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Celtics Summer Cooler with Grande and Ryder on what is ahead for the Celtics- Hour 2

Jul 20, 2013|

Sean Grande and John Ryder explain how the Celtics could take shape as the 2013-2014 Season approaches. They also look at the long term plans to bring the Celtics back to title contention in the future.

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-- think it's time. In Boston Celtics basketball we've shown -- and Cedric Maxwell. Celtics' summer cooler air. Towards radioed WEEI. Celtics -- cooler -- John Ryder. John grant he's here Centre back Lola is not an assignment is on vacation. And early he doesn't that are of the ninth and he's he's managed to avoid the show and I'm -- well and these. Spanish is my third straight week now although I won't be able to go the full distance -- up to take out stirred up the -- pregame gets there isn't -- excuse. Death or some wells and John Jon Lester being pushed back with a general -- their urges disgusting to Clay Buchholz brief. -- whenever he's gonna return to -- schemes can you tell is going to be pitch in the game and doing mundane I'm guessing you would be Brandon -- don't have I -- he pitched so well. -- More from the nets have been a lot of -- big series Tampa Bay that is a huge you know and -- this is all American ladies have so many division game -- another -- like this September but this is. The significant run because it's funny how nobody nobody believes the Red Sox in April and may in cute it's July of two and a half game lead and at one point. Guys going down like flies as for the recital and this is a murder mystery. It's just everyday some deals going -- this is the remarkable story it's going on the getting -- that's. It is but I think that the a lot of focus is gonna start turning and I noted this show -- folks straight down the Celtics but I think that the focus is gonna start to switch. I just briefly on that shot public you've you've covered sports prologue time in sports and missed out. Remember a period of time at this time a year. Starting in June word just inundated just nonstop something. No -- Abkhazia fat obvious you've had the effect -- things happening -- they have -- you know hopefully will be a once in a lifetime. Sidebar story with the patriots went into an open -- training camp and bizarre that's going to be. The pro and being as good as they have -- the last couple years it's the best record markedly. And even the Celtics and we joked missiles are constant. You know Max and we're jokingly asked us in this really what you must do so fictional for the summer. We're not you know we don't have our panelists were not sitting here going it. Stocks -- I'll listen it's it's our job it's what we love and there's nothing more interesting but. In -- world were realistic about about this town about how things work we were both skeptical the idea that there would be an off. Continent. During the you know -- -- feel ten months out of the year actually but this specific time of the year there'd be enough content and then all of a sudden office all of a sudden out of nowhere dot reversed and it beat the store in the way they -- the doctor for Seattle went on for -- just these are getting -- Dave became it was a legitimate saga. And then to watch you know even here we are 67 weeks of this thing now there's still. The new fresh. Very you know bizarre and difficult to digest material with the news conference on Thursday. Yet there has been base and ever since the season and has been something every week with the Celtics. I'd 61777979837. Musket bag for the cause and here's Dennis and lol hey Dennis. Good afternoon gentlemen I don't. Good do you have provided little program. On this Celtics this year. And what I need is a roster -- many guys -- have signed is like fourteen or fifteen. He had so well -- it's funny that it's funny thing about my question is that he's a cycle back next week. You know I guess it's it's a minor -- -- electorate Miranda Shavlik Randolph whether he's -- and we need. But there's still a lot of working parts it's -- shot. Danny's going to try to revisit whether he's dealing trying to deal Chris Humphries is going to be very difficult to deal Gerald Wallace's contract although maybe it isn't I don't know but it is. There's a lot of working parts here is their shot and by the way how strange was that you know we had the Celtics news conference in the midst debated. And clearly this whole element of -- it's very possible that on opening night Keith Bogans. Chris Humphries -- -- MarShon Brooks and that this entire roster could be this roster I don't think that's going to happen because. Almost everything it's its policy of fire sale but whenever there's an opportunity and others that unsettled feeling. About the roster but who knows maybe this Davis will be the -- opening night and this is the way it's going to be for the first few months of the season Euro to trade deadline and who knows. But in any other week. In this particular format we be talking about. The new guys we're gonna do that at some point and talk about the guys that are going to make up Celtics team going to be far more interest certainly there -- like to me. There's this this notion. That if you're not winning the poison professional sports if you're not 65 and seventeen if you're not interest in them. And it's something you -- you're not a Celtics and you basketball -- you know an NBA fan there's a lot of interest in things that are going up among the many things and I'll be the first say this right now. In the middle of the year you're glitzy graphics. And things along this -- the celtics' record this year. Vs last year and the year if you're gonna be surprised at how little difference there. In the first half of the year with a record is going to be in this is that I wasn't dirty little secret. But when I say to people that -- for