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Jonny Gomes with Joe and Dave on the Red Sox recipe for success

Jul 19, 2013|

Jonny Gomes sems to have Andy Petitte's number when they face each other, he talks with Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien from the dugout about the win.

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Johnny a great way to start the post all star break here was -- good pitching some home runs in this very timely hitting out. Yeah I think I don't when you a few games I mean you know it's going to be battling your gun against Andy Pettitte you know there lefties here. I don't know how many years. Yeah I mean you know health kick start us and then of course do you mean salty continue to roll their -- Johnny what is the big key years somewhere around 35360. Lifetime I think against the independent after tonight. As you say is guys went 250 Major League games what is the key did. The besting him. Let's not let's not get that -- -- incidents since sometime last. But I you know I've been asked to hit lefties you know you know a lot my career so you know -- kinda. I guess steady and instead you lefties. You know little harder than the rest. You know I'd do the same you know my role changed. You know those of the games you know where I really have to shine as a lefty starters. So you know I've had some success off of them got a budget that's you know it back in. He's from 03 on so. He's got me I've got him you know here's an even around longer. Why he hit them above the left Richard doubled to right turned -- to be very -- -- the insurance run was really huge as it turned out. Yeah I mean I was just looking you know lead off on you know when I saw him oddly enough news coming out for for one more inning. Tried everything activity you know on and you know first first about it last got a mean in a blue you know -- through -- -- Johnny and they change mind -- wise when the first day offended through the all star break towards re setting words or any resent being. Give based on the Red Sox have done I can imagine too much needs to be tweaked but going into the second -- what's the mindset this club. I think the mindset you know right now is to not change you know continue doing what we're doing. I mean you evenings off tonight word got a lot of success and -- goes out and answering him boom here comes. You know we had a -- him. Lefties come in and -- in there and we we got a deep team you know we can't forget about -- on the bench as well. And now we got a deep team you know we got you know some left -- matchup so we've got to continue do we've been doing. I certainly have -- it was very -- sad the hear about the Andrew Bailey injury. Is carbonneau has ever responded where they've been very receive when it comes to dealing with those type of things. -- not some ideal by any means you know I mean you know we went that would feel in the beginning and now -- -- Minutes anyway you know you know those guys just continue to pass the torch. You know we we're not asking you know more people let you know it seems like. You know the starters have been doing a great job -- gently into that game you know to trying to minimize carpal and so they continue to do that -- will be in good shape you know you definitely in this. And do run goes into the seventh inning he winds of getting the victory would have you seen with the the maturation process of Felix to -- particularly these last. -- seven or eight or nine starts where he's been pretty darn good. Mean -- -- -- you know I tell you what. You know he -- came in and you know second or third when any. We -- think you'd expect them and you know kind of -- -- -- you know way to win. You take those big runs up the board I mean you know it takes Thierry weight down. I mean a power arm that -- -- I've faced him in the past you know I think on a couple of bad. But you know he's throwing strikes getting ahead -- hitters I mean he's. These high up there there. But Johnny -- way to start we thank you so much for joining us and it's always a pleasure to talk to our guys appreciate it a stunning. Jonny Gomes I guess the home run and a double -- -- to score two.

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