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Clay Buckholtz to Visit Dr. James Andrews in Alabama

Jul 21, 2013|

Lastest news from the Red Sox camp is that Clay Buckholtz is going to visit Dr. James Andrews for a second opinion on his injury. Dale and Rob discuss the positive effect this could have on Buckholtz mental stability. When will Clay return to the line up? If this was September would he be pitching? Listen here as Dale and Rob answer these questions.

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The some -- -- They're going from the United States of America -- You know. -- for a -- -- WVU. Thank you -- destined for putting us in the mood this morning is we're watching golf. The open championship is going on and back nine at the open championship and things are going race dale right now minus one is -- leading score at this breadwinner in that other. Well it happens to the best of us now happened earlier to tiger effect could be code for something else and let's hope night. And let's hope that's not OK to accept that. We were talking about the reaction that Mariano Rivera got yesterday at Fenway Park and we were trying to find other similar sorts of things a text -- brought up a great. And I have forgotten about it now not a player. But similar when Joseph Torre brought the lineup card out at Fenway following his cancer treatment yet. And he even has talked about it many many times since then. He got crying you know because of the ovation that the Fenway fans gave him as he came out to home plate. That's a similar situation where a guy wearing a Yankee uniform. In a got a huge ovation from the fans here in Boston Mario LeMieux got a similar ovation from Bruins fans when he came back. From leukemia. They're a little different than the Rivera thing you know you'll always wanted to -- a guy -- coming back from a serious life threatening illness and fans in Boston did that. In both Joseph Torre's. And Mario Lemieux's cases. As I said it's that the the difference surveyor are small difference is just when they had to do. And in the heat of the battle. Mario Mario LeMieux would be taking a penalty shot yeah. Right before with the game tied. And DB giving this enormous ovation pumping a -- -- -- -- is no other time to do there with Rivera but still. It may be putting their hands together probably a little more difficult for some of those people -- but they still did it anyway and that says something about. Who -- couple of techsters have brought up cal Ripken junior and I think given his place in the game he certainly got a a very warm ovation from the Red Sox fans. I I didn't sense the same. Warmth is as what I saw yesterday but that's a good example of a guy who I think Red Sox fans were applauding. His career and you know saying goodbye and -- elect. Along those same lines -- the perception now as he pointed out not everybody loved cal Ripken junior by. He was perceived as being a good. Representative of the game. You wasn't he wasn't doing the federal -- like Mariano as I understand that but still a guy who played all those games in a row. Played hard. Up and produced. So yeah along those lines. 6177797937. Is the telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. With kind of ban all over the place -- all of the different topics that we've been discussing today baseball at the top of the agenda with a Red Sox and the Yankees. Up playing their weekend series at Fenway Park concludes tonight ESPN. The 8 o'clock game then we'll all be watching obviously you heard during the flashed the top of the hour the Jon Lester start was pushed back. Not tomorrow was is it still TBA or have we kind of locked in how well the. -- -- and worked and didn't pitch out the ball almost passed to be him does you have I would think they then there were waiting for those 21. Two games in the series but now that he hadn't pitched I think there is going to be -- Workman tomorrow and then less Lester it's on Tuesday -- And I know that. Set some Red Sox fans teeth on edge other pushing him back to get an extra rest. They've been doing this all along I mean this is this is the norm here. Yeah but this is a little bit different in the sense that there is something there -- -- now how serious it is we don't know. Everyone I talked to yesterday I talked to Lester. On what's -- to -- on Friday. And he said yeah you don't but there's nothing that anyone should be concerned about that's basically was his quote. -- through yesterday and as buster only points out. He threw with a trainer in attendance they command and they say you know this pushing back now after that. Balls on the record and off the record people are saying no this is nothing to be concerned about where as you said dale would give him some extra time as the winds. They do all the time right and have been