about three years now the Celtics have been basically 44 win 4445. -- team. That's shocking because they think it has been one of the elite teams in the NBA because they take it to players they pay the players. The other hall of famers that they they think of but it which is understandable and -- starting five to open up the nine. Who knows but the anomaly the and I stated this as well some people disagreed but. How you look at this team I don't know what more Sean -- they said like one good month in the NBA and I know that you know going to Providence and these kids and supporters here -- -- He's a score. But some interest in ports on this team of for next season I think there will be some focus people's CO Jerryd sellinger how he continues to progress coming off the the back surgery I tell you clinic. As as a draft pick and how. His game transfers into the NBA in his first season so I still think there's going to be a lot of interest -- says the nation and especially 21 player in particular the ever knows. And a garage on Rondo when he's going to be back in. And what happens there soldier does get -- he's on he's probably ends up as the -- I agree as rookie of the year at the -- he was pulling them. We'll get back who calls here's Patrick and a guard Patrick. Margaret -- thank god given that showed that. The Celtics they have got socks and the -- that would make it a little bit shorter. -- -- all -- well thank. Now -- realistic or are -- in the what you see here on the back healthy. Regatta we saw it happen you know what your. Help. Eight Olympic can play and that in the team with a pretty good here -- any -- with the wrong. Also secured a trade exception recovered half million dollars you -- and they'll be able to sign close to -- contract -- year. Not even look at our republic and the outlook it is twelve million. So let's just say they get too high priced players after that young core. Here's what -- extended with a net any shot he took its courier here playing because -- yet pretty good relatively quickly. I think I think it could I think it absolutely could have been the the problem. With the way you the way you're running things that I don't believe next year I don't think 2014. Is the year that there's the turn it around Max for each. You know in class listening to guys that would be are going to be the ones that opt out whereas the following year guys that they might you know LaMarcus Aldridge might opt out Kevin Love. I think absolutely he's gonna opt out I think he's going to be there he's going to be -- to be prized free agents in the date right the trade except she passed the users and -- there's an expiration date of trade exception but. He does the trade exception can be for another piece -- can put you in position for them up again I'd I think that. The big picture what you're saying that scenario actually exists then it. It sticks a -- to meet the idea that this is going to be some sort of 56 year. Rebuild if you recall that I don't really amount of teens to rebuild them and term blow up because this matter of salary slots not the way it used to be or not this is not the 2003 Celtics that the need to go signal. Assets or. Well planned I made -- there's some teams to blow it up but there's no real plan it seems it is a plan here. For the -- islanders made it. They even look at the coach they -- there's Danny Danny get Waco. Two weeks ago you know how we don't we start the Seattle right. This has been the work just this -- in the works from the day it's -- six years ago and no it has been but I'm saying is in the you know this year on. This has heard MBA franchises that aren't the most well Ryan and they'll just blow it up for the sake of blow it up or go through the rebuild. Or those certain teams which is the last thing you want to do is beyond that constitution now the Celtics might. Even end up being a playoff team but be one of those. Constant teams like for instance. They have some nice players that the Atlanta hikes that are costly and a treadmill and you know six -- whatever but it really never move past that because they don't you know those those superstars and that's why you let Josh Smith go if you would because. You decide that would Josh Smith as your best player. What how far can you deal with judgment humans learn eventually that really is questioned on if Rondo is sure -- you know that. When you asked the question about -- Rondo should be here win in let's say two years for the sake of argument is way. You really -- clear to major piece just for the sake of this particular sentence. Rondo is going to turn thirty in Nazis in a couple of years is he somehow since -- or reject the notion of just. Well it's a straight -- Because Rondo you're at age thirty look what Tony Parker's. At his age and Rondo still be that guy two to five years from now these guys are looking for and quit the elite players in the -- Who the top 25 players in the NBA. In 201560. That is the primary question that is what you have to when you're building a team that's -- -- looking for who are. You know pierce Garnett. Ray Allen. Now who are pierce Garnett Ray Allen three years from India to put yourself in force Julia to correctly identify who those guys are going to be that's one hard part. And the other hard part which is with the Celtics liberty accomplished is putting yourself salary wise asset wise to -- exception wise. In position. If you know those guys are you -- target them and you had the ability to have them on your roster two years that's the that's the ball game. And never once this a media react or what exactly are they gonna do when Rondo but they've got some time here they've yet. As CLA comes back from from an injury I think that in other -- gonna deal for Brandon -- and an expiring contract Null and that you make quick lesson. Bring up the name of the guy was here fifteen years ago but suddenly you you make sudden