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Mustard & Johnson - Should the Red Sox Trade Ellsbury before the Deadline

Jul 20, 2013|

Mustard and Johnson discuss the possiblity of trading Jacoby Ellsbury. John Henry has openly said he wants to resign Ellsbury. Scott Boras is going to demand big money for his player especially if the rumors are true and the Red Sox extend Pedroia's contract for $20 a year.

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WEB. Sports Radio network. He's the mustard and Johnson we. -- kid and experience. On the WUPI. Sports Radio network. Mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEEI. Text in the 413 says here is the logical scenario folks if Boston thanks. They can't help. Will World Series I bet they keep Jacoby Ellsbury if they don't think they can win the World Series. They'll probably trade him 617 Texas says guys the right question is. What would you give up for -- very as a two month rental what you what would you give actually of what would you get in return -- he's already your upgrade. Over his replacement that's probably. The question they've been asking over and I mean -- the way he's used him right now. Of course for your not gonna help the Yankees I know that and that anybody the question is. Is very more desperate this goes back to your delighted or desperate question it's a lucrative and it's and it's a very poignant question kills seven. And -- But what if a judge Dennis the WEEI. -- -- -- our test. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If such a thing as possible Larry Johnson is turned bright -- Maybe an all time first -- maybe six but it's 779. 7937. Are -- are start today we will be on tomorrow. Another will do little for the patriots this special edition of the mustard and Johnson's show Sunday edition Red Sox once again. Not occupying the 1 o'clock programming slot the beyond it ESPN. 8 o'clock we'll have -- Korea after 7 o'clock in the pregame our pregame show today begins at 318. Red Sox on fox of course Red Sox and yankees inevitably they always play national games and there. When they get together -- game at 320s. -- grandy celtics' summer cooler. Happens at 1 o'clock back to the phones we go down to the pocket crescent is next on Sports Radio. -- -- -- Two. You look at -- about -- I -- bill to go wield very important for a couple years a little bit. The tech I mean what some. It I don't see they'll mow it. -- do something in return would -- -- -- probably sort of proposition Jacoby Ellsbury. -- couple of -- prospects in the trade for. It -- and com or. In America give you both. That would be a blockbuster deal that would work beautifully for the Red Sox but with the Phillies wanna give up ball like -- understand where they don't want to load. Lee's contract given his age and everything else. Is it too early to pull the trigger on Pavel -- Phillies but -- -- you also asked the question to they wanna go back in that direction and taken on some pretty hefty salaries. Well it. You know about -- last -- actress who I think they did her pretty a lot of money. Never do that -- back into the same thing. Well from the Phillies who works for the Phillies you're not you're. -- it it works for the Phillies on one level you're getting a relative to exorbitant salaries in -- bringing in. Up from relatively young player but you're inheriting a huge salary a big contract -- Scott borrows. Doing the deals so it certainly works for the Red Sox I mean how can you not want Cliff Lee in a stretch drive and an -- postseason -- Chris have -- gotten over it many of the cross arts games. I actually elect you know couple blocks over and -- house Bradley looking. He rejects. I idol I do relate to what he brings to table. It got pretty good swing on illegal you know couple. -- -- people as the train with the rest teen idol this year they are pretty -- a lot from the farm and dual. Aspect instead of going on in the big name and he cheaters and Mariano. From farm -- Skiing with the big -- That the you know it -- and I'm usually which congress. Well I -- I'll use a more use a real life parallel. I think about the San Francisco Giants and as a team its one. Two World Series the last three years and they're relatively anonymous I know it's the National League west and we don't pay attention -- much what's going on the National League in general certainly not in the NL west. Lincecum got our attention and you know that the cardinals -- minute and all the teams have proven that you don't need. To have mom you know 150 to 200 million dollar payroll. Two wins and that was the intention we talked about when -- to take over the team a couple of years ago. He was gonna combined. The ability to go out and spend the kind of money either France likes the sprint just like the Red Sox has. Yet the same time because he was bomb he was really a development guy from the get go work for Duquette. Understood talent was the scalp played the game. Knows how to build from the ground up. Such sharing -- is working -- organization with