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Chris Singleton, ESPN, on the Red Sox win and the deadline

Jul 22, 2013|

Former OF Chris Singleton joins Merloni and Tom Caron to discuss the character of this Sox team, the trade deadline, and the Yankees.

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-- quick first hour TCU Maloney with you tiger and hear from NASA and -- reloading year because it's what he does. -- even when he does. Sunday night baseball is still rated till 1 AM I did not ask Adrian. About his small unit. How late was the that was the traffic by -- have you got the Jerry -- thing down to like hold the elevator for you're in the -- -- culture is the helicopter to adopt the budget doesn't it. By the time -- Mike Napoli touched home plate Jerry -- would have been in west. After college to -- tracked down Mike Napoli afterwards but beautiful people thirty minutes in -- that eminent. That appellate getting on the ball park accidents at the -- -- actually -- at first my -- agreement. In which he there. Now so the Red Sox waited eleven -- was called in the game -- -- stage here on of the WEEI you read those radio network called the game for ESPN radio and joining us now on the AT&T hotline is that Chris Singleton interest I don't talk your liberal with. -- doing great returner. Actually back in Atlanta and now doctor. Not a marathon. Our -- to look over tomorrow let see we knew Maloney. Would just which secular to let him do in the game. Shall. Well I just figured you know five to give up because you give it to be pretty good net blank that kinda go back to work early no more after that make you get up and do some -- years well. Only fair. I was but I got back to the hotel at 215. Got a bit portrait being go to airport and now back in Atlanta. But hey did you like the reverse psychology I use yellow mad at me when I read. Seventeen innings did what he. I was brought out that out there are so what you B seventeen -- you know sand. Yes I like I don't like when Alec with a goes. I like where did that right there. -- -- -- And you have a guy it's just our men's game moved fast you know after two innings your -- looked like Hamas broke you just crushed it now going to be a four hour day. It Chris -- I don't know how many games you've actually done with the Red Sox and I saw a couple of times it is generally done a few dirt a year but. Not much of the same kind of look at this team some people we have to shake their heads say you know -- gonna drop off the bullpen they've got some issues but they just. Keep getting it done nine walk off now it just very resilient team. Yeah it is -- I mean. It is did -- to me so I think you look at the ballclub. Some the productive players. Just as far as the Major League teams to -- physical standpoint you seek teams it has. All the big players you guys that you -- shortage -- victory -- You're novice. I mean just you know even though very sort of in that category but not big guys that. And I just can't grind and they and they play and I remember -- machine victory in a couple weeks ago. Maybe about a month ago in new York and I asked him much -- -- what's -- -- like. He said man honestly this corporate buying -- 20072008. Facilities where. Everybody just came every day. Wanting other -- play baseball -- get out and no matter what no matter what the score was we were dumb enough to to feel like which we had a chance to win. And that we can you can come back and when he said that that's how we were unfairly this is how it feels here in Boston and so I was pretty. Pretty Cooley here because you know as a -- it has in -- -- wrap of grinding out at bats they -- pitchers work and and had a winning the battle in and ultimately in some runners on for something good happens so. I -- what things great last night was after that double by -- very. Victory you know putting the black down there you go down three nothing. A lot of times guys like -- -- -- -- -- sort of generated few hints that the -- by. You know the feeling is it in my mind is eat you get one run on the board you can bet you're off the board all the sudden you. You -- burst bubble. Being shut out and other things happen well that opened the the gates. For really big and -- Napoli had a three run homer later. Chris Singleton listen ESPN ESPN radio Chris what do we learn about the Yankees over the weekend. Again net. Here in Boston having seen him you know thirteen -- last night has had thirteen singles no home runs over three games at Fenway Park. And I hear people today saying well maybe the Yankees should be sellers what are they have to sell you mean what can you sell off this current roster of New York Yankees. I don't think you can sell anything it'd -- it the outrageous thing you could say is. Robinson goes will be free agent after this year and then we could sell him but that's happened they've they've got to retain Robinson -- and and they have you. Come up with the contracts on which -- topic is an issue or concern by. It's far is. What you could possibly trade maybe one of those good arms in the bullpen you know it's good guys saw last night Sean Kelly who was just. -- like it's some some pretty good arms there though they were they were strong but. -- would you give it means for that that level lows of the trade you're getting an impact. It's gonna help the team would be their best bet is. So their health and hopefully getting the players back healthy when you think about it but what what is -- about six games backs and won't back the Red Sox mean that's. That's not. For the roster that they put out there that's not that bad I mean that is they still have a chance in the division. And if they do you get healthy and in this star performance scoring runs offensively. They're going to be you know in the conversation at the end so I think that that the team that's done extremely well considering that this really isn't a Yankee ballclub. Mean this is it's yankees and we can -- stepped out loudly superstar they haven't had a home run and -- apparently series and you know all these other things that we that we talk about but it. It's not your typical Yankee club