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Gerry's chance encounter with Sgt. Sean Murphy

Jul 22, 2013|

Gerry discussed his encounter with Sgt. Murphy of the Mass. State Police in Maine. He said Sean was in good spirits and had no regrets with his decision to release the photos he took of the alleged terrorist.

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Fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan I -- he has he's -- to. Friends -- -- -- do you know of curiosity. Charities. Jerry said he spent the week -- -- -- -- the -- -- that the biggest the biggest. What -- biggest newsmaker. So that's got to be. Either Stephen the rifleman Flemmi that he's an incarcerated I tell you period. What would you with those kids Peyton in William before the -- the hospital by the way you know what Stephen Flemmi is heart and and so cooperative. She must sting of death row he's doing like a thousand years he's never concede that he knows it yeah. But -- -- the death of the table in Cuba is white or. -- -- the deal was made -- interest -- is jacket wearing -- went to restore this week and insurer in the roaring up and they haven't got there and obviously ultimately. It is it's nice where you with us dip below before he met his demise was not -- not -- that ball that already man. We need more off film hit there is really what it's obvious they're buried him on Thursday. Hold off on cars eight miles or seven miles of miles so he took the car for Iran. Went for depth but the -- left the -- should want all those ID and walked -- -- seven miles and then fell over in exhaustion and heat probably. Now. He's literally they're putting on the ground I think it's funerals Thursday -- they have to presume him today. That's good point I come to do everything we do before that I would think so it's it's amazing. Read now he. Yesterday or day before -- account road but he didn't seem to know no have you heard definitively whether it's self inflicted or not. They don't think it is they thought was at first but now they said they don't leave that baseline -- -- -- and and have -- right now it's very mysterious and it was. A witness and taken -- he was economical. Winter's day in court literally in wasn't gonna get does that make it more or less likely to be killed by somebody who was trying to favor way we think less likely to -- -- to testify that's been taken off the list. This may be there were threats to him they were aware of and they said we will say we're taking you off the list or we will take you off the list to spare you. Get hit and got it anyway. I don't know I'd love to know left now that's true now -- the bigger better figured out by a third I know you were with. Jeter -- struggle waterfront. I was not so it was not did not know when jeetz and I wasn't there here's the -- -- -- -- place together standing ovations I've been -- Louisiana. A below is that was not. Well there gonna guess has been an. Denzel Washington he shooting a movie there's been around all over the weapons newsmaker. Is a big news guys too big star. That's true Denzel is payment and Chelsey yeah it was everything to Denzel you know that he looked around -- like human -- on him by a place like Nicolas Cage by castles. -- -- -- -- -- -- I really -- than. Although it was hot and steamy here. Wasn't a good week it was a good chamber of commerce week. It wasn't -- thought a -- where we were open southern Maine and on the beat junior oceanfront house I was hang -- with one. State police Sargent show on. Literally saw. -- cable news van parked and then a couple of people got to walk on the look and everybody. And they weren't care and the cameras and mikes just look and it and rights and my daughters of the SP two and whether. It was. -- -- -- -- cable news yells to the weather forecast in in the oceans and pastor thing people have to go to the beach on hot days. And other real important reports like that but that. That I found -- -- I was with. Jeff Bowman over the weekend. And we didn't event on Friday. Together and he was brilliant he's getting real good at. Talking about experiences and answering question does it was even if you don't mind me asking -- system private gathering of people and he's both spoken and -- Donated to -- His bond that. And and I introduced on the story I told him I was gonna brag about him -- he won't do rental store for those unfamiliar told about him. You know he gave. The told the person and even notice. In the imports that he saw the -- did before he got to the hospital should be. He put and while he could still talk as he was Rosenblatt. I read that I've read. Think this thing and see what is being wheeled out views and a Tracy told that person hospital told them as he's -- in the operating room. And then when he came out he was. When it about the -- and traded a -- in 2001. On him and that's when he. Oldest friend solely to get the plates pencil and paper and stuff and writing about riding the description. Which led to the