deep pockets in the same time -- -- such an emphasis. Even more so than Theo. -- on development. Law at the minor league system and it's really paid dividends at them at the major would I like anyone else I like -- Brooks is now with the house starts right now under the the handle of Gary decent CNET and he's a tough guy he's in our veteran tight manager. You know I liked the way when you do bring a guy up under year old system. You get players to understand early on this is the Red Sox system this is the Red Sox way of doing things and I think that that that's what they're doing. Right now by text or brings up an interesting historical parallel. Red Sox traded Nomar at the trade deadline we all remember that July 31 2004 -- know exactly. Where I was when it happened I thought that was going to be catastrophic. Told you what I knew the course they went out won a World Series. For different reasons I think Nomar at that point. Was injured to the point where he never really. After the injury in 2001. Was never really the same player they did go to game seven obviously against the Yankees the year before in the ALCS. But they thought that Nomar. Was a clubhouse problem that there was some sort of toxin that no more brought to the team each and every day that that needed to be removed. And it turned out that you know two months later they did win a World Series I'm not sure necessarily that no more had to be removed for that to happen but that's what did. Happen Nomar. Was exactly what the needed to get rid of at the time he was like a vacuum cleaner sucking out any fun and enjoyment. The team had he had a red line around his locker like eating when anybody near him he touted that famous pitcher during the yes he's a Yankee in the showing all the time a compressor which Jeter diving in the stands and coming out with a bruised bloodied face and no -- Over the dugout coding but -- I dug their -- victory Jabari riser -- when I met him -- Frankie irascible guy he was. I think Omar never had any post how rare it never make it without these are hot hacked cracked. Chris you're right back back and -- I like that I'd say the best example -- all time Nomar was that a choir boy next to a guy that allies to covered new York and as cranky as all get out cantankerous. Talk about irritable. -- -- -- -- Over and over was a good guy. You -- Keith Hernandez was the most difficult I'm cleaning up my language. To deal with in -- locker room yet look at -- he's he's one of the great -- filled episodes of all time in his hair club for men penalty are great broadcaster make this transformation amazing. -- is on the line it can change 6177797937. Brian in Boston your next announced I'm Brian. I don't think that Ellsbury is going to be created is no realistic reason to do it. If the Red Sox and they're in first -- now. Me so there are obviously playoff contention I don't know I think when the World Series. Side if you treat them you have to replace them. You know you can -- and yeah well what about Bradley. OK you replace the defense that it was. -- -- at the top order. I wouldn't I I agree review I wouldn't trade him I haven't really like our respective -- item -- through I think I think that what they're going to do. At this point. His hold on to a why you know at this point they're they're close enough to winning. A division -- close enough to make a run of the playoffs why do it now I think they understand that their future's going to be. Something else altogether but I agree with you -- doesn't really make any sense to trade him unless you really feel. Desperate for some other kind of player like a reliever to a replacing Andrew Bailey. I think the real question that -- the future if you trade on the process now would she. Is that the allegedly and help our people -- have a right Obama ought to just give away right as -- parental. You know and I any today sensibilities you know the the -- they're now since I've under the not out of it but they're not in the -- if they think they're -- -- -- -- Oh great review up front so -- -- -- have to deal. In place right you know the other thing too is the more you see in these veteran players breaking down left and right -- everything I I'd rather take my chance on a younger player right now. The ability to the other the other factor right now I want Americans with Victor Reno seeming to make it money's worth out of this health care plan. You know you don't have that -- you know of that whole idea behind victory you know I get to replace sobering you know next year in the area. It knocked our future I said Bradley was going to be the guy at senator. I thought. All -- yeah ideally as long -- the hit. Well I'd you know -- -- returning a -- that insurance policy. Why would say at this point I think they have the best of both worlds they have a guy they can make a major contribution for the next couple months they probably concede that he won't be here. For the future and they have plenty of replenishment some replacements. Down on the farm beginning with Jackie Bradley