. I agree with that myself. But they could do. But -- that it won't have to make them feel good about the situation because I don't think they're -- necessarily you now on they're probably going to look over. The short term -- not one kept it rentals but maybe -- -- -- -- Two and have to even. The kind of but Taurus model is the way that I put it in terms of what they might be looking for and if -- if they were to go to starting pitching out of the Michael Young market if if they're looking for. Short term transitional answer to -- To -- last year this. Kind of opened James Shields is going to be available the royals are still talking buyers rather than Mike Sellers but. That would be a guide where I get to the Red Sox thing that's that's war that -- not just renting a really good very shoddy pitching at least to worry about that. He's actually been very effective this year almost record that -- immaterial. Iraqis are another team they cut in interest in pieces to potentially self interest they're still talking like buyers have talked to scouts say. You're more likely see the giants felt with the Iraqis still think that step closer to another to basically play it like a 400 team for the last. But every three months straight you have a hot start exactly it's amazing I mean I can really square you opposite not a good evening yet. If they approach the trade deadline -- buyers and sellers reunited as leader rather than sellers than the missed an opportunity to make the club better in the long run. There are some players too well we've looked like two weeks left right we somebody could become available to surprise -- I Wear the Red Sox I think are in position to acquire just about anybody if they're going to make some of these guys who we labeled untouchable available. That's personal last keep. Let's just let a stack them up and bring to top that -- ring the pitching prospects in the Red Sox system you know because. As you know we have these 67 names we've been gaining about -- you have at the top clearly. -- says he would be after him. Yeah probably because and more because of injury you know I just he's not on the -- and again it is not working eligible right. Followed by would you have web or next to what you have would you have a work in a bar and. For me Barnes Max and Webster Varnado kind of in that next group I mean October not a terrible twice. Right Eastern League all star game like he walked through the first four. The other guy hit a home run and then put on similar performance at the futures game I wanna read too much into it but. It's tasteless you command guy right it's not overpowering stuff. The -- I couldn't throw strikes and one of these situations I just you know I like pressured or strike that's just me. It it's a strange bias Keith I know that your tennis -- I'm a failure taking it to a real extreme there. And then for you than workmen would come after that after the aforementioned guys so QB. Get that next group -- -- the Britons were talking about actual probably your relievers out in the long run. Yeah I mean if that if you're talking trade value they may have cardinal in the system actually got a little more value quit just. Guide says he Workman who I think Bosnian strictly is a reliever. The value of those guys in trade historically has not been -- a much better with a guy who put too. It can be looking -- -- that starter that's more valuable than. -- basically the same player were teens are saying he's definitely. I will say that I've talked to -- and other organizations who he Workman has potential four or five stuck -- -- to get him or trade. Right yet. Although quite honestly his value to the -- -- -- is the one guy with the makeup yeah where he could help the Red Sox this year is here has quite a bit of value to the Red Sox -- So I you know he he might be the hardest he might be a lot harder to move for them right now been given the clustering of that other group and the -- or worry. Varnado who aren't going to help this year. I don't know if you clots in my released report teams in baseball actually Smart enough to see. Value any interest swing and the classic swing man on the inning reliever -- little bit of that this year but we want -- -- over special -- mobile handsets. And the ethical fire it's just that the industry by. If you got a guy who give you three innings out of the -- or take a spot start for you. They're huge value and you can actually wanted to eleven nimble panic you had a tree swing man on the roster and anybody can you at a site that -- -- crazy -- Alfredo sent a circa 2000. Eleven yes six that you don't like yes that's a good example Alfredo senate without decrease. This had said so like here but yes you could do that you can do yourself a lot of good. By having a tree swing man on the roster against is able to give you those multi inning walk. Out of the -- -- avoid overworking. Your bullpen and avoid having to a conference call about Webster makes spot starts. Keith as ever great stuff -- thought ESPN he knows a lot thank you so much for joining. You've heard from -- lobbyist piano about the nature of the Red Sox prospect for right now and it's obviously a very promising outlook in part because. A number of the players misses them have been having terrific season. What do those who stands out is left hander Henry -- Owens -- latest impressive accomplishment came on Wednesday when he threw six no hit innings and matched a career high with ten strikeouts while walking four. For hire -- Salem. Owens is viewed as perhaps being the pitcher with the highest ceiling in the Red Sox -- two right now a twelve year old he actually turned 21 today. Who has a three pitch mix with the low ninety's fastball a great changeup as well the curve ball that sometimes works is swinging -- pitched. That says you know that that points to the potential for him to be a very good Major League starter perhaps a couple of years time. His ability to generate strikeouts in volume at such young -- playing against older competition. Is one of the reasons why. Within the Red Sox organization he's used perhaps as impressive a prospect is anyone they have. His performance this year with Salem a two point 93 ERA with ten and a half strikeouts per nine innings suggest a pitcher with whom the Red Sox would be loath