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Frank from Gloucester: I want Brian Cashman electrocuted

Jul 22, 2013|

A passionate Frank from Gloucester calls out Brian Cashman and predicts the Yankees will turn it around while the Red Sox will miss the playoffs. This segment also has Merloni's "Morgan Burkhart" reference from the broadcast of Sunday night's game.

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OK okay. -- okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And delivers Napoli swing that -- It didn't appear that date back if -- the home and we think the bad but I definitely wouldn't want the ball -- god. Delivers Napoli swing that. I want a fifty date back at the anchor the home and the only thing. That. Seven bonds then -- The bit. -- It. -- Jenner about our Red Sox won 87. Walked off piece from Mike Napoli after a -- off. And the passion. A joke is that legally Jones still exhibits on a nightly basis. Should never be taken for granted by Red -- You were sitting where the last night did you send an email. That's what you love about Joseph yeah eight. You don't see it. And I whether it's a big out they get that Red Sox don't deliver. As he's called the play the hands are up in the air he's upset about this that he takes every single plus all art. He's truly excited when the Red Sox win it's great to see it's great to sit next to all Yang. So last night UN out there to be the game. On Sunday night baseball. -- five hour job. -- we gave you a little bit Avaya an assignment on Friday up now. Could you work hidden. Frontier legal legend Morgan Burkhardt. Into the -- We starts off the -- it's almost like the first three or four exit just forget. The negatives that you write a browser out there for chemical romance got cute perky or -- -- QQ where can I give him in there I've found a way -- Do we found a way that. Emotionally spiritually is it's really been a horse. First -- pinch home runs. I look at images he invited a short stock in that Morgan Burkhardt. Old friend you just outside market apparently. They came up from what the front surely. Just a short guy just it's wrong result could be had a really good start to his career. Switch hitter through left handed right right OK day. Buick for men. And all of that was domains ecumenical talked to interest rates just jacked. That's the coming to do that. Well with perky refusal stocky guy Jack decade ago country strong open Doug -- it Holbrooke and that at bat off and get our concern that you're gonna be talking about the Frontier League Morgan Burkhardt has the ball leaves the yard that. Maybe step over big run there that ball is crushed I don't know with cancer at all. Between pitches that step and toast you know you play out in -- Joseph gets in to -- again. Did not appeal it would the dollar and out of the -- Yeah did Gomes those same. Seven bring Red Sox. -- they don't run a dialogue with domes and nepalese to recover around the governor for awhile now. Have a need to -- an apple he's been showing -- here for a little while and then. Paying off last night with the idea. Couple home runs for RBI and I two home runs from Mike Napoli including the walk off home -- first place Red Sox take two out of these yankees talk here in Salem mass what's up. -- -- I don't prepare -- -- -- he's he's -- and not like the idea that. -- -- favorite cure it up tomorrow I'm a little -- Obviously had a couple of thank you real quick look I'm sure people don't -- -- directly on -- night came back and we should put an accord because I want it -- -- hit it. Again and again it bolted. -- all four of -- it'll be back in the mix. Four point. Bring your current Morgan -- -- a lot of utility. Any now. And look at -- question well I mean I know -- -- an ING or act my -- -- -- OJ it would greatly. Finished second national yet it's -- -- all the guys that and the. Where did you play quality of that -- played basketball life. -- Well I -- how -- advance economic and let it out and I'll. I I lose my respect what accompanying. And so I'm asking little issues brought it -- -- is it correct. I'm -- -- I mean look -- just a -- -- -- -- -- Because I was afraid it was Blake who is like -- -- that I did make you spray it. On the. Well great facility. And obviously this second bag that I'm that -- at that I was so -- And -- -- -- would you know it's not. -- -- -- -- -- I know the three run ball a little bit actually it was the state. Yeah it can strike at everything strict I will be killed or a rally that EP a threatening to turn the Napoli inherently beautiful. It was as -- and now I'm done and IQ. -- and I and I Brokaw thought he wrecked cars on fire you know. He's a good player parties. In those time back in the when he first came up you know look at him in the Ellsbury museum both got a couple guys top of that line up. -- garden because a lot of in the bottom started second form but. People -- doing your -- cardinals got to be better than Ellsbury yeah. Yeah communities that's how the issue with seven home runs I still think medical wheels re. But a good player and Napoli actually was a mistake. I mean is first couple of bats in and you look and Adam and CC's don't