doing it really going back to when Theo started running thing is he actually especially if there's any kind of aches and pains right. By all I'll also say this as buster Olney also points out if you have a throwing session with a trainer president. You have to be somewhat concerned. You have to be. -- -- saying that everything's okay he's gonna pitch. He's been dealing he can deal with it everyone has these aches and pains -- -- What no matter what's going on dale the fact is is that Jon Lester has to pitch well that's what we -- come back to Jon Lester has to pitch well. Especially with Clay Buchholz out now he -- I really thought there'd be more of a change under. John Farrell for Lester -- otherwise there was but Bennett -- reported it was unbelievable spring training in the first nine starts. And then you go to that I believe the next eight or so and it wasn't -- now you take the last the last outing to me was striking. Not because of the outcome. It was it was OK you know -- six in the third I think gave up three runs to give up -- run until the third inning I mean the fifth inning. What he did. Was should be side of incursion because he adjusted to things white heat in two strike 322 strike counts you can throw once single Cotter. Not one Carter. Mean this is his bread and butter. 322 strike count to -- get one -- For a guy who has had to be so strong mentally in real life. Yet again we go back to the idea of -- you know thrashing a life threatening illness and he did it. For a guy who has to be that strong mentally to do that. He's so weak mentally out on the mound at times I mean it takes -- little. To throw him off his game. It it takes virtually nothing you know he he has one call that doesn't go his way I've written notice RBR us media -- that to me -- minutes from this year I haven't noticed that nearly as much as in years past while I agree with the early in the season but -- seen him more and and you know that the inability to make the pitch that he needs at the time that he needs -- He just. I thought it was going to be I always thought beginning of the year from Lester was what we're gonna see with barrel here not that he's got time to -- Jon Lester pitching coach he doesn't he's got a whole bunch of other things going on. But I thought there'd be a change almost philosophically and how the Red Sox pitchers went after guys watching their wallets and I just haven't seen it's. -- I think there was it from. You look at how good he wasn't spring training how good US for the first nine starts a big part of it was. Exactly we talk about the hail pounding his right strike zone not worrying about the umpire. And I can understand why you're going down that road but to me he comes back to what Farrell had sent a couple weeks ago when on the radio. His cutter just hasn't been a -- yeah it -- he has to be adjusted that which I think he did the last start. Texture says I have a theory. But colts being out with different stories on his injury. MLB quietly suspended him sixty plus games for doctoring and repeatedly doctoring the baseball. MLB doesn't quietly suspend anybody. Now if they suspend yet they tell the world they've suspended so. I I I I I understand your conspiracy theory here texture from the 617 but now if they suspended him for doctoring the baseball you'd -- known and it would have been six. The day and since bull -- gate. You pay attention to pay to pay attention the pitchers. How many people -- -- -- pitchers do exactly would buckles was was being criticized for by Jack Mars. A time. -- heated but by the way calls that didn't stop doing what he was doing. In terms supporting the of the resin bag on his arm when a sweater of the water or whatever you stop doing he kept on doing. So yes I'm sorry I'm sorry text. No conspiracy here he's just got a physical issue which the Red Sox medical staff is saying is not an injury. It's -- he's hurt he's not injured. But he has to feel better in his own mind a forty go out there Politico I imagine though if you pitched what is it eleven innings over the last two months. I would classify that as an entry no matter what it go it's yeah. As we said before I think that this visit the darker handers. Is going to be the best thing for all involved and the reason is is because is gonna. B -- did definitive diagnosis at least in the mind of Clay Buchholz. -- is going on with -- and then. Not only can Clay Buchholz make a determination what he's gonna do but the Red Sox can make a determination what they wanted to -- I have no problem at all in fact I applaud this idea of going to see doctor Andrews -- and getting the definitive opinion because we all agree it's it's not a second opinion yes it's the definitive opinion he invented the human body my question is. What's to console. Was it that I would they have done well