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Celtics Summer Cooler with Grande and Ryder on seeing Pierce and KG in Brooklyn- Hour 1

Jul 20, 2013|

Sean Grande and John Ryder examine the press conference introducing Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry as Brooklyn Nets. It was clear that the former Celtics’ captain was uncomfortable during his introduction and reality sunk in that he was no longer a Celtic as he fielded questions. Sean and John share their emotions after seeing the former Celtics being welcomed in New York’s most populated borough.

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-- think it's time. Boston Celtics basketball we've shown in the end Cedric Maxwell. Celtics' summer cooler. -- radio WEEI. I'm no longer Boston Celtics. Brooklyn -- and you know that's what it is right now means business. When we all have to move it move more than. You know who's trying to create. Some kind of legacy here -- There's a certain benefit in getting old. Actually there are several benefits of getting old none of them outweigh being you don't believe me but there are certain benefits to it and it means a couple of things it means first -- -- invariably would at least think you'll never see something you'll see it it will happen. The other is you can do what I about twenty years ago when I first -- in this business I would never do which you sit here. And talk about. Old movies member in this old movie with this person says that because I want I was 22 might steer people do that nothing and -- remember that move is -- movie even exist was and even and color. But -- could think about driving over here today. Picky about watching Paul Pierce suffer through that news conference with the -- one step above. A hostage video answering the questions he had cancer. I was thinking about a movie that. If you're a guy and you're my age you'll probably -- this movie very long time ago it actually is very good -- it's called when Harry met Sally nor from news really famous for making them movie. And in the movie. Meg Ryan's character. Single woman. First fall apart halfway through Billy Crystal who backed -- 25 years ago you can look like Billy Crystal Indian male lead to -- in action to -- to GM were doing it like that it was a much simpler time in any case. He he's trying to comforter and try to figure out what exactly is wrong and she sort of crying about this and that you know the thing in the nineties -- days getting married somebody else. He says that's going on -- this is wrong with my life and this is wrong with my life and she says. After a pause and I'm turning forty. Which after another pause he replies. You know in eight years you're gonna turn forty -- -- think I'd be the end of it she goes I was a little soliloquy speech -- yeah but it's out there. It's hanging over me it's always there at all depict a -- was that today dropped and overs today because this state was always comic. From the first day Kevin Garnett walked in the building from the first day Ray Allen walked in the building and when the Celtics drafted Paul Pierce in 1998 the day was coming. He was not going to be a Celtic. Over the next two hours and over the next couple weeks in short one of the other things that we will eventually get to. What -- the Dallas Mavericks fans be feeling when the mavericks eventually -- it in print or does he -- -- Laker fans beat him in when they eventually don't do anything for Kobe Bryant. As opposed to the remorse. And the very bizarre feeling we all fell. On Thursday we saw Paul Pierce not diminishing Kevin Garnett Jason -- well in uniform. Of the Brooklyn does the Celtics summer cooler. John Ryder has arrives it's amazing how quickly got here I was sort of resigned to the fact that even -- Max was going to be here today and Max clearly one of the many things we learned. Is that Max. Actually -- take a vacation I'm like me I'm very good taking vacation which is why I've been on the show. Last couple weeks Max figured out a place to be worried below will take the week off -- -- be back next week. I'm celtics' number cooler -- -- it was our host and our glue and our spiritual advisor and leader throughout the course. -- all of all of that throughout the dry course if you are well you are. The glue maximize who they were too emotional during the games there's there's a meter today at the heartbeat goes up and down -- traveling here and there are legal and enumerated on -- plane don't know with CB -- and every night. -- -- -- -- -- You were kind of -- of all over the amount but if there's no there's no -- the original post is no halftime everything is just sort of sort of destroyed well I'm just get it. I guess I think it to a -- into the games to -- I don't I disagree I disagree entirely I think they suffer through. They're calling names themselves so they can get to the pre in the post and -- it because there is nothing was. What perspective does a random Celtics game have an Indiana if we don't know what's happening around the rest of league we're just a small component. In the night in the NBA you bring everybody the entire night in the NBA you -- what we are doing our little small little job in perspective. You ever thought about that -- No I don't well in in a -- in this modern age I think most people get these probably shouldn't say this but get the scores automatically through their phones and other place like. Appreciate it pumps -- I I literally again this is another race thing by atlas talking with. I Kenny Albert is in town he's doing the guys in the game for fox today it was though with Tim McCarver and Sunday in another format we are on Celtics were cooler. I would like to sit here and take the slings and arrows and beating guys to defend Tim McCarver talked about times in game changing. Analyst and history of the game last couple years were a lot he wanted to be but -- hope people can. -- that is his respected he has -- as as the game changing best ever to do. As he finishes has finally