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Butch Stearns Hits on All the Hot Topics in New England Sports on a Sports Sunday

Jul 21, 2013|

Butch gets things going looking at a variety of topics and hits on many of the biggest stories of the day and the week in general. He talks about the Red Sox as we approach the trade deadline and their thinned out pitching rotation, the Celtics future as the Brooklyn Nets introduced Paul Pierce and KG to their fans this week, the Patriots attempting to move on from Hernandez and Dennard and of course the incredible play of Phil Mickelson as he won at The Open. We also hear all the relevant sound to go with the stories from Curt Schilling on Clay Buchholz, KG on being "forced" out of Boston, Tedy Bruschi on his anger/sadness on the legacy of the Pats being tarnished and from "Lefty" himself on "the best round of golf he has ever played".

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-- happy Sunday to you all. Thanks for being a part of the program thanks for hanging out with us here on this Sunday afternoon heading into Sunday night here in July. In this somewhat surprising. Pleasantly surprising baseball summer of 2013. I am Butch Stearns alongside we've got Matt -- screening your calls you've got Christian art camp with a sports flashes. We get a cast of thousands behind the scenes that you don't see. The reason you don't see them as they don't exist but we're gonna make if you feel like that is a cast of thousands behind. So this is your chance to jump on the phone -- jump on the text lines you're in traffic you're coming back from up north. Coming up from down south out west east cape whatever traffic bad good whatever. Hop on the phones if you're in the car or just sit there in west texting give us your thoughts about maybe some of the hot topics. That have gone on this week phone lines are lit up already so let me briefly fraud a few topics. Already. There have been out there this week that I have got some opinions on and I would love to hear how you feel. -- go Red Sox Celtics and patriots. And that order not to be left out we'll touch on the Bruins in just a little bit. Start up for the Red Sox the numbers are simple their 59 and forty. They are nineteen games over 500. However. As they played there hundredth game of the season tonight at Fenway Park. There is a lot to talk about what the Boston Red Sox. A already depleted bullpen is even more depleted now two of their most consistent. And reliable arms although I don't know pharmacal Andrew Bailey either one of those consistent and reliable okay. Two of the guys they were counting about that Andrew Miller any Andrew Bailey golf. All. Now they've replaced Andrew Miller with com. Matt Thornton from the Chicago White Sox put that that's a stretch right now -- he would -- can do. Quote you -- has become a close -- after Hanrahan went down Bailey went Downey's doing a fine job with that. Yet they need bullpen help and here we are on July 21 ten days away from the trading deadline. And we'll see what they're going to do. And we continue to talk about pitching. Because the Red Sox said nineteen games over 500. One and one after the all star break now. Bomb their biggest question marks aren't pitching they continue to lead the majors in runs scored somehow some way. -- two all stars in the middle of this line of David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia. Yet. Jon Lester has been less than reliable. As a top of the rotation guy. Clay Buchholz has been nonexistent. For going on almost two months as a top of the rotation guy. John Lackey is being your race playoffs start today John Lackey started game one I doubt about. 61777979837. So. Let's touch base through the years if you will of WEEI this week. 13 subjects what is Clay Buchholz what is Red Sox pitching and Curt Schilling we love them. Good body. I'll weighed in this week when -- Maloney and as usual Schilling didn't hold back a lot of things in one thing he said about Clay Buchholz is that. He's got to learn to pitch and some discomfort shelling had these thoughts. Are a big big -- but it's now been part of it was regular part of Hendrick -- news. Knowing. What an honor. I would tell you that her every art from the -- reporting I'm on. -- some discomfort pain. Somewhere -- sort of I don't know I did peek at camp it but he also wanted to know and understand. That fit in with our discomfort part of the rest of them you like what happened. Make no bones about it Curt Schilling. Calling out Clay Buchholz on the easier ways and I want him to know the pitching with discomfort comes along with the territory. Part of the game you wanna beat headaches she got to set the tone Schilling also backed up -- this comment about being the ace of the staff and setting back home. I don't know how you can Google ultimately -- and an important -- -- -- covered in got a clear you don't have the right because our own morality eat. It could even if it was typical -- -- are -- -- -- -- -- and well of course I'm out there it is difficult it's -- important Iran. And your children are in particular ball because of a popular pick up -- -- provisions are. And how that police have patrolled from the bottom of the hookers and everybody take them off. So curt -- thoughts on Clay Buchholz your thoughts on Red Sox pitching both starters -- bullpen with ten days away from the trading deadline. Will touch on that by the way techsters says he could make an archived for the past. After the Jimmy just spun against the Yankees start the second half of the season. Mean John Lackey is made seventeen starts Lester is made twenty dumpsters made nineteen -- -- has made seventeen starts. He's second on the team tied -- Dempster would eleven quality starts appearing to those he is tied for second on the team with seven wins third on the team. Lester has eight. Buchholz hasn't nine RBS 727 and three is ERA Felix to -- -- three point 76. He has struck out nine BA guys while walking 46 okay to one ratio but again. He's been great. Felix to -- has in John Lackey they are you want to right now -- what's going on so Red Sox pitching Red Sox yankees all that's on the table. Very briefly on the Celtics. Texas has butch capital letters tons of exclamation point where is the outrage. Over pierce Garnett and Doc Rivers. No longer sporting the colors are you looking forward march. I know you're zen laid down. Quite the text that. When you say. I'm off -- -- but he wants related -- or let's lay it down. I don't know about you and I guess I shouldn't be surprised and maybe I didn't know what to expect when this press conference took. Took place this week. And Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and Jason Terry showed up. By the way dressed like an episode of men in black man in gray did you see them it was weird it was just weird. I didn't know a fight knew what to expect. What I heard over and over and over again especially in the one on one interview Jackie McMullen with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce was that the eight. Really didn't -- we. This wasn't their choice I think I knew that but to hear from them it was it was just out again I don't know what to do is just Kevin Garnett would Jackie like -- The economy in Iowa poll. Talking about you know six years. I embraced same thing -- not to use. His. His magnitude but it was enough to where. We may just there and that's what we are in this political we will want to be there when that changed. So much for different you get a deal where it. Starts ought to be emotion -- on the B. Reflect familiar to make a decision was best you -- -- and that was the most of course all of us. Things you pushed unlawfully forced homeless move you know it is either fairy tale and like it. Let's not cry for Kevin Garnett or Paul Pierce. They are gazillion years. That said surprised to hear. Garnett portrait that is it was forced on us little bit Garnett didn't have that no trade clause again. I'm just looking forward. I'm looking forward and anticipation because I'm not sure what the Celtics are going to be a wanna see with some of the young players can do politically it would push below Philip. Fourth homeless little or no. I mean. Garnett was the identity of this team -- for the captain Rondo was the floor general Garnett was the identity. He was the sole call what you want he's gone. What is going to be the identity of -- ST. And he -- of Fannie OK with this could yet blow up and -- again see in the press conference this week brought up some. Interesting emotions in me I don't buy you six point 7779793. Set an end Tedy Bruschi. On ESPN. As most of us know Bruschi. As Boston sports fans we've got to know when we've embraced him. Bruschi does not pull any punches and he didn't on this one. If you were looking for how someone who's been here. Feels about all this Aaron Hernandez stuff and and the other stuff that's gone on Bruschi. Hold no strings did not hold back on ESPN. And had a few things to say here's one of them. Emotionally. I'm still I I still around my house at times. -- -- that is the way I feel sad that at that. The image of the organization is what it is now because it reflects directly upon the New England Patriots. On a team. And a culture that I spent a lot of time trying to build. And now some of us like that's forgotten now because of this offseason what has happened with with Hernandez with other teams who -- with dinner we'll talk about that so as a former player emotionally. I'm just extremely disappointed. So we went from said the disappointed in that one sound -- at who. A New England fans -- just the reality of the situation. Let's face -- Bruschi was one of the guys one of the main guys the core guys who did something about the image when he was here. And did a lot to do that. So he's sad that the image is different now he's admitting it's different and he's disappointed. Disappointed it. So a lot on the Airways and WEEI this week a lot to talk about it we're gonna go right to the phones and of course has several techsters. Have pointed out how about lefty. Yeah how about film set. Even if you're not a golf fan in your general sports Fannie and you get up early this morning and you watched some of the British Open and you saw legal Lee Westwood. The hometown favorite who never won a major and how was he gonna respond to this news Adam Scott Young gun. And you saw Phil Mickelson. Started earlier than them and you saw Phil Mickelson start playing okay. And then as this thing you saw Tiger Woods. And you saw Tiger Woods coop go down as he's done on so many Sundays in majors now over the last. Six years -- has won majors and so way. Use soft Phil Mickelson decide on go to win this tournament. And I'm gonna play to win this -- to the point. Where -- dale and rob this morning. Tweeted out Keegan Bradley to weeded out and I'll find tweed exactly four in a little bit later on. But -- best golf I've ever seen played according to Keegan Bradley. Phil Mickelson on the Sunday of a major. Trying to win his fifth major and his history. Birdied four of the last six holes he played to win the British Open. And really got it done. A great story and if you're a lefty -- love to hear me if you're tiger lover or hater -- golf and love to hear your thoughts about that this was a close out for the ages economy out of. I'm playing some of the best golf my career and today was one of the best round I've