Cornell it if if -- kept trying. Now you know I tried it doesn't feel right I mean why wouldn't they have done this two weeks ago three weeks ago because as I said before that time look at the timeline. The the team thought he was can be able maker rehab outing on the Sunday before the all star break but the so if you feel that way think clearly on the Monday before the all star break he should have been on a plane to Birmingham. You -- Monday -- but the day after he couldn't make that rehab start. Hold their thinking even then. Let's click buckled got in front of the media at the all star game and the media availability of Monday. And said it didn't go well it I still felt that when a throw in the bullpen session in Oakland on Sunday. So on Monday he said we're gonna use this time in the all star break. Hopefully get back on Thursday. Throw it'll be OK I'll do a simulated game and then we'll go from there the problem was that it now you go back and it wasn't any better so still. The timeline is. Is what it is a -- they've felt like it was getting better it wasn't until this moment where is clearly hey you know what enough is enough. When we think this is gonna take place and it can't happen soon enough to to make me happy the might be Monday might be tomorrow. My PTI news. I thought the decision was going to be Monday by him the exam IP Monday doesn't seem like in and this is a difference between baseball and other sports. Doesn't take forever just to decide what to do about stuff sometimes I -- it's not it's not just OK he's got this wrong with him it's gonna be accidentally -- this long. It seems to take forever to decide to go get this checked. And I don't just -- I there's so hesitant to do MR -- I've been thrown around MRI is like crazy. You you know MRI's cost money. But MRIs are as definitive thing you're you're gonna get that's where injured Jeter hurt himself that day. His squad. -- were had a MRI on -- that they do with that night that's when you knew this wasn't that it will wasn't wasn't -- be downplaying like they work. Does teams are very reluctant to do that for whatever reason -- I don't know I'm not doctor play once sometimes. Well a simple question I think for the Red Sox as they look here at this at the so called second half. Although we know that it's beyond that but the post all star break is the second half of the season. Is. Should they be should baby seller -- should they be buyers based on the fact that their perception of what this year was going to be is now changed. But they went into the season thinking it was going to be acts. I'm guessing while I -- -- -- in second place look I don't I know for a fact I was filling inferred Gerry Callahan in a week or so ago in and we had my -- and on. And he flat out admitted that they have perform better than than the team expected and that if you had asked them you know what the expectations were in February. But the Red Sox to this point in the season of probably outperformed. Wouldn't say that's fair. But I yet well I think the Red Sox expected to be in the hunt in the all star break I think they've won more games and they may be thought they would. But the example that I used his show that they thought they will can be halfway decent is affected when a trade for -- -- I got a one year contract he has no guaranteeing that you go offer qualifying operative. So that told me right there that they thought they would be in -- hunt now I agree didn't feel like you're gonna win this many games have the best record in the American League. I I think there were going to be in a position to be buyers of -- deadline I think the -- the instructing conversation is. -- they have enough. They have enough this is a week ago. What that won a lot of that depend on the visit to doctor -- a big part of it if doctor Rand recess. Play your hurt you're not injured. You you your fine a lot of work through this everything's fine you don't have a care -- of this you don't have that I've looked at everything. If he says that. Then -- it changes every now he says the -- colts you know IC a slight hair here a slight dislocation there are you know we're gonna shut you down for the next two months. Changes everything. If clay buckles is that. And Jon Lester still has these aches and pains isn't performing like he had been had to be in the year than Europe back to 2011. And 2011 the trade deadline. Case people forgot the only thing that you need to get you needed to get a guy who could pick in the playoffs. Perceived as -- guy's been -- in the playoffs a ball all the lament it's Erik Bedard Rich Harden Hiroki Kuroda. Those of the guys they were going after. And up until now. Because we keep thinking clay buckles is gonna pitch again up until now you thought you had enough my question is across the board the you have enough. -- we focus on the -- -- -- human yet even with -- -- buckles is gonna come back -- sometime in -- do they have enough in relief. Because we have people I talked about bin Jabil is an important part of that ball absolutely. Do they have enough in the bullpen do they have enough. On the corner the left side of the infield the right side of the infield Jose Iglesias he's turtle bit of a downturn year you don't Stephen Drew has been hurt. You Mike Napoli who has been hitting with power you don't know what you get from my car. Although as you have enough there. The secret to -- has been heard a lot he can't stay in the field. That's my question. 