pictures which led to the arrests which saved at Times Square so moments after Carlos wheeled him and a horrific picture still had the presence of mind and not induce a state of shock to say I saw on the guy and he did see the guy and he talked about it CN. Him looking that everyone was looking at the race looking for runners and and and he was looking the other way room was smile and have a good time. He was mean -- And he was over dressed and it was a -- -- it was weird -- With a backpack and wonder what's going on them before you know it went off did you know you just saw him put the backpack down yeah you did you saw him set them back to that limit was too quick area to say play -- crop over or whatever move whenever disarmed. And because they didn't go far now the two maggots. But obviously there was a lot of talk about the Rolling Stone and vote this feature color. If her but that's the BBC Singh Geoff I'm obviously yes its a deploy Ares I was just. I was with -- family and among the people. And everybody's on the cover everybody was infuriated everybody's sick and nobody but me and read the story that has chemical and now -- -- -- I told them. You don't want to -- suspect cover bother again you don't wanna read the story. It is worse than you can imagine and I told them and and millions I give him credit for -- at 111000 words. Mean Martin Richards aren't. To them they're not it the name's -- -- crystal Campbell. So -- -- moment are not to -- moment I said that you name is not in the story that -- -- and he's like whatever I'm not read it. It has been and they love GQ story which focused them on Jeff and his group for an -- and and a few other William Evans in few other principals were or. Portrayed in the just upset by the government. Yeah yeah yeah yeah I mean not as much as I am here -- much more stable. Much more. Composed and -- -- than you are but yeah embodies just the cool enemy talks about. How bad he feels for Marc Rich's family. I -- specialists and Corcoran. In the corporate and hell. When he finds out that. Other. Amputees -- and inspiration because he's. It's yields are healing -- So quickly recuperate got to the hospital quicker than anyone imagined -- -- recap creek and got up on his prosthetics faster than anyone imagined. Well they're still people or. Bedridden Andrea and he. Is swimming in the ocean weakened on the beach -- He's right way and nobody was warmly received by the group I believe -- reliable blown away you know what the coolest thing is this -- very mixed old young young people people these days 2125. Were you know. And these envelopes with addresses for his charity on the minute they wanted to contribute you know pick and he's just come give -- one -- 25 fuels. And when he box as they were blown away by this guy is just a great example with a great attitude anyway we're hanging out yesterday. And who stops by say hello -- Pretty much guarantees speaking at a school here and on the what's the on the record enough at this point. Who's gonna get that confused you know and do you know. Tournaments on on the record to start off the record and attributed to different things to write whatever stopped by the sale alone now with. Sean Murphy because he knew Jeff was there yeah okay and he was up there. Egypt was there and we -- hours and it was fascinating I mean we talk about two guys. Stories to tell yeah I mean this is. Absolute fact you know people I know there were a lot of conspiracy there's -- Manama to get stuck on Friday but it certainly fallen Twitter. In all the in on the globe and herald everywhere and Drudge the there are these conspiracy theories like he was gonna session on -- gonna sell those. -- or pictures or. You know with some. It's gonna get fired it would have been them he. Is he did this for one reason and one reason only is his own was upset protests write his own answer response to the Rolling Stone piece -- And I know some people call them and thanked them and they and he is completely. Comfortable with the decision if he's comfortable he gets suspended fired he will live with its you know he he knows. He broke rule but it was worth to him and to me and god bless import because. It's almost like. The agency said it's herald about the incident and some defense lawyers some act of senseless at this would jeopardize printed on the case yes right which is ludicrous it is laughable that there at the mean. He's going away and collect the life and unfortunately probably one PX he will just spend the rest of luck and presents good for me how does the pictures of the when they actually arrest and how that affect it -- I mean your injury distorts it just yet. I mean doesn't change the fact of what happened and we also -- you're what else we don't have. We don't have a mug shot. So if they -- the state police warrant another was on the cover rulings that that hasn't had his cell -- yes is the militia I mean this was his answer and -- nice you guys saw the pictures of the -- -- -- -- -- With