moves to get incrementally better that's not how the game as one. The game is won by. Knowing that. Ten years ago you need a -- superstar. Read and a bit bigger superstars turns out. To play with Paul Pierce if you're gonna have the chance to win a championship how do you go about doing. Now it'll walk on the roster and Paul Walker goes and -- that becomes Raef LaFrentz and Raef LaFrentz. Becomes part of the deal that eventually get to a contract like Theo Ratliff sync issue off the book. Meanwhile you're drafting players like Ryan Gomes like Al Jefferson like Delonte West that you can use history tell -- trying to this sounds familiar you're adding. Assets. Cap space. Identifying. Your best case scenario the Garnett was always the best case scenario you put yourself in position I was neither free -- that was straight out yet known good point that's what do door right now with -- all these draft picks that they've started to stockpile and by the way those teams were and you know people enjoyed watching. Al Jefferson and -- they did -- those those were fun. It was a funnier until Paul Pierce got hurt in 0607 they lost even a losing streak what's remarkable about that team. Look at the 2007. So the steam. They were so competitive in so many of those games it wasn't this. -- because they were -- And they were they were fun to watch and playing hard. I think the score differential is maybe minus four something that season we consider one doesn't stoop pretty good job coach and an Asian no agreement on it then allows you record numbers Tony Allen. In bunches that season yet and until right yeah got a raw end of -- defeat the dunk during the time after the whistle of here's our Richard Providence say Richard. Good afternoon guys that I just add to that. I'd feel pretty confident that current one particular call I'm sure there's others out there that changes that basically allows the GM. He has the experience now based on. What he did was. -- of those guys. Using them to get Garnett trading -- I think you know he has the experience to. He's proven and do continue to move this team forward idea I think this team it's going to be better than most but then. A number of people. I think otherwise I think if Rondo can come back pretty healthy. We're healthy and -- quote. Earlier than -- expected. I think this team can do some damage I'm not -- that they'll be like the Red Sox but I think so. Certainly be better than. A lot of people think what you think about the -- shots down. I am of the opinion for -- that there's too much. The Stewart's talent here and by the way you can tell you know a young -- you want to tell Jared sellinger. -- and listen you know this is going to be it's when he went -- when he went team is going to be a bit this. You have a a group of guys that are still settlements and -- was -- -- saying there's too much talent and too much interest and you tell Brad Stevens by the way. Who's new who's here for -- is going to be some long nights. Likely over this over this winter they'll be some nights when you're going to be out matched against them the only team in the NB that is likely to happen but to me given how. I'm not and I don't sitter today either -- say this team has constitute which personals a ridiculous statement decision this will be the team talk on opening night but. Let's say -- work just for the K I'm ready to sit there I would want to risk anything with a statement the Celtics won't even make the playoffs. In this particular Eastern Conference the way this this year that's just the point. I reject the idea. Of creating a stereo let's say -- -- it's -- Run -- can't come back and it's risky you know Derrick Rose. Really hurt his team by not coming back but if that was his decision for his own -- that's -- think if a similar situation of that was Rondo obviously the Celtics aren't in a position when championship this season so maybe you know you'd if push comes to -- on the injury. Then maybe you pulled Rondo back in the new York and win as many games obviously. But I reject the notion that it is somehow better. For an organization. To go through 65 loss season for the chance and by the way how's that worked in 19972000. For the chance to get somebody -- -- for the small chance to maybe get a chance he will be this. I reject that notion entirely supposed to. Putting a competitive product on the floor having these players get better at the there was value for younger players and playing in the playoff game in 2005. And 2004. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now we're gonna go we're gonna go right back to we have. For you every week we're gonna have one of those them. Know our reporters John Albany shoeless can be yours put together some great compilation packages and this is the week. To listen back and reminisce about some of the great Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett moments. Over the last few years you would Doc Rivers here's what we will do that for at least a year and they go Red Sox baseball game two of the series. Against the Yankees that John -- who does double duty as many of us do during the during the summer. Thanks for room thanks for coming up anytime -- was getting you know if I give people a phone number again he had to say it's 617779793. Somebody -- you get Charles in Connecticut you get Kyle we've -- robbed -- all wade attacked do you shop. I can't wait. -- it will do that up next. It was difficult you do want place on my live five minutes from the park facility now got to make an adjustment. Powered -- respond to that -- mean. Because that we will be used to adjust. Its effectiveness. Some liken remark when well you right there. 