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Dale Arnold and Rob Bradford discuss the Trade Deadline and Options for the Red Sox

Jul 21, 2013|

The trade deadline is fastly approaching and the Red Sox may or may not make a move. Rob and Dale discuss the strenght of the Red Sox farm system and how that impacts they decision making this upcoming week.

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Well in the first inning you know we're looking put pressure on the defense -- comes up makes it. The quality from a home plate -- where economic it's cut down in the in that eighth inning. -- that was over Russian is on his part. You know he seized or went in the stands makes a catch -- -- groups. Quickly obviously and makes a strong for the second base but. Down two with David on deck again over Rasmussen Reports. And even Daniel -- that. That is bad decision on my part and a bad mistake I if you weren't listening earlier today before we came on from 830 to nine and I recommend highly that you do. Alex spears superb program down on the farm was on any -- day I guess this morning Keith law. The -- is probably as nearly as good at that prospect mining is. As Al experience he's wealthy he's good at hockey in the Arabia is good at that heroic -- it was fascinating fascinating stuff. And key flaw was talking about the the quality of the prospects in the Red Sox organization. Zander Bogart's at the top of everybody's list. But he was talking about how the quality of those prospects. Open up out a whole host of avenues perhaps as we approach the trade deadline for bench Arrington. How valuable the Red Sox trade chips when you look at the context of you know of the other starters that were talking about the other pitching prospects that we're talking about. Bob and then beyond. You know. I mean if they wanted to go get Mike Stanton. They could that -- make. One or more the untouchables -- And then emphasized to the Marlins that they are gonna get a lot of money so skeptic I think the Red Sox are one of the few. Buyers who could get pretty much anybody they want it if they were willing to meet. Any prospect available now they may decide they don't wanna do that that acquiring Stanton. At the cost of say two of the three untouchables or something else is too much. And I agree with that myself. But they could do that a that it won't have to make them feel good about their situation. Interest and -- -- -- some guys they're not trading center -- for anybody. And and and dollars and nightstand and their money into it -- and I don't think there and there are few untouchables and he's one of them in the organization. But the point key flaw was making is that the depth and quality of the depth in the Red Sox farm system. Makes them one of the few teams that could basically acquire anybody they want it. Yeah they could go if Cliff -- is available they've got to make -- put together a package it would get to Cliff Lee if if John Carlos Stanton is available. You can go get him if you wanted to go to now you've got to decide whether or not you wanna make any of those trade trade chips available. And in many cases I don't think they -- Ball and we should also note Q flog that horse in the race here you he's viewing all these teams equally -- in through the same prism. So for him to say that I think it's pretty striking. Now as but the one thing a blow we talked about the see that in trade deadline show. That we have to remember about the top prospects on the Red Sox the a lot of from. Are already slotted into position for the Red Sox to help in the next year or two. They fit the positions Ellsberg believes Bradley juniors and Bogart's shortstop maybe third base -- Obviously starting pitching you have dumpster up after next year Lester up after next year. You have these guys who are going be needed. So that's where you have to factor this and to now the conversation gets a little bit different. Because of these injuries are you willing to loosen the reins on the price princes of the world the -- or not those of the world. That's where I find that's what I find interest. Well in the other irony here for me is that you know the Red Sox really. Stripped some of their minor league prospects of bear when they made a couple of other deals previous and they're still. Considered one of the -- applicable awhile ago but they're still pretty deep. Yeah you -- if you look at the conversation the last couple years the conversation was always well the better prospects -- a little bit lower. But now those guys have taken -- step up. Travis is in Boston good morning Travis. Our guys doing -- so -- on notice that. Strong arm system -- then. It is the only player I'd actually you know operating -- aren't close and very mean because you'd be like him any urban areas side you know he it. Power or be part two player just about -- and Miami news. Would you give -- I like give up. The guy in the news yet on or bigfoot but the other struts are brought against racial so apartment oh yards in Moreira. Like about him. I give it may be. They Webster Warner or del grosso. And maybe. Part right. Oh well I and just sitting here observing from the sidelines as I am I can tell you that I don't think there's any -- in the world they would trade center Bogart's. I wouldn't trade him I wouldn't hurt if you heard so I mean apple