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Butch Stearns Discusses the Future for the Celtics and What fans' Expectations Should Be

Jul 21, 2013|

Butch discusses the departure of Pierce and KG and what the C's are left with as they attempt to rebuild sooner rather than later. He receives a call from a big C's fan who says this team is going to be better than people think and Jeff Green is ready to break out...Butch isn't so sure about that and fears they may just be mediocre enough to be stuck in limbo.

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That's the only thing. About this or do you just was you know you look at the players went through Duncan called either of those guys that won a championship here similar -- -- -- done -- their whole career. Really -- when you vote on the news throughout the season when. Mark Cuban says are never tried under Hoover. They say we're never changed so or -- -- you know and that is really has said about me -- military -- saw you on pardon thing about a colonel Kurtz. Did not so long you have to understand this business -- well it's not like that her. Can we play both sides of the fence as Celtics fans. Can we on one hand watched Paul Pierce stepped to a podium this week and talk like he did right there to ESPN's. Boston's jacking the mall in the Boston Globe's Jackie Mullen about Howard -- to be in trade rumors and want to end your career in one uniform and not happening the week we understand that feel the same way yet. We also not wanting -- to hang on. To these guys to the very end. And go for one more run in the middle of August my feelings have always -- the -- I wanted them to keep Garnett and pierce. And make one more round and it. -- -- and distinct KG is that special employers. KG especially. Now that he's gone. I'm probably gonna root for the Brooklyn nets although as caller pointed out what he root for Brooklyn follow we have the number one draft well welcome to the dad. Well auto average farm is on the KG in a ball fair and I would like seeing. Them add to their legacy in. You know Alec we only have next year's -- there's three picks could point. To let him when he championship and then let those guys retire. And in fall off the map. Well I mean I'll throw a parade for pierce and Garnett like you did ray Bork. With a completely willing -- parade Brooklyn nets current and Sony boss. Mike in Connecticut is next time I. It's what you are meant. Amar hey let's send it was a -- -- the Celtics you're a lot of people talking about wanting to be at an allegation that teams not to be very good and they want the tank because -- 2014. Perhaps is loaded I mean. These are all due respect these people are idiots because this team right now as constructed. Is probably still low in playoff team and looking at the team that can sneak in there between the sixth and eighth seed. Probably had no shattered and legitimate shot at a championship in the that it apps lucky. That they get too much talent to be bad. I think it what you can see it and I like the fact that. You know with what -- did do you know I would -- the recent trade and everything. He got that ten point three million dollar trade exception which allowed just take you know loud and looking to take on salary here. Bounce I would I would -- an -- packs with consent we -- -- -- Draft -- a way to get a legitimate star player to come in here with Rhonda when Jeff Green. If we wanted to do was only given a couple picks. We still have a decent amount of talent on the roster. You look at the guys we have moved forward the new -- is called core forward Rondo looks. Bradley -- Greene injured soldier. That's not a bad building block to to move. So Sony -- -- I understand your pain that pinching picture and by the way. Grandy and John -- had a great Celtics are summer cooler show yesterday and did you call them yesterday Mike. There was -- it sounded like you always sort on the same track as you won't talk about the trade exception and other things Billy goat goes to stay on one point -- brought up. That they are too talented to Baghdad next year. And I like how you based it on before things that we do know. Although there -- questions with all them Salinger and Rondo is injury coming back for them -- the main Rondo and Bradley Jeff Green -- I got to -- -- key got the guys came from Jersey are from Brooklyn. And all that so let me ask you questions. You know that talent is only one thing that winds in the NBA the other thing when he's being able to put the ball in the hole. And being able to make a commitment on defense and make some stops down the stretch. So what what leads you to believe Mike. Despite the fact I'm not hammer you on this when you say that they're too talented so to speak. To win. It to be bad next year and win the NBA games what makes you think that they're better than here's the teams that did not make the playoff teams. Make the playoffs in the east last year and it better than Philadelphia Toronto Detroit Washington Cleveland Charlotte Orlando. And how do you know. I think they're better and all of them and I think they're better than Atlanta. I mean obviously I think the knicks have enough talent to make the playoffs there's like four I. Well not better than Miami they're not better -- Indiana. And then they shouldn't be better. -- right they shouldn't be better than the next Brooklyn or Chicago I mean. At best. And honestly it's it's so wide open crapshoot for the next well I -- spots in the bottom of the playoffs and and