your line clearly digress. Kenny Albert and I have a lot of common -- -- -- from New York both grew up around the same time of the sort of seem common sports experts is you know you've got friends even if you're not that close to someone. You can immediately if you're ever you know your your wife your girlfriend teachers some party and all of a sudden you're you're. Don't know anybody there and you run into some you can introduce some strange guys that -- -- grown man played eight. But if you have those sports things appear similar AG of similar teams. There were common experiences that you that. And one of the things that -- are telling them -- ran into him in Detroit most of the Red Sox in Detroit he was doing a game on fox. And you know in our age of automatically have a discourse you're saying on the phones and from which to do. We had I don't know if there was an equivalent in Boston but in New York we have sports. And you would literally call in numbers and 976. And I give is -- score 9761313. And you would call the number. And yes -- listen -- the scores and you had -- listen to this course is if you get scored the waiting for you missed it yet to call back and get the whole thing again. And you know some would they would -- every fifteen minutes and record the -- reason. You -- I wanna know what. On this team did she wanted. Atlanta flames hockey score. Dating myself you've had -- listen through to the entire mess you know you have to record fifteen minutes or sports and that was known nothing in this what you did obviously. If you're from that error there's always that. Difficulty -- -- in adjusting so I'm trying to. Trying to make you rule -- trying to give the respect that it deserves it reiterates is set to be early nineties and that finished up that sports -- I would -- -- was that before. That rally of pride predates -- what's interesting about it again. We don't want to digress announcing today we got a lot of stuff to needed to because I know I have been and we've tried very hard to gets them some big name guests and people that you wanna hear from actually from probably up as a promo for the show throughout the course of the week on the station. And we're gonna continue to do that as we move on. Obviously Brad Stevens -- as some point -- is going to be witness and who knows all the other people -- talk to measurement probably -- the -- -- at some point. Throughout the course of the summer but I've done a horrible job in. Working all of you guys and we haven't taken nearly enough calls we haven't gotten the Paulson because was the whole point -- we don't get to do it to argue it's doing it every night and talk to fans whenever Max and I don't get to do. And we are you know. This was part of the idea this summer so we did in Iraq if there's ever a week for people to sort of -- -- put this behind discuss the remaining nights coming up the first night Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett come back the Brooklyn and by the way there's pre season -- the Celtics and that's gonna meet twice in the pre season ultimate for regular season. And there's going to be Paul Pierce night at some point of the -- I wonder -- so you know I am of the belief. I find it odd and maybe this is the -- start this discussion I just don't know how much of the discussion terrorist to have other people. In any of you guys like to Kevin Garnett number A won't be or shouldn't be. It's the top of the building I wonder if him finishing his -- -- he -- couple years for the nets or maybe just this year which I think is more likely. Is that somehow -- yet again because to me this is a no brainer I don't sing on discussions over things that discussion but to meters. Simply no way to Kevin -- some were not. You know put the rafters and -- Paul Pierce as well as well but what were you feeling -- were you thinking when you saw Paul Pierce. Struggling it is maybe -- password through that news conference and I think what's funny. Watched him all these years we all now. Everything he'd -- on the court comes so easy to him so normal and natural everything about being Celtic. I'm not sure I've seen him more uncomfortable. In an environment he's always been he's been good with the media even if say that after game six in Indiana when he wore the you know the Jacob Marley. Thing over his head and even in his low moments it hasn't been out of discomfort. There you know there was that it is important interest at one it was -- circulating this week. Late in that abysmal 2007 season in which Paul Pierce says arms close quote on the classic case of a great player. Bad team. As the frustration was mounting people -- -- that exactly so obviously we watched him grow he wants to host I'd never seen him as uncomfortable as he looked. In his -- -- that sense to me like one of those things he knew it was gonna happen maybe even when he was with the Celtics but -- it at the hugest. Kind of sunk in when he was there like it hit him at that point there's no way of preparing him for that moment because he's just so used to probably the the law obviously the podium at the garden and just everything. That has to do with the Celtics and and probably sunken while amended different this is a really weird feeling annoyed DOS. Are we're going to be listening to some of the -- clips from the from a news conference throughout the course of of the day and obviously that was one of the things that he addressed was that the concept. Of the the Colby's and the -- and the idea of playing. Your entire career with twenty. Obviously fallen -- love. Son remarks were in Boston but you know -- bad image is probably over we will a lot of players. In their careers and one city. I would imagine that it is and it probably has passed and I think there's an element. You could make the case if you wanted to debt in LA -- the lakers are so attractive anyway it doesn't really matter than to get anything for Colby. Sites -- me -- whenever I hear Mark Cuban talk about it with -- there's an