10 he -- order a well produced show as well -- show is when you play a song. Written by guy from Brooklyn perform -- -- from Brooklyn talking about a guy who now is talking about playing in Brooklyn. And living in -- and as Paul Pierce -- that very strange bizarre day real hand washing him in his introductory news conference as a member of the Brooklyn nets. By the way I love that yes he'll -- studies -- domestic violence shelter in the scene and hit 39 -- it was going to be held his dirt and eventually came -- about right Celtics are cooler I promised only to deliver 6177797937. Enough for me let's go to you Charles in Connecticut Europe. They shot argued today are you doing. -- you deduct such so that fault here at this era aren't that. You or two only late. That that that adult there's all right thanks but I. -- felt betrayed that necessity. By any doubt he can't stole my thunder about. What's the big deal about the Celtics trying to position themselves in the lottery do we want to draft the next Greg Oden. You know any ain't got on record saying -- drafted Kevin Durant. Yet at the first choice but who knows. And I'd rather be at seven or eight playoff chain. It's an experience to young players move -- out Nixon and so on but my main point today -- a couple of your comments. Is the NBA himself and he's really become the centerpiece of this franchise. And I actually trust the any change his decision making more than everybody always talks about him built belt checked we trusted so Obama. I think it it didn't make some great moves he's I think taking 234 years at a of the spiritual. And I'm sure we will never side another Travis knighted yet. Well that's certainly seems to be awaiting dead it looks right now listen guys you know I'm not in 81 of the issues -- Max and I do when doing the talk -- list. We come on here we say things like isn't -- the greatest GM in the history of GM's. We sound like idiots and if you know wait they're so Dicey thing when you're the play by play announcer of the analysts for team is maximize our I think. We we do the best we can for you guys and in calling it the way we say I think compared to a lot of home team announcers were you know pretty comfortable with the way the do it. But so I I kind of put the asterisk on it but I look at the work that -- has done and I asked the question. Who has drafted better whose body of work he's better over the last ten years. You know in the in the NBA then Danny's and it's easy to listen everybody's had misses in the draft that's it's going to happen what is his percentage. And to me I find it. It's funny some thousand people are critical. -- Danny you can bring up the dictionary of J. R. Giddens and guys like that there's for -- do them for everybody but to me it's kind of like saying. Look at the 62%. Of times that Miguel Cabrera doesn't get it. I mean if you had the best batting average he Major League Baseball you're still going to that you're not coverage based whoever three times are obviously Cabrera -- a lot less than that. But if you still have they been -- After what he's done for lasting years. Who do you have -- -- as general manager and he has the experience now having done exactly what the task is at hand. Any has already done it and he is now starting from a much stronger position in 2013. That he didn't 2003 so that's. That's -- C a programs and -- New Hampshire next. They've shown they don't do Greg can you. They're very well I've really enjoyed -- since you called games they stick Michael. I listen I've I appreciated accident to the best we -- the guys in this of this is the fun part of the Summers and we actually we get to get to hang and a little bit so it's been fun. Yeah you ever get. Or talk about themselves and then and Rondo really found that CE pierce and KG go. I was really hoping that -- could find a way to retire Celtics so he could be on that list of guys like Duncan Kobe Nowitzki. We'll play fantastic career with one team obviously was meant to be. So we're moving on and -- be really the key moving forward is Rondo I think this guy is so underrated and I know that might sound crazy to some people -- -- truly transcendent player let me just -- couple quick numbers that you currency a basketball reference. -- ranks fourth all time in the play out in triple doubles. And -- -- mind blowing when you think of the all time history of India. People talk fifteen bulk arm on the regular season list triple double. He's hit all time in assists per game in the playoffs. More than Oscar Robertson and the comic Steve Nash Spock who's teaching and kid LeBron king Larry Bird in the which goes far. He's nineteenth all time in portal play opposite. And you think about it so only eighteen players in the history became have more career playoff assistant Rondo. And that's over the course of only a -- find -- and that he'd actually played in the play. He also heard aboriginal 63 down the game in the play out sported career. Which is more than Colby -- -- patent Tony Parker and big men as well such as crunching numbers. Your voice centric -- cartwright in -- -- So you know article wanted to talk about. You -- go god here's the thing here's thing you're reading atlas in the numbers are are what they are but isn't the idea is that when you close your eyes and think about Rondo. Listen I have sat there are many nights. And seeing Rondo. Controlling game -- the numbers are spectacular and it's funny because the numbers. Actually became a sore issue of Stockton before about you know Macs are now being homers and obviously if you listen to us during the year at all you know the week. We were innocent difficulty we really had a problem with these streak and the way it was going on somehow. He became because it wasn't very wasn't Celtic oriented there's a reason of the Celtics and -- one of the many parts of Celtics tradition. Is never having a score champion. Never being you know involved in the stats there -- so many nights the -- the forget the numbers we've all seen it with our eyes -- -- com. -- nights that he is the best player on the floor in a -- dean situations and can control the tempo