to part. And really he may be the most difficult pitcher for them to part with because he's in high AA. Other teams might not have the same value for him to the Red Sox do after two years of familiarity with the pitcher. So -- -- -- Owens probably isn't going anywhere anytime soon. That being the case we took time to take stock of the season the balances had. This year in 2013 with Salem starting with that no hitter on Wednesday here's how Owens viewed the last innings of -- no hitter. Really exciting -- I was in icing on the seventh inning and the latter half of eight and then I was really nervous or -- came out on the other numbers on the board -- kind of position -- in a moment not opener thing. On the planet you know law -- How connected do you feel you -- -- as a you know when it's a combined no hitter right like it's one thing when that you know Jon Lester pumping out like you know. Denying the traditional nine inning no hitter like is it is it odd to. Be a part of this thing that tree does something so special. In not in baseball circles and yet you know it's not it's not all of your doing is that you know you -- no hitters and high school with this cooler or was this like. -- was this cooler to be kind of shared phenomena with your teammates or was it like Al manna from the head. You know had the arranged digital vomit it's -- night. Well I I think matches more motivation to get bought in Havana. I think they're gonna let it go a little -- -- did you know that the pit shop -- Not meant so it was called Le ushered out because -- I understand it's my early and you have registered seems. Well art organizational. There's -- -- How they got how part of that you. So this is this was kind of the latest part of a season it's been terrific for you you know this -- your second full pro season. As you were coming off to a really strong first pro season in Greenville last year. In which you had a ton of weigh in twelve you know even twelve and five I remember you saying that that the wins for the thing that you're proudest of from last year. I'm into struck out like everyone who you faced in the South Atlantic League this year they're facing more advanced competition. The posting better numbers which is really interesting I mean you're striking out almost as many guys ten and a half per nine innings. You're still you know -- you you have an ERA that's. You know it's not quite half of what it was but you're you're below three ERA now. How is it that you been able to kind of enjoy these improved results over the course of this year even though you're facing more advance competition. I really think blasters. Parsed in my view that Larry and the program. Pretty big jump on I spoke. Straight -- the styling and I kind of burst Iverson start trying to. I would give it up in the shuffle the order I could even get the and he and so -- privilege -- -- he let them last off season. Put on late getting stronger and incumbent spring training -- really felt like. I had a chance strongly got a season of the year so far so there -- Are you gonna feel the difference physically on the mound because of that -- I know that I talked to Kevin Walker recently and he said that you know that you've been just. You know really impressive in terms of you know in terms of the way in which you've been able to to gain strength and sustain it over the course of a season. Do you feel that in your delivery or between starts how does that impact -- I think it is maintaining Biloxi Eurostar. Which -- big I think. Relapsed or get a little artist or the set and now this year I. My first three innings -- -- -- anybody got a you know those not. Kind of cruise. Should consider running have been so much that -- here. No more fateful fourth inning. You know -- on them about what could it. This. Velocity so your velocity has happened roughly the same as it was last year are you seeing some gains and that pretty clearly over the course of the season. -- -- Probably coupled retired. Average all of us in just throughout the game. What does that tell you to do. I think -- just. Allow me to. Where -- -- better than that oh commenced working and then my chain of working on here that makes a couple of comments. Harder after it tore up the chain and my -- comic -- a lot so far so good to. Up and the other curve ball as is obviously at this point it seems you know from what I've been hearing got that that's the pitch that shows quite a bit of promise but -- a little bit behind the other two. Given the number of swings and misses you're able to get on your fastball on your changeup is it ever challenge to kind of work on your curve ball you know rather than understanding the long term process part of it. Rather than just. There's been a couple times sure. I've started there are currently in -- future Carol. For a ball and I'll come right back and brought three Q I know that that don't happen you know we count due Warren street -- And out of the way pitcher but I had a child she strikes so you know so -- I go about one sometime to come back then. Policy. Target again where it's on the pica. Aren't I gotta make and it just announced here at the wrong -- and Walker's been working on all your mean he's he recognizes when I'm. Making -- gently on the mound the last start I mean. Well I mean I guess that I think Laura Bush to victory. And every missile low so I was very good arms and. You have you know the one thing that I'm sure is probably them the one area that you like to see some gains and you're you're still walking guys and in outings -- -- there. -- you've been pretty consistent in terms of dominating not giving up a lot of -- and I would like. I'm I'm very accustomed to seeing Henry Owens and it's like five innings through he had six innings to hit that sort of thing you know. And the question is coming out of them is okay is it going to be no boxes are going to be one is going to be you know is going to be three or four. Yeah. I wasn't gonna go -- -- OK okay and so you know what where are you what what is the difference between you having the command that you want in where you are right now. I think it's just staying consistent earlier couple I mean. She starts ago I had and the senate or what I've got next and expelled -- -- -- -- -- my. I think going back -- that was that's