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Andrew Bailey on the DL and likely done for the year... picking up the pieces of the Sox bullpen

Jul 19, 2013|

We discuss what the Sox should do to bolster their bullpen after it was announced that Andrew Bailey is likely done for the season with a shoulder problem.

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Even before the news with Andrew Bailey came out. I thought they needed another arm in the bullpen. And they they might need another starter if if the news doesn't get better with a -- buckles. They're they're gonna have to make another another movie you made an abomination move it why he can't means of these teams have one of each of but I would I would say. I'm still hold out -- quickly. -- the Red Sox and you have some. You got the payroll that you have. We have the pieces to acquire quickly. I think he should be in on the conversation. And then maybe another guy I would say a lower a -- not that not necessarily a nickname like Papelbon forget. Sergio -- at least -- -- -- -- big name has done a World Series last year's closer to doing I don't think it necessarily mean that is made up. Another decent reliable reliever. And there are a lot of those guys the other. Steve she shook my -- chizik might be in that -- and the some of these guys Perkins the Minnesota. I saw Minnesota here ever we were joking about it earlier this season. At Minnesota had a lot of guys especially pitching staff that you haven't heard up before but along those guys have some ability. I just don't think they'd go crazy. And it bring -- -- time agreed to it another good. It's funny I would I think I would rather see them go the other way I would rather see them bringing in a bigger name. In the bullpen somebody who could who could put the entire field because I thought they need some their bullpen. Before Andrew -- when I didn't -- grammys aren't they can almost use three things now they could use somebody who could beat the closer to allow you are out. To them back into the earlier innings along with his Allah and by the way now that's an important because you acquired him. I would think they would still need that closer in order to make everything right in the bullpen and maybe another. Bullpen arm in addition to that as well. And I think you could get away with somebody could just get -- to the playoffs in terms of -- starting pitcher and I don't think you need somebody. At the highest well let's watch a Clinton's name came up but if you were to go the other way decide you want quickly are we told you lesser middle -- company. How you had a very great trade for the Red Sox and whether or not they would say yes. Who knows you guys can jump in this 61777979837. Tough news today for the Sox they find out that in your Bailey's been placed on the DL. Reports are that he will miss the remainder of the year with shoulder surgery. What do you do now how does this affect what you do in the last twelve days before the trade at like 6177797937. Rich. Is Ian Providence race -- I'm doing good. That's good. -- Andrew Bailey is once again this. Another. And like victim of of batteries yeah right look at those we've. Talking about if I may just -- has somewhat because. John Lackey the other guys would shoulder surgery that come they come back in there. You know even stronger better our big just to take a -- and go hand -- -- are they going to look into perhaps resigning him. I mean I think you're jumping way ahead way ahead because you don't know how he's. I think Joel Hanrahan is is not going to be available. Next season probably available -- -- to -- Israel if he is available next season. We're we're talking. All star break is a pretty significant. It's significant surgery. Well significant injury you know and that's that's that's one the other part of it is that you see anything from Joel Hanrahan we've said. Other Red Sox need to bring this -- back and you don't even know what his value is now. Talking about like September was correct me -- from wrong. You bring up fifteen guys I'm looking at a picture of many -- it has neglected the big David well. You know because the middle who -- her hand and that's Ryan Rowland a out of the fact it. He is looks nothing like David Wells is not nearly that found I know -- pretty well from this time in Seattle. Interesting pitcher and he's a -- is actually thrown very well this year. I he has an opt out where they don't bring him up to the regular to the big club at some point you can opt out -- in Seattle was supposed to be their number three starter. In 2011 the year that they had closely Felix Hernandez and it didn't work out he sort of rebuilt his career now. As a reliever -- might be somebody can help them and I like -- a lot of like to see -- up with a team. But there's some names in the -- a little bit more proven that the Major League level and yeah I think he'd be helpful in September when you're allowed to increase your rosters we -- not they're gonna get to September. -- you need the top ten guys that are going to be specifically helpful for