of the game and by the way go back to -- to think. The and he got them but when he first panic -- -- -- It's unbelievable so I look back to that game that he could you know the knicks game last year or two was seen them before I guess. When they wondered by four points in overtime where you had eighteen points seven rebounds and twenty assists that nobody else I don't know he appears in the king day. You can put up a game like that and that's I think the -- couldn't get enough credit I know -- -- -- -- -- all the off the court you don't behind Kohl's stores and and there's you know people would say he can't be a leader. I look back to that piece that -- nick Monroe and I just think this -- future I really wanna be the Celtics hold on to him for the long term. His talent is still transcended it doesn't come along very often. And I just think he he really liked the look of the team moving forward this year with some young talent. Jeff Green sellinger hopefully will come into his own it and they can do some damage or really do if -- can build on this court. Moving ahead I think they're in great position but for meat at all centers on -- Yeah -- did did there's no question in this to me that that is the sentiment. There's two ways look at this you can be sort of bummed out that the previous Ara finally came to a -- Or can start looking at you know what are what are the positives about being Celtics fan now what is going to be fun. About the season and obviously that that starts with Rondo I think for although the criticism all the things that you referenced. About the off the court stuff it's all fair but to me I don't wanna say clean slate. But I'll I'll bring up an interesting point is we began the day and ended talking about Paul Pierce. Paul Pierce's first few years. Or not exactly crystal clear and free of issues he had. The significant issue with Doc Rivers when -- first arrived. There were maturity issues and by the way he was a kid he was 2223. Years old growing up in front of our -- -- Boston there was the as much talked about earlier Jacob Marley Bain -- -- -- ovaries had asked again ejected in game six issue we Jamaal Tinsley in 2005 in the playoffs. Paul Pierce. Eventually reach that cable car turning point in his career and it happened when he and Doc Rivers -- hands. And eventually became the player in which it wasn't about him getting forty average is about taking his hall of fame skill set and working ending to a five million unit. And -- many of the things written about Rondo I don't think a lot of them have been unfair. Now with a timer and find out. The legacy of Toronto's career is about to be written and he has he had a very interesting thing happened to him last year the injury happening when it did. Creates the opportunity to start again there -- any humility that comes with that and there's that. When you finish your own athletic mortality for the first time as Rondo did when you have a major injuries like that. I think any judgment that people have about Rondo off the quarter in the locker I think we are about to see. What Rondo can be what he will be remembered for I think is in front of him. And -- 6177797937. -- in New Hampshire Europe. They shut you doing are you doing great show I you know point four -- authors and my favorite. Athlete you know grown up -- there to listen you back. He'll be 36. Mid October. You know I'm guessing he played a few more years in them what you think the odds are that he -- -- back to last year to back to Boston finish up. I sticky it's gonna that there are a lot of factors time as to what to rosters will look like how successful are the nets wasn't nets. Beat Miami in Eastern Conference finals next year and and go to the finals and pro growth wants to bring that group back for another run -- -- the following year I think. I think a lot of us it's a real comfort thing to think about Paul Pierce coming back and finishing here. But I don't think I'll say this as romantic notion as it is. I don't think it's going to change. How we celebrate Paul Pierce which by the way guys who was going to be its own separate nights can be connected to some meat seasoned team made it deserves its own. -- -- -- I don't think it's gonna be connected to whether or not. You know he comes back -- let me ask you this last couple people called about -- earlier. As big of Paul Pierce fan as you -- tournament recent between foresee -- nine years old when he gets -- you barely remember the Celtics which he wasn't a member of their team. If he hits a game winning shot against Chicago in the second round of the playoffs in game six a game seven. And that gets the nets to the Eastern Conference finals are you going to be -- -- gonna be pumped to see that. It's because to me that. Why did its part of the Paul Pierce legacy when -- and thing I think it's going to happen with Paul Pierce and with the guests. Coming up in the next year says security seat Paul Pierce -- jerseys walking around downtown Boston. And to me it's so it's almost a connection it's celebration of what was I don't think it's. I don't think that. Rooting for the -- rooting for Paul Pierce is going to use to track from eight with the Celtics are what they're going to be. And I I don't think it's the tracks from Paul Pierce's legacy anything he does here for the -- them about the same thing about Kevin -- he's obviously is more complicated. Gary instilled in Europe. If -- -- -- you don't need them I really enjoy listening to you land basketball junkie. I wanted to ask you you've you've and I agree with -- a 100% Hewitt said all the attention the roster that's going to be opening night. So the lead you to the Brandon Bass Courtney Lee at all and the starting center which they don't have any right now I don't believes. So what they put on your general managers have what do you think is gonna happen. Who eighties you know you can look up the restricted