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Mustard & Johnson Sports Saturday - The Yankees are in Town

Jul 20, 2013|

The Red Sox beat the Yankees last night at Fenway in the first of the 3 game series. Mustard and Johnson discuss the win as well as the rumored Dustin Pedroia contract extension.

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No -- guy's sports center. -- and Jones and teachers and -- -- are here for you can't. Media and sports Saturday with a mushroom Johnson on the WEEI Sports Radio network came WEEI. Guns go. It is sports Saturday and -- -- -- toward Saturday it must be -- in Johnson and the artificial I do emphasize. Unofficial. Second half of the year began Red Sox recording their 59 victory of the year. Beaten up while most sad sack yankees my how times have to. Seven gains back in the standings to fourth place in the AL east Tampa Bay won Baltimore one as well. Red Sox maintained their 21 half game lead on the race to in the loss column. In watching that game last night. I was reminded of one of my all time favorite movies when my all time favorite -- I was thinking of the John Kirk -- -- western yesterday and someone mentioned. The great Paul Newman Robert Redford classic from 69 green about -- well I wasn't gonna quote that back or -- -- was that bow David powder day amber Bacharach song raindrops switches bowling congress to western but anyway. As butch and Sundance. Look at the posse. Inexorably approaching them chasing them chasing them chasing them. Both of the mcqueary who are those guys looking at the team in the New York uniform other than Andy Pettitte. Really who are those guys sort of these yankees they report they did you know. And Robinson can now argue about an hour's top of the eighth inning yankees two men on two votes. In the immortal. -- Louis -- the third baseman. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A year and shortly we can debate that. It is. A second baseman worth that kind of money but again whatever the market bears and Arafat canals going to be getting in new contractor it's -- brought more wanna do. Right by Pretoria where I think is one of the great leaders. Let me ask this Australia so when people say like I can't -- -- and these guys -- money and everything. Well the Yankees have a lot of injuries right now and we know that. So they pretty much have a blowing and teen. In the re out in the reality is we all like to see this as we like to see the big bumpers we like to see the you know the amount prop up his Gina. Is a ride this this year seriously. And when the when you don't have the style as the league games just become like I cut the cost I cameo I was is okay but nothing. Nothing great so when you say these right here how can you pay these guys on this money because you're the guys you really go to C. And I think we're long past I think in the early days of sports talk radio may be in the early days of our. Relationship back in the mid ninety's people used to complain about the money at that we've become much more savvy and understand. That there is a very fine line between sports and entertainment wise Tom Warner. Involved in the ownership group. Of the Boston Red Sox because he sees an -- as another television programming. Opportunity. Just like Roseanne and in the Cosby Show war. Tremendous financial booms for him the Red Sox has been a boon for him from a television point of view. The amount of money that. -- in generates every year. Makes the Red Sox are very valuable commodity why with the Los Angeles Dodgers. So interested in helping the Red Sox last August taking Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzales in particular Josh Beckett. All those contracts off their hands what are the Dodgers think about all those players they were great. Potential television stars in the number two market in the country in Tinseltown where all begins with a television and movie industry has. This such a fine line now on the other it is is. Dustin Pedroia have. Is he a marquee star. In the same ballpark as an A-Rod. Or some of the great players over the last ten or fifteen years probably not but I think I don't think anybody I don't think he's right. -- below that -- you remember that night at Miami Dolphins have that no name defense that way back in the seventies house is like a known name. Baseball team that's in first place right they put the pieces together they don't I mean Ortiz is. What tees it Pretoria you can argue the two biggest is on this Red Sox team right now deservedly so -- -- -- last dirt and buckles were supposed to be. Yet there in first place. Right but yet. We keep on saying that we we see all these flaws. Always -- to -- -- about day to try to figure out right -- truth played a lot I think this is a tremendous move I think it's a Smart move an alias two years left after. This year next year and then -- say what team option for fifteen. He's making around ten they're gonna double his salary. Everybody understands what a cash cow. That ballpark has been. How instrumental the ownership has been over the last decade plus. In making that. Virtually men over there but they can afford it. This money revenue coming from paying customers from broadcast networks. From marketing etc. etc. it's that are I don't think -- even a question isn't. At the other argument though that the -- ye be employees argue about all the time with -- these big major corporations and I saw the farmer's market the other day they were