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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 07/19/13

Jul 19, 2013|

We tackle the topic on everyone's mind today... the HEAT!

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-- And now our Silicon Valley store -- -- -- report or -- for -- Fun cleaning. -- -- We'll probably -- -- Kelly and sports radio and WTI. Can't do that creep up. It to a -- opt for a candidate B did -- walk and our our years. Old -- a mean. Let the hype and make their own good I don't think -- that I know you guys never ever any face this crude out there and I don't know. Bully -- for four format I'd that he has been brutal all week and making me think of the times I've been an absolute hardest. No -- god. Middle it was a bad choice to figure -- The hottest there than that is due in Phoenix -- fifteen years ago and all the animals did that he did that but what is the hardest you've ever been -- When you Sidney doing -- -- -- Davis Goosen. People who minutes. But Rogers all the hottest I've ever been. Tied my freshman and junior year of college -- went to school about an hour east of LA right at the beginning of desert. When you get back to school in August. 150 both my freshman in juniors a 115 degrees and I was going to attempt to play football my freshman. Now was not very good birth year of cult you're gonna play college football throughout the history -- -- And I would have play and I was on the team I went through three days for an entire week 350. Degree heat. Three days due to prison for -- that predates -- They did it was three there -- -- all that's why I quit and after three days I was like -- after this really isn't me this is what I wanna do but it was really hot. For whatever reason at Pomona. They had he even though Southern California but there was no air conditioning in the dorms salute a 115 there was nothing you can do. Except shower over and over and over again freezing cold shower at the moment you get out huge start sweating again that's by far the hottest. The how to set that we're moving furniture. Yes you know how assessment. Of the day and today you good day Powell it was given out today at this morning. I looked outside as well. Some -- to cut the grass is going to be me. Somebody's got to grant cut the grass this morning seven at 7:30 this morning when they got size. What wait till last Sunday it's supposed to break on wait until Sunday can't wait to -- out grass grass was a master suite two days -- two days or else what what what happens in the meantime it just looks awful who cares either. So 7:30 this morning was 82 degrees. At 730. Or go out there what do with the start cut the grass it was hot but you know what it got hotter. It got hotter. -- the -- came outside. Over the edge he had the ledger she had -- -- was what I was doing the edging to and yet you have things kind of heated up that she had done her goggles on her read articles on paddles of yoga pants. We're about that affords -- The Pulitzer like to monitor and so -- did it was about -- bit closer. Within. -- -- the reality of married life you know they end up shut -- the first three -- I had to pay on -- are forced to shut down. If we have an exit shattered up the -- before and future of the Lewinsky pursuant to deal with this old days -- deal with this morning. Today you shouldn't. Some people have to do the job loss. It's too often be the integrity to the grass is cut out that I can still on Sunday that a worry about worried about that progress we have an answer here in life and xmas I mean she wasn't enamored enough with her husband. To fully accept the man. It means you still have a chance. At. I -- a -- operator grade now but somebody else. You talk to our city. So obviously when you're driving around your windows down have a -- the last thing but what you do to keep your car pool when you're not in. It is hot through the -- they get -- that. It's hot out there it is hot tip that. You know it's hot out. Yeah just send us that is hot item. Think for the. What do you do -- nothing -- it if it did the whole lot of people put those those until she yields definitely is always I'm sure worse. But it's not worth the amount of -- -- -- designed to keep the heated your cards designed to bring -- dashboard from work. Your dashboard can dashboard works absolutely what they were. Passport what happens later or your drive that was digital Alex when your cars sitting in the sun accurate and reporters some of the sixties. All that heat on him melt the plastic people use it just like when they go with tickets are boxers and Steve. Just yesterday. I gotta go and grab a cup of coffee is to Cumberland farms to stick my stick my feet in the in the we shall. Six days that I wrote the plays somewhere in the Sahara. Where we're about what about the -- Vote against Aaron airport. I don't do it I took it apart in the -- but right now -- initiatives I I know this isn't gonna do a damn thing. But I do it