you once you go down the stretch and into the plant there are just Arlen Roma where -- like -- -- -- you start thinking about. The booms at the deadline he started it about this homes in the Red Sox out here against the American League he's not thinking about guys like that thing about. Significant pieces. I can help your team you know waiting until September. You're not looking at call up guys you're gonna guys who already the majors to help. Yeah and and you may get help from some of them I mean you make -- right now again. And in it I thought Paul -- is going to return to. Sooner rather than later which meant maybe could move -- back -- to a reliever role and after seeing what we saw his last start in Oakland. Atomic uninteresting to me and several article comparing him to what Jonathan Papelbon did for them -- first Europe in 2005 removed from the rotation to the -- and it was a huge asset there. But now looks like you're gonna need a potential. Right now it looks like Clay Buchholz is going to be at the very latest another couple weeks in a very earliest rather a couple weeks. And maybe longer than that you might not see him. Until September. Win win rosters are able to expect there -- will be tested. You're right here you wanna CO Webster of the bullpen. But it worked and I don't end up working now on all of those you wanna see someone like Alan Webster I don't know her kids are ready babies. And they say they would work -- and I start. In Oakland and then we gave up the home run and eventually lost that game last game before the break. You've seen some good stuff Webster you've seen some disastrous start from Webster -- -- between. Moderately to rely on have anywhere. According to John Ferrell like Detroit tweeting and others as well Bailey felt something after throwing a pitch in Oakland. Right before the all star break tonight -- Miller daily. Hold them for the year for the Red Sox bullpen so that we would started off as their biggest strength. Has turned into something they now almost I don't know I don't know there was never the biggest threat it was it was an area it was an area of strength and I think they're we've -- Was beginning to hear what their biggest reputable than we thought was before we really knew what this team was all about before we seen. That they could lead the league in runs scored over the first half of the season before we saw pitching due to DF which -- opens the best part. You have hander and you had daily I think you like you are and and now he did not RVs that he was Miller was an interesting name had some success mean. I think their bullpen was supposed to be distracted team. Well if you look at this. If you look at no Bailey and no Hanrahan and no Miller feel like you could survive that. -- about what we thought in April. About what we go right now don't know Miller. They are using a baby is the pop -- pictures pictures because if you're a fan you look at Miller. You know -- it it's no big deal but he's out but you don't feel like it's a deal breaker okay. Andrew -- good move on what -- -- -- -- it was terrible right but and then Bailey. It never really count -- so I mean those guys have none of those three doesn't really count on our home and I was Sonoma I was. Into to -- in and Tom -- today or maybe it was -- yesterday was famous and they were both both of the belief that eventually this at some point the second half. In your Bailey was going to be the closer for the Red Sox and I completely agree OK -- how do you feel about that. This I don't feel good about it felt okay about it and our would have preferred they get someone like Sergio Romo or -- Papelbon or Iran or some more proven track record. Well yeah I mean I think I assume that was gonna happen and everybody was -- -- kind of go back to their normal spot in the in the -- I would I would. Rather much rather -- -- Haaretz the closed over immediately. No compare really say I totally blocked all my god daily. Don't know what he's gonna -- you know he. Did reach. Quite reach. Joel Hanrahan -- that this is like flat out blown. Want to run a joint hammer him as the closer to what he's got a healthy Jovian ring and a healthy Andrew I would -- written -- I would rather have those guys over you are I'd love what they had -- you Harlem with his Allah and one of those other guys I mean. -- those -- would have much preferred now that things worked out the way they were supposed to work out for the first I hit real picky time mountains as below that. You know I like about -- -- over Bailey had -- has. It throw strikes. Can throw strikes there it is the capture set up there's your target. All the lack any the world strike after strike after strike after strike. He doesn't walk the bases loaded and it cost himself out of about that walk yet another run all of that doesn't -- all the guys were out for the season. All had that they all had that -- especially -- all of them this year all -- that walk. -- neither of them were having success this year and in Andrew Miller was certainly the high. The user difficult for me watch all of them that