ever played and it's it's the best I've ever putted -- -- -- just as I would see in the line -- ball is rolling -- was going in the hole it was just an incredible day on the greens. And you're coming back from vacation didn't get to see any of this stick around we'll talk about. What happened today with Phil Mickelson because it was his -- it really what is what he did today. On the Boston sports scene where that ranks will leave that up. You are right now we get a break coming up in a minute political right to the calls to kick things off let's go to Plymouth and talk with a rectal wrecked. Probably don't it's cool well. He got a talk a lot Obama you know the Red Sox in the trade deadline -- we knew what the red carpet down so far this year has. More does that -- referenced a last year. I don't want it deviate from the plan of the future. I think we have a lot of prospect crucial a lot of part of -- they don't want to play it will make a difference between parts of the World Series this year. So I would much rather see them. I've got to trade deadline they would they are finished where they well. And it would happen in the years to come but I like. The bottom of the way too much. Who. Want. To play it right now that may or may not help us. And -- it's important like the red are where -- I'll let it go so far has more than made up a last. All right so I think a lot of people are in the same boat as you Rick plot. Are -- -- when I'm hearing you say is. If they need help in the bullpen which they deal they need help as a starter which they do your fine. -- Alan Webster would ruby -- -- We have whoever they might bring up from the farm system. On. As opposed to you're fine -- that as opposed to. Trading -- under Bogart's Jackie Bradley. Any of these top prospects for Cliff Lee. -- untouchable status right now it's a -- trade either one of those two guys. Okay now now is there any hold on is there anybody in baseball. Did your -- in other words if the Red Sox -- gonna make a trade which good organizations. Tend to do at this time a year while everybody's out there. Looking for. That that they answer to the stretch run to me good teams trade for a guy like for example Victor Martinez. A couple of years ago even though they gave up who's now the ace of Cleveland Justin Masterson. He was signed for another year. So you can get a guy who signed for a couple more years is going to be party future. It makes it a little easier to swallow for a prospect which is much we love Zander Bogart's and by the way. -- -- law was on this morning scenes are the best prospect he's ever seen Bob about. If you can get more than that -- you seeing that you wouldn't trade him at any there isn't anybody in baseball you'd trade him for. It would really have to be afraid of the alt click a broad type deal. But the guy like they infer that I can get really back that would really make a difference in the air I mean in the long term future. If you look at on the contract with three or four years yeah I. And that's Cliff Lee Cliff Lee is under your control for three years. Plus this year two year contract -- option. They. -- set of prospects. I gotta tell you I think that we could good pitcher I think it would help this team. Probably four in a -- Yeah I might be able -- that you guys not OK I might get a lot of. I I like you think in -- and I'd be torn about that too but again. You know where's Casey Kelly right now although we Anthony Rizzo looks like he might be solid power hitter. And maybe maybe if he. Really blossoms and MVP candidate and the National League you still make that Adrian Gonzales trade is the Cliff Lee trade feel the same way. You know what you would do that did the Joseph was the Josh Beckett trade. For all the vitriol how Beckett ended was the Josh Beckett trade worth -- while Hanley Ramirez is the best player in baseball if you've been watching over the last five or six week. Ball bottom half hour ago but trust me -- -- I mean -- He still had -- Well -- Abbott but you gotta you gotta admit that you know now that you know. Whatever -- Lieberman and -- since he's been healthy now over the last six weeks it is typically been the best hitter in baseball. I like Taylor merit I still like to deal we do with the Dodgers much that I can venture contribute them. Maybe executive of the year that trade because -- got the Red Sox out of a financial hole that they will. Basically due to -- yet. Yeah that's the other -- I'm talking about the -- talking about the -- -- trader originally let me finish with the record this so if I heard you straight. When you're saying is you know even if they -- -- contention now they'll make the playoffs it's still compared to what happened last year they got you back right. Exactly -- accept what cocktail -- believe you look at what. I bet on the right -- downside and that since Larry Lucchino did to interpret -- -- and the -- iconic guy in the planet I love though I still have a the into my sentimental favorite right now but it frank ought to -- this year and the Red Sox got to rebuild our work to carry out your Olympic. I -- He should call. Got to run to a -- Patrick employment market Chatham. John Medford and Ricky and Hyde Park you guys are next 6177797937. Is the number of -- in your car. Coming off in traffic on vacate 6177797937. I'm what Stearns. Matt Loper will be screening you and it is a painful process text on the AT&T text line at 379837. You can find me on Twitter. At Butch Stearns I'll be tweeting out a few minutes. See if we get some responses from B one -- It's a Sunday afternoon it's leading up to Red Sox yankees on ESPN and here on the WEEI Sports Radio network starent.

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