rolled out a couple the windows image. But I know it doesn't matter when it's 97 degrees what it's only going to be 97 iron on -- but it's going to be different -- my -- you know it doesn't help. But are you fascinated that we all say it's not that it's not comfortable or too fast by what happens to things that your car. That maybe you've forgotten about. When you have that -- like you have like holes. So now what do you. -- that ultimately. All the proper way to their top of the wedding cake at the end of the wedding totally hear this today it was there strategic way and we put everything into the car and Heather and I took off for a couple days in Montreal back and came back and my -- had a -- -- that it reached double it's doubtful that. We never got the top the list of that is passive aggressive commentary now. Now there -- other maybe it was a text message 379 sevenths all. What do you call my boss and -- about the landscape today you said the number of optical or who would. Off it hey this is -- solved -- I think it's what guys go all I think it's too hot cover guys were -- a 105 heat index. But those guys -- to -- Early to make them work and all day. Now. Three he. I hear what the weather and I got is how. That it not be a hot hot spot she'll prove they've -- -- -- -- and it got -- But you can't read all about it not. -- that apple is thought to have half a point and got on Oprah. If that you know I talk about what he's been -- -- -- -- be and -- -- -- -- -- particularly -- and it doesn't. -- have obvious. I would he'd be what it is today if you are on Cape Cod. And you know on the beach and you've seen the reports that there's great white sharks in the water but it really hot you need to cool off. You venture into the water do you take the chance to who lost venture into sharp and tested it out walk now. Absolutely and uneven climate -- and it is Saturday visited debate for viewers that I something that you would consider those are the Clinton it's something that you've done as. There's something that you I almost won't go into the maybe even let our great white sharks located anywhere near the coast because there's a chance there could be one Ben doesn't want a -- third then I would. I add and it requires that we're gonna help you make it the third you're trying to dances. Got to get there but you've got to make sure definitely definitely left. Not -- it oh well. That's what lessons last year. About but it didn't -- to start your present water opinion Ellis Wyms. Well let's have a -- the success -- another analyst -- and I would get a lot of lessons. -- always enjoyed a look at age seventy if not I who else was in the closet he was it a bunch of five year old and you. Other adult or other adults who could -- That they'll get a -- with a one of those and what did you guys on the what does stereotypes kudos there are times. Black people that's what the weather. I think I was what are you black people like fifty. Overall it was a well bonding moment which would like we're all you sort of embarrassed that they are you know a couple people were really apparently really. I'm learning just like you are sorry I got kind of putting either unfriendly everybody like they're judging you can't know that if you get into their space like if you're like well. You'll political dog broke the that the dog we're doing a restaurant what you were just -- OK we'll put the -- this panel on its. That part I know you know how to -- I didn't know you did Little League go to. Our original photos were illegal. There are other things the register go to -- you're just like practicing now. And the water -- A bit and their little upset that you've got invaded their waters makes. I was pretty traumatized by what where did you do that why which why did you. Can you reveal that information. Sure they're really wiry you know you -- the -- in Newton is now. User unfriendly about how little what you're donating their personal space -- displayed a lack of black people don't. Now -- the big play talent at the initiative to cool off and. I'm seat right next -- you can -- It is on the lowest temperature on the highest PM speed. Okay 64 degrees and it's a terrible. What led me to put his speed channel Howell reins of the. We do a lot of people say and that they are. The hottest thing today. Is going up in hearing your conditioning and oh yeah and while it yet I'm sure that artists that you could be doing today. He signed up. You signed up to repair air conditioners you know products but yet but that would is that guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But even when it's 87 you were there and -- -- to -- you what -- does not breakdown now. Over guys those concerns are your body had zero person shows up to fix -- -- conditioning I would have a six pack to be a great right now -- you asked about that. House. Oh really well oh what we're we're now close to our we'll give you what we did. You know it accurate. That last couple of but all