but the other two guys were hurt before him and they were dealing with injuries which is why they were pitching the way they were pitching. It Bailey got hurt -- on or Andrew Miller got hurt and we're play. The other two guys had been dealing with injuries. When they were healthy they didn't pitch that way well what what what did I ever had her with her daughter's return it sure seemed that way didn't it I mean he seemed to be -- essentially from the moment he got here and eventually went on the DL and -- was done -- -- has -- Average rating when he was this erratically in the spring it's I had a bad spring with the pirates it would not have one of his message of his career it's no big deal with. Complaint of any kind of discomfort. If there wouldn't start pitching in the regular season it looked like the way it was good to return. To take some of your thoughts on this excellent 777979837. How this changes the Red Sox plans. Over the next twelve days I think it's bad news no matter what even if you involving Andrew Bailey. At least he gave you some amount of leverage and now this is really gonna hurt you in terms of leverage so. 6177797937. On that and then on the patriots made got solved the Donald Jones mr. Why Donald Jones was let go today in other piece of news doesn't explain it well we'll take a look -- ex alcoholic W. If you didn't hear the -- all gonna call it rap song. By and -- peeps if the parents and -- peeps. Put up for you getting coming up here in fifteen minutes I'm not saying it was excellent but it was that we asked him. And Andy you're you're not that it was excellent -- -- -- it was about it any as the biggest wet blanket of all time. You're Debbie downer. When did you come Debbie -- -- better than that it. They're he's dead it. It makes the rapid -- sound like -- A no no bad it is not a fan but I think everybody else seems like it will play again at 5 o'clock it is they rap about the sultan -- show. By MC peeps and -- halt. -- -- -- -- -- We'll get volatile combination of our names right there we got to John Ferrell audio play in just a second also saw Donald Jones released today. By the patriots Tom current reporting on Twitter that is not tied it. Any medical issues that he dealt with in buffalo according to sources that we OK it's a medical thing it would be just a talent thing or rule that out there all of the medical. Rule out the bountiful right. And then go where. Britain -- getting some reps -- -- got guys I can't how do you. Again they -- -- you know that already. I guess of football coach's responsibility for -- I. You know that before camp starts the week before camp that we did see that today signed a couple of rookie free agents to contracts that they will have some little bit extra -- -- -- -- -- in training -- -- It does seem strange right on a day where the globe reports a phone that dinner will be cut by -- team. -- I think that. -- week -- everybody assumed that was in the short thing. -- guarantee you that he was going to be constantly getting ADY. While on probation right after the -- Hernandez thing right after Kraft saying that they were gonna audit there their system and do everything differently he's gonna stay with the team Donald Jones pushed to elect. If you think they have. They have some information about how -- the -- that no one else has I have to order this hit -- better would be able to that is yes. Or has he or his party's what was he were they able to pick with the patriots that. That's the story is not the story. I have to imagine. Based on -- comments and knowing that he Belichick aren't stupid. That there's more of the story that we -- right. Amid a week ago it seemed pretty cut and -- there were at least the guy the fact that they haven't and are now saying they're not going to. Leads me to believe that there's got to be more of the story than we originally thought if it turns out we were wrong and they're doing the right thing. Happy to admit it but I'm a little curious to find out what are the details. They know where they believe that we don't know. And what they come out with those details come -- He's supposed to have me they beat me on this and it's not the day of the trade deadline is July 31 will be looking at. Baseball that day you'll be looking at the probation hearing how far the better we. Have been 61777979837. Then go ahead. That worked eight days and then we have quite a bit on the right term might think that what's up as. And olive garden -- the patriots of course. All right I know how to contact guy not a lot. All of the defensive back to comply with two -- with the with the with the most frequently on this. Even I would don't exactly. Where those guys got any details of this hot day or. Is that every. I says it is available for the address this now. That's a long -- model for that you know John Farrell speaking just a few minutes ago explaining what has happened. With -- Andrew Bailey what the latest is with -- -- a relief corps of your Little John fair here. -- Occupants on the disabled list today with a shoulder injury. That us. Was sustained