junior certainly Victor -- -- play that position. There are plenty of places to go in the future for right now however Red Sox are pretty good position to save always Danny in Quincy -- next on sport hey Danielle I. I finally got there they still intact after three weeks of political and legal -- radio my god and thank god. It is no doubt that today got rally just insure that the -- pigeon in 95 degree. People making millions -- -- when firefighters do it every day indeed I just ran five miles I sort of my god did we sell a limited slip. Did you say here's a smoking smoking we are predicting at the end. Out to -- -- twenty times I went to the response and I know that can't pay these guys. Twenty times I would -- -- don't know -- the good opinion -- Well I think there're certainly it's what -- do you think Hamilton -- Droid here is about a risk. What would be the ultimate limit to what -- -- -- I just said which which one do you think. We bring any impact on. They -- that I -- making it Danny the point I'm making. Is that their op play as well being consistent in you feel confident that -- not a. When you look at -- you know. Apparent to the play it any I don't know -- you know that's not I know you economic gotten smoking are picking weeds. -- -- I'm trying to get toward of his stops screaming for a minute. I said every case is different does not one blanket rule of thumb for everybody. You what you could send me equipment and they try to within a -- quite came. Especially. -- sort -- first place. Looking at that place because suddenly becomes a dollar on the commodity. Who said they're a seller we said that we said they did it. I didn't start the show that -- just pondering. What would you do. OK this is where this is okay well this is the only reason why this came about this sort of organically. Evolve from the Pedroia rumor that he signed a deal for. A hundred million over the next five years so it does because because if the Red Sox had any designs and all. Of trying to re sign -- does I'm just asking the question Danny. -- can take a look at the only the only seemed to take the team's attention around the in contention I want and -- -- the -- articulate. Articulate and good. Why is that why American American president in America. Not ready evidently just can't you answer the question. Any -- the question to say. This is what happens when you're running in this he's series. Danny did you take. Did you didn't answer the question I think you really need to sit down and got laughs and how are rating them toward America Italy and hydrate yourself Danny gets some Gatorade gets to get really seriously and it -- park I nobody said trading him to an American League team. Train him clearly that I would you do when -- when you're in our place. -- Because you wanna get something farm because you're not going to get something formula she believes FF. I would want what's going camping. That's the question we'd been. Ask me any of the question nobody's saying this is what they should -- we're just posing the question. Are you getting so angry about it it's an electoral like back in your brain there. Look at that you see I thought -- let it. Just like to see how he wouldn't do I mean I. But -- it's an opinion why it matter with you having an opinion about it. I think your opinion has appointed. There's there aren't. -- back to Euro. Saddam was and also its ideological sports -- -- Danny I just get your nanny I just broke Danny I just got through saying. I just got through saying if it's up to me I would keep him. Well I'm not gonna not a statistician -- We're rooting interest we can't give -- that based on car. I can be a good I can be objective about it watch tonight shall I give a -- That in order to have an informed comment. Do you think it is but the main thing and it. -- team is gonna take out very Hollywood become hooked climate becomes a sign that he. So you're SA Danny targeting yankees might want to Danny you're answer. Is that they should hold on -- Thank you very much for that response we appreciate -- 617. Seven's haven't met I'm begging you to not -- -- Simon indefinitely. Specially Danny and please stay away from Danny if he's driving in the city art wall pulling your next Sports Radio. Hi guys I don't and I don't. I'm going to be a -- Utah seniors -- yes they did. -- integrated and it was very very cynically. -- Apparently -- Your camera sting. Out contracts. If the situation -- Which didn't sit here. You know long term scenario where a player -- -- we -- answer for. Re. A huge -- -- I. Think opera -- -- -- YE a power thing. The or won't sign the audience here -- rate. Despite everything it out -- Are here. I hear you telling that. RL. How would be. Fastening and that would be fascinating. That the children are they make the statement. I think that. I went so wrong in the sense that as a watch here I don't think money in this problem. Well. Not now we get to it with his -- where where his agent it is because he wants to one up. He wants to be EE was ever gonna read sergeants