the red dawn -- and loved the red dot. That's I mean that's not the most demeaning picture -- -- I would much rather have a picture room you know getting you know on the ground begging for -- for -- and what. It's a real picture on relaxed on that's not and that's still that's. You know that's that's an arts the iconic photo of mass murderer actually global minute. We've gone through that covered that. He was one guys' response to that do you mean you and I. We all rant and -- you wrote about it great column. I've been to Wheaton and ranting and raving about it. What Sean Murphy did was say here you wanna see -- would scumbag number two really looks like it's not that. That Jim -- Bob Dylan. Iconic photo Rolling -- -- this. Bloody little Howard column on the boat -- farmers. We talked about this on Friday court and I did in your absence and I said who doesn't like. What Sean Murphy did in the interest nobody doesn't like what Sean Murphy -- including the state police however they have to have a public. Policy at some point like I -- I if if if they have to suspend him or fired whatever happens to him. Ever asked to do that is going to hold his nose and do that because I think they think it's fine they just because of policy and protocol and state police regulations will have to make some sort of example and say we can't have a we're gonna suspend -- whatever the case may be but they're gonna do it and not what could be doing right. And in a shame on them nation of as a as an organizes. You'd stay -- issues and here wanna see this -- idea was showed him. Not that rocks aren't Rolling Stones is bloody levels mag crawl on the boat. After killing his Big Brother. Which is still. I think he should be judged not a murder for a bummer but if we could have -- -- more demeaning photo we just huge give him yeah I mean I would love to find a photo. Where he is just you know I know -- on the ground spread eagle bag for you know crying crying crying like a little. Navy which he is. Put shot -- so comfortable decision he's not if he gets fired he's good with yet and I can tell you why it was gonna happen. I think she'll be OK I mean knees he's in the police union Jesus lifetime trooper. Who happens to -- photographer and you know what he's done he's done a lot of funerals he's listening along I'm sure he knows a lot of victims ages men and on the one and they commitment friends polite gentleman. You sit there with -- moment you sit there with the core of the riches or any of the 280. Injured. The idea that you could somehow. Embarrass joke. So ludicrous it's so laughable and the idea that you can't see a photo of him in a bloody state with a red on -- for advocates. It might jeopardize. Ritual if it did jeopardize the case like 1110 of 1% I don't care. Historical realities -- only life what people are comfortable with the Rolling Stone cover supported it. Would be offended by those pictures -- released. They'll probably should -- offended -- what sergeant Murphy shot and released. Verses not being offended by saw -- so yeah I mean obviously broke a rule will live with the consequences already missed a day or two of work. But. And hopefully we can talk to him sooner rather than later but the people who contacted him and thanked him. When you hear them hear from them hear what they have to say say it was worth the no matter what -- some famous and powerful people knowing that there was some affected people family member that's. And grieving. People still grieving people still struggling. Those -- the people that. -- movement in. Tell -- that is advocating. Absolutely and they rallied round him and -- -- -- his big saves us on yes people Twitter campaign to campaign. They haven't seen anything yet if they even suspend them for a long time or fired him. It will get -- and they'll be such an outcry that thought the reinstatement agrees. Because the people who applauded the -- and great grand gesture it's pretty. Simple it wanna see the pictures right he's got more the reality that crap. And I saw some pictures I couldn't believe. -- an. Album I just looked at. There's more there's more when neck and he really really good ones and there are some really good stories about. In joke. The idea that this little. Pieces. -- Is it's nuts that throw -- this story in an oil agrees offense councilman levels. The idea that the stupid broad from Rolling -- is defending him against smirking. People in court said he's Smart the -- don't jump to his defenses was really a smirk. Government would you try to do that you're talking to somebody who. Him at the court. Oh yes we had a source who was a -- the court house who was who -- access. To the security footage cameras on him in his holding cell before he was arraigned and he spent considerable time and like 3040 minutes what it took boxers get arraigned. And he was walking up to the camera. And flipping the camera often saying bleep America bleak view America I mean with. With no contrition no fear no anything