element. Sticking your head in the sand. I'm. I'm not going to trade Dirk Nowitzki no matter what it will never happen. And a parentheses witches even if it's better from my French. Even if my friend Jesse get assets out of it. I'm just gonna look the other way because I have the ability to to make a defiant statement like that office logical I don't know if it's the best thing for. But I guess the issue for today. I'll ask you first -- on all nostalgic zone truly. Curious as to how you feel about it today now that it's happened now that he had the other uniform on now you can go to the net's web site and buy it Paul Pierce -- I wonder how many of those. Order payable where those in Boston a wonder of all your stance where -- jerseys as an entire. Another layer to this conversation that's -- which is that I believe an interesting thing is going to happen if the Celtics are when a lot of people think they are as far as wins and losses next year I'm. I'm not quite there I don't believe this team that's -- to me there's way too much talent on this roster this to -- this is 25 we came. Deep lottery team and by the way. If he ticked -- five teams in the east. And maybe you'll get into this is well if you guys really want to obviously Miami in Indiana and Chicago and new York and Brooklyn Washington had a great -- delicate dangerous getting out of Detroit is getting better certainly I'm not ready. The put Detroit in that top six no -- they write your agency didn't Corsica -- May be Cleveland is a little belly hecla. I guess mom I would look the other way and say it is anybody wanna between the -- today until we as constitute with Rondo playing most if not all of the year. That this team has constituted can't make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference that they are they don't have a chance to finish ahead of Cleveland or Detroit or -- were. So we're building Atlanta changing on a flight -- -- -- gonna -- -- front with Horford mills outlet. A lot of teams are more are are an injury away obviously the Celtics are -- they don't have -- that changes the game. Oh point being I'm not so sure this is gonna be what people think it is anyway my point being. If -- -- Do you Celtics fans. Adopted. As their team if the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And Celtic fans hate Miami has all the fancy New York you don't want those teams the went. -- Tom Thibodeau and Chicago Howard you're not going to root for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett the exact opposite of Ray Allen going to Miami clearly didn't wanna go. It's obvious they didn't -- going yet he is they are in a better situation it's as if Danny -- Had to find a new home for you know for a beloved members of the family and he found them a better hole. And to me I think an interesting thing is going to happen throughout the course this year and that the jets are gonna become Celtics fans second team. I think there's -- well. No question they're going to be paid attention -- -- see what they're what they're doing because of those two names that you mentioned and I think that most people special or are hoping that. Perkins that team that knocks off Miami's out of the exit question one. I wonder is and you mentioned with a -- and -- -- idea because when you think about. I Rondo Avery Bradley you start going through distorting five when you match up of some of the other teams in the east. Right mean and it looks like he could very well be an eight seed -- seventh seed a wonder how much. Fans would be upset about that. You know they date because all right. 01 and done playoff team they wanna see him in the in a lottery of possibly the most Celtics fans. And the Jose it's gonna happen throughout the course this year if the Celtics are what I think they are seen probably stays close. The 500 certainly and again the problem -- saying on July twins that's like today visited talk about Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. And their -- funny already gotten it's actually some but he doesn't they don't regard this number should be your arm which to me is death penalty it's been -- if you play one year. Two years five years but the you know the six year. The six year body of work I mean I love lesson I I want. I wanna hear from somebody who I mean at some point one is probably overstating. You will on cure I of course because there has to be by a process of elimination there's going to be people if they listen there's always somebody on on 10% side of the issue. By you know what is the argument leads to the bigger issue of comparing the six year are -- sending people falsely do. To the to the eighties teams and they compare them. To the 1979. To 85 years as opposed the 1987. To 93 years which this team. Over the last six years as far superior but anyway. It was an emotional week to watch Paul Pierce of their especially Kevin Garnett today greeted people have gotten. Gotten attached to him. And and this is going to be your -- 61777979376177797937. A lot of New York no text climbed just 37. 937. John -- our host the leader is here. And for the next couple of hours leading up to Red Sox baseball -- -- by the way huge portion of the season going off the Red Sox. This is a Celtics on record so. We'll be hearing some of the elements of his car so nobody got to hear the the sports -- a conversation. Rejecting the phones have with both Paul and camera thought it was. Revealing and we'll get into why I thought that and as we move through here today but I promise you. Unlike other weeks we've been the loading up to show a lot of different elements and bells and whistles. Today is gonna be about -- your calls are next on W yeah. Doesn't really -- in double figures released partisan terms as we speak. Just being in this arena and call someone serves you up in the locker room slide you know these arbitrary and it was hard workers -- it -- For me to actually. -- easier now looking for a place to live. Being in the -- Trying to get Sonoma where