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Who's better Robinson Cano or Dustin Pedroia

Jul 22, 2013|

TC and Merloni compare Cano and Pedroia and the different type of skills they each have.

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Rolling along here in the third hour Tom Garrett at the Mike and Penske and overloading. Who apparently is part of everything that will be broadcast on WEEI over the course of the week. Games mid -- show. Nighttime twister released daily budget as I look across he's -- is overloading might have fallen asleep. I thought I -- -- where I go to -- go to -- And their break up a game at dodger. Were you surprised when the news broke over the weekend Friday night actually -- during the game. A couple of reports coming out. That the Red Sox war were in and some level of discussion. With Dustin Pedroia about a contract extent we spread by the timing that the got two more years. Yeah I was. Last year this thing popped up right and it -- really no sense to mimic what you get two more years on the contract with an extension you've got three years. This conversation for next offseason so know going into this next -- -- one year deal a player option so. You could -- up that player option and just give him an extension and made more sense that we aren't regular season. It doesn't shock me that there -- kind of getting ahead of -- a little bit special with -- looming. What's -- thirty years old and a thirty years old so you know. Again it's -- they try to try to get rid of that next year the game a five year deal hundred million dollars a lot of money when he million dollars criticized. Two years ago given -- -- Carl Crawford is not in -- when he milling doll player. He's the top of the order hitter one or two not 34 hitter to meet point nine L players at 34 hitters it's 3035. Driver about point. Now he's in third research -- -- -- -- I do think he's in a different class the overall game. I have to start changing my viewpoint milling dope dealer and this happens at least five years or so right hernia one point what was he twelve million -- player. You know -- -- that's a good player all of a sudden everyone's in all thirteen so keeps every 45 years you've got to make that adjustment. -- who were at that point now and the crop was twenty million to three years later is the joy yeah. These guys 120 million dollar players now now they're 25 or 26 million dollars deal -- like what is millions of barking up keeps -- -- jumps up. Carl Crawford and I'm convinced of this -- and became a twenty million dollar player of the day Jayson Werth became -- twenty -- now. Right Jayson Werth got seven years. Within 48 hour question Carl Roberts getting -- -- cents to meet one of them pick animal you only once he won and I've got it. You have to look at the landscape and say. If I'm gonna get anybody close on me to get anybody comparable. I've got to enter that arena. In terms of years in terms of money. So Dustin Pedroia has another year in the player option. Robinson Cano is about to become a free eight. Right and in terms of negotiation timing is everything when is your car entered negotiations up when you have a chance to talk about. -- with your boss. If you're doing it at the peak of your earning power at the peak of your career. You're gonna do well Robinson ghetto and Jay-Z. And walked into a room and get a lot of for a lot of short. And as soon as he does. Dustin Pedroia is value is gonna go up considerably. Not because he's a better player after Robinson can no signs his. Because this is now the arena you have to enter. Again in a -- second -- And there are in my mind. You guys right now. Who would add to separate to no will get the most and show. Majority if he doesn't make the same should be right there so why not get the deal done now before the end of the season make Pedroia the highest paid second baseman in baseball. Because the only will be for few months is and to know will surpass that. But your but this costs certainty there what if what if what we think is gonna be really high. Contract. For can no. Suddenly goes crazy from there becomes even bigger well now it's gonna cost you get done makes good sense why don't need this -- Iraq this is the face of different as he has. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On daily and it's not only talked about it he entered the all star break so it got taken back a little bit by that how lever. If you ready to the interview -- things that he said we talked about the free agents. And signing a big deals you know he's not many in the market anymore when they -- -- 3031 years old -- -- to reevaluate because you don't know other gonna work in your market. Are you gonna pay for the good years how many years are gonna be dead money. But he did say Dustin Pedroia is not in that class. Meaning -- you know if we hesitate from long term deals -- free agents. He's not in that class because he's he's here right now yes between 930 however. You know he's a guy that we feel more comfortable extending because he's already answered a few questions one being -- play here. You know they know the player. So without saying that there was talk he did it at least admit that Dustin Pedroia is not that. Long term free agent that maybe they shy away from -- in a different class so how comfortable are you willing to go I think that one next year. Is important if you rip it up again 52 winning over the next five years by. Six years 57 years based -- -- some. Sketchy area of 3630 several Dustin Pedroia as hard as he plays. With a little nicks and bruises that he gets while waiting game the way does. But there's a guy you wanna keep happy if there's a guy you wanted you know who has proven himself that. He does care about any of the other stuff -- -- -- -- -- the ballpark at 1 PM and get ready to play baseball witnessed you know David Ortiz the ownership you got a pretty good idea -- value -- seventeen million. Then they had no problem give him an extra three because what he means this organization. John you're in Rhode Island what's going on. In the public space junk it all -- doctrinal Pedroia to be -- you know. I think it's a lot closer than people think. But I think -- got to go and all. That their ability. And believe it out before I mean it three or marketer. Think I can get 2122 million -- yet. Not against Pedroia. But when you look at can consistency in the dirt to eat know eat eat eat out I don't believe we shall see. He's really like. Their -- And Pedroia hit his right to sell art objects or about Victor billion long term dot Pedroia -- the small guy. He's a great player great offensively great -- group leader. It's just -- Questions you know. Yeah this I agree that it can only look at the game's played it's it's. It if it's not 159 it's 161. K and that's consistent over the last six years. He is gonna get you 300 he's gonna hit you thirty home runs he's gonna tribal. Under RBIs he -- -- that yet three all later a great hitter in this game. He does different things you know he's stuck and it's a thirty you know that's a three -- the four under on base he'll play great defense -- canals. Won the gold glove to the last four years so -- a very good defensive players while he can't go wrong with either one I'm at least willing to admit. That output both of these guys in the class of people canal and the -- is classless and he's a hell of a player. The consistent seemed to me is where Pedroia against the non. The one thing you'll never received from Dustin Pedroia is what I saw from Robinson to -- Saturday afternoon. I didn't really seem to care about being out there well that since indicator about the game didn't seem to get out a couple of just bone headed plays. You're never going to CNET doesn't. You can get the consistent effort each and every now I mean that's one of the things to it's it's it's slippery slope because some of these guys make this game look so easy. That when it's not going why. It looked like the efforts not fair but it's just the way they consistently played the game I think you know isn't that. Is in that boat and never question that with the but you do you have to look at. The way they play the game which you feel more comfortable with canola the next seven years or enjoy the next seven years and if you put a -- fun. Equal playing field as far as the value towards -- team. Who's the guy you worry more about the nicks and bumps bruises injuries. I think that's Dustin Pedroia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're even better than him BP I I don't know I want to NBC nowadays is it -- not there when it -- is that gonna win it because Cabrera Dave's doing what the right thing. But the overall game seven right now it was important for him to have decreased year this year. You know given what was going on any news he is giving everything he's got this year it's been impressive. Makes a lot of sense to me -- a mop. He's the leader of -- clubhouse he's the leader this team is gonna give that leadership for a long time to come you want every new player who walks in that clubhouse. To play the game exactly the way Dustin Pedroia place. Why not make sure he's there to set that example for one Danica -- take a break come back final -- coming up you can be part of it if you give us a call. 617779793. Saturday dvd -- line. Where read them all 379837. -- Carol Maloney for one more hour here on WEEI.

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