they wedeman in my guys has sent -- -- -- more valuable. -- tomorrow. Well I think I think that actually -- indeed that contract a Detroit that's true but it's going to be I think -- real BR the same thing. I don't see anybody earlier opera called -- Thank jump out -- correctly you -- you're actually the first person -- took us three and a half hours to do you're the first person to see a connection between what Pedroia is about to do what Ellsbury might dip. Yeah I would I really really think that that's gonna happen and and I think -- a surprise in double what happens and I think that's. They sure it always it's great that it that there its owners. Sitting to our site at critical situation or in the air. Are still every night. Each chip and me in there they're way up and is currently arguably the most popular play your. Game. -- So that and a lot of cats well. And and and John ROT a feature set I shot I think -- more particulars. Do everything power to keep this -- around and -- -- -- let's try to stick around right and. But not for the sake of discussion. You started discussion off by presenting both points of view don't tell me it's impossible. That they wouldn't trade him if they got a great offer before the deadline. They probably while I agree with Danny -- says does it make to break up a part of your team when you're in first place. Which is still after present the other side and don't tell me -- number -- -- it -- thinking about it if the phone rings right now obviously I get Mike my Magic Johnson on the phone again. Texas says may beat the Dodgers -- -- and you can -- fear in return I I I think that would be tremendous I don't think it's gonna happen two years in all a row. But the best case scenario is of course they hold on to -- very. And they go deep in the playoffs when a World Series and some are another. Are able to re sign him in the process I don't know if that best case scenario is actually gonna our current. Time will tell trade deadline eleven days away July 31. More year -- very discussion this all came about after. Yahoo! Sports reported that the Red Sox. And a Dustin Pedroia in his agents working on a deal almost completed. A five year extension on his car packed a hundred million dollars over those five years -- in the highest paid middle infielder at least for now. In Major League Baseball history 617779. 7937. That's our telephone number Muster in Johnson continues after this. Well again where. Where we have more -- We have some we have some talent coming up but but it does Jacoby is somebody that would very much like. -- -- he's not the only. John Henry -- is a -- Maloney earlier this week on the future of Jacoby l.'s very all of this really triggered by the rumor. The speculation and Yahoo! and other places rob Bradford also reporting a WEEI dot com. Red Sox AM the Dustin Pedroia camp close to finalizing extension five years a hundred million. Making him according to most reports the highest paid middle infielder ever textured takes that issue with that. When it rod signed his gargantuan deal with the Texas Rangers he was actually shortstop. Obviously converted the third base when he came to the Yankees. The middle infielder with the highest paid contract. Up until Pedroia is as yet to be completed was Derek Jeter's previous contract. Eighteen point nine million a year so this Jacoby Ellsbury talk naturally emanating from that. I think about the future of the Red Sox they've had a pretty good president. He's Jacoby Ellsbury gonna be part of that future or I have the Red Sox based on their willingness to spend twenty million dollars a year on. Dustin Pedroia are they willing to say sayonara. To Jacoby -- one of the -- -- trying to use. He did to him between screaming. Is that there's no one blanket rule. -- and any of these situations I mean Tom Brady which you. Re up remembered our craft go to him and they're gonna give you a ten year deal I mean it's it's like that you get it you got to factor in the age yet a factor in that he injury possibility mean they're all kinda scenario is that at the look at I don't have a blanket set rule. That you can't sign anybody to a long term deal. I said it on racquet now say it again I don't think I'd go for five. Like would you take this control our attitude like I think their financial officer out there -- and cracked I look at -- is so dominant CBS program through all your team that you all of a sudden deserted. The Yankees a -- they would that went A-Rod contract for a a ridiculous amount of money for a longer pay period of time. And I've said it before and I'll say it again -- take note of how often these guys a break it down nowadays I'd be concerned about it. Texas says believe it or not guys detainees correct you have the best record in the league with a good chance of winning at all. And your do you consider trading a key player. And I think that's probably an -- where people people just have trouble listening when you when you actually say something. Not a price them it is it's out the air okay it's a