and that is the -- he probably had to tone it down to just keep -- tomorrow. The writer and editor and at the -- don't think and we don't want people who think he was smirking yet and I I honestly told -- family and John and his family. Don't read don't read effect copper bondage you. The story will make him slowly -- there are two columns this -- -- -- tell -- -- your -- general installment of the -- was let me guess he defended an authentic you know on Saturday which -- -- Bolton said basically the same thing which is that you can -- him on the cover. But there's no way you can think that the story. Do not have an agenda and yet this -- -- and it wasn't defending skated all at -- -- the Golden Globe op Ed said. You know it's outrageous thing anybody thinks this -- -- -- -- my theory on -- person -- there on this my theory on this is that person. Who wrote that. Did not read the story. They didn't it's a lot of work its 111000 words the globe editorial writer. Who wrote that did not read the story that is so disingenuous so dishonest. You cannot read that you could be joke cause. Ugly hag of a -- and you wouldn't have to agree that that is a very sympathetic very supportive in this. And you the most surprising part of it was or one of the surprising parts of it was that the writer for Rolling Stone actually included. The item about maybe he smirk. I wish to -- or should lead this part out and basically I felt like right because -- -- again and then she defended it I'm surprised she ordered it at all. It is page after page after page of attempts. To humanize him and attempts to make you understand if not to sympathize with him. And they literally. Ignored the victims who is not just casual passing of a crystal Campbell's name and -- ridges literally. Say. We don't care about these known deceased he's wounded he's injured we don't care about them. We wanna understand. What made this quarter fell turn into a monster and I love the developers that we call them a monster. You call Rolling Stone probably called Rob Zombie in my you are called Ozzy Osbourne a monster. I called Dick Raddatz most of that doesn't just as you called a monster doesn't mean. He is. Pure evil which what which is what he is he's pure. Evil and to that defense attorney in the paper on the weekend who said this may in some form or fashion jeopardize the legal case against ships -- Think about this on one hand in the scales of justice you have a picture of the Sargent Sean Murphy released to the public and on the other hand you have. A boat. That has a confession that was written in the blood of the -- I think the scales of justice -- heavier toward the confession had written in his blood with a zone DNA on. Oh they'll they'll have he'll rally the troops and get that thrown out in admissible when -- run it under house arrest because they were shooting -- -- but you're right I hear the same things like he's very defiant. Yes Merck has not been good enough they said. And I heard this from another source. He's an -- last. Sale. Don't sell -- styles so there's -- and observing him you think he's handling that well do you think he's. Lashing out still yet. There watching them remove remain he's not. Contrite he's -- he's not would you love to talk about guard anonymously not to hustle haired yeah. There's a alive is a place and Evans -- as one guard for two cells -- these are some real bad -- certain and some dangerous people. People who like Hannibal Lecter -- their own fingers off. Exactly it's like Hannibal Lecter with regards -- there in the class cell. And if they start acting up will you bring in the in on the -- at Dayton and pick them because it's whatever prison hospital. Prison. Prison nervous hospital. So what is. But you know what he's defiant he's into the and he's not playing along with. With the Rolling Stone thing to most of us this Hillary wants to be you know bad -- pollution right most of them write death to America was. Jim in Concord to reject a break Jim. Eight according to II Jim I just want a big one -- -- Editor runner's world and what I -- you guys complement the article we got let nobody would -- -- There's great -- and articles a whole issue orders and also I I saved I don't often say my -- as -- is very well done tell you brother. Great job. Yeah and the other thing at this whole episode with Roland don't. Is not -- you know red Herring out there is just one in you know about cultural. Conflict that we have -- me. Now they hate America is everything. Or you know. Not you know. -- it happened just represents. The culture. The generation and a group of that. You know they're just don't want this shouldn't be what are what they wanted to be something else. We'll take a break when we come back we will take you and I believe the examination. In Pensacola Florida. Doctor James Andrews on right now Clay Buchholz is just about wrapping up we'll have some inside details on that we come back.

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