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Rob Bradford, WEEI.com, joins John Ryder to review a sloppy day on the diamond

Jul 20, 2013|

Bradford joins Red Sox Review with John Ryder to discuss the multiple base running blunders that the Red Sox had against the Yankees today. Rob also explains the issues with Jon Lester after the news that he will be pushed back in the rotation.

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Rivera stretches again he delivers to -- on -- missed in the ball game is over. Mariano Rivera strikes out Jarrod Saltalamacchia and ends a ball game applies to two Yankee wins. So the Yankees it even does the series here. And just this is sport is probably more so Tampa Bay is now closed the gap to a game and a half. So lets us follow the Yankees five to two jazz writer back here no red sector view and always have to be joined by. One of the best in the business might might go to guy rob Bradford WEEI dot com rob thanks for taking some time out on Saturday night. My pleasure I am not only part of the -- we'll be over a beautiful sky that remember came laugh a great night great night -- All our. Well I was doing EA yeah river or another riveting edition of of Sox talk while that from that delay was going on where I guess there were watering the field during rain delay. -- yeah I don't you go every day they're really. What you're doing. A million new wanna. Start and then stop by it but I certainly good to welcome back overcast isn't there and values would you -- or -- he would feel that it makes you -- open. -- some us some we know this team is very aggressive some base running blunders Hiroki Kuroda was terrific today. John Lackey was good up until that seventh inning they've they've mounted does some -- -- against them overall with a ten hits over six and a third. Your thoughts on today's game and in some respects rob I know it was well pitch by -- the kind of a blog game today. Yeah yeah yeah Lackey pitched OK. -- he's Serb -- a lot of heads. Bill you'll feel terrible all the way to relax you could not a great line -- -- by the way -- You all you don't feel terrible about the lakers. Individual more than one run until something. A lot so without respect what Brad Pitt but the -- running very typical hourly pay they operate and -- regrets that we eat meat or. Although I really don't have a problem look at all really have a problem is certainly not with two outs. You know throughout try to make me happy you stumble a little bit. I don't have a problem my -- trying to view -- Rubin and scored a wild -- -- -- the double play recapture. You know that is double play where he try to tag up -- Restore order in the crowd that I'll pop up for those who play on out. The great players great really great play and the only reason I say -- you -- -- -- because. Murky sitting on director of potential -- -- rod oh era Soviet group. There was -- they try to play a third of the way they operate. -- And speaking of the way they operate to they're looking in their scouting according to multiple reports and I understand this Jake Peavy province of some of the other starting pitchers that are out here -- -- Bud Norris on their radar as well. Yeah how much of all of this city and I'm sure plenty of it is clearly but. That would that would block called sin and see what you get out -- Lester the starting rotation is set but the question Morse who buckles. Yeah all -- -- just pushed back security now and can tell you that's -- -- I thought yesterday and he basically said. You know a -- on lines are a pain everywhere and adamant -- and you can handle or they'll didn't do too concerned are you -- -- our cue -- on -- directors feel like it's it's just. This is going where you just. Being maintenance blaster and not completely shut and opera while also put on Tuesday at a bar colts will be entrapped him by Coulter is scheduled to -- you have a second opinion. -- dark stranger Dorgan doubt but I talked about it in a week of pretty much that you're going to -- commute from interest. And love pubic swayed one way or the other -- -- nothing -- that diagnosis. But they are -- what's going on here and then they got to act according. -- some other -- buckled still. Amend DC's wants to be a 100% before he goes out there. Well we don't go away. -- -- wrote as. I've -- a year before jet -- -- situation. And people are saying the -- -- double bottom and actually you know he needs surgery on addressed. So. It is doubtful and you -- diagnosis continuing as you but you have sort of is not going away. A little -- Inventors there are cases in ninety -- it was audible in 2008 he had basically wingers and which we know now what the problem 1002008. And he wanted to go down a dark green meters per second opinion because he wanted to peace of mind he tried to be entered into an ultimate. And basically by going there to whatever darker interest that's -- I'm gonna abide by -- Hey you know if you would buckle up along the stream line because Dakota and true. Oh good you attribute to -- if you you can construe that our party anymore. Out to about that a huge step forward and buckles of my group of guys beat out -- that. And also into my eyes opened it and -- or so I think that's a pretty big -- -- what happened to him when he looked out and. It's John writer Jacqueline rob Bradford of WEEI dot com check -- on Twitter at a Brad folk. The Lester getting decked him you know I I would think dead. I guess my expectations anyway are better things for him to come in the second half I know that you know -- it's tough to define him at this point it seems anyway this season but. He has to be better than that sampling of whatever a six ER Raymond is a better pitcher than that Disney. Gallo is you do what you want to execute against our sport and you want him number one straight LP you don't wanna. There'd be a complete turn into something else you want to scale the end. If you could go starting immediately into Iran and -- you're going. And the way that you -- you -- Khartoum yesterday it was split strikes me about that outing would be a pretty controlled Carter on an accurate striker. That's that's or thirty try to pretend that you're pro once a little cutter -- about going to cutter it's his coach who pitched. And you understand that to -- and go route I took on talking volley that you understand better. It is like sitting on the -- a little bit out of my copy. Quite as sharp and it happened in the past. So you're gonna go to the other pitches -- and I'd -- -- apply. So I sort or continued to treat it and number one unit of acute continued -- but also -- him probably acceptance. That he can go