like. Jeff Green for all. Is inconsistencies. He played very well last year can. As a third scoring option on a team that had Kevin Garnett in the post defending. And as -- -- you know what I'm saying I mean you're assuming that Jeff green is the number one scoring option can be that guy. I think news see you're also getting Rondell fact we have the bat at Rondo each scene. Rondo Derrick Rose just come back and OK so it might. We're right. Back in place. Are referred November you can back by training camp. You know like a lot of people projected he has. What does that do Eric wrote that two different individuals Derrick Rose and mentally soft player. Who was cleared to play eight months maybe ago didn't wanna come back her whatever. Selfish reasons that -- what should take that long compact I'm -- with a moderate that marvels of modern medicine approach to come back a long time ago. I just might I thought I'd point Mike Sanders did to my my commute -- of points might want as much on you got a lot of questions. A lot of questions that need to be answered for you to definitively say that their playoff. Or they're too good to lose games. Well. Or -- would like everybody and not bad enough -- awake in. They're not good enough to be a championship contenders and -- kind of stuck in the middle. I don't think they're good enough to be a playoff team I just I think they get too many questions. Actually I think I think they would it would now that Jeff Greene had a chance to be legitimate. Number one guy with Rondo out there and other guys that can actually complement each other very well I think people are under selling Kelly Olympic. I think you actually can under sell. A couple of guys that we did get actually got Courtney we can have a chance amount to a lot better people forget that we still have and use them but still a young. Athletic veteran player -- -- they didn't even know who they didn't even use when they needed guard help down the stretch. Is this thing I think you're you can see obviously there's going to be a big drop off -- the defensive end on the interior without Kevin Garnett. I think that's going to be given but we're still gonna have the best defensive backcourt in the NBA with -- Bradley unique and I think there we're going to be a much more up tempo. Offensively. Skilled team because we're a lot more athletic now because we haven't skill positions are a lot more athletic. And you look at -- Jerry Kelly a Winnick also both guys have amazing offensive skill sets to -- Linux there are Carty is. It hasn't even played in the NB AM Michael Mikey you're going I mean you're just saying things as a given. To me that are big gifts. Huge bestseller is just finishing -- some by the way. The key at the techsters all fired up one says 68 seed this guy's not to Milwaukee Cleveland Atlanta Washington Philly will all be better than the celtics' next year. -- should give -- the year -- and roll the dice on the lottery. Says another one another one -- Sheehan says how -- you know the -- Derrick Rose was feeling that you and I just finish with this. Don't try to answer this question me or give me a legitimate answer to this. -- the Miami Heat are out -- the Miami Heat I am the Washington Wizards bullets whatever. I'm coming down and Jeff green is their number one scoring option and I'll put my best defender on him who else am I worried about on this team score. I think you have to still be worried about -- -- run to locate group can be the best player. Not on the summit but on the whole court and who else here two years ago who wells who's number three scoring option. Well we know this might want Garrett so there was a double double guy in Ohio State. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Khalil clinic is definitely the guy who could score double figures how do you know that. You're going awful what -- seen I mean these guys these guys get paid to. Because he did it there was some early or. Mike here's where we differ I just don't think it's gonna translate to wins in the NBA and maybe this is where we differ too I'm more than happy with that. I want this team win no more than 25 games next year. Is it that a sitting I can't -- for losses I think if you refer losses that's the wrong kind of wrong kind of mentality to have I think you root for the team to win as many games as possible and I mean in Q what happens like that I'm not saying championship contender they're not. But they do have a lot of pieces in play right now there are good enough to still be -- -- and play Justine they're gonna they're gonna compete is usually where -- collapsed three. It's a huge -- it's a huge -- for you to say that definitively that's all I'm Sam thanks for the car. And I agree I expect that yeah I respect that opinion but I just think that we have. The second best point guard in the NBA at worst with Rondo we have the best defensive guard in India and Avery Bradley. You have a guy and Jeff Green who -- given the chance to be the number one option on offense go absolutely bonkers. That's great talent to start off. Dexter actually got to take a break analogy -- -- texture actually agrees that you may BM remembering incorrectly but didn't Jeff -- played his best basketball of the year. When pierce and KG were out and he was the number one scoring option. I don't know about depth trying to look at debt when Rondo was out. I was Rondo was out you remember. When Jeff Green actually started to emerge and they need him.

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