process. Ability to trade or just asinine question to ask a question I'm just I would question okay for the racquet I wouldn't do what. But that doesn't mean that you know they if they get the somebody -- in the National League blows their mind and wants to give him nice package whether a couple of young prospects. And you got Bradley waiting down here maybe -- well I don't know I wouldn't but that doesn't mean making it you gotta present both sides. -- news stories from yesterday Detroit about the sign a five year extension twenty million her. Not -- Bailey Al for the rest the year with a soldier ish soldier shoulder issues. So. Does that impact their decision dual. The Red Sox think they need some shoring up in the bullpen can you. The goal with Koji for the rest of the season as your closer who's gonna take over that all important set up brawl. In the eighth inning are those things more important then Jacoby Ellsbury hang around for another two months and then inevitably he goes off the free agency never see him again. Or as you said in Kenya not dogmatic about you just stating a point that are you content to say listen to justice. And golds -- we'd expect to to be as competitive as we've been into first place so -- The state pat because we don't wanna give up any of the prospect yet all of this is based on the expectation my best can based best case scenario -- really -- around 84 games 85. Bobby Valentine addition by subtraction they would be better they would contend for maybe the second wildcard. No one expected them to have the best record the American only twenty games over 500. In leading the Yankees by seven games absolute ridiculous thought at the beginning of the year -- units which -- next on Sports Radio. They got in my life. Great so -- -- like -- -- the reason like some of the yeah. Fans are paying much attention to the Red Sox in and they are starting to win me back a little but I mean other people like ought to. A lot. Oil longtime fans really didn't appreciate. You know the it kicked it out quality of the manipulation of ticket availability where you know told every game was to sell -- there and DC there in new graphic. Technically appropriate ticketing agencies. At the last minute and make them available NC January February march -- and -- it. And -- it. Seattle and now I know we've talked to Sam in the past season -- you go to the -- -- website and they always made tickets available to people and you could column and get them so I mean I've never had have had to do that. So I don't know. I think it was really hard to get a ticket I thought the prices got really expensive and then when they. No continued that the Palestinians that the sellout streak when we could see empty seats in there every night the people that appreciate -- the ticket come around that. Let me ask you this would you -- Europe. Yeah I think he's yet that's the kind of ball -- like. And in that try to tickets they're expensive at some point somehow somebody's got to pay form. Well there there are almost the most expensive baseball. Yeah and you could understand why mark are smaller part of all the ballparks are much smaller these days in the retro parks than they used to be. The problem is when you have a successful team tickets are hard to come by. This year has been a little bit easier if you're going over the ballpark yet this year Mike. That didn't want them and I'll probably go get it here because you can buy tickets this year right but I'd just -- I think pro wildly the electric that you couldn't buy a ticket into winter yet get you know you'd see -- -- seats in the summer about. But anyway and they should we're not a big picture that we trade. Ellsbury hit -- to see him go but. You know Danny just blow another cap Blair when he heard that might not great event do you -- yes -- yards favored trading him -- before the deadline. Yet -- -- like this course just doesn't let this guy signed with their current team he I don't want to open up and I'd rather think this is a long term you know let's be good for a long time and opportunity and I would rather not but I think he. Now how about the argument did is I meant -- would you trade him when you're in first place. Because I think hawk -- to long term view right to get nothing form would be really difficult if they can keep. Right so you're you're what you're doing is what you are being totally rational very patient. And don't -- it over what they're doing now but you really want to see long term success over short term success. I do think that's -- they did well for for an extended period there. I think but sometimes they'll look at the beltway goes to free agency I think they get a first round draft pick for that and in the past they value goes in my pocket that is their trade. Well IE I think that things at least right now look pretty good for the Red Sox either way they go if they trade -- very they're gonna get something in return if they don't. They can ride it out probably he's gonna help them most likely he's gonna help them. The rest of the way 61777979. 