6177797937. Is the telephone number the AT&T -- line -- 37937. Adam Scott is your leader at the open championship he has a one stroke lead over Lee Westwood who started the day. As the leader through three rounds. The wheels of kind of fallen off the Tiger Woods wagon he's now plus three shocker. Adam Scott as a minus two birdied four of the last five polls and is your leader right now sole possession of first place. In the open championship we'll take very quick break we'll get right back to the -- -- -- coming up exports radio WEEI. -- -- -- -- TBA on Monday. Depending on. -- usage here Lester will pitch on Tuesday just come out of the break just general Wear and care through the first half of of the season felt like. Two things. One we have an opportunity right now to give him a couple extra days coming out of the break. Into the benefit. John -- talking about well you just heard -- -- cuff talking about the pitching plans for the next couple of days and based on what -- just set in with rob reported here earlier it would appear that Brandon Workman will indeed get the start tomorrow they were gonna wait and see if they had to use him out of the pan. The last couple of days they did not. So it'll be Dempster tonight likely Workman tomorrow and then Jon Lester on Tuesday and I know that drive some people praised. Yeah there -- -- here's a quote. One route through stories are out of 5:30 this morning. Lester talking missiles on Friday when asked him how he's feeling physically. Nobody's feeling great but nothing to worry about. Nothing to worry about me starting as you point out if there was serious he wouldn't be starting -- the investment take away. But you have to get him right enough to pitch well. And they act conspiracy theorist here says Bud Selig is protecting his Red Sox. Same guy who said that in -- Buchholz has secretly been suspended for sixty games for a doctoring the baseball -- that'd be the longest suspension in history for doctoring the baseball when that yes and also -- he allowed him to pitched two games with the -- Hoechst of the secrets suspend gas double secret probation the suspension. The idea that somehow Bud Selig is you know protect the Red Sox and wouldn't be protect if he protected any team wouldn't be the Milwaukee Brewers. Yes would that be the team that he'd be trying to protect. And it leads me to the questions speaking of -- Biogen says -- led to believe that post all star break this was all gonna. It like a nuclear cloud over Major League based. I wish I could tell you and -- the longer it goes the more uncomfortable it becomes I think for baseball. Bomb in the sense that they don't wanna get into a pennant race and have this blow up. Eighties the thinking was okay you don't wanna interrupt the all star game. There's going to be announced at right after the Austin game in this -- time and then you -- in the second half you deal with it. You imagine late in the middle of a pennant race the stuff happening. Is baffling. Well and I've read a lot. In in the last couple weeks about this whole thing and and there was talk about. You know not suspending guys during the pennant race and putting off the suspensions till next season. So that you didn't adversely affect teams who were in the middle of pennant races and things like that via. Well I I pose the question which who's going to be have more effect of better race. The Houston Astros -- the by the Genesis guys. Houston Astros you play them in September the free pass the MB trading Biden RC MB trading either gonna have. They don't have a lot of great opera level prospects. Or the bio Genesis guys if you take us some key guys and Nelson Cruz at Texas. Lot of people felt like paid their cover themselves with -- This is a power back just in case. Not nearly the same but. So yes it's. It's a tricky thing I mean it's it's. How would be support will you be surprised at all. If something happens still the next couple weeks no I'm expecting to happen you know oral -- I mean. It's hard for me to even picture. That this could just sort of slide along until November it was a weird at the all star game. You know there was a lot of talk about it. There was a