free I understand about the luxury tax the -- Will salary what do you see happening come I don't know November 1 or whatever the opening day is who's going to be on the floor. I think you're gonna -- -- Brandon -- terrorists don't try to figure to play I don't figure going to find you know does Samuel Dalembert garlic I don't think it defeats. The purpose of developing you know lot of teams are gonna go without troops and obviously the Celtics are going to be. One of them throughout the course of of the year and don't think. That. Think trying to win amounts are necessarily helps you in the long run in developing. Whole clinic in developing soldier and not have them play even if they aren't going to be true center of the game has changed. Yeah a lot more stretch for some even strumming Kevin Garnett was stretched by that point Kevin Garnett had never played center before he's one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA. But yet not only had Dennis remember this Kevin Garnett. When he first came to Boston there was a this is I mean they kind of innocuous thing nobody could remember his first year. The Celtics -- pre season game at Madison Square Garden against index. Eddy Curry Eddy Curry was the -- that night and Kendrick Perkins was hurt and couldn't play. Kevin Garnett and appoint senator for the -- game one of the most remarkable things about -- truly remarkable career Kevin Garnett had. Is these last couple of years to me this push is nothing any. Issue that was about first ballot hall of -- that was long since dead and gone where he ranks all time and I've said this for. I don't think if you picking the twelve man team the greatest. Twelve NBA players ever Kevin Garnett probably isn't on that team but he's getting a look for one of those last spots that's how high on the all time list. Kevin Garnett I think Kevin Garnett is so high on the all time list that. By no measure. I know statistical or any other metric and you push going to -- Tim Duncan on the all time list so. Therefore I think he's actually pushed Duncan. On that list but anyway he actually able to transition -- -- and and he could do that he struggled against Eddy Curry. In 2007 he could not play soccer and actually change his game and evolved so. The Celtics have gone days without a tree you know since Kendrick Perkins they haven't had that true. Senator I don't think that there are a lot of teams in the NBA that don't count them and I think -- soldier although he's undersized please more of that. Kind of -- Kelly political stretch defenses and I don't think there's going to be -- short term move. Add that that true -- you know the truth centerpiece the true big body I think it's something that's probably a year to -- that's the plan 6177 now seven -- try again about an English 6177797937. Is the number. Take your calls up until Red Sox baseball as we promised you would on Celtics have Merkel. I was so much for some back and realize first arrived here is that. It's special for you Paul and it's like no images. You know he's he's telling the story do you see those commitments were announced about how well we -- Everybody understands -- one another. Learn each other's games. Service. Kanye West's first row of the -- it was about Chicago going home to Chicago which you were Kevin Garnett he's mr. played. Very important year of his life interrogate academy high school in a year before he jumped. Into the NBA Kevin Garnett now a member of the Brooklyn nets a strange is that he's going to be in the texture and gone to one texted him but deported counted that Kevin Garnett. When I was in Minnesota Democrat was by a small forward he was three -- for a long time there and dean Garrett was the senator Joseph Smith was the was the power forward until. Minor mistake they're offering got. Joseph Smith to deals connection are from Costa bowls 51 round draft picks that really set the axle to -- by the way to the contract that they gave Kevin Garnett that really crippled. Minnesota for a long time because new rules came in with a Max -- after thirty giving Kim Garnett so much -- -- there was almost no wiggle room. For them to work or repelling down a -- and next hour promise before we go over the Fenway for the Red Sox yankees game to. Of that series. While we're gonna have another look back at the -- piece that you nobody's put together with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and Doc Rivers in Somalia. Their last Celtic memories that we remembered for the move on there in the stages. Under -- -- career 6177797937. -- get to as many as we can't starting with -- a -- And Europe. After the shot and Baja I want to talk about Rondo grew very quickly. In the last couple years different deductibles. Paula agency late tomorrow and team. But I think it will really be -- problem at that time. Because truly -- the Enron goes with you Paul Pierce and KG. It is their team but but being good soldiers and saying. Periodically this is one -- -- like this coming year. If you want but if he matured now. Well I didn't take as me he couldn't -- If you want to -- he matures. Who can make the point is that the young players around him better and he slumped. If he wants it could be -- team it -- -- that it may not mature enough. Through this and grab it and who become -- goes -- and I don't think he's going to be the celtics' Larry alarm. Well I I agree with with most of that I don't know that last part about him not being with the Celtics long but I do think it's time. Toronto to be tested is at hand that I do think that's actually very good point. About it being his locker room that. That was the plan the idea was that it would become Rondo -- team last year and in theory in a lot of ways it did. But it is just the mere presence of Kevin Garnett and Paul -- locker room does. Even you don't. Unintentionally. Undermine that and the irony of that is that Kevin Garnett. One