around the city is released on the sinking in now that it's become real. I can tell you this natural causes you're slopes. Before. Fields has always fascinated by. The event I think at some point he you know he might have to live there asterisk -- relief. You know during. The -- were. By it will is to me -- -- carries the which you guys think about the emotional watching Paul Pierce sort struggling to find himself Thursday in -- strains. Surrounding that he I think at the same reaction at all listed that it wasn't real I guess it's probably time to start accepting this season in the Celtic because. He was sort -- going you know going through the process. I put John rattled by the way in the lead -- The reason re musical chairs because well it is that this was that this is the -- like John writers -- Williams he wasn't gonna be here at the start of the shelves August sales filling time to. Settled and then you know got his feet underneath them but you know -- -- -- if you were if you were to come down -- guard. And and join us play by play broadcasts -- -- heavy chair while it's your job exit the -- this is primarily thanks to the point. -- so we -- them anymore long speeches about -- on movies or -- Like that now looking just you know in this Jewish you know like I mean most Macs having an -- as we know he was not exactly exactly. My point. Now he's a foreign -- as the old days there was no there was a host long time ago so others station east do like yeah. We do scavenger -- some things like -- one of the fun things he would do was trying to find some. Now with the gimmick shows just name anybody. And then drop the course of the you know the show it would just try to track that person now in the world -- leisure and GPS system. To me you know -- oldest of delegates that he couldn't be found he couldn't use this ball where he was. -- yes well I had I. I'm sure is enjoying Barbados. And I guess what do you think will take some phone calls -- Zealand show lined up and it was. During the break -- by the way with Kevin Garnett we both at. As soon as he -- we're both thinking the same exact thing in terms of Kevin Garnett number retired in the comparison. -- -- -- of her for one and and you agree and you brought it up for Dennis Johnson in that that's a great -- and you can not. But you can't look at the Celtics retired numbers and use that as a standard and look at the bottom name you know look at the at -- kicked off and -- -- call in guys like that use that as the stated this came up Allison ten years ago. As the little pocket school but if you put me on the air for two and a half hours during the Summers is which again and again because. The issue was about -- This came out right away when the new ownership group came in one of the first things that small group of us there was -- listen. On the list of stuff to get to. You know our view we liked the idea of -- number going up there to be. You know on the list is Max you know compared to the guys that -- out there you can make the argument that the guy who played for nine years with a team. Was on two championship teams maybe wasn't the best player but he was in the MVP of the finals in 81 you know -- to me with a real. That was to go back and forth question but with the standard that the Celtics have set retiring numbers and doesn't really matter. How you'd go about doing it when she set the standard that's the standard. And to me up WiMax is actually belonged not to mention the fact he's broadcast in the game for almost twenty years -- he'd like Tommy has connected. Aristide literally became a Celtic in 1977. This is the year you know 2013. And he is still part of this organization. And so to me that was in the brain in the -- to blow up there. There was a moment armed with a specific game we talked about Garnett during the playoffs in 2012. Game against. And you just look at the body of work. He did. And the best comp is nestled in the bond analyst but the guy that advise against Johnson that's a no brainer nobody really ever other people think Dennis Johnson is not abortion be retired now and it and of course so. It's always difficult to shuffle real time into the deck of history that would like to say. But to me. There is no -- that to me is the best because that's a middle of the pack Celtic retired number -- And to me it's made in a lot of what is the perfect comparison except Kevin Garnett to me was a bigger part of this team the last six years. You know Lyndon Johnson a Dennis Johnson probably. He was one of 3456. Guys you think of that group Kevin Garnett has -- and. -- to that question and and Reggie lewis' numbers retired. Dennis Johnson's numbers retired I think it's a no brainer considerably axles of numbers retired as a management Kevin Garnett you think about that over the it's six years been starting in the 070 -- championship season and I really think. We hear -- and his two shot at that that second year when they about a two related of -- it does get injured there when -- -- that tells I think you -- make an argument that that that team was better than the one that one of those the previous year certainly from what we saw. After here's what we know about 2000. Is what we know from 2010 and twellman and beyond that this team got better as the playoff team and to me. The regular season the 2008 regular season was one of the top ten regular seasons and NBA history look it up is the only team in the last. Forty years. Forty years it didn't have Michael Jordan on at a double digit scoring differential throughout the course of the season they weren't as dominant in the playoffs analyst losses early. But we know after how well the Celtics how much better they -- playoffs. I think they probably have a better playoff on. In 2009. And 2018 in August of 2008 team one Laker fans would certainly argue I think there are true Laker fans that really wanted that. In 09 because -- remember the lakers beat the Celtics bulls games. In the year I think it would have been he had to get him back -- the year for exactly it would have been tremendous who would have been you know probably a better series in terms of level played 2010 series is remember being seven games there's. But it wasn't this NBA classic. Playoff series the Chicago series the first round of -- more exciting series -- close. And the Celtics have played more competitive exciting series during the six -- -- And that NBA finals was but obviously was the seventh game Indian Chicago answers as you know the first name nick came to mind not on the Celtics this -- Ben Gordon emerged to lighten it up. All right -- with a full four lines I guess we'll get to Mears said Josh and for a very Josh. And up -- guys it's. All about the so called -- a couple of quick points. 