and that would that said I think that. They did they have to be a little more encouraged than discouraged you know it's discouraging is that if you can't get healthy get guys back but it's -- that seems to be right around a quarter. They get a feel like K we we get a chance to do some. -- Chris the trade deadlines couple weeks away and the Red Sox to bring in Matt Thornton already announced that guarantees him anything but. It does send the message you losing Andrew Miller three or four days later you're out there making a trade your bench Harrington I think guys the -- -- appreciate that. Talk about that mentality those he was a player given that trade deadline on a team nick contending you see your GM. -- they're making moves how important is that the psyche of the tank. It doesn't lie it does a lot for. Some of the players that -- year years. There I mean there's so many facets of by his considered you're not that guys -- you know you're not going anywhere near and Ortiz are Pedroia or you're you know you're -- or anywhere else very. But it -- the other guys that makes you step up your game that they have that I really like it here and I wanna stay here it's simple. Let me try to perform. At a level. It -- make them wanna hang -- to -- not you know put me into the trade to get someone else so. Yeah that's one facet tablet the other facets saying you know what. We get this start or give that guy. That's gonna help solidify this area of our our ballclub and it's always -- catch because. In your pride get in the situation where you have a teammate. They had. You lie keys what are you guys which also though they did not really get it done to a level that the team needs in that situation where role. There's a player out there that your hearing rumors that you make yet. And on one and you can't talk about it too much because. You don't want -- you know nurture your teammates feeling in the fact that your excited about getting this player. Because if you get that player than everyone knows it. This is probably be -- you have right now that are going to be with you anymore so. Yeah I hated it so many different angles but absolutely you'd you'd love which yen. It's going to be aggressive and it's going to abuse up indeed you view that shot in the arm. As you start to come into the grinding you know gains games of the year and August and September. How much does that second wildcard spot changed the all of this -- -- some of the Yankees again. If they were going to be -- the store only three and a half out of the wild card. -- -- You know at that point doing something for what might just be one game but -- For a buyer to get any kind of reasonable price on on something that would help for for the Red Sox a reliever as an example is it that much cover because everyone's. Really still alive for the most part when you look at the wild cards. Yeah -- and I think we saw that last year that our routines. For a longer period time install themselves as is being able to stay in it in and therefore. If you don't want apart due soon -- a guy Kook. And the value for you in and you you look at that -- so interest in so many different ways to look at this extra Lockhart the those teams that are. Sort of the the average -- that trying to to do it and it's a great thing and you can either sit after the Yankees because. A decimated they've been by injuries in the performance. It's going to be talked to look to win the division. But with everything says that they go through three quarters of the year. Playing with the kind of players they they have right now. And they do get healthy toward the end and they are able to grab a wild card spot. They get a feel like it or get wrapped what we get a chance and we're going to hear no one expected us to be here we -- game all of a sudden. He hit the reset button and -- -- in a regular division series so that that's what can happen for the teams on the lower and the teams that. Yeah our our top teams it's it's not far I watched the bridge structure are called that braves cardinals game. And the Braves had played extremely well it wouldn't you know a couple of other divisions outside of their division -- the national that the best record. You know anybody. And they had a play that one wild card game and a couple of bad breaks and they used to the cardinals and go home after performed so well so. It's that it put so much more emphasis on winning the division which I think is good because a couple of years ago you know eighteen. Feel like the Yankees that we're going to win the division but it -- more concern. -- that that the rotation to the playoffs that they ended up you know. Canada Italy and back in not winning the division but it didn't matter because they're going to be in the first round with you know five game series then. They could set the rotation of the way they needed to use our I'd like the urgency that it creates. For multiple. Chris about Genesis who knows that this reports gonna become -- on a week a month who knows when it is. But if and when it does come up four seasons up how difficult is gonna be for you covered the playoffs. -- sit there watching Bartolo Cologne or Nelson Cruz or Jhonny Peralta impact the most important time of the year knowing what's looming. I I think it's. I think for me -- just -- to appoint guys were huge missile. You're so tired that all you know it's out there. You're looking at it baseball now where with the war and -- -- and and we can say that -- baseball cleaned up everything else but really. You know you have a -- Genesis with some twenty plus guys bit. You know where are associated with it and Hussein really -- -- Charlie. -- -- to be honest you look around the league. And there are some players that are you know close to forty and over forty -- to have some pretty big settings and Cologne one of them it is mentioned. And I talked to players and you'll you bring up different guys and they just got to look at rather I'd like and how this -- -- -- -- who's got -- harder than he was. The a couple of years ago minister guys. You know jump the gate you know and he's he's 40s40 -- so I mean. It is because of what