of the greatest leaders in the history of the MBA never really wanted to -- that. There was documentary remember watching years ago on Billy -- and his childhood friends and everybody would always say about him. It has been a rock star as he became. That village jolt his dream was to play back up in somebody else's thing. And not be the front guys and just be a great piano player or whatever and that's the thing Kevin Garnett never wanted to be. The visible guy he never wanted to be to look at me superstar that was sort of the dream for him when he came to Boston. And Paul Pierce could really sort of become that guy. But again it. He is truly Rondo is team now that was the plan last year in Toronto by the -- got her this is not supposed to be a team last year the Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett were carrying that was not the plan going in this is the way it worked out because the injuries last year with everybody worried about. -- -- -- and adjacent to those guys stayed healthy and it was wrong don't soldier and the younger players. The end up getting hurt Chris in Springfield Europe on celtics' summer cooler. Craig your position on her site on the dead dead dead. You're seeing. Jeff Green having a breakout season. I think Jeff green's break -- season and came last year in a lot of ways in a lot of moments in a lot of those national games the question I think you're really asking and correct me if rock is his day as Jeff Green ready to not be Paul Pierce the player. But is he ready to fill that role on this team we know what Rondo role. Is -- no Rondo is going to be on this team and obviously while so many things get regarded them as you can't replace. There has to be somebody in the Paul Pierce spot now BC he Europe. Your first this is part of the Celtics tradition by the way and maybe somebody get hurt Paul Pierce the start is -- you're always judged based only guys that came before you in that role when you have this hall of fame Libya players know Jeff green is just the latest in the line. That's a step into impossible shoes to fill but the question is. You're asking -- is can he beat that. You know is he ready to be played an all star level and based on what you saw on the second half off turnaround and ask you do you think he's right. I think he's ready. Well I mean you. Like people sometimes forget you know that first year after coming up our children in this kind of different you know he didn't really know what to expect the -- you said as a second half season -- He came out and play it like. True better than. But then now so it's kind of wonder without a leg piercing Garnett. Do you think. Why could he actually spoke they'll obviously scoring scoring role. -- renegotiate. The -- well just as good as -- did last year but I don't know about the shooting you guys feel like he's got to get -- -- shooting down. And you know it's funny because all you're asking Jeff -- to do is become the score. And replace the guy who witnesses and these are my words these -- words of many of the men who wore the uniform the greatest score. In the history of the Boston Celtics Paul Pierce may not have been the greatest player in the history the Boston Celtics. But many of the players who wore the uniform of -- In the history of the team and this is the problem that Jeff Green has is that. He's being going to be asked to carry huge low scoring wise and he's asked the sort of you know fill those shoes and become the next great Celtic. In that role obvious he's got talent to do it he was the fifth pick in the draft in 2007. How we saw more than enough signs last year. That he can do it on a sporadic basis the question is can he beat -- guy every night and it's one of the the fun questions going into next year people look at question marks as negatives all the time to make question marks just question marks and watching the story unfold. Is where the funniest machine in Boston Europe. Are on the honor that give up Q comment one on here and then all of a model. And it's said that he did in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- them you know when he came out of college in almost global moment. Which made me at all it is -- work. When I believe he's only twenty points and -- ought to get the net and around. In the play out we did win and -- And -- they're planning and the related but it. After you became too because that's where Shaquille O'Neal made in the Q&A member of but watching it here dominate like the UA EE eight he had it and you look at where that was put on a on a bad game you'll want to hear it. He was at that point in time but it does that -- in another uniform and I don't think you look at the open another you know -- boy I mean the that is it. -- the -- that we deal with our. -- -- A lot of people all the -- about straight or bundle of recent trade him and he you know we've had eight and everything like that. Eagle on the clock will educate and still -- Katie and -- -- in the finals. Bio by now and called -- bids. And models the well please don't let them play it. There were startled -- -- this year by the year this is the point run those 27. It's time for him to be that guide to some degree I think you're asking if you're gonna ask him to change personalities and expect -- to -- -- Be completely different guy. And conditioning yourself up. Or disappointment but I'm really chooses to see with time away from the game and -- completely different locker -- can do for -- here's the thing. I've found pretty amusing is the notion that. He and press Stevens are going to somehow clash and that's going to be a problem Ken Brad Stevens somehow work with Rondo can -- control Rondo. When I think everybody is. Forgetting the fact that law Paula Paul Pierce and Doc Rivers -- Doc Rivers was in the first year of long term contract just like Brad -- number two and they more importantly. Rondo in Doc Rivers butted