I heard on the radio that I deserve. You don't deserve to go on oil without injury he picked I sent me the number of his boss called back article all right gentlemen all know -- is the organized goal they wanna go home. -- -- -- Question number four. Yesterday -- electors that it doesn't want the -- in the super bull without them. If you were bears players or team meeting which. That's. I mean I would say. Urlacher. -- -- We got to a Super Bowl together. -- regrettable -- but argues. That it gives me at the Super Bowl partners. Why he would. I think a lot of people. But most of them are too diplomatic. Smart whatever it is it's you know. There's a lot of -- But not a liberal. -- I'm -- Sorry. I don't -- resentment for -- Florida restaurant that is their very funny. I agree with his sent. If I had left the team that I -- on for that long and admit that much to them. And I finally retired laughed because they were kind of done with -- I would want them to get -- I would not want them to when receivable I would want everyone to know little bit. That hey I mattered and you don't need to quickly I'd be bummed out that they won the year after I left what I say that out loud that. Probably not I think that's mistake he made a -- Cutler. Does he completely understands that -- right there should tell Urlacher that he's made a mistake the moment Jay Cutler agrees something -- you said you know you've got terrible company here issued immediately replies you're still -- indicators that office. What's a worse thing -- say. What Urlacher said or Jay Cutler admitted anything Jay Cutler says they'll take up exam I don't have problem that I can't stand -- -- -- Don't you wanna win the Super Bowl. You know if you wanna put a Super Bowl when you don't mind that Urlacher that's what you went. Through here. -- says no he sees not an emergency call the company. Only seize the daylight basically emerged that the that is what if that doesn't qualify as an emergency what does. Right on a day like today they see it goes out that the number and immediately. Yeah but I guess. Is that this company owns. A public situation accuracy so the real effort that I'd rather have a plumbing situation that part -- -- -- -- that's the worst man. Hundred degrees humid the whole deal belies the participants that jacket that I mean I guess I guess both things are awful I should compared to that things -- -- -- on the third floor that are not -- our our our. Third or -- -- that it's really not a repeat what. Aren't able anything I could do to get back in the good graces of the eighth repairman you just let me know what I need like I try to talk -- way back into the I don't know you can recover from. This is what -- I. Think is who do you think is hottest is that the is that those guys people working on roofs. People doing anything with asphalt her or on highway anything like that. I'll pick Victorian refrigerated -- -- the roof is off that you could possibly call that got left is the -- of -- I was -- I don't know much about that not surprisingly but you know does -- close. He used to do business -- for Rupert. So close to that when he was. Thirteen were going to -- if the heat is over the last for a few days not that you can't work today but if somebody who's playing. Or doing other things as well. What does your company doing more than just keep you put that offer a couple of days -- something else. That is -- but maybe not -- off route to compute it. Well did you work on a different roofing project one that uses likes it proves there Rupert Robert. Alex English title Saber metrics -- and -- I've got to have a conference on the it's -- effect through the roof. Well you guys can jump on the open Mike it's a part of the WB I lied about what your apple and android mobile device. Click on the open Mike but in the bottom right corner and leave your message force in -- next -- last. We may use that on the show open -- brought you by AT&T -- wireless provider in Boston Bruins. With most four G coverage in doing what you could try to answer any of those questions hottest you've never been what you do try to stay cool special deals with your car. Who's the hottest person who's working artists most. On the day like today including yourself and if you wanted to send a message to your boss. I'm happy to Jesus and the -- home pay for them to go home today to do something nice but the guys go home and if you do show my house to do any sort of worked a promise here. Though is that an okay area -- -- -- maybe six peer you were you're entitled to any beer in my friend called me if you were coming to the air conditioning work in my house. About the guy who -- -- -- a text from as wired equivalency. Broke out. -- in the -- did not pissed off the air conditioning repairman today. All right major. Major moves Fenway Park applause with a Red Sox making moves and data Foxborough and odd moved there as well -- next alcoholic W.

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