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John Farrell postgame press conference

Jul 22, 2013|

John Farrell postgame press conference

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Morning. -- -- Yeah approaching five hours. Lot of action I think in the end we have enough offense to overcome some miscues defensively. A hard fought game. You know you look at a couple of young guys that have been pressed into some. Leverage situations Britain -- don't. -- obviously continues to pitch extremely effectively in. Things have enough offense to overcome this. Both sides of the point. Your Big Three run home run again and that for an inning off of sabathia. And then has a golden opportunity in that eighth inning with the bases loaded and then. -- awful Warren who who was very difficult against right handed hitters he gets to 22 fastball up over the plate and fortunately walks at all. Yeah I guess it's a snapshot of you know someone is. Career path. We know and and certainly live with some swing and miss but. The ability to drive the ball ballpark to all fields. Is present every time is definitely in the batter's box so. Even though we gave you know we fought back after dig ourselves a hole early. We give it back who we keep coming and that's kind of a characteristic -- this thing. -- with with players that tend to be streaky or those who have some maintenance to their swing. I you'd you have to write it and you know we picked our spots where we felt like there might be different match up that might be to our advantage you know with a start either -- or or -- at first base but. In general yeah that that's he's the type of player you you know you're gonna. You wouldn't I -- that. Type of approach. It was very encouraging you know -- You see a guy -- traders try to get his feet on the ground here try to get familiar with new surroundings there's always an expectation. You know when you're in a situation like this being dealt. Right prior to the deadline. And just what we're doing we -- talk with them and get familiar with him and he get familiar with us. And more than anything just try to raise that comfort level on. Tonight should go along way forum but -- was situationally and hope to stay away. Honestly. That's why -- was out there and in that seventh inning. And then had to go to test to finish it out put them the opportunity present itself -- those what kind of come in and people through ball very well. There. That and the fact that you know the right handers were stacked you know sort of left right left. Go through -- yeah we would have continued with them but. You know take it to his credit -- -- First Amendment appearances during some pretty tight spots and some high leverage situations and he's he's an animal. The one thing that you know Pedro shown. Much. Improved arm strength from spring training you know you feel with the shoulder issue little fatigue in and not fully in shape and then as he's pitched throughout the the three different times has been all of us. And he's strike thrower and his arm strength and and power fastball continues to climb in. You know given where we are though those guys are gonna get opportunities. -- You know I think Gordon of the biggest thing is it. The way he can -- conversation yesterday and I think that instilled a lot of confidence and put his concerns that he's somewhat from a health standpoint. You know talking with the medical staff from. If he's not gonna go fulfill. But yet. We felt there was some opportunities and our where you could still back whether they were gonna throw threw in the first and third situation or. There was a longer -- time that he felt like he did. In the safely. Still back so. It's good to have him back -- for multiple reasons. As of right now. That hasn't been fully determine what hopefully we can stay away from make them.

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