answers either thanks -- you don't want you just. -- already in a ball topping -- battery could be our everyday third baseman nick you have those regulations that short or deploy short amendment to trade regulations that are you more. Either way. I mean. I would this was also be a year late in between for the Red Sox in the what they've done I mean just proves now like there have been amounted to the world the Shane Victorino -- even Napoli and then they delegates and pollen though because blowtorch he'd -- they need somebody in the middle of the order to beat. I have the heat up the middle daughter mean I don't know that young guys that are up and our system work throughout -- they're and cleaner upper third you know ordering me some right it is simply need to make admitted making a big movement in the offseason. But I wouldn't trade away a lot of prospects. This year just. Or. For the first -- first -- I'd say user farm system this year towards. The playoffs like they've been doing all year it's worked out more. Yeah I mean I think that that's the strategy they wanna go down. But they might have had one too many injuries to be able to implement that like they want -- I think they'd like to get. Starting pitcher I don't think there's any doubt that like to get a starting pitcher. But I don't think it will be you know the cliff -- variety I don't think -- be the top of the food chain it's going to be a controllable guys if they get a guy is going to be a guy they have country -- keep saying about Chris Sale. -- Sure I mean Chris sales a great pitcher but you're gonna have to give up the top prospect for. Mean your view is Rick Hahn in the GM for the -- Chicago White -- I guarantee you will be asking for Zander programs and Chris sailed. Guarantee you. And speakers into Bogart's. Poker it's it was striking we talked about Keith law. Odd going on out this show earlier today. We've always said goes into Bogart's great prospect -- prospect. Is it was over the top -- fly described. Two things one is that the approach. Mental pirates. Strikes and balls where I can breaking stuff is pretty advanced for Kim Betty and I think particularly for international prospect that there is. It's funny discounting biased but I think it's one that sounded a little bit of reality which is that the kids to come through the draft -- US Canada and Puerto Rico. And EU. How to -- your approach at the plate. Particularly strikes involve -- there's more emphasis at the end of the -- level on at least working account maybe not -- -- on walks. So it's and out when it hit from any. Any country of origin outside of purview of the draft. Had an approach that's -- sit there you just don't see it very -- and it is really stands out with over and also that. For all the talk about that you see the ball really flies is that most people think he's gonna have at least well above average power and maybe more than. People epic it's not a big play like he could get big you could certainly see and -- am sure at some point he's just gonna be too broad for shortstop. But that trend doesn't have to go in that direction he stated shall we I think he's doing it -- -- gonna get on base they're really good clip them. I think you like 25 on Monday years. Probably a little bit on the pessimistic side in you know what I do any -- that it looked -- them around to. A bunch of front office guy sure on the pro scouting side and I talked to cross capture friends of friends of mine who is evaluation by trot. Nobody came back means that the apple -- Nobody. And people -- on what all had Bogart and that's -- territories to -- going to be a superstar. Pretty lofty isn't all the things struck me about that sound by. The power the 25 home runs is pessimistic pessimistic and what's the hardest thing defined baseball now. Why did bring -- -- -- at the White Sox want Brandon Jacobs and under achieving prospect for the Red Sox. Because he had the potentially home. What does the Kansas City Royals looking for figured trader and Santana. Not pitching. A lot of guys that -- a lot of teams have pitching they want power. That that strike you would get 25 home runs a year from your shortstop. And the baggage said they've -- pessimistic. -- and he said that probably the pessimistic side. Which gives you an idea that this is not a a member of the Red Sox organization right this is not. You know a card carrying member of Red Sox Nation this is -- a guy without a dog in the fight. Who I think is trying to take as as jaundiced view of all of all of the top prospects and in the minor leagues in baseball. And and rating that guys highly as he does he should feel pretty good. Your -- and I think that's why it's important how this conversation because. I think the average Red Sox and talks about this guy. It's the idea he's top prospect yet don't trade him but then to hear exactly what the guy like -- -- thought thinks. In relation to ship to the other prospects in baseball that is why they aren't gonna trade him to Bogart's. 6177797937. Is the telephone number the AT&T text line always available to you at 37937. Many of your reach out to us by way of Twitter we -- welcome all of your Twitter comments or questions as well -- Brad follow at dale. It is a Sunday morning we're here to 1 o'clock Sports Radio WEEI.

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