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Friday July 19th John Farrell Postgame Press Conference

Jul 19, 2013|

Friday July 19th John Farrell Postgame Press Conference

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Can you talk about -- scared to. As we've seen over the last eleven times is gonna amount force he's working six and seven innings each time out. -- runs. In in probably the last five or six of those starts and he's come out and got into the rhythm of the game much much earlier than maybe. First half of the season the first month and a half of the season. Give us not to in the win kept the game in check. Just another very solid effort on his part. Your thoughts on the team's offensive department. Normally I would put some good swings obviously Jacoby Jones tried out for the solo home run. You know Johnny with that the changeup up in the up in the zone and get -- ballpark in the and then. After the double play by -- that he induced for Victor -- he's settled in and we didn't have much social order after that. A big at bat by eighty. And we've we scratched out that fourth round. And then -- makes a couple of really big pitches in the eighth inning to get out of that second third one out situation so. Just a solid win here tonight force. -- Dubroff was only at 91 I think with will approach do you struck out twice before offer you -- folks who think India. If he pitches and I combine in the fourth and fifth inning and has a clean six. Hard hit ball by. Overbay to lead off the seventh all the right handers coming didn't think they'd go to -- Hafner and that and that early part of the game. Just felt like a right hander was that was the call to make right there. Felix of more than done his job and -- on conditions like tonight words probable and going out there. But like we're gonna piece of the rest of the way. I was the chain known him. Strength against strength tests are fine afterwards left hamstring started to grab them the inning prior to his last at bat. -- today is as he's been for quite awhile so we'll check before use you move or make a decision on -- tomorrow but. Didn't feel like there was any. Popping sensation known nothing like that just felt like it was starting to crack down on -- and then grabbed -- We've talked and Ellsbury is power throughout the course of the season what do you see him the last couple games. But to lead -- home runs. Seems like after he jammed his wrist -- come back and he's had about 700 since coming back from Jennings wrist so. You know he's been in such a good place from a balance standpoint timing has been much more consistent. You know going back to their earlier in the year when we come out of that trip through Chicago from that point forward. His timing has been much more Kobe like. And again his ability on base stands for itself for the with the Havoc and create but we're just a little better leverage. In this one overall. John two what do you attribute to your front ability to get into that game rhythms or -- and these last five starts as much. You know -- I think it's probably as much repetition and in innings under his belt. He certainly gained a lot of confidence the last couple months. He's trusting his fastball a lot more on the plate and not trying to be so fine. And he's got a four pitch mix working that he's -- right out of the gate in games. Not only establish a fastball that uses other stuff. I'm some breathing room inside the strike zone doesn't have to be so pinpoint by just trying to establish a special.

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