lot of momentum and that's exactly how baseball Watson there are some guys there on that quote on quote list. There wasn't it was no stole his sunshine and rainbows and lollipops there there wasn't a whole lot of talk about the by Genesis stuff. -- Well and in answer to -- of -- of the techsters question no there is no secret double secret probation Buchholz hasn't been. Secretly suspended by Bud Selig and Major League Baseball for doctoring the baseball. For one thing that be a way to excessive suspension. For doctoring the -- -- appreciate and -- at -- a -- other -- they don't do secret suspension stuff or may suspend guys they tell everybody they've suspended guys so now you you got to get the conspiracy theory out of your head. And the idea that somehow but he's secretly suspending him but not telling anybody city can protect the Red Sox. Bill another one thing we've I -- we've talked about briefly before Reid talked about Rivera and Jeter yes. Arm and I posed the question. -- -- is an extension they're working on this still work and I was like it's. -- long pretty good. Well maybe. Not necessarily but maybe -- bomb because I don't think they wanna take into the second half they've made progress but by still work in progress. But if he signs it -- basically saying this guy's going to be a Red Sox for the rest of his career Vera pretty likely Yankee -- -- created Jeter. I Yankee for entire career -- pose the question. After Tom Brady who was perceived as the guy who was going to be able to be in one place which is so rare these days and sports. Though the Boston athlete who was going to be in Boston for the entire career and you came up with a good one which is actually. Just happened will be the youngest guy of anybody would put on that list who say that guy's going to be in Boston restaurants career. Patrice Bergeron is 27 he'll be 28 next week. Has just signed a not an eight year contract extension he's under contract here for the next nine seasons. He will. I can't even envision a scenario where he does not begin and end his career and Bruins uniform. I think I think he's a guy. View -- or eight year contract 27 going to be 28. Noise EA is actually under because he's got a year left under his old deal tune out. So he's under contract for the next nine years that's taking you that's basically taking you gotta think that centrum and he made that point during his conference call after the contract that his goal was to begin and end his career and Bruins uniform now. It didn't happen with a guy like Ray Bourque. And who cut a hole. If if ever there was somebody you thought was going to be in that category -- happen -- happen wall and who else didn't happen whether it's recently Paul Pierce the out. A guy who -- a lot of people thought this was the guy it is so difficult to do you is so rare detailed. But I do think that Pedroia is going to be one of those guys. I don't think Jacoby Ellsbury is going to be one of those guys by reducing the Pedroia is going to be. Well first all the player has to want to. Mean they really have to want to the team -- and an -- Bergeron case he definitely wants to begin and end his career as a member of the Bruins. I don't know Pedroia as well as I know Bergeron but it sounds as though he's a guy. Who want this this matters to him I think it matters I think he likes the certainty of it and but he is also the other thing we need to take into account. The Pedroia understand he's not to say off I'm gonna stay with a Red Sox forever and just give me whatever offer I'll take it. Believe me he understands the landscape. He understands the fact that of Robinson can know for instance with -- signing would have won them. He understands all of us. And if things stayed like they did last year opened this conversation would be that -- same. I think just through broad Troy were entertaining going somewhere else because he likes the winning. In the you're gonna win last year but they change it enough where. He's locked in -- I don't mind staying here I used to think Lester was that guy but I don't anymore. Well. Lester can wanna stay here. But I I can see him being traded is what I'm saying I can't see. The Red Sox trading Dustin Pedroia it's also it's it's just why you also don't sign pitchers to those sort of contracts yup. It'd been John Henry talked about it when they he was asked about earlier this week on the radio and EI. Said Hubble six year contract are they a thing of the past were you ever see them again and he mentioned Dustin Pedroia and then after a few minutes well yeah I should mention Jacoby Ellsbury to. Which yeah scales very Micah six year contract I don't know to be with a Red Sox. Dexter says dale I know you're the ultimate -- fan boy but if Gretzky and Bork can be treated -- -- absolutely Ken. Although I think he's got a -- trade as part of this this contract extension I believe he's got a no trade clause and those guys didn't believe it -- -- Was different world back then those weren't. Handed out like in -- candy chips the way they are and we'll give OK give a better example of that that's what I was sued the Dexter. -- a great example. Tom Brady is the guy right now so you can maybe was exhibit a new and you named him at the start yet. And if if Pedroia gets the steal Don Q will be the next guy although you could see him maybe in the contract beyond that but you were -- perceive him to being the next guy. After that Bergeron. Great example great exam if Paul Pierce isn't and he's not anymore -- he just cut traded. I can't imagine who would be for the Celtics should not going to be Rondo. Rondo is gonna spend -- whole career -- Celtics uniform I don't know. Avery Bradley hit a Republican. 6177797937. Rookies in Somerville they -- I guys I endorse Mario good. About Clay Buchholz. One hit. Hit what is his injury is imprecise this. Well it went from there went from his trap. Which is running in knack right. Well no I'm sorry went from his AC joint which is an impact injury on his shoulder. And Emmett Trapp had. The cause and effect. On it issue -- -- -- is Bursa -- so it's it's it's around like from what I understand it's around the neck shoulder type buried. While I'm gonna about a -- from experience. Had recited and a Burress has stacked end. I've taken cortisone shots trigger point objections epidural steroid injections. The best thing fathers is -- -- And it's not an injury that just goes away it takes a long long time it took me eighteen months to feel bad and I was in my non crawling. Shelled us well I think. This guy is going to be a prolonged period of time so. On the trading deadline I think Red Sox unless they have someone in the mile -- systems that that they want to use. Opt I think perhaps it won't get a stud pitcher especially as Jon Lester in -- pitch in that great in another question what went up but Franklin Morales. You still on the ugly sixty day DL. So with the -- he's yeah he's out but I would -- right now you can sleep wrong. And wake up you know make your shoulder failed appeal Warrenton. I gotta be honest with the anonymous -- buying the Clay Buchholz slept with -- his young child and and that's what precipitated this nobody's buying it anymore. You've got this thing and get you to go to bed at night and you could sleep the wrong way and the next day he killed the field worth because of the position here that the very very painful injury that just. Dublin -- unique I mean you need a raft and I think my calls. Might not pitch the rest of this year. Well but -- here's the thing is that. That would Buchholz he feels OK sit around he feels okay throwing long toss he feels okay throwing on the -- -- Where he feels it is when he gets on the mound and threw shoes off pitches that's when he feels. So. I don't know if that's a positive or negative. By the rookies point I don't think it's something words -- him all the time. 6177797937. As the telephone number AT&T -- -- 37937. Dexter from the 50 -- says could Brady be traded like Montana to Kansas City or Willie Mays to the Mets. Yes it's possible I don't think it'll I don't think it'll happen I don't and I know Montana being traded to Kansas City. You know it was earth shattering me -- Ron Amadon waiting to be the next you know star quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers right. Maybe the next young star quarterback for the patriots as you know up and coming at some point of playing college football somewhere high school football. Don't have that next guy -- right it's weird to say but if any team would do that could be the patriots. Other heartless and I say that I say that would admiration. It I think that's how you have to run your your franchise I don't disagree -- at all. -- on the cell hey Dave I don't. There -- -- and let's not yet I think. -- pick somebody like been well look I think you would be the most likely. You know. Opening at the act but it will. And -- an outline an all -- a public area. There really anybody in baseball bat. The court. I just that and I think Wilfork might be a better call on your part and Logan Mankins. I mean as as rob said that the patriots have always kind of run things a certain way here and there comes a point. I mean look I thought Richard Seymour was going to be a patriot for life too and it didn't work out that way. You out lol well I tell you what's the other thing you have to factor in. Is that it's good if guys do their entire career what's length of the career we're talking about. Rivera Jeter. Mean twenty years. With the same team like Bork was before -- Colorado right so there's different it's great it was if we can site. Robert had dogs not a good