35 I've been uphold its -- and I saw first place and it. And on the Celtics got them it was like it was the greatest thing I thought I knew we -- great. -- see him go I really would elect is seen higher OPEC. I'm not really concerned about the Reid bill -- of buildings sooner. Because everybody has the mentality that it's gonna keep winning any movies for at least the next couple years old. You to -- -- going to be that ability to spotted at -- sold you the press conference here at -- what kind of life that I'll. Emotional pitch was which made me feel good as a topic and that you really it wanna be here and unfortunately he's not and last thing I want to say is that I can't wait to get tickets to the team when they come back. And I'm very interested to see all the all reax they -- -- in PF says a lot shock I think to be. Come out and he trains that I think called -- appear. I think you're right and how you feel like it or are right now I have ousted as saying I'm allowed -- and it's going to be a really hot jurors yet to give Boston as far as the pierce. Napster's immediately going -- one to judge how you feel. Emotionally you see. Paul Pierce -- you feel that we all felt bad watching that on Thursday. Let's say is the second rounds of the playoffs and a -- -- the bulls and it's deciding moment gained six games in a Paul Pierce it's a huge shot. To get to the Eastern Conference finals are too good to be happy to see yet. All definitely got to write a I'm appear -- that my god you know I mean. I would -- everybody like Jordan bought for the Celtics. I -- -- obviously calls little gears that my guy and I I -- I would at 830 noting that a lot yeah whatever. Liberal at all for being wanted to. GM's -- law and tiger will. Well it is interest to janitors and -- You almost forget that there's so there is a whole generation. That that pierce was their guy I know I was joking at the start about -- being old and I'm very. I try to be very conscious as I always remember hearing you know I was younger hearing broadcasters to. To meeting seemed -- singles -- being for 2002. The night the Celtics clinched the playoff -- they didn't against the lakers. You know fairly late in the season it'd been seven years. That's and then the playoffs even then I remember. It was here you're trying to sort of capture a moment for even a 77 years doesn't sound like alive again and we get older. But seven years for certain generation if you are. If you're twenty. Thirteen was a long time ago if you're 169. It was a one time you know from overseeing the Celtics in the playoffs even -- little Ron and I thought that was. -- significant. Time to have that one again and -- that little. Taste what it was like in this now. When the Celtics -- -- and competing for a championship when he got there. He 2002 was a big deal I got that was a huge deal because there's such a surprise here Santoro market I know these two is who is sweet but there was still a stunner. -- getting there and taken on New Jersey -- he's and I remember that season especially with the I think ever does because just kind of came out of nowhere in the Rodney Rogers in the world Tony -- all those different guys. On that team right here is that nick in south quickly nick. Well apology completely stalled much under about security talks because I was gonna bring up already Jewish. Editor Maxwell -- itself. Never -- -- now. Appeared you know understand our org about 2000 sure it's nice to reminisce about that. It all -- -- -- the Celtics actually are made got NBA finals. I don't think it would won the NBA championship or the lakers. But I certainly think they were probably don't actually been to give the lakers a little bit more out of run their money and the notched I think the -- were just completely. What about the lakers. And correct me if I'm wrong don't open the Celtics beat the lakers poke fun at -- We don't have to correct -- because they did just like the lakers beat the -- a couple times 2009 the Celtics did in fact the game. They there were two memorable games into the second one's mentioned that clinched the playoff spot that was in April and there in the February game. As really you know he often wonder what -- what are my supposed to remember. Like that's important that I don't remember because this information public Hamlin -- my car he's stuff like that but the February game out there was. The game that the Celtics came from twelve or thirteen gallon about reformist ago -- walker active three Celtics have the lead with the tenth you know 12 left. Call lakers have the ball after out of the timeout Kobe gets shot. From the corner to beat the buzzer the whole place goes crazy the review it. And overruled basket it was too late and that's how the Celtics won that game because there was this is. This is true story back in -- the lakers though he broadcast -- we were near Jack Nicholson. At that time there's a long until this is like a baseball type on them away Waller going over the tape looking at what happened in Kobe make sure that he release it. Everybody knows reject it since it's it's down near the broadcasters and during the delay and he knows Max from from there it's always a wall often do -- offbeat conversation. And during that moment Jack