protesting. Trying to make sure the guys as the Euro stays on -- and just about profit margins and the lights in the thing is I think what people feeling his way -- even if we helped to build. It shouldn't we get paid something should we get something out of it I know you've gave -- a job and everything and you look at the Red Sox and and and the like him. They -- put a successful product on the field and that the the most but they've had great attendance over the years. And they made a lot of money. And so therefore of your play your journal we can't identify whether it as the players and repayment if I helped contribute you have a evolves so well I earned every Christian you did our arguments -- -- I think -- in -- To look at though likes of buying them. Who was a complete step with Philadelphia for a year or two women injured his knee again bowling in this guy gets awarded with rewarded with a -- contract. With Cleveland at these things -- insane to me. When at the same time we look union newspaper that the -- the city of speech where he is going bankrupt that is in -- and there's something and then a stadium right down the street they're probably paying staff at them -- like. An inordinate amount of money but. That's the reality women and -- that same -- also I can't get right to say that and I mean you talked to somebody who who makes makes a movie not who's in and it. And yet you know they show opera or two weeks in issued on this scenes and everything and make I tell me -- -- you we. Tournament to with a great actors of all time Paul Newman Robert Redford Redford terrific director as well the two mile time favorites but you know what they never approach the money. You know the highest paid. Film actor is right now -- paper the other day -- now Robert Downey junior. Rocket man. Iron Man assignment yet recommend was Elton John and Roger. I. I mean it's problematic about -- the but you know lot. It it is a celebrity driven entertainment world in which we live in Pedroia is the anti celebrity is a -- -- raise ago are probably a -- thing last night late last night overnight radio. -- Peter King was on and the the host asked them questions as well as the NFL goes forward highly successful and stuff you know weren't some of the major issues that. Roger Goodell was is concerned about has to face -- yet dinky thing about you know primary analysts that he is now. He says it's concerned about people going to the borrow games a football games and not staying home and watching them. Because of the high Def TVs in red zone and everything else but if it problems like it. You know you wanna attract out of the stadium your pay fifty bucks to park. The concessions they charge like five calls from Obama water it's abuse. In the salaries keep going up the -- ability keeps making more money. And yet they don't give the fans the -- that it yet as long as which is like movies Greg you're going to the movies are pretty attend while parks or go to movie. Another fought it all at the concession stand if you're going to with a couple of people. But yet people keep doing so -- -- keep doing -- you shouldn't complain about what these guys are making any market people's applauding. Well it is a very successful business model Red Sox maybe not quite as successful Major League Baseball not quite as profitable as the National Football League but. I am sure the Red Sox I'm gonna rubber strenuous I'm -- I mean c'mon you think about. It is beyond just the numbers it's what he brings. To that team to that club house. To that baseball diamond each and every day. He is the ultimate old school retro player how can you not love. What Dustin Pedroia brings he has a great understanding of the game his teammates is a great communicators. You know he he. Deals with the media extremely. Successfully. It's a total package the numbers don't begin at least the baseball numbers. Don't began. To indicate what. What value he brings. And I hate to use that -- value because we use it in the NFL draft all the time this is a total package is that or how a lot of people unfortunate -- whatever using this -- -- that's -- open up on Friday but. Dustin Pedroia I think it's pretty wise move it's gonna happen and plus you think about it who's the guy replaced in the all star game Robinson canal canal went down when he got hit by the pitch. Pedroia takes his place can always be represented as you know by Jay-Z is probably worth about 200 million a year at least. And. You know canals and make -- you've got to go to the president artillery serving -- that all that be -- I do I like my part I like to relate music. You know I Julia he's gotten some great talent now that's great though but. Quietly rising every is he could see in the pantheon -- -- see in the Manilow covered middle earth to Judy Garland just like everybody I don't like what you might call a time. But it does raise the question. -- July 31 court quickly approaching. If you other Red Sox. -- got a nice lead. It's obvious that the the rest of the package is in the packet they're crawling all reach out or. Kind of a move you make the make any move at all I think would -- calls. By the way am I the only 1 who I am practicing my comments he was at a charity event. He was doing something really. Worthwhile. Helping out at a charity events some bowling event the other night but -- kind of photo of him in the inside track -- he's hoping some little kid bowl. On any company can throw the ball on the apparently wasn't