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Red Sox COO Sam Kennedy Joins Mustard & Johnson

Jul 20, 2013|

Mustard and Johnson discuss the delightful successes of the Red Sox as the we are just past the halfway point of the season.

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-- Johnson Sports Radio WEEI. Hey don't forget celtics' summer cooler at 1 o'clock meanwhile most of the discussion as a matter of fact all of the discussions so far on your Boston Red Sox who began the on official line always gained 97 stop texting may. Second half of the year with a victory over the Yankees last night for two at Fenway Park here to talk about baton. Other things Red Sox is Sam Kennedy this C poll all of the club good morning Sam. Good morning guys great intuitive. You had to like what happened last night over the fence good way to -- all star break with a victory over the yanks. It was terrific you know we have we and I don't want anyone to wake us -- -- 98 games ruined. We get 60% of the season under our -- and it's going to be fun right here in India cannot the second half -- the last couple months should be a lot of fun. Where you Larry came up with the perfect question this morning kind of stumbled on -- as he usually does. He said I usually -- did. Or are you desperate in other words everybody's content perhaps -- is tad bit complacent -- what's happened. Over the first 97 games 60% of the season. But are you desperate enough to want to win a World Series from the club's perspective. Must be different difficult balancing act you wanna build for the future but you wanna pay attention of the here now as well. Yeah -- I think that captures it accurately I think this entire organizational philosophy is how do we. But I do everything in our power to win now without sacrificing her mortgaging the future and that's why. Our baseball operations department has. Such a difficult job and when they deserved a tremendous amount of credit for. Our past twelve years here together but in particular they should be particularly proud of what they've done this year. Abandoned in my case of the -- now -- have really walked that fine line. We had I think -- 43. Players. On the roster are ready. They've just done a masterful job this year and it's really been something that that we should all be proud of but listen as John Ferrell says no. No -- her first half performance we got a long way to go into this position is really tight and and eating out here we we get towards the end of the year but so far so good. Good morning Sam. Sam point -- How frustrating. Is it knowing the nature of Sports Radio -- in all 6 o'clock knows how they always lead with a negative stories first. How frustrating is it for you guys are really had to have played so well and yet honestly taking. Taken the back burner Britain Hernandez unfortunate situation M and the patriots. And the changeover. Of the Celtics would Doc Rivers and Ghana and KG is that a little bit frustrating because you guys haven't been getting the conversation that you normally deserve. You know obviously it hasn't it actually did immediately. A result of having been here in the market for twelve years to put it. -- -- If you've been refreshing out if it could really nice that. You know to tell our guys go about their business and then an ownership you know China and comment and Larry. Have you know the they've gotten a lot of credit fears some of the things we've achieved but they've also been camped out on pretty badly when -- have not gone well. You're kidding certainly not by anybody over here. Never ever going you know I think they deserve the criticism that they deserve the credit that's you know it starts and with those guys so. They I think it's been refreshing for all of us and you know we we really great leadership. Is accountable than we do need to be accountable when things go wrong -- Oh we need to. Give credit others when things go right it's got -- of -- -- success formula for success they know. Our guys believe -- -- an independent. It's just being what it is so it's a reflection. Of the best baseball market in the country can get CNET and -- -- -- -- around. These other cities and other markets had a chance to work in New York to work and seeing Diego. There's just not unlike Boston it's easy task because he's -- -- relevant -- people. -- is the guy with the Red Sox and. We never take that for granted ever so it goes with the territory. But the fact that this year you know we're or 100 games and basically get the best record in the American the work. Cycled to the best record in all of baseball and and it has been quiet. And it's that's refreshing I mean it can't last night when it's 38000. People bought tickets at Fenway it was packed -- 95 degrees and humid. And our our fans are there -- supporting us and and we'll go take that for granted but. Given that a little quiet you know we're we're we're okay that we just we want to keep. And what we're doing in this resilient. Fashion and more well see how things turn out over the next several weeks. Yet I also like to know by design. Because of what you went through before. You've heard it said -- -- EO and you almost did it immediately. That you and I know it sounds corny but you have a really likable. Team over there and you have a very likable manager people really like the team and they like to play is not just their performance. But they really liked the players. Yeah well Larry you know I'm out there talking and each and every day obviously I live and work in this community and and they say that. That they say I'd like this he I'd like these guys so you're absolutely right it's not corny. And you know what times are tough up. You're you're leadership in the China agree and how warm here. And Larry Lucchino. Need to be out there taken that he didn't really did they ever take heed. You don't see them out there now that there there you know they're not out there are taken all the credit and look at appropriate. You know they're there they're taken response. Ability to wait a minute I saw Larry in a closet the other they with the hearings. Well yeah without blood Blair wanted that shot I I have to that capability inside baseball I actually