Nicholson looks over says. Was it food was. Who know. That's an horrific technicals in which I was not prepared -- try to would you get the point when when I'm not gonna try to at least part but did you get a job by you it's weird stuff to -- you know you -- -- stuff up doubtless. Now in 2002 you're right if the Celtics had played Sacramento in final. Sacramento probably sweeps the Celtics but the Celtics would have given a better series and the nets in note two in the best player in the Eastern Conference playoffs that year. Is now Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce's coach. For the for. -- it together street it is and down you know look. Looking ahead here to this. Now it appears is one of those guys though shine in and you know -- from cover of the teams. All the most whole curriculum just about fifteen years we will -- the Celtics. And just for me doing is the talk shows after the Celtics games and said 07 season. One of those guys there's not a lot of in between -- him how many. Either love or hate him it's she seems like he's he's one of those players in this -- and I never understood that completely why he was -- more embraced may be maybe there's an element of just the way things are now the -- to the third and natural. Rush to chris'. And seizure make noise seizure again on the air it's easier just -- You know issues when your excellent or negative is and then it's the only people I've seen one tax the -- Hampshire sure there -- people. Who don't think Kevin Garnett number should retire should be retired feel strongly about but obviously. You know that the loud you -- -- -- -- we should make I think as time goes by better appreciation for where Paul -- I was surprised and -- Didn't show here a month ago just in the off season. And surprised at how many people don't look. Paul Pierce is being one time great Celtics and -- you. Fourth fifth -- they say the one championship thing but they always bring up an easy thing to break it is the easy thing to bring up and if there was you know if WEEI existed. In you know in 1960 whatever they be saying well Russell what about the ones he didn't. They should've won those two years and they get you know the 1973. Celtics at one of the all time record for most wins again knocked out by the knicks in the playoffs. And not completely that they've been a truly great team like the Celtics in the sixties. They would of one you know ending you know at 74 in the be Milwaukee what happened in 75. So there's that natural. You we all gain greedy we all want more but I think you have to look at this -- and of course. The second championship would have made huge. -- to meet again. The six year run. You cannot leave it over how many -- image of I'll phrase it another way. Let's say Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce and Ray Allen have been together not from 2007. But from 20012002. From 1999. How many championships did it in the time it -- three right they won won the 2008 Jim to -- they were all far older. How old or you know look this up -- off stump him they were talking. When he five how old war Kevin McHale Larry Bird when they won their last -- -- When in 86. There once they're still in their twenties and when they win -- these guys were all in their thirties when they start. So to me it's it's a very give -- so unfair to compare the NBA of today with thirty team's salary cap. Today of the sixties in the we have smaller number of teams or cap it territorial rights -- Bill Russell and you know the virtual game and you want to pay him for the entire course year career assist on fair very natural I get by. It's the and I did so tough to compare errors the I I I don't think I'm I'm with the out of the good news anyway and it can grow and it's number won't retire -- -- Paul Pierce is a century Allen is the one it is voted to question accent comes up it it came up on its export out exactly when it came. It came up without -- myself last week and I and I think it's. To me pierce and Garnett are no brainer and I think. The -- one is more difficult. But again if you wore it to -- KG is before Gloria on I don't think any question Kevin Garnett. Was that the fact -- most voluble player 2008 season I have. -- lost years fifteen years adamantly so that's fifteen MVP -- that and I say I voted for. My vote has gone to a guy hasn't won. Almost half the time I think most of LeBron is my first couple years in the league you know vote on the morning first generally getting crumbled one. I didn't vote for Steve Nash either year that he won in the -- -- pretty much like 5050. To me 2008 was one of the easier year Kevin Garnett to the definition. All of most by -- player. In almost every way in various you know Chris -- one year Chris Paul the second. And I knew that's how was gonna finish but it didn't it you wanna put to me is more important for history to vote for the right guy. There was -- -- brief span when he for. With the season. And felt that I think 71. Big national TV game against Pittsburgh -- 35 game I think that he is MVP candidacy by. To me Garnett was the MVP of the 2008 season and is the MVP of this. One and just like Larry Bird is the best player of the eighty Celtics. Still doesn't happen can Mikhail Dennis Johnson Rome -- same way Kevin Garnett to do this by himself as he won't do it in Minnesota and Paul Pierce was. Everything Volcker was a first ballot hall of fame player in the greatest Celtics ever. But to me there's a difference between Garnett ran out I do think -- number eventually goes there's more healing time that happened between. That day. Then in that regard them what you were up against a break here of we see a loaded up on the phone lines appreciate don't arrive back to him after this break. No we're upside down on the dust to -- cut all the facts when visitors. But -- -- -- investment in my decision on all the options wells went -- So my -- took my time. And -- much. House we want to see Jesus knows CR felt above the hole. The whole thing of