fastballs away change of sliders out front Poland. -- -- a little bit long it working on him BP working on indicate trying to shorten up. And wait you sort of pull it out the only times he she came in at the thrown three pitches away and soft was a fastball operative in which is right we're used -- in towards any -- crushed it. That's well liked most about that last home run. That was a fastball -- happy even on the black. And he didn't try to pull it. He -- two strikes to interrogate you big. -- On and if it's strong enough liquid from some believe I'm hopeful it's unbelievable. You're exactly right foul pole to foul Paul power. The beautiful thing frank in Gloucester. And I am an odd man and that -- and don't wanna talk about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't implement a mark on what she not a bad suck so bad luck and you know being so I looked at -- but did you. My 81 big game and accused him but it. I've been lucky I can do it out and don't play you know you know -- don't -- to try to not let them make the play well. Bad bad bad commend him I think that Egypt's -- -- throughout my implement that went out there and not -- the price is right. I don't blog about that in the world did you see the Yankees didn't make the playoffs right. My judgment and I got them right. Did you kind of office. To begin with a bogey so I don't mind. -- -- to get into. And midnight so that's all I wanna go out and my judgment and I bet we don't want -- moment -- the crowd at the end. Don't give the man as a bit of that and dementia and he got a -- and I don't. I did not expect dear frank from Gloucester after losing two out of we know it did not -- all there and just to put out and it's all lock. Both gone the Red -- the Red Sox roadblocks all luck. That's a hundred of them are writing that material he did on a great blocs under games that -- a -- to give cast and a lot of credit. That's like it last night Kelly come out of the bullpen circle five straight wicked -- with 95 and -- look and the government February Seattle for a Alberto Almonte. -- I don't know what damned thing upon Alberto Martin but I just knew what to cut and -- it last night and -- he's Tripoli with Seattle but have some pretty decent numbers as minor league numbers are okay. -- a legit big league Communist news got a wicked slider. Wiki side of the cast and a great job this year especially. Out there when he bullpen work with and he said that's what they have to sort of build around that bullpen did you know they get a ground size guys though. Put a put a lot of back together and by the way as a texture and six at three area code correctly pointed out after the -- from -- call tomorrow at midnight. Tonight at midnight is tomorrow. Technically. I guess is once we're turning light security frankly to midnight right now we were trying to you know. And we get what he was -- was -- as it is is there is that this. -- The thing I like is it is him bringing up the old can know it is better than Pedroia. Is ever going to be. Find it really huge thing that we find out over the weekend -- the -- are we talking about an extension up. For doesn't -- and I think if this extension gets done now two years left in the but during contract one of the big reasons why it's getting done maybe the only reason why it's getting done. Is because Robinson Cano is about that the market. And if you're the Red Sox why wouldn't you want to lock up does the majority of before can resets the market knowledge is that basement but -- Or whatever he gets that wrecked whatever he does get one it always five million dollars. You know and with PD gonna take. And you can argue he had the power numbers look you know beyond Dustin Pedroia. You know we watch media wishing that they appreciated I preach people don't I think they're both outstanding players but if you go one guy 25. He blocked PD up a little bit earlier for twenty I think you do look is he will be looking -- say. We've got the power numbers might be there but we can look around gold gold gloves you can look around about known MVP that I want of one of couple World Series in the one World Series we can. You can compare make the argument consulate there and same ballpark. And I think you know Pedroia help you right now is having. Nosy MVP this might be his best year yet. I think he is having an unbelievable year playing his best defense that was how many gold gloves he's got two already. Going to third when you're gonna get third and might be playing his best and because of certain events and yet -- a group so it's interesting that. We talk about canola and Pedroia and it's can know that sort of winds up helping out I think. Drain it as much as he's about to hit the markets -- the perfect time. For the Red Sox to try to lock that up winter break up back take your calls sort of get to that other 41 year old athlete as sort of hinted towards before. A guy what people like -- Boston next year but won't be going home either. We're talk about all that and more we go back to burn -- here in mid. And implement and to implement them. Totally out of them and midnight.

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