paying attention and Andrew Bynum -- trials and travails of cigarettes of lightweight event. This is the same guy we had a big debate about because he was out of bleeding internally -- something and he wanted to leave the -- the hospital early that -- some body at some event. He's very frail com and yet he just seems to what do these things that normally you would say. Don't you think if you have a -- injury or you have multiple audio whatever he had before. That you were just kind of laid back a little bit but it does you don't want to at least that's the other end of this pitching staff at least that bullpen has -- hopes -- -- Bailey we -- intervention -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and they drop -- and -- -- wasn't the answer and then -- -- and these -- -- the year no doubt about it he's -- have to have. And you. You -- you said okay but every time somebody takes a step up that it it weakens in another position so with the other ref starts right now you have the lead. But you have the lead in and I think you've you've got enough that you couldn't. You know it is certainly be at the finish line. Do you make a move him what kind of move -- make -- major move. Or do you try to sit back in just trying get. Another piece like a number of Thornton tight piece where you're not break in the bank to do it. Well a trade deadline is eleven days away here we are on July 20 trade deadline each and every year is July 31 eleven days away. Bailey is done. You know there was some speculation that Bailey would move back into the closer role you are has done a terrific job. But we've -- go on their bullpen now is deluded. And you wonder if they are fit to get through. The second half of the year particularly now. With all these AL least games you got four games Tampa Bay coming up beginning on Monday. About Yankee lineup as we talked about in feeble all year total impostors so don't look anything like -- Bronx bombers that we knew. In the days of your Dubroff pitched very well -- how ironic is this he look at at two -- and two guys at the other end of the rotation. They're leading the way as far as you're starting pitchers concerned buckles who knows what he's gonna come back no indication. He's ready to pitch again Lester in the last what 1011 starts trying to find himself yet again. Am this is a bizarre situation to say the least and I go back to those two contractions that we talked about her contractions -- injunctions. But yet. You could look at it on paper you look at the Red Sox and you think about all the problems they have. Lester struggling no Buchholz. John Lackey coming off Tommy John. And Felix to brought. Really finding himself and his thirty year here and you're wondering these -- the guys court gonna leave the Red Sox to the promised land it's hard to believe nothing to. -- and you really. Interesting game to that wanna see how Lackey is he consistent is he gonna come if he comes out again in throws another seven inning jam and you noticed nothing while this guy who did to his credit. He's turned it around I think Dempster has been very effective for the Red Sox his record doesn't indicate such but he's been hot like. Pitcher he's been a Bulldog out there continues to concern me and John Henry to get some of the most powerful people in sports. John Henry Robert Kraft. Jake up for the Bruins. Why they don't to a symposium. To trying for Guerrero. Why so many of these players are getting injured. File more that I can ever remember and now you -- Victor Reno who just ran Dominic hammy. I still wonder if these guys are working out too much in the offseason. In the to a point MM -- price fight as they never wanted them to muscle bomb because it you don't you put such a strain on the ligaments. And you wonder after -- it it does is ridiculous every time we turn around somebody getting -- they can't even run down the first baseline without somebody getting hurt. So -- that is that is the question remains an -- Listening to -- McCadam last night the dean of baseball knowledge and he was saying about. You know they can get this Jesse Crain is irradiated pitcher or K rod. From the brewers could be available. And we don't know what can Iran can be capable of doing clone ago Michael Young. Who's the flavor of the month for another third baseman. Bud Norris from the Astros home he said the only program -- it gives up a lot of home as a as a program -- regret here. But this is that in hindsight and I always try to approach this -- the when I was -- -- an overall in this together. Speak up. What would you like to see them do because don't don't wait until after they do something I don't do something. And then you start complaining about the other thing I'm trying to figure -- is when -- comes back off of the injury. Doesn't -- where physically -- Cisco does he go back to third base I imagine he -- Andrew balls back that. Shortstop is some point they have a lot of people they have a traffic jam us. Well a look at I look at it as a parallel to two or three years ago. Where and help me with this because it's Mike Cameron just the name just came to the front of my brain -- instantaneously. -- quick hot -- forget how that -- -- remember the ultimate zone rating or whatever that nonsensical defense gives you that keep -- -- -- two RBIs don't matter right end and rare happening that guy anyway. Ultimate zone rating they brought in my -- 37 years old put Jacoby Ellsbury in left field. Because apparently yeah