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Mickelson with a win for the ages

Jul 22, 2013|

The guys got into a remarkable come from behind win at The Open by Mickelson. Phil's day was 180 degrees from that of Tigers.

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It feels amazing to have this championship and then to make it even more special that -- Man this -- Evan here to have to share this -- phones have Steve Loy. Whose been with me back my college days all the way through. Have Butch Harmon here. To share this moment it's. It really is special it's it's a date and always cherish always remember. -- began the day five back he won by three. Even more remarkable he shoots 66. On that course in those conditions while every other great golfer in the world. At the back up porn beaten. It was unbelievable to watch them all just melt away taking nothing away from fail. Everyone of those guys had opportunities at certain points in that round and every single one of them including elder -- spit the -- Nokia did that every day to shut when he under. Me -- if I did that all Ford. No yeah between 500 today. -- beaten tiger by 32 shots and I like my bet with facts and I'm gonna rub his nose in it at 805 but tiger I think we can officially say is no longer a golfing force of nature he just -- He is a jag. Just a good. Golfer now not true why -- about a one of these guys he -- no really greater chance that scholars John McEnroe we definitely I am out there. But he never did it went from behind him when he was the best player on the planet. There's a -- amazement. Just in a month debating whether he's gonna win the eighteen and nineteen whatever but. He's 37. Is the third straight British Open won by guys forties we sought Phil Mickelson who is you've heard all the descriptions of what the US open coming up to in the US open -- him interest rate exhaust that got it. Nobody saw this company when he even though we won the Scottish open nobody saw this -- and I never when the British anyway because it's not his game right. It was a remarkable performance and it just seems funny that people don't think tiger is capable back with tiger filled it. Coming out of nowhere they -- 43. You don't think tiger will do that -- -- tiger went five. That's all matters is can he break -- what time -- would be a big bodies at a golf one -- two -- and you went 45 felt any great career I think now we think he's one time best golfers ever. He's -- five meters Brett tiger or staff feels major career from here on him to break Jack's record Abbott sells five writing that that's that's a great career. Absolutely and you know we probably won't do it but do you think you'll never win another major John -- -- one. One yet do you think that you want to talk about Palmer course. What started -- record Tiger Woods you know eight or nine years ago Saturday took the lead by a shot it was brown back in the old days. You would have stopped it but he's neck at that that drive 56 shot lead heading into Sunday so with the matter all the other stuff it would not I bogeyed the seventeenth hole a par five on Saturday to have it brought out the final note that that would into the bunker -- -- -- the six that would never happen this week that was a point and that what was two and a half years ago that he hit the violent in the area was -- to an event -- there were times after that. Never went -- again you know I'll never be good again he's won four times this year. Phil Mickelson. Is and again it was a remarkable performance there's nothing better meet in sports from watching come through in the clutch. They're just the guy. Who feels the pressure. And gets better yeah that yes that is a fascinating to see whether it's. In the sport doesn't matter the stakes sort matter and in this case. Which org who knew -- all matter knew how much -- on the line and got back and got better raised his game. That is really hard to do for you for any human being he's I salute him. Mickelson has never been number one in the world he's never been player of the year. -- doll that a hundred times over and we think tiger can't do what -- did yesterday. -- -- I think he -- not a major that's about it gets up the argument type tour and other major while he's got the happiest 37 had to get to be the age of -- he's gonna play like. 24 more majors just to get the fills -- right well yesterday were marked the eighth major in a role that tiger didn't shoot seventy on the we didn't break seventy. On the weekend. Not a closer he's a front runner to exactly what he has. Yeah though again eight or nine years ago he takes the lead segments -- term -- sixers and it doesn't come back he never came back he's always ahead he's not ahead anymore. Well you know what most guys. Are better. In that situation it's hard to come back its heart that -- shoot 66. Sunday -- -- it's damn near. You know. Unthinkable to America's binge that Scott had a goal for a while look like he was gonna -- I'll never figure said at one point going one of the breaks and others can be six or seven -- LA itself out here it's got. Right you may have made that eagle on nine -- in Westwood -- talk about any collapses tiger Phil familiar -- I've finally managed. And it's a good Americans are over there this is twelve Americans in the last nineteen. British governments have won me in and I say this every year this is in today and agents sports. Where we talk in the fall about how left tackle -- right tackle. Or right tackle camp played right guard via you know everybody settled I can't close our stuff -- closed or. You know off shortstop can't play third or whatever I mean it's just in this area. Era special position. When an American -- play it's black golf his whole life who's from you know 150 it's it's a mile it drops it stops. Can go to Britain and go play on the ground to go to Ireland and play on the ground in the win with a whole different. Set of you know variables. And I think -- Lebanese or somebody over the weekend was analyzing you know the difference well what's so different boat over there -- -- -- over here Greece's. Over here when you had you know was gonna happen. All you have to see yardage here and I hope there even if this wind you know what's gonna happen within a partner to over there you have no idea as Phil said with -- every shot. There was three different choice -- which is what he was Pippen has kept them loans as loans helped them with those choice but every shot over there. He had three choices three clubs three possibilities of ways to hit it over here it is -- your. 150 fulfill the vision and and you know put in the middle of the grill put it on the green. It's a different game and get Americans adapt every year and and win more often than. I felt uninteresting out of -- with a golf I don't call the golfer in the caddie but again 192 of the pin and the caddie said you wanna hit 160. So on mast until the whole time right you know you wanna carry 160 it'll -- to 192. And the wind switches on holes that one par five on the front nine there and three irons off the team seven irons into the green -- on Thursday Friday over the weekend and draw driver three wood short of agree. Ends up at the -- of that these guys are creatures of habit. It's all r.s. 150 to 153 witches and how likely an and sand that's 19 you had 160 hope for the best. And you know what feels good that and -- wide -- kind of hard to believe he's never around. Won the US open he's pretty good at handling the unfairness. Of the game yes the and the bigger search for Arenas. Of the game six other guys like tiger is like tiger. You know like me -- gonna hit it just get pissed thesis oxide analyze I hate this game and engine awfully -- attempt and and -- and those -- were there in in you know in multitude yesterday and again I am amazed by the fact that Phil got better for birdies in the last six holes while the final three groups. Or 23 over par. Total 23 over par the final six guys final three groups -- thought if -- to god and even -- all -- -- -- -- who's gonna win the British we did I was so rooting against Poulter. So yeah -- east hates -- I like him now. Come around I was wrong about that I mean. It's like I mean there's nothing to do not like you know he's good -- the fans in the he he beat. And shipment and group of seven shots in the last six holes Disco the Westwood shot 75 may have shot 75 tiger shot 74 Scott shot 72 Cabrera shot 74 and more that unmade bed shot 79. Final three groups 23 over par while Phil went 500 quick time out -- -- two DNC about an hour from now Brad -- will join us. 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