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Dissecting Ron Jaworski's list of top 10 Quarterbacks in the NFL - where does Tom Brady rