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John Farrell postgame press conference

Jul 20, 2013|

John Farrell postgame press conference

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Well in that first inning you know we're we're looking put pressure on the defense wells comes up makes -- a quality -- home plate where. I'm not a gets cut down in the in that eighth inning. You know that was over aggressiveness on his part. You know he -- Stewart going to the stands makes a catch three groups. Quickly obviously makes a strong throw to second base but. Down two with David on -- again over aggression in the summer or. Well if he pitches tomorrow. Yeah. Again John. It's a very strong six plus innings force. I thought that seventh inning. Things start to back up a little bit -- and totally understand the way in these kind of conditions. Felt like where we were in that part of the order to go to a left hander was of the call but. That John was strong. Didn't issue a walk through to contribute to their base it's. They they went early in the count on him because he does socially strikes they -- they strung some hits together but he stayed away from the beginning until they were able us. The build a three run inning in the seventh. Yeah it it's a fine line. Game situation is gonna take dictate. Most of it if not all of and it worked against us a couple of times that I. -- his fellow competitor. And the guy with very good stuff that he is. You know I thought again today there was a number 32 counts or he would regroup making -- pitch to get a big strike out when to -- no wonder. A couple times a canal. And it's it's his experience and now that he is completely healthy. He's got a lot of weapons and go to. He did a very good job that wasn't the ideal situation make it -- debut in how you'd draw it up but. Again in that left him a spot and he threw strikes he's got a quick arm. But he kept the emotion in that. First setting first experience well in the control. He's got one measure the appearance so. He showed good stuff and he's here now so he's he's gonna get. Opportunities. A couple of fastballs little -- first pitch to overbay. -- and get down on the way to -- Not a matter stuff that's more location than. Threw a lot of strikes. He's got such -- actions his -- split. Good location -- fastball. What what was I think most impressive is even in that sixth and seventh inning. Again in these conditions that have respect for the touched 9596. Against in the meat of our lineup when he needed. That extra velocity he was able to get it. He's very good pitcher for -- game today against us. You know we haven't made an announcement on Monday put he is certainly yeah. A strong candidate.

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