the Boston changed retirement. How we wanna play desire. Home and do me in my -- mean much this is more. With a clear line with a clear -- what I want to do most -- To rearm. Kevin Garnett introduced as a Brooklyn nets -- -- I'm John Ryder here Celtics summer cooler with the job until 3 o'clock is that good. You -- -- now Brooklyn possibly the best starting five in the NBA you actually can make that argument this depending on in -- -- flexibility to anything to -- really depends on. They're probably their fifth guy of their starting five is better than any fifth guy. In the you know anybody Austin who went on and you got the league's superstars that sort of changes. By you if those guys are healthy you know listen I think we never really saw much of Jason Terry Europe that he might be sent all of better. -- do -- Jason Terry does and you know in in Brooklyn. -- CJ Watson -- nets I think significantly but to me. Yeah that that -- asked -- I was really there's a big debate New York right now but the knicks and the nets. And -- whether it where the debate and the nets look like a significantly better you know and have Thursday. You think about the depth that they had Kirilenko they have Andre Blige and if Kevin Garnett can be the leader -- -- -- I'm sure he will be a leader he can be get -- is ahead helped him get his -- -- for a little bit more. Interesting team you know chemistry but. Is always a question when -- when you when you get all those different players together Darrent Williams Joseph Johnson Garnett pierce Lopez but. When Kevin guard as there I'm sure real smooth things out and probably make things easier for -- -- like easier for Jason Kidd and outside use really gonna make like -- for -- -- this is the real wildcard thing it's not -- -- frank is gonna make things a lot he's that was a significant. Move for the next week marks -- that was again. We you know I think a lot of people insult -- organization were thinking about you know as a as a possible successor the Doc Rivers in the news here a couple of years ago. That's -- that's -- me is percent I actually joked on the air when that when that happened while the nets did indeed thought and -- hiring their head coaches Lawrence Frank now. Out there and you know us. I think Jay's kids going to be an interest in candidate and we we -- get very dismissive listen Doc Rivers went right in. He was he was never assistant anywhere he obviously there was a few years he was a broadcaster. And he did national teams and the significance for -- he was able to travel with the spurs' Gregg Popovich for a couple years as a broadcaster. Certainly it was a was help starting but he went in he wouldn't for political and our guys that they -- they were Johnson's -- the senate and in the had a lot of success doing it so. It's it's gonna be honest they're they're pretty much. Can't miss team if there on TV. Mean you're gonna you're gonna wanna you're gonna wanna watch the next year I was as you do you think that it's going to be. The Celtics are -- the TNT double -- to start the season tickets are going to be the Celtics nets and rockets lakers. I don't think you're gonna see a bunch Celtic games on the no I don't either but I'm talking about to open well I know that -- I don't know generally speaking you have the the defending team and obviously -- it is is gonna play that means the he tend to have it's that the champion is an eastern team. It's gonna be some team playing in Miami's -- think currency board you know they'll they'll load up the opening week and you see you know XP and TNT wood second shot on Thursday named Josie Brooklyn. And there are some point to me don't relieve. I don't think you waste from national TV standpoint you don't waste the the Brooklyn Boston game on the opening week via an opening week and seeing Garnett in the new teams in the new star attractions in different places in the off in advance. And you know the Celtics playing in Brooklyn beat the Celtics playing in LA against the clippers will be interest but obviously in the games -- -- those. The more games at the Celtics are gonna find themselves -- -- you know if there's an ABC Sunday afternoon in game. You know in the celtics' season this year -- be hosting Oakland be hosting the clippers of these columns and worse. Those would be those idiots in -- one half on next week men who will be talking about it in the schedule has come embrace him. Yes what must via the and it showed customers yesterday so they MBA next week here's Jeff -- kid got a Jeff. -- -- -- Yeah album art on the -- speaker. -- makes a -- and send -- 2000 residents to yes. Our camp yeah I'm on the kick our our services a little shoddy science or not. I found myself listening to you guys while it was great not old. And I -- in the 10% probably about Garnett just because. And let me purposes that I believe Garnett is a first ballot hall -- don't get me wrong but it -- security being retired. To me that. More honorary. Armed. And yet the body of work that he had it was great to be extradited spent the bulk of his career as a Celtic in you know it's kind of you know Paul Pierce is an operator I think -- Maxwell. Should be a no brainer. The bulk of his career what -- necessarily expand their solo on the fence are you brought up the EJ thing so. I mean I get technical either way when there but there is something that -- that well you know. It longevity of a career to win your retire number where organization I believe. It is there's of the -- to the way that numbers are retired. You know them. That the Celtics have retired quite a bit and numbers and there's some argument whether it be Cedric Maxwell and even some with a Reggie Lewis and and we said earlier around -- there's too much debate about. Dennis Johnson to react. Shy -- just don't see a major debate here with Kevin Garnett I think some of them might have to do it. If you were just a casual observer of the games you don't get the whole. He'll feel if you just look up this that's even though