hooked up photo. We're down their thinking -- -- know you're coming that's sort of they've got a tweet was from my iPhone so. I could get tired of it malaria find companies need to send out on what now Larry's been -- since the market leader -- and the station's -- a. Yeah right. Yeah. Does that mean that McCartney was he reward Beatles -- after the game. -- tell you lose you know is a baby get a real country music and you got to do that's disappointing here I was like Larry. Yeah our policy you really get into an -- that can't get it to that was some -- we have last week which is out of the universe and eleven I'd never heard of. I don't believe there you could tell you what -- -- you you know like the single most important living rock artists. To -- guys have never heard of people. Two guys who couldn't of sorts to get what I want one gal by the labor contracts. I have no. To put aside the thought that there are more country music -- -- around -- now that we and we knew why you have to remind. Is this fact as Iraq combined sales let's say Cameron thought -- the other point you brought up that I find most interesting. Because the team is playing well because you got a manager who people could really understand -- he's focused. There's really no need for Larry and calm. In John Henry to be out publicly as much. Is they had to be last year trying to. You know close the -- Yeah well I think -- -- American there there are guys that there had been a baseball longtime. These pictures the ups and downs. They -- the track record of credibility and success here -- but they also know that. You do take shots when things calm -- poorly we all do and it goes with the territory but again you can't respect -- because of this market. It's not like this everywhere airport these guys turned owner I don't we all feel like we're in baseball have been haven't -- -- and other markets whether John. Only the Florida Marlins are currently area Tom -- -- Diego Padres. This is where you want to beat you wanna be if you're -- baseball you wanna be in Boston and you wanna be paranoid park you don't wanna be anywhere else and a lot of great things that go with that and there's a lot of difficult things when things don't go well also congratulations. All of us to -- into the difficult times but you know we're not celebrating yet I think. We we recognize there's a long long way to go but I I can't stress how pleased we are that there are baseball operations group. Just worked so hard to -- -- at that trade last August entire offseason to get. A great product on the field that everyone could be support. -- speaking of that operations -- -- the fruits of their labor will be on display what next weekend at Fenway. You have in terms of the other finally got up teaches at Fenway. Yeah we we we get this tradition was actually there -- -- nose idea I came up with the idea of having them us from our minor league affiliates that calmed down. When it -- that accounts we've got the Portland dusty dogs and on the Harrisburg senators Saturday the 27. Great opportunity to look come on out serve very discounted ticket prices -- the -- certified box and discounted concessions and get to see some of these tech great prospects that he'd gotten the Red Sox minor league system I think is one of the top. 45 in all of baseball and my case -- independent and company. And then obviously deserve a lot of credit for that so it's great to see futures stars had a chance to come to Fenway and as people as we get into the second part of the year. You know everybody's made a big deal over the years about the sellout streak that ended what is the status now I know there was 38 plus overcapacity last night you guys Bob -- and out every night what's the the official attempts -- -- We've -- our own eleven or twelve pounds this year we had you know crowd and in this 3536000. Range of the last couple homestand certainly these Yankee game to be sellouts. -- We don't have the talk and chatter I thought streak -- -- let us. But it is remarkable that the fans continue to come out. And and it is it does give us a real competitive. Advantage we only got thirty some odd games left at home here in. We we really appreciate the fans about the players notice that they really do they talk about it and I love playing in front pull out the atmosphere last night. Was electric it was a great ball game -- products to pitch well how -- -- atmosphere and vibe in the ballpark really helped the Red Sox went. So can you confirm that Pedroia is a re up for a hundred million over the next five years. Absolutely. Cannot comment. Was that you are Pretoria -- was I getting great assignment new deal. Well I guess you'll think that Dustin Pedroia and out so biased I would be the wrong person to to be negotiating. -- -- agent -- just such a fan he's. -- look at what he's got to get played in every single all maybe all the one game this year. And he is just he he he is our MVP he's the guy is incredible the -- represented everything that the Red Sox stand for. And I hope that he's around for a long long time but believe that after -- prevent -- and the baseball folks to work. Figure out -- chatting with you again -- and it does not have a big event coming -- we just talked about. Review Ben would you check out what to -- putting out another one now those that's the only covered that we do we a lot of you know what he's abscess was Sammy is watching the British Open and trying to conducted important and are you at the same time I am I would never do that to you by the way as we -- friend them Mike Dee moved out to is a -- not to San Diego now president of the Padres center. -- another round Lucchino protege and ignore over a baseball franchise might be becoming CEO in Diego Padres and that organization not just got a lot better I'll tell you what he's agreed to that creative executives he's got endless energy. And he is they boxing guy at heart he loves his time here in -- facility gets. Not great guy we appreciated in San once again congratulations on a first 60% of the season keep it up in the next 40%. Our examiners Sam Kennedy CEO all of the Boston Red Sox with a sun Sports Radio WEEI.

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