and in the second lesson back in Oakland on Friday night against him are you finished the inning. And it was apparent as the night wore on in the next day that he felt continued soreness. So. When we return on the West Coast MRI exam on Monday was second you've seen it as a second opinion -- -- done for all checked in New York. Over the break. And both exams concur that there's an advantage and I think again is that the point now just weighing on the information. That he's receiving. Suit to take the next step. It was. That there's some damage to the label that can damage to the capsule. So this. -- there's no answers. It's a definite option. If you were taking an aggressive conservative approach which would be an aggressive rehab. There's still no guarantees that us so. You'd be looking at a fairly prolonged rehab and get past the capture of the we've had a top ten days. Given the injuries you sustained. I think our thoughts right now -- dangerous and what's the best course of action for him and the commitment that he'll have to make to. To the rehab whether that's through restricted rehab or following a certain. You. Know. Yes. When it. -- -- -- -- -- Pitching is a game of attrition fortunately and we're looking to to add to that depth. In any possible. What day it believe it was on Tuesday. Today to the group of reporters over Fenway Park. Just a stone's throw from where we are here Jerry Remy -- -- and you want stop by grab a burger gravel officer role head up to the roof deck. Pretty good -- be here injured grammys before Red Sox yankees tonight. And it's an interesting word he uses their pitching is a war of attrition. You know these guys are eventually gonna get hurt you gotta have a lot of depth in order to get through it but to suffer the losses they suffered just this year and especially in the last ten days. Fortunately they've been able to treat for -- Morton in the did before this was a threat was a 100% right to them you know. But they're a little bit of trouble now because now everyone that we knew they needed relief help. But they went another direction it would have been the most shocking thing of all time but still some leverage they've lost a lot of that leverage in terms of trade market as everybody knows -- really need to. -- okay every parent knows that it's help but you don't know where. Which guys their interest that it you don't know. What they what they values though. There're separate me. That have interest relievers. Don't like it does have one place to go to it is the one thing without them not once not tell him gotta go here to get everything. Whitney well. It is Beckett Glen Perkins two great luck and I saw in the region his desk again they have you mentioned his name and I've seen Glen Perkins that generally plant. They're better than -- and -- -- after a few tickets to Michael cannot kick it this year but can I -- it I guess you can kick it. Yes there but can -- kick on it yet with what I don't know that was although I was the last one but it him. Minnesota right pitching for Minnesota this year at the age of third Glen Perkins. Is one and now with a 182 ERA company. In. Hold on 34 point two innings. In 35 appearances. He has a whip of point 808. So essentially. He's -- when he's definitely allowing less than a base runner per inning. And his strikeout to walk ratio is 47 strikeouts. Compared to seven walks. Those -- fantastic numbers and we allowed seven runs terrier. He's been X. Really really really -- we keep talking about Jesse Crain has been an option he would be great when he's healthy I mentioned Sergio Romo who has experience closing. When Perkins numbers that you would bring a right -- like that into your into your bullpen incredibly impressed that's it. I'll go I thought there into. Don't let -- really he's those are those are those are great numbers if -- Minnesota really what you look at won't let her I don't know the guy. Who hasn't even if you fortieth and forty is getting so close yourself. Great numbers. Thirty years old. You're not talking about. You're not talking about a closer he would not talk about starter. Well you goes it's going to be more than the Red Sox had to give up approach for for not born right before and 3637. Years old. Not having it that Goodyear but not having the kind of year that we're talking about -- with Perkins they had to give local. For either Perkins or cream or Romo or something along those lines as. I would go all right but but it's at least going to be that because that's you had to give up for the last guy. Who presumably didn't have as much value. As either of these two in any event not great news for the Red Sox today Andrew Bailey. Done for the year gonna have so shoulder surgery in all likelihood that and they designed to AAA pitchers Brandon -- former Red Sox and Jose Contreras was almost -- Red -- But instead of going to the Yankees coming up next if you have hurt. You'll love it on a hot day it is the feel good summer song. For 2013. And it's all about us salt and all that we.

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