example conceit of trying to pick a guy who. Played a couple years with the patriots terrorists and a team and you could say he's spent his entire career with a one year team. I'm not talking about that I'm talk Troy Brown did here right. But even a football players shelf life is a lot more narrow yup what what was Wilfork -- that what -- is that how long you've -- in 2000. -- I was -- set I thought he'd been here. Eight years now but I'll I'll look at seems like forever right well or -- in football it is Friday about but and so a ten year career in football long career. Where we're talking about twenty years for these baseball players and how hard is that how many times you've. Come up for free agency have the opportunity go elsewhere how the team have the opportunity to trade. 2004 -- draft here yet so that's what that was that's what makes those guys for the Yankees a remarkable that's what would make. A Pedroia is a remarkable and that's what I think Bergeron along those lines that you point out. Comes in the league eighteen years old. And if you get too it's a 35. No that's something. It's expected by the way just a quick Bergeron addition to the conversation here that eighteen candidacy expected to announce their preliminary roster of Olympic invite -- They're gonna have a pre training camp training camp for of the Olympic invite -- And normally Bergeron would be an automatic was on the last Olympic team in Vancouver did a remarkable job for them. I'm wondering if his injury situation is gonna make that very difficult for all you hope you're if you're Bruins fan you hope that he Dustin brought my guess is it's going to be hard for him I don't think he's got to be ready. If yet in those of us who -- their listening to his his a conference call after he signed his contract extension. He sounded like he was laboring breathing even now. Even if you didn't have that when I went one -- 6177797937. Is telephone number 37937. As the way you -- on the text line. It's dale rob -- till one Sports Radio WEEI. -- argued that every art from the current reporting our mind. No discomfort and pain somewhere this sort of I don't know. It to get it intemperate but he also wanted to know and understand. That and what -- -- part of the rest of them don't like what's happened. I don't know to -- -- do you. And an important -- admitted that it clear to -- there are bigger -- morality. It could. Get away with our -- -- a little heated and. Curt Schilling conversation earlier in the week I happen to be listening to the interview and I thought it best when he made was from from the age of 25 on. Something hurt every single time he ever picked. When I mean it's it is the nature of the beast in and it's the same way. And you know all of the contact sports probably every sport I mean does anybody go out an NBA game in December and feel fine. Nothing night's NHL game it does anybody play any game in January and everything feels just perfect and no issues no -- no pain. It's a catch 22 in terms of reviewing those things right. Whereas. If you reveal it the -- making excuses up. And if you don't reveal it and you underperform. And people say what's wrong is wrong with them. I know for a fact they used to drive Richard Seymour crazy and he grew up there and play with stuff wrong. Don't try to play in the patriots Montrae is you don't talk about injuries you don't you don't discuss -- you never mentioned anything and he let their play poorly. And somebody like Ron Borges would light him up in the paper about it about how in effectively he played and you can't defend yourself you're not allowed to say yeah but the L. Yeah. I can tell you. What I think clay buckle to stinking hands. Which is. He came back the first time. He made two starts. He had a setback. And now he's in this position where this soreness won't go away. So his feeling is if he comes back. Not a 100%. At this time a year with thirteen times more through the rotation. And he has another step back like he did the last time becomes. And also when you get to September. And because this setback you are able to pitch but it becomes a problem. What I would be the biggest concern may be the only concern I'd have a fire with the Red Sox. Would be is the discomfort the -- colts is feeling in acts. Gonna cause an injury -- NY. You know because this isn't a 100% and this feels bad take you over compensate exactly in my in my throwing the ball differently because that hurts when I do this. And then I end up causing you know as opposed the -- a whole thing about hurt as opposed injured. Where because I am hurt here I cause an injury there later on I as a pound. I am telling you it's not hyperbole in terms of how much this visit to Andrews can now. And it can help the number one to diagnose have a guy who is an expert at this sort of thing. Give