37 Alan stone -- that's portrayed. I Al hi guys did -- have to know that there do you have a question or I was talking to one of the produces -- Now this still would -- we have him for next year with an option for. 2000 -- I think it's seven A yah your right okay now the extension that they wanna give them shall which is gonna. Three more years to it or we -- at five years after 2000 shifting. That's the question and there hasn't been any answer on that is this. Is this part of the car deal or five years beyond fifteen and no one has a I direct SA and now I'm guessing. It's five years like an extension. Okay I'm listening -- you can't even get them to admit it did negotiating well I understand that it is like that whatever it's worth the trade. It's if it's -- Tied up to the so 2015. And you wanna give him you know remorse yes absolutely they got place he's the type of guy you want he gets. He can't say that Pedroia it doesn't get her he gets hurt deeply and we are all like Youkilis. And they were right above you can report give the guy I would give the guy from starting now I would give him ideas but I wouldn't give them up because. We L 215. Till 2000. And then we get them out of five I I admit this -- I would yeah that's good point at least 36 yeah that's good point. This week Egypt -- two bodies are those dirty straight ball play old school we love him but he's just buckled up. Now about Ellsbury triggered that collapse Colin made a lot of sense. The other thing I think -- you guys can we can -- actions around rang up. -- -- -- Richard I think they've been great advocate exceeded all our expectations this year. I do not think. It gave pitching hold up. That they will be in first place. And at the end of the year if it doesn't hold opera doesn't all the eligible premieres on hold -- up it's holding up now. Getting more and more injury now mobile book called Leicester present. I just. Don't see them at this -- now if you guys cycle of 59 -- go back all the way betrayed when I was little kid. But history about -- boxes they have a great first -- them they always had a -- in the second okay. If you think I hope all wrong if you think they can keep this pace up I'll be amazed. I think maybe. It's a and big is the right on the -- he doesn't count as players stayed the same thing so do we get soaked in four or do we that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll take issue of one thing I've been around for almost as long as Al from stone -- Watch a lot of Red Sox teams from 66 on. Yeah there have been a couple of years where they bulletin 74 was one year. They've had other years obviously 78. That was the most catastrophic but. Over the coming years -- held on every pick up we have that miner that little asterisk a couple of years ago and they had like a big -- happened and vision can. -- -- I would tell you ripped through every art but look our drug reported five months. Well some discomfort and pain somewhere sort of I don't know. If he went to camp and but he also wanted to know and understand. That fits in with discomfort on the rest of like what happened. I don't know I would beautiful children and -- and an important committee or is it clear that don't have the right because oracle now he's. Yeah as Curt Schilling but Maloney earlier in the week talking about Clay Buchholz and his very frustrating. Stint on the DL hasn't pitched since June 8 nine and awful ERA one point 71 should have been the all star starter. Clocked close to a 100% but doesn't want to aggravate. A variety of injuries neck and shoulder and Schilling seems a little frustrated too from his perch over the air -- feel via Bristol Connecticut gentlemen brought that up and Ellsbury but he -- -- -- some news team wanna play a 100% yeah. And don't wanna play at less than a 100% -- course the ultimate. Warrior Curt Schilling -- thing at that notion and he said it best when you get to a certain age 25 plus. There's always going to be some nagging injury got to play through it no one did that better of course. Most famous playing games 62004. -- Curt Schilling did 617779. Seven and 937. This guy's always play and heard at least in the head Stephen Fall River you're next on. Let's get you now I -- a giant and the etiquette at Acapulco and apparently nobody looks -- Because he says that the that you -- felt very good meeting here. Also because John Henry diddle little song a little dance fool seltzer down and down -- pants and also studied about how Crawford right -- lot. Probably true and he also said Larry let you know what baseball operation but nobody believed it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why don't you think why don't you think people don't I believe I believe what he say shoot. They don't know how they do well there's a tough out front baseball topic. Now I think people -- most people look at Steve most people's said -- Larry -- you'd pound time. -- Why when you right now so what is your Steve what's your point that John Henry came on the station and said he'd