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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Joe Castiglione

Jul 21, 2013|

John Farrell talked to Joe Castiglione before the rubber game of the Yankees series. The manager told Joe that Clay Buchholz will get a second opinion Monday in Florida.

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When Jack Clay Buchholz is situation still unresolved what you're gonna get a second opinion. We are or -- clay is gonna travel down to doctor Andrews in Pensacola Florida tomorrow. He'll he'll do some throwing here this afternoon as well but I think. For -- mindset. To see. You know one of the most respected guys in the industry in terms of dealing with the throwing arm. Hopefully it comes out of their word you know he feels. Confident in the standpoint where is not -- do would be further damage to risk anything further. Because as much progress as he is shown at times and then with a little bit of a pull back. I think there's some wondering that's going on -- mine and and understandably so. You know I I think the most important thing is. Once clay gets back the mound he knows that he's healthy. And he's not putting himself at risk any further because competing against your body is. On top of people competing against the opposition. Can really -- things well this is really not a usual Josh Beckett is a couple of years ago it seemed to have peace of mind. And I think the peace of mind aspect that you hit on -- probably the most important thing. You know like you said competing -- upon as one thing but knowing that you're going out there and ask your body to do some things to compete at -- at an elite level. You've got to have some freedom. And not have anything back in the in the back in my thinking that. Oh well if I push things is it gonna causing long term. Damaged or anything like that so that's the next step and will continue to have -- throw baseball. And then once you get to see doctor and were hopeful that we can begin to ramp things back up. And you made it definitive decision on Andrew Bailey. Well he's come to leave the decision to have a surgery performed this Wednesday it's going to be done in New York with doctor -- down there. He is. You know Andrew's gotten a report both of them unfortunately because of some elements that he's had deal from the past so. It confirms that Andrew will be done for the season. It's a great. Possible timetable -- that you're there and find out how long it's a day damaging it is and how -- -- take. Yeah I think until the procedures actually done they'll give a better estimate that point the total recovery time and then. What's entailed with the root of the rehab. And then ultimately getting back to a -- program competing in games at some point but. Everything points that being next spring training I just talked a shame victory -- -- Japanese back and a lot of but he seems like he's really rare and ago. Well he is I think yesterday had a good day with our therapist just can outlining what he's dealing with a little more in depth. A new beginning that peace of mind that we talked about plays that change has been able to get with a hamstring issue. And not putting himself in a position where he could damage it further and we lost for a lengthy period time so. Anytime we can -- in the lineup you were better defensive team in the outfield. And that's not taking anything away from anybody else but I -- is played right field here tremendously and givens has given us that second center fielder type in right field so. It'll be good to get him back on the field tonight. And of course the base running to win this has been a very good base running club yesterday of course being an exception but may be magnified by not getting as many hits -- normal. Well we -- -- too -- -- very good positioning Kuroda was outstanding so we we forget it's going to be a low run game and that's where the base running has been a difference maker in those types of games first throughout the course of the year and a couple of situations come up you know wells makes a good throw and -- knob at the plate in the first inning. And then further than the big one when we're down two runs and and Ortiz at the plate on the pop up by Pedroia that Stuart goes into the stands. He regroups the Angels probably a little bit more over aggressive than he needed to be and wrist things. When didn't need to be particularly with Ortiz on deck. But the one thing that we have set the tone with is to be aggressive look for ways to take ninety feet -- available. But the game situation overrides that that aggressiveness and we've got to be Smart and yesterday came back to bite is slow but. And you go way back with CC sabathia was pitching tonight how was he changed. He's he's gone through the normal changes that a long successful career role will force a -- to go through so he's. You know he's deal father time he's deal with a tremendous number of innings pitched throughout -- career. And he's used his off speed pitches to set up as -- a little bit more aware. I know maybe three or four years ago he pitched office fast bowler was a mid ninety's type of pitch now that he's in that 89 to 92 range. He's got to use his breaking ball is change of those fastball counts but. We don't want thing and he he's gonna make pitches in key spots as he's done. And he's probably going to be an amount for a while tonight and hopefully we can take our normal approach worked deep counts. And get to him and early part of the game to give us a lead. Ryan Dempster goes two days you set Lester back for a couple of days extra rest this is the one time you you can do that without they'll pull out of trouble and asking somebody to do something unexpected. Well it is and we have the flexibility of you know position in the rotation. As we choose in this case we felt like the extra a couple of days from Leicester would be beneficial for him. So we've opted to do that in and he's on target to start your stamp on Tuesday. Our Mercedes -- has managed his question Janet decided about a starter for Monday night against the high flying rays who won again today. Yeah -- more mental make the start to you threw a side yesterday late in the game in preparation for -- start tomorrow here against them in. And you're right there they're probably playing the best baseball in the game over the last three or four weeks. And we've got our hands full we we knew coming out of the break this homestand would -- have a direct impact on on the on the division. With the three here in new York and then four with Tampa before we go to Baltimore so. We -- out of the gate with this first ten games have been a challenge and we're not looking past tonight it's about it like tonight yeah thanks -- our question with a. Manager was brought to you by Mercedes bands at Mercedes-Benz summer event is back visit your local Mercedes-Benz dealers for a limited time lease and financing offers on select Mercedes-Benz models. On the web that it be USA that job but very. Just like summer these offers won't last lets go back to Jack.

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