Jacoby ultimate zone rating -- nearly not nearly as impressive as Mike -- we all know what happened there electric car we ran into a wall I say Beltre right away we don't know what's gonna happen Ellsbury after this year but I don't let you know don't pass that over that that all right let's I wanna comment that I wanna keep the parallels going here. You know or I'm going. What a goalie -- at his position his natural position eleven play the position. Let him play shortstop forget about Stephen Drew Stephen Drew is the Mike Cameron this seven of the 2013. He's driving McCray I see guys they don't make a play last night deeper ball. At that fort -- like our rifle -- for you almost got. A ball that was hit there are over his head slightly. Kind of leap perfectly jazz missed make it another. A nominal play that guy is -- over all Wear out his average is -- below that is only around 360 now. Are you got a game winning hit last night I mean I thank you for saying that what is the problem with that -- If he can't play third and -- -- package from what is the problem right it's a one year deal anyway -- they'll be rid of him after this season the years you've locked up Pedroia at least according to reports for the next what 56 years at twenty per hour would you go about Ellsbury. -- -- -- -- -- My answer coming up right -- of -- The slight tendency or as Larry Johnson would say proclivity. John Henry have -- Maloney talked about the future of one Jacoby Ellsbury home run last night. In the first inning Red Sox never looking back 42 victory meanwhile does look like Dustin Pedroia is gonna go anywhere prolong. Long time helping -- shall I like the way he represents. That team. He's great he's playing now where they what busted up -- -- -- at the guys still out there playing at the kind of guy you want is no question about it. He is an all star in every sense of the word. On the field lost the field. And you know it's a word that sometimes we use a little too loosely. But I think we saw last year leadership Dustin Pedroia is a leader. And I know that Earl Weaver famously said chemistry is a three run home run from me in the bottom of the ninth inning but you know lot. We saw that last year Dustin Pedroia. Needed to be a leader last year because there was a big vacuum. As far as the skipper was concern he had that confrontation early on. When the Red Sox. We were not the 69 win team they eventually became their a lot of people who. Came to the offense including you'll Bobby Valentine retrospect I think we knew that. Dustin Pedroia was right all along. That wasn't the way. We do things around here the proper managers now -- placed in Dustin Pedroia is able once again to exercise his leadership a Mets. Leadership capability. Are so funny in a Marbury to the phones it's like everybody was criticizing Pretoria. Speaking up like that wasn't his place. And I honestly think a lot of problems with this new patriot way is that you have a lot of players who stick their head in the sand. And nobody can say anything in just mind your own business and you wonder with the Hernandez. Better situation that may be -- get into the picture from a bit laid up it may be. Maybe you need a couple of guys on your team leaders on your team who can speak out and say wait a minute we don't do stuff like that here. Now does it help that he's sitting over 300 Desi does it help that he is terrific ball player former MVP of course it's not. All about some abstract prowess. Paula when you're -- what I write about Adam -- right when the Bruins are being real cheapened -- sticking it to players and stuff. That Bruins have a lot of leaders on that team but at remote was the only one to speak up. On behalf of the other players right in the eventually he has a -- to think about it this is a very astute move from a business point of view of -- look at from John Henry standpoint. You know that can always going to be getting 232425. Million a year. Dustin Pedroia is in that ballpark there's no question about it sign -- for twenty now. That's -- that you know and in in the future that's going to be a team friendly contract. So Smart move with a Red Sox certainly. No one seeing any diminishing skills and Dustin Pedroia is Reza may at this point and I would be. Very surprised Larry if there's anybody gonna call and say the Red Sox -- this is absolutely crazy twenty million dollars a year for a second base -- A lot of money but that's no it's like real estate you know might be a lot of money but if you you've got a house located in the particularly area then it's going to you know cost more -- located in Miami area are ignorant perjury -- case he happens to be. At the right time if the right place it's not a star studded team. And I think they won a stud building toward the future they got a program coming up they've got the nice no clear is that they were not talking enough about Terry timber will take some calls and that we will later but. He's done a nice job is -- it is kept the he is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Out not -- extra to get the -- a little cooler than yesterday so that's the big. Hope hopefully they'll -- coming -- -- so I -- code host of Pettit and do -- last night for a for a putting up the performance they did that heat that must have been brutal. Can you walk back and forth on my part of that option -- so I can't imagine animal baseball. You raise your right out like this on a picnic to comment on what other it's not so interpret area. Well the good thing about it is it was ten million. And only one year as you pointed out and was that we were saying earlier -- ugly sees is the heir apparent let them play the position in and say. Sayonara to Stephen Drew so what are your joined. Kept -- -- except -- what I read is correct and I'm not sure what the right it was action according aspect. The Red -- pretty much promised even your debut at shortstop on that on the I promise not he's a very good shortstop. OK when you let me ask as a as a fan I am and you go to the ballpark we we are you would you pay to see Stephen Drew what would you pay to see Iglesias. I'll hit -- equate it that third day. I'm I'm problem now. But that's not his -- not his best position he's is offensive player. You know even though he's hitting well over 300 -- in over 400 we know that as the old cliche goes water seeks. Its own level you should know that Atlantic City better than anybody else there and -- go Lacey is his future is. As a defensive shortstop he gets something out of him on the bat. -- Omar the scale over the years that's fantastic war. You know with the wizard of as Ozzie spout Ozzie Smith right yeah -- snows and say -- Newcombe Ozzie and Harriet Ozzie and -- as -- Nelson from the 1950s Ozzie Smith from Saint Louis. Those guys started off as terrific defensive shortstop in evolved into very good hitters. Who knows -- -- good duel over the long term of the bath but with the -- the guys you know he's so slicks so smooth future. And I don't -- that they exit through the double play last night it was it they may look. So simple and in Jerry was Grady comment on being a former second baseman about the hands the quick union's right in now. You know regulation through development appointment viewing like I would page is this a double play and -- -- now just a sea of equation is is good for at least one of those almighty god plays a year I'd a game right he really is in I -- I would pay for that it's exciting. And we enjoy does Barry writes my hot 'cause like he plays a phenomenal sent a field. Well really that plays a spectacular -- you check out his ultimate zone -- and stop I mean come on out of power here there. So that's the that's the question -- got to deal with now he had that one year when Andy -- said last night the first. And I got up our our not a -- Arianna. Good line 617779719837. Dustin Pedroia according to reports locked up for the next. Several years at one -- were trying to. Meanwhile all Andrew Bailey down with season ending shoulder surgery at least that is in the cards for him what to Papelbon is apple -- someone you would like to see return to Boston got an average of -- Phillies anyway we -- -- -- these Phillies fan of these people from Philadelphia -- you know where are all the Phillies fan that's a that was a Dustin Pedroia -- exactly. Where he was doesn't look like the the best sounds. And -- kind of resentment channel. Somewhere in a tunnel Muster was the Ted Williams Tunnel and out but. Ted Williams is the highest paid Red Sox player in his time highest paid player along with imagine Major League Baseball Dustin Pedroia won't be quite there but certainly. A very nice payday coming mr. Pedroia is way about twice as much she's making now according to reports five years. Twenty million dollars whether that that's an extension of the current contract which runs out -- out readers -- he nor. I just wanna -- of it changes -- really I hope he stays -- -- he is sometimes to get guys and then as they get old Little League it was sort of opened cranky and whenever I hope he -- -- -- is somehow or another I I think that down to earth approach the dirt dog philosophy will always be implies I don't think he's gonna get fat and happy 617779. Stuff that happened. -- -- -- -- -- And in Framingham -- that. Sports Radio WB. All on because. A hot is an -- thing -- -- Phillies no no no Laura would say I Danny's. Capital Laura Laura you know what. Tell Laura lover. -- Let's talk a little bit about -- Rivera and and that I do believe deeply he certainly agree that the market. Minors for a close in the conservative nor would it be deductible. -- -- Well lol would have -- -- put this argument what's arguable about it. Well I -- regular pocket conflict go up. Bruce tutoring at the credit truck they did it multiple innings -- gossage did. They didn't do multiple years that's the difference but at a look towards the giants sandy who against San Diego Hoffman. Army half from Trevor laws governing -- idea of -- I couldn't close the deal it has never really have pressure situations. The way that Rivera did I would say that are the best all around reliever. In my book in my many years and fortunately we're all veterans fingers would be the guy that I would point to because he had. All those World Series CPE pitched in pressure packed situations as we well now -- satellite got a bunch of old curmudgeon sea air -- So we're channeling our inner Dick Raddatz. It's fingers would come on and that was the style of those days in the seventh -- -- taking Andrew Bailey myself. That you need out there a couple of things that shut them wanted to punish store in my opinion he did this in an era where -- -- He was facing were painted bright and he probably. Right that's why he and Pedro the right yeah you might think that he I would say and obviously data did not have the the endurance. The resilience that Rivera has. But you look at those two -- -- from a starting position one from the back inaudible band -- -- how they dominated in this Sarah is beyond my remember it should remember that all star game British prime time viva they're valid steps and also the moments. Bright future direction and all the rich document and you've got to learn to ski in the way they've warmed. I don't put that I look forward to great article not too -- go insult that they should do this. In the bullpen from a more fit and I think I would agree with that a little quicker than anything out there -- -- landscape. That would Alter what is already going on I mean I don't think they would give a cooperative -- got hurt nobody available. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah and report. Right and you know lot -- -- I would trust them in the playoffs. Picnic noon to do with it may be what they did they sank contreras. And remember these -- feel welcome by chair and hotel room we -- brutal enemy yeah. Purdue when he went to what city yup Milwaukee. That is might be the single most anonymous or you know I like of their -- -- -- like -- said the other day if you -- eliminating players because they and drinking are running a prominent reverend W whenever -- -- to feel about a team. See the larger question handy in your reflective philosophical guy is is this. Team good enough as is do you wanna surrender some potential young talent they've already done that Brandon Jacobs. To get important do you wanna continue to do that or can you trust. The roster that you have right now and the players you have it's. And quickly that there are other certain people we've we've got -- -- executed well got it would not with the that you were and collegiate. I would not armed guards on pension reforms that would not with. Dilution that would not work in word and Alex give way to change -- your question -- that. Sunday and what's your electric when he took the ball over the plate. But those were some independent report about what Portman may be wrong plateau or Britain those types got it -- definitely. And I would you know. -- about what you want to know do you want in comedy you wanna bad. A little more. You know it's -- wanna I -- And then I'm really nutrition therapy. But the close situation with like it should just happened to lead grew to connect kept. Yeah does the bay only injury the make things just a little more fragile stereo. Yeah there is nothing really out there were used to give up on some -- tell you. Acquired over two or three years. You know what I'm surprised that in the end there wasn't much coverage about it and you can go on about his behavior and stuff but a surveys. How they outright you know released of them loses to deposits -- -- -- like he can say what you want about him but he could do both jobs. There -- to Millar their control of with a deal to our Karl a couple of games. Well I give her credit for that though he is running the show. By the way you Francona got to be about it the year -- -- -- pick -- -- I think barrels she -- at this point in Cleveland's only a game and a half -- of how are they doing it because well and all right thank you thanks Cleveland doing well you got to refer Francona Ferrell doing well obviously those guys were the best of buddies in a great partnership -- -- with the pitching coach and you know we talked about this last week why Ferrell. Has been so successful with Scott -- -- the Boston Herald and I think he's taken a little bit of Terry Francona little bit as some of the other. People he's worked for but you have to say that would ever Francona and Farrell. Have brought to the dug outs in their respective block clubs it is working -- obviously Ferrell has little more talent to work with and yeah. Farrell's the biggest key for him for me is a -- from his pitching knowledge and whoever you know the pitching staff coming over it he's decisive. Whatever he's kind of region easy is just gonna do you -- -- and you're gonna be right calls all of that didn't work out -- going to be -- close it. He's very decisive about what he's doing in my know like it but he's very decides. But you know what he is it goes back to watch -- Droid is able to do he's a leader because he's a communicate her. And Farrell's communicators so you have someone in an official position as your leader the manager and an unofficial position. As your leader in your second baseman itself. Both those things obviously still have to go out there and get the job done on the field you still have to hit the baseball. Is still left the pitch the base boys but the catch the arrest powers of his Italian holiday doing it when you look at that lineup how they doing. Well then everybody is watching this team the biggest surprise has been. They've been doing it we have depth with the names that we would never have even thought about. You Horrow is everything about you Behar before the season now they would think he was going to be as our ally against the Yankees pitching in a closing situation. Anybody think that that Ortiz movie banning 320 and hitting nineteen home runs and 65 RBIs I mean that you can get I don't you know I was the one I'm you know they make you look. Still -- which is fine with me if it -- to their benefit. Because I want them -- Ortiz to a two year deal. Right and you were adamant about it and of course once again proved me wrong and I am happy to be wrong right in his case I'm happy you're the data set Bobby Valentine was I have to.

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