he has great numbers you just don't get how much of an impact debates on the floor defensively it's so many areas even orchestrating the offense it's -- -- it needs it's in -- you know again who knows him next fearful playoff for the Celtics blood. There's a number I used a lot. In the last couple years which use the timberwolves. Before Garnett. The timberwolves in the twelve years that he played there and the timberwolves in the six years since and I'm not sure. Anyone and by the way we're not saying it is number will be retired Minnesota because obviously well and that's actually a bigger debate because there were a lot of hard feelings from people in the organization about. Final couple years Kevin Garnett and I'm not sure war I'm always this is a separate Garnett. Discussion. Is there a player. And as any greater impact on one franchise. In any sports. You could say Peyton Manning in the colts used to be able same Mario LeMieux and the penguins until Sidney Crosby. You you know is there any one player connected to one team -- gap between the greatest player to -- that team in the second greatest player is bigger. -- the Minnesota Timberwolves that is still a separate -- questions obviously. He's he's. Gonna be remembered by a lot of -- -- -- the six year or so much so what's more high profile to the six years that he played in the twelve years he played in Minnesota it's going to be interest. The C he's remembered interested to me as probably the best. If there's an argument to be made intellectual argument can be made against it. He would be the notion of playing the majority of your career twenty DJ it was TJ it was. Pretty much 5050 right on the line in his assessment past Seattle Phoenix and that I mean if you look at the you know minister played -- -- -- I'm not and I'm from him it's like it's like pretty much for DJ and a 5050. And a -- Garnett won't be. But to me he's the definition. Of this. -- am surprised again maybe the next thing we'll fix some of them. The Celtic and off -- it did that part of his career may be time I can't imagine time going by. And people becoming less romantic about the six years -- to happen because that's not the way it works to be worth that. At the height of it being fresh in the minds I think when times goes but I know would no doubt cluster you know if it's always a more appreciation for. And the state in the belief in twenty years it's still going to be. You remember what it was here pierce Ray Allen at those times remember those -- -- the closures are many epic games epic playoff games during that stretch of time just an incredible. Here's Stephen New -- hasty. Steeple open Steve. And again. I have no credentials at all a -- -- but. Never made good enough athlete I've been watching these guys I was born in the forties have been watching fifties. In what vacancy is we're watching that press conference over the years. Is the first guy you know some guys look wouldn't Pierce's pocket. The people all the -- some guys have the look of the deer in headlights to -- it took like the guy who looked like they had like that are hit him. In include me. Mike my biggest is that -- -- makes -- such -- I think -- Danny could have offered him. If they're getting -- -- -- -- big guard that. You know the -- Regrets some balls and he's stronger personally. All the laid back guy he's part of the town you know them from policy part of that -- connected. But I think I think any kind of -- assistant coaching job Letterman gave the Celtics. And with his personality he would not have. Over shown that the new coach Tom Lehman -- name. You wrote Steve and Brett Stevens where Garnett obviously nobody would pay tentative Bret -- if Garnett and feel but give Paul -- -- He. I don't think well Steve -- And the -- -- still got a few more years left Audi north coaching is in his plans at any point I hope he talked about the at a GM yeah America. Paper goods unless it is true that he abducted -- that is not a coaching job assistance but let him stay in the organization. How many times the other guys it's. Please in bleeds and says I want to stay here remember that. -- they'll be appalled peers not days the cause -- in them I'm sure that China probably do that hold one day contract thing and I think there's some great great possibility of that that particular thing happened like Omar coming back retiree. And it's as this is why I wanted to do this this week because that sentiment. You can you can feel is palpable all of us had a common. Feel I mean there was this is sort of caught sadness it was just this. This isn't right let's go straight there will be come we haven't seen him play -- -- tedious and at any moment yeah as a member of the nets because we were discussing earlier. And -- the fans will embrace those moments when they happen and be happy for Paul Pierce when they did. The question remains it's funny because. If any doesn't make the move to need to be far more criticism did not that criticism that the far more criticism age. -- made the move Huckabee rocketing out of -- out not gaining four. And it was always going to be. What ever the return from Paul Pierce was always going to be disappointing and that's what you would say to me and they did. Constantly over the last year he got a trade popular she got a triple -- I don't think they -- even at the height of the trade market a couple of years in a year she got back -- game. The -- that wasn't going to excite people there was no package of players everything coming back from Paul Pierce. In two years ago three years ago that ever would have been worth it even now everything is just so intangible. And we -- not -- actually know how this plays out for 3510. Years. It's -- summer cooler John -- along with John grandy with the up until. Well 3261777979370. Can text us. AT&T tech's 93793. Civil gave break -- flash -- some Red -- information and Bowman pitcher rotation in the flash will hear that news up next.

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