heads from the start and by the way when you save that doesn't mean necessarily in a badly -- some players but that's all Tommy mentioned Tony Parker and manager globally and you know Gregg Popovich at the beginning they had very shake your relationships because those guys were you know they were not consistent players. And the -- at that point guard. Head coach relationship is always tricky it's tricky -- -- -- head coach was a point guard in the NBA and from the beginning remember. People talk about Rondo being headstrong and stubborn. And intelligent. Yes what. So was Doc Rivers and somehow sometimes to guys like that don't necessarily get along there was head butting their from the beginning and don't think you're gonna have that what about the strange crazy bizarre notion that maybe the relationship. Between Stevens and Rondell will be better in the relationship was between Rondo in Doc Rivers the something -- to considers a lifelong -- minority opinions. I'll throw them out there as well 6177797937. Or try to get to as many calls as you can as we can next hour before we finish up. -- with a look back and Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce New Year's cling together in Boston. And they get to over Fenway. The Red Sox -- -- also congress he could tell me who is starting Monday -- -- was focused -- known for making a big series with Tampa Bay starts for the Red Sox on Monday. Four game set and game two of the series with the Yankees is -- right up at the end of celtics' summer cooler with his. Coming up pretty soon appreciate -- hang out with the guys are gonna get back to I would say back to normal next week with Max and I do and our normal celtics' summer cooler but we're about seven -- weeks into this grand experiment so. Not really sure what normally is yet but we'll have will go back to sort of format. You know with gas it and then taking your calls and listen to some of the great moments but we wanted to run one more time. On this final week for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett when they officially left the Boston Celtics. To listen to this great piece that John nobody's put together. Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett playing together in Boston. Over the last several years since the perfect way to in this particular edition of celtics' -- -- the week we finally saw Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. In their Brooklyn new Jersey's Max will be back next week and will start to look ahead to this next year for the Boston Celtics. In the meantime enjoyed hanging out with a guest today Red Sox baseball is coming up next. Initially. Had no interest in him and sort of contemplated and thought about it. Could this -- publicly. We've been -- from -- -- my friends in Texas where it's myself moment. Played ball and -- discuss the vision -- -- my probably my best opportunity to win these. Big steps to make those adjustments. Video. Remember I love it you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Comedians you know the history the manners. The fact that I just -- to read all the all the fact that. Nice and doesn't change Bill Russell comes in the locker room Casey Jones call. I mean who doesn't love this game. There's a better place to coach in the world. It's. Looks. Passengers -- and expect to -- the seven time reminds all over this twelve time all star. Most would demoralize -- beyond. This is this. I just say OK okay. This is that this is a dream come true -- -- South Carolina where people can you know imprisoned. Excitable player. Qualified tonight with the ball Gardner. And there's locomotive that is not the ball flight engineers that. -- we got now we got trouble. The front of the Miami bench we got big trouble Kevin Garnett got grabbed from behind officials -- to definite -- definitely done that. Dangerous because all of this went down. Us from. It's in music. Then then noon. They're still trying to -- -- -- -- -- It was great had given Garnett the assists and back -- -- -- -- since the career of Kevin Garnett and his 20000 points. 101000 rebounds 5000 assists 15100 steals and 15100 blocks putting him in a club. No it he'd never been done in NBA history Kevin Garnett outstanding. Hello Paul Pierce one of the greatest Celtics ever Wear the uniform standing at the free throw with thirteen seconds to go into overtime. And -- ran out of love and Paul Pierce. Become the latest member of the 20000. Point club. -- That the students those that refuse pulled its arms in the air it right he hit the ball but. How fitting for a player who has played every minute of his career -- -- club the Celtics. With a basketball hall of fame is right down the road. She's in the -- business and so you know cognitive fitness today. I'm -- -- second -- and he was over and they give a lot of situations but you still don't look good and together no matter where you know you know we all we all -- our whole group. All grim and escorted her back after which you'll be normal I know. And -- Don't believe so. -- -- -- Rolling out of but the final sixteen consecutive. It is not what -- Daniels. It is for the people who -- -- one last night that they believe me -- nobody else believed it absolutely. Let's go Celtics can't continue. At a -- And everybody on the bench right now feeling. Pain and loss. The only difficulty. Dealing frustration. -- hearing those words they think that would be Saturday night. Where else. Would you hear this from your fame and he would now but wouldn't. Work where. We'll have those things in the world. -- -- home playoff picture assault that's -- business. Absolutely. Amazing years involves the thing the fans there. Because it was amazing and -- its -- affairs and memory in my life experience anything like this in any sport. And and distribute those sorts of course who you vote. This was so so.

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