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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Dave O'Brien

Jul 20, 2013|

John Farrell talked to Dave O'Brien before the middle game of the Yankees series. The manager told Dave that Felix Doubront's confidence is growing.

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John thank you very much Red Sox getting the second half started just as they did the first after the victory over the New York Yankees in. John I think we have to talk a little bit about Felix two bronze in his match for his nation process and where he has come to this point how impressed Daria and with a win like last night. You know even despite last night's outing which was another strong on form -- you start this is C ten and 111213. Starts in a row where you go -- -- -- keep the game. Under control given us a chance to win but you're given up less than three runs each time out that's. Started to get into that category a model of consistency which Felix has done and I think in addition to some slight adjustments to a five they were routine which we start acted. In two trips ago in Tampa where he and -- worked through some different. Daily throwing programs and the day in which he throws his side in between starts. To the confidence that he continues to grow with each outing in the in just reading his comments after last night's game. -- way he feels like he's a winner and I think what the power of confidence can go along way -- when guys start to view themselves that way. That not only that trust in this stuff really takes a step forward. But they're at their overall belief that you know what on the guy on the mound and I'm gonna win again today. He's consistently doing it now seven in three Jonny Gomes said after the game last night we had him on a starting Jamie said when I faced him. He was one of the tougher left handers just pure stuff he said he was a very uncomfortable guide -- face. Well he is and for a couple of reasons one he does have that left -- ability to throw that fastball about. Five to belt high away from a right hander and it seemed like it gets off their barrel in Indy it's a lot of swing and miss in that area of the strikes on. And then at times. Either by intention or not he's got some a little bit some effective wildness within the strikes on and I don't think hitter can go in looking and any one particular area because wanted to compliment to his overall stuff. He's not going to be in the same spot all the time and he has a willingness to throw a novel his changeup and curveball cutter at different times in the council. Some swing admissibility some variation within the strike zone and then an overall pitch makes that is pretty darn good that that's a good combination for -- starting pitcher. Red Sox with a victory last night and it was going to be tomorrow night Jon Lester against CC sabathia that's not going to be the case can you address that. Yeah we we've changed some things up as good command of the break. You know it in Thursday night's work out and then each day of the throwing program felt like John to benefit from a couple additional days of rest. -- this is probably just some general wearing -- -- that a you know twenty starts and nearly 230 innings under his belt already is gonna. You know give him we do have the ability to give those extra days coming out of the break as we are. So he'll go on Tuesday were -- still undecided on Monday Brandon Workman as a possibility or someone in Pawtucket but he could become an and to make that start but. Dempster will go to nine Ers gives me tomorrow night. And that pushes Lester back to Tuesday. About Shane Victorino had to come up because of the -- last night with his status still day -- day but he responded well to treatment today. And I think he's gained an additional level of confidence in his discussions with our therapist today on where he's that. In managing the situation. We fully expect him in the lineup tomorrow night he needed today take recover from last night in and get that treatment the intensive treatment that he's gotten. So it's a situation he's gonna have to manage we don't feel like he's a greater risk for any long term type of injury for if we put him in the lineup so. I think that's what he's really come to grips with over the last 24 hour. As best he can -- you set people's fans' minds at ease about Clay Buchholz if I would say do you absolutely. John he's gonna make -- start again for the Boston Red Sox several starts in 2013. What would you say. I would say emphatically yes eat -- now. Throughout all of us I know people are watching this in every waking moment as we are no one has more frustrated than clay he wants to be -- wants to pitch. And we fully respect that while not a 100%. We were gonna do everything that's within our capability to make sure that we get him back to that health status. To get him back to where he's a productive pitcher force and I do definitely believe he'll be on the mound for so. He put a ball back in his -- yesterday we expect him to do some more throwing. Over the weekend here. If need be we would get them to see doctor Andrews for a second opinion just to answer any additional questions. And I think what we're dealing with that way in this is for an elite athlete you're dealing with the physical side of things with them at some point. You're dealing with the mental side and and and they've got to come to some grips just we talked about victory and they have to come to some understanding that they're not gonna damage themselves further. If they go out and compete at the level they are or are asked to sell I definitely think clearly back in our. Rotation before this -- out. It's such an important obstacle that mental obstacle you're talking about I'm not gonna hurt myself because I didn't really damage myself before pain and injury year two different things right well they are there and and I think finding that threshold. Is the most important thing because. It's tough enough to go out and compete against the opponent at this level and I think what John Lackey you know what we're seeing in John -- he's not competing against his body right now. As he might have been -- than last year plus that he was active in pitching here before Tommy John so. They're delicate situations dealing with the psyche and putting them in the right frame of mind in the right place so that they can respond or the body can respond as -- asking for. And that's the key of getting productive players here. Finally our Mercedes-Benz question of the day for John Farrell it's about closer Koji we are. And isn't it time people start to realize that he can get the job done just about every time you send him out there and listening -- talk radio today. And it's it's like everyone's waiting for the other shoe to drop as if this can't continue until October. Why can it continue until October while want he's a very very good pitcher in. And don't let the radar gun readings fool you that he can't beat a top flight closer. Because. Let's face it pitching is a matter of disrupting hitters timing and there's different ways to do that sheer velocity with a -- -- pitched. Deception which coach he has in his delivery that hitters don't see the ball until it's ordered released and it's on its way to home plate. That's what makes is split finger as effective as it is. There was a closer named Doug Jones who threw about 84 miles an hour with them almost a screwball like changeup that saved over 300 games and there's a lot of different ways to do it but I know one thing when Koji comes to the mound that as one of the most relaxing innings of any game that we play that when he's on the mound so. You know once again and a nine pitch inning last night extremely efficient. He he has been a huge boost that when when -- sign him. He he got the right guy for what our needs of them and it ends with great energy great enthusiasm is at -- -- last night. Yesterday's you know that's a little bit of a sideshow over you become that you come to the point of expecting it of what he's gonna do on a given night then he's a great teammate he's great clubhouse. -- back -- double -- -- one heck of a pitcher John thanks good luck against the Yankees in game two tonight thanks to appreciate it. Our question with the manager was brought to buy -- Mercedes-Benz. 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