to these other pitcher to strike out too well. It I guess one take away did. From today -- Britain a clean inning I'm sure they'll give be giving him opportunities out of this -- and and probably others opportunities as well out of his pulpit. Yeah who -- brewer may not throwing today the big east probably locked into that start to believe on Monday. Because -- live in Norway -- they were map views about the bullpen before officially making that announcement could blunt guy who. You know he -- -- gigabyte compared down the road he's gonna help from the bullpen and one at some aspects. But -- -- pretty interesting guy the guy who -- hitters at Portland -- under 200 -- -- -- under 200 against them. So it is doing its job not contemplate. And here he throws hard which you always want from a young guy coming in got to command issues in the past. But he advocates costs and yet he -- BJ want to consider bill. They'll go home. It was a freeware remember to spring training before an audience and he -- -- from -- -- the first time we will go played a few hours. They would step in the right direction you can get those nerves under control yet that command and control of that type stuff. This guy can actually held by the old friend who -- -- -- -- months. One guy I think they also have to get going in the second half as well as Mike now police in the hip is. It is fine and he says he's always been a streaky player but to that they need more some more production out of him go to. Yeah me and -- parents aren't -- tricky player two months now. So yeah -- -- it to. So who got bit according to them they have got a problem Nadia are you going to get -- no room to -- street you ought to an app. That's the problem. And really put a car permit today. You have to -- car going the way he has got you out the article in order to be passed first base whether it Napoli getting our weather's all alone. Idea how. The guard -- happy and eager little of you guys are relying shots but look the best case scenario it's eight. Is that you get Mike Napoli hit me like a lot of -- perhaps. And could catch on fire that he. Ehrlich took a look like in the last month and out but you know that people into our industry here. The last couple of questions here rob the Yankees need -- say they cut to within six but. I don't see them as contenders are threats the American League east deal. They haven't got a way. -- it's it's kind of battling it I don't really he would it is this looks like the mile trigger breach Ukraine. -- -- -- And it's very much apart go directly to put their best pitcher and he did really well. Pro Tibet pitcher you are away this year and and the old Soviet -- -- you happen tomorrow but overall I think you're right to the lineup. Due to look at our rotation I don't -- match itself by. As you know we -- -- and sports are here comes camper right now and it could get a little -- That's I was gonna wrap it up with the Tampa Bay Rays -- all right we shouldn't be surprised should lead -- they do this seemingly every year if they get off to a slow start though. They'll be you know charging ahead at some point and it seems like they've got David Price on track Alex and his pitch better. And they've well Myers they called him up at the right time I guess. Yeah yeah they -- a good job with them and you can -- getting more comfortable and my view -- judge you're right every year period a year -- -- all star break terrorists haven't got a double. And boat builders are guys that are -- -- -- salutes. They get a pension under purely a little bit more often do well older -- Peter -- is now the question is. Kim they're starting pitching -- -- Because fielder some pretty big -- that not more. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This W Alex -- that you'd be carried out the crowd to your price of -- coming back. So all we can cut our job we all you can apply. Why it is but I couldn't make it a great race is -- -- I think you -- the ball or the red truck and camp out at a time. It -- are loading -- are pretty good race. No question well you know it always seems to find a way are finding jobs somehow Erik Bedard now but this. I'll leave you this -- Erik Bedard is no hit the Mariners through five and is already piled up nine strikeouts for the asterisk. -- allow -- to -- what has pitched out to give -- -- Bedard contrived I think people are. Yeah I have to I'll I'll -- -- you know an off and an ally of prediction -- not expecting Erik Bedard do throw a no hitter. He's at 73 pitches through five. It will it didn't didn't just mentioning his name -- -- to -- an -- liked it but it -- someone came to bite on him to meet some starting pitching help. And it didn't try to take our Arab majority that worked out the red button to adapt fellow works do get a guy hot July. All of suddenly become liable trade chipper on the genes -- -- before we -- my lap and Erik Bedard being traded. I'd think could happen if he turns and a couple good -- here. You know it's like it today was a good day for the White Sox -- on the trade like period ever Rios with a Grand Slam we had its exit game. And that today -- in five and Jake Peavy was terrific as well so some of these teams. These you look at some of the recent names Michael Young misses him pretty well some of -- teams out there eventually performed well. Really actually have to pay attention to -- and try to get to pay attention to help Philadelphia building yet to pay attention to how all the -- -- white aren't our ability. They have to pay attention out industry Derek Nadal also a picture I'll hold it well all of the traps for the permit to a baseball or for a few weeks of. And had I love this time of year well it in speaking of this time of year once the next trade deadline trio. All we portal -- yes it like show our little -- twenty ninth so that the week Monday the united a week obviously Levy trade deadline which is that Wednesday. So every every car would you trade deadline shell. They actually everything -- can -- so quick. I don't weathered that night or the next morning it's just making you like just had like Qatar and you're just deterrent. Middle -- taught -- -- -- and baseball and also -- hundred people hockey in this all about everything. Yes one of my favorite times a year while look forward that showed you and Alex and on. By next Monday night. Why does thanks rob is always appreciate. It appreciate our rob Bradford WEEI -- come up against a break at Dave Watertown you've impatience -- -- Jack a car right round of the mass spiked. A little luck gates YouTube callers of the next year after this break.

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