consistent I would I would make an adjustment kind of like on the slider in the game. Brought in -- and -- Look where all year. And then we kind of district and despite Russian made a couple of just in there -- -- him out on the mound during the game and are always better. So those are. How different does this -- field just by virtue of the fact that there at the end results have been much more consistent. You know than what you were able to do and Greenville are you able to feel. You know kind of this momentum building year career works like OK late. You know last year was the getting your feet wet now you're able to are are you focused more on. You know on those results that you're having in games when you're doing things like throwing six no hit innings -- You know are throwing five shutout innings or what have you over the course of outings. Some explorer just. I mean -- -- legal more. Kind of just start to start guy what oracle that -- that our time in the past few audiences that -- it has been. Michael have been going into outing and then more like -- -- remark about well or strike command but in my house seat that since. Commandeered a good job -- -- so and a lot to start some not are an excellent. And I do six you know and colossal. Literally kind of and I got -- about it and he spoke on an expert on. Did you did throw no hitters in high school right about that. Yeah how many career or are the -- but still pretty good when you -- able to keep track of them. Yeah. -- -- you know here to -- and Southern California its advance competition. Yeah. -- you said that you don't you don't set goals for yourself do you -- are you able to to avoid playing the game of you know I'm doing pretty well would be cool to get a promotion to double -- or are you mindful of you know. Are you kind of mindful of of trying to push levels with your performance. I mean they -- mean they're not gonna tell me when I'm ready I'm -- -- I'm trying to. In my best job on the you know I can't I can't get no respect and control electing strong field so when that time come to look I'm. OPEC can carry over and keep doing that thing in Dublin. Happy birthday to you this is this is the day in which you turn 21 so it's remarkable that you're able to join our program. Red you know that's that's a really young ages of as pitchers go right like. Other guys who you are drafted with Matt Barnes is of the world entered their system when they were 21 years old. Do you feel you know are you ever mindful of the fact that you're still relatively young I mean you have to almost full professional seasons under your belt. At a at a time when Europe you know more or less getting to be just of draft age for guys went college. I really don't really think about it I mean I've been around he couldn't go to a degree in the last stripping out 2.3 year old twenty year old. And no it was my roommate in that same on this -- and he's twenty poker tour victory. I mean I'm twenty years old our turned 21. I guess I'm bit titles already it's safe access. Sister and I think about -- -- that its course now and I really think I've matured a lot last year. Live and on my -- some I don't I don't know I think about human. The way in which the spring training complex works like the fact that. Everyone is there you know -- like. It in any in any outing that you're throwing on the back -- he would have cycling through you know whether it was bench Harrington. Or John barrel or one you give us -- They know who you are that's a chemical thing I imagine that this stage of your professional career. -- and whenever. That I -- Where it's structural. Thirteen guys -- the -- I don't remember but yeah -- you know a team that's pretty good. Yeah. They have a war -- he gave up three outrage that you'd -- every kind of how I go. I don't know I don't know but it was spotted attitude and kind of smile and say -- my supplements so. As it is critical that they all can just walk he'll he'll -- unions. Yeah broad -- real real. What was the weird like who is surreal so was that late you're you're aware of their presence there when -- -- you know 11 of the guys on the big league staff is like behind the plate. I trying to spoke on the twelve -- fighter or. And their common or whatever I mean that -- That that it pressured by the army now it's more pressures of privilege. One thing that does that we're taking stock of the united at this time of year it's. I don't know to a degree it filters down to you -- You know him as someone who as someone -- around the Red Sox on a regular basis -- as July 31 comes more more you know comes becomes closer and closer. You know everything is is viewed through the -- most of trade rumors and that sort of thing. And we just had people on the show he suggested and I agree. That you are perhaps as untreatable guys there isn't Red Sox system both because of your talent and because. You know and because the Red Sox have such a high opinion -- -- because they they know you. More than other teams might whom we have seen you for a starter two and Heidi. Baden didn't neither of us can really see Mary Ellen Richard -- Do you you know do you start to is this account a time of year when their conversations. In Salem about like oh man like you know are you hearing about the risks XP you shouldn't ex guy. -- could one of us to end up moving in the next week or ten days. I mean not really. That they -- nothing -- -- Israel are always a political majors. But it might that -- some online I'm not totally utterly spent focus on the active right now man I'm trying to. I'm trying to go to the rest are Murat but that's I'm an organization have gotten over one. How many great second year going great and as well -- And -- and. Think about two Red Sox pitcher Henry Owens as well as Keith law of ESP ENN. For joining down on the farm sponsored by being one advantage tire and service dealers find a dealer and you add people an advantage dot com. And thinks of course is always to produce a pattern today. You'd like to hear the complete interviews with Keith -- or Henry Owens visit WEEI dot com slash -- -- cast for the minor details podcasts which have the full length interview it's. Well the clock ten days of the trade deadline catch up with the next week.

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