like to re sign Ellsbury he's not lying we understand that he'd like re sign up. In the can be. You'll never liked the idea. Actor MVP yeah I need to. Know that that's that's more about -- -- that looked out still yet. Like it it's only half or slightly in the spot. Okay clash and one plate Craig not that. I bought that you have to milieu. Bought it yet in the year. So we all right just like Josh Becky when the screen -- -- not school. Hold it up they get rid of white judge Becky track. Well all played out his Bible he intimate acts like an open at camp. At the final yet that packet as he could -- Josh Beckett well it's all right. So to -- out there. Should editor at large and I want that thank game. There are -- and why aren't we eager almanac that played at the -- he's not going yet. We know we're a rich wait a minute when you mean -- even the that the game where he. He got it will get I would write they're -- what did you see an arm free agency and army play in a march in Charlotte collapsed on your bank yet but maybe his shoulder collapsed a body found on topic you are older. But we'll look at what you have to -- that in aspect of the year speech you thought about opening up our official put it at a but it. He's going to build up its. It straight go now the next thought that he appealed very. Close to the MVP -- -- -- the that -- we gonna trade that panic. Now the question is the question is Steve. Is that Jacoby Ellsbury. A more valuable to you in his final if you believe it's his final two months in a Red Sox uniform. And it perhaps some some our bullpen. Help now that Daley's -- when he left -- but you always. As the required to and and and come up for every command the best way to do it well he -- cap thing Cape -- your next that Sports Radio WUPI Kevin. They I don't -- good I am I'm good thanks weather concerns they had going into the scene and -- obviously for the first month and a half they were wrong but. Now they're almost seem like. My my my concerns are right where they should be I was concerned about Lester -- going into the season. And boats in the same problem lectures more mental problem and -- all staying healthy. Lesser political reason just his. It's just not there does not -- want them it's just it's a mental Mitchell Richard what am. -- Buchholz you know I got a -- yeah. An art than -- -- yelled at a lot of people that but I don't care my my my opinion in my opinion. I was really frustrated that every time they went to talk about Clay Buchholz last two weeks it was another setback it was not sent back yet it was OK to travel to go to that go to New York could be without numb. And we didn't catch. I've already was on the hospital and a -- I won the internal bleeding and in these -- at some event. Yeah I mean I understand you -- you all star regain your your -- you know you should be proud when I get it if you're looking -- contour and I'm not a Knick player not a team player just what are the reasons you know he he's not on out there he won't go out there I I don't get -- so I guess I think the threats are capitalists say OK well let's not talk about what. What what is now let's talk about where we need to beat. And I think they really should focus on not only getting another reliever because I don't think there's anybody got any delusions that contreras and lions -- the are -- for -- -- you know things though I think we've done that we tried that once before one of them yeah patient. I know that went and said that Blanton. Her into not available a -- get and that for the right right. And I know the borrowers to sign radio -- the right price that's the problem. Well like that and immediately you you know -- and there are you know I I not only in a Red Sox could make some kind of moved to get him that would be too crazy. And why not why I addition the -- in -- you know. Earlier and he's actually pretty swamped I think that the Red Sox talk about it Kyle -- -- well there's no question they're gonna need some help in the pitching department -- the back of the bullpen. Or at the fact of the rotation because even another twenty games over 500. And everybody is delighted to use Larry Johnson's expression. You're not I am yup I how can you not the question is and you know Sam Kennedy broke it down force percentage wise I'm just an English teacher he obviously had a good math background event anyway coming -- for us that yes 60% of the season. Has being completed Red Sox have the best record in the American League. Will they hold on. Dustin Pedroia is about to sign a deal what about Jacoby Ellsbury all those questions in the fourth Alex we -- in the morning -- -- -- -- -- the only minor -- coverage in the course -- one Bradford will be discussing that tomorrow morning. Sean brandy is here to discuss all things Celtics according to a big news conference with pierce and Garnett. Down in Brooklyn couple days ago will be back tomorrow 1 o'clock Red Sox play tomorrow night have you sells a good Saturday everybody by.

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