another diagnosed the injury. I've seen it time and time again with players that go down this guy in this exact sort of situation. No doubt this guy. And they come back feel on a whole lot better about. How they're gonna approach things because doctor James Andrews the inventor of the human body has told that at least the perfect -- yeah have -- told them might be the exact same thing the team doctors -- But they did feel better than this tackle. Dexter says I really just wish -- would go away. I love hearing him talk I like money SP and I like them you know the the appearances that he makes here he's been there he's done that. He he's gotten viable legitimate information about playing at a high level in the same way if I listen to -- Maloney era. The -- Nomar Garciaparra why wouldn't I wanna listen. Former Major League player I just asked this. Question when you hear Curt Schilling on the radio. Or you listen to Curt Schilling on TV. You turn away from a never not never you might get angry you might disagree but you don't turn away from it. I don't quite understand the whole thing about I wish -- would just go away why aren't -- Paul he's a polarizing figure. That's mean but. He's good for business. Hired a few key here is good for business like listening to Ivins on the cellphone hey Ivan I don't. They're giving you guys doing things. Question I think that -- that rent out. And now we're not talking about Randall local I haven't that instantly bored silly story that is not being bad at all. Like what the well I think -- the nation with his behavior that is not a and my and my other question is about -- straight. Let starter. Middle -- for Rudy. We -- we've got and we went down that road the other day Ivan and no no no way to -- I'll address the bill Brooks and Lester for -- Only the Phillies are doing. OK now I mean I think be -- you're selling low and middle Brooks right now. So so you market the perception will middle Brooks and you were maybe even at the beginning of the year. On the Phillies at the Phillies -- Cliff Lee which they don't have a huge motivation do. Then to probably gonna want a pretty big call coming back. All right all right but but you know in the service -- America necessarily disagree review because. When when that happened when they tick them off the forty man roster. And put him through waivers and no team claimed him. Wasn't before it was a performance thing this once seemed a little bizarre. That today you just you did hear anyone who can take him wants him for a team who really really needs that type of player. So I tell you I can't tell you exactly if there was another incident maybe it was just getting fed up in the latest thing that we know of was when he made the start at Fenway Park he showed up late. I had a theory you know OK. I want -- that. She that was -- Ivan thanks there's a few of us make it joke about in the murder of a human being let's not go there. Now what am I am not -- a -- guy I didn't want among the team to begin with it. As far as I was concerned you know there were a bunch of things that led up to them the final breaking point for me. When he when he left the mound by way of Cambridge last year and far as I was concerned I never wanted to -- Wear Red Sox uniform again well. Here is a telling thing to me when they made this move taking -- a forty man roster. Sources told Alex and I -- team source. Said. If we're gonna have a guy on the forty man roster. He's going to be a reliable guide. For the Major League club. Or that sort of makes sense right for -- are now using the word reliable. Reliable isn't the guy who shows up like it up for reports start. And. Think as far as I was concerned good for the Red Sox for finally saying enough tonight. I I didn't want them to bring him back to begin with so I think they arrived a little late to the party. But it's a year you're always giving -- the it's only good on the interest roadways along those lines is that there's only so many guys who can do what you can do. Especially when you need that in your organization of if you feel like you're managing guy and we've talked about the stale. About how the afraid it was seventh. Thing wasn't as isolated the last year the year before there was talk on the problem Terry Francona did a good job of managing yet. I thought John Ferrell did a good job and mentally now. But eventually a manager is gonna get to the point where he just says you know what a -- right and if they if they feel that bacon is a risk reward. They feel they can move on from it or it something happens so dramatically it's not worth the problem actually move on. That's what they did 6177797937. -- telephone number AT&T -- -- 379373. Hours down one to go for our part of sports Sunday. Sports Radio W media.

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