we're under. I think you're always gonna have that suspension -- suspicion and when you have some of the people that have been so adamant about it never died -- weather Lance Armstrong. Or whether -- Ryan broad. -- unfortunately it's a little hard to put too much faith in any player. It's doing really well. Other key players that you you could kind of say you know what I'll I'll I'll hang my hat on that this guy's clean. But I think there's a pretty good majority. Its -- players have been a really big year. Eighties and not let's say fairly young and strong. You're gonna Caridad and I wonder hey this is great by what happened six months from now through the air is everything that we were excited about it enjoyed. Just kind of spoiled because you find it you know there are -- -- being used so that's -- that was it now are distraught at. Look at the game is called the game for what it is trying to stay in the moment because of I think about all the other things it's a distraction and it's frustrating. And any -- the experience that -- bringing to the listeners in that moment that -- -- no question great stuff Chris before -- ago we gotta get an answer the burning question. Who's got tougher post career schedule you -- -- Maloney is it to the grind of the daily radio -- radio show. Or traveling as you duty at the weekend games trees and who's got a tougher here -- If that's I do there's -- -- -- You know it -- the great thing is that the teams narrowed council back covering all thirty teams. Where it's narrowed down to you know 1018. So that's kind of refreshing but you have the travel for me. Yeah its its leg action -- You all the chatter and lets you breakdown in the NHL Stanley Cup. You know -- -- sell well. If you're totally got me and I -- -- I forgot -- they. Shall I got an got a dog collar -- Next year we'll talk about World Cup soccer you wanna tune in for that. Chris signal that we appreciated short sleep I know I give back to bad we appreciate it. Okay -- target -- good stuff Chris Singleton does great job. ESPN's baseball tonight now as he -- not often now on TV as much anymore right really radio. I'm in a house every Saturday every Sunday every said he doesn't gain of the disease and then there that both over the weekend and you know guys who read and think they say about -- where these Red Sox Iraq and it is you know you look at that second wild card. And I don't think there's any question it has it and to me a good way. Completely impacted the way July plays more sellers. Times I'm more more buyers. And you know higher priced. Market for anything you want to try to get and -- much more. Reason to -- the reds -- deals to try to make a move to win the division get through that one team play in game. Yourself into -- -- and it's also setting up to where you do not like last year aware I -- probably in -- brought it up to as far as the team that. You know that first wild card team. Actually has the second best record in baseball -- the second best record in their league. And they're playing one game playing with a team that's ten games under that you know of the I got a problem with didn't I just. I don't think it's Friday got to give me at least more than people think it is a player out of the talk show boat -- it's just more than what it's great drama. But I need more than one game just beat because my season was that much about the second best team in the league and I even get a two lot three. Eric arrogant Nelson and it one gamer -- -- it happened. The difference this year -- playing out is that doesn't seem to be the case now there's a lot of baseball ought to be played but you would think. Between Boston and Tampa and Baltimore. You know Detroit Oakland Texas. Those sixteen to me I think a balanced five spots maybe Cleveland can stay in this thing but you're not gonna have that. The first wildcard team eight games ten games better than -- second it just doesn't look like it's been that way. But here's -- out why a look at the other way I got bored as a fan for so many years. Watching the Red Sox and yankees. Sleep walk through September. As one was gonna win the division one was gonna go to the wildcard and neither one cared. Which one they were going to be. As 2000 and and seven it worked our grip the Red Sox. But let's face it they were resting guys on Labor Day. Because they had such a big lead in the wild card race. It didn't -- they're gonna win the division now. You're an -- I'm done a -- if it's -- last week of the season. John Lackey batting in Colorado and in game number ninety 1159. Those games are gonna matter and -- clinched a playoff spot. But you're one game up one game out in the game at least you gotta win that division. Has yet to that the series nobody wants a one game playing not absolutely. No. You know because. Whether it's Texas or Oakland Hills star Herschel Cologne. Yeah I'd Detroit I think wins it but you know -- Cleveland sneaks in -- student Justin master has been outstanding for them. So -- like your team you judge your team out on the marathon the rookie team in the -- and say we're playoff ready it's not because we have one guy. We're playoff ready because we have 12 and three in our rotation. We're deeper rotation and it means to win a better time in a short series or seven game five game series in a one games one game. The royals can come in here and beat the Red Sox in one game -- -- we've. Seen it before. You know I -- they convicted though James Shields took action is at its indictment would. For 25 games better McKenzie was the change shields can -- chew on that one day that's what I don't like about. By the way a lot of people in on the EI ADD to baseline. Didn't realize alleged Chris Singleton sounded like the change he did really it there. He didn't notice it and you Earl formed -- lighten anonymously and all of us at all just clicked rolled over -- sit LC the morning. -- nights when we come back -- -- minutes audio one don't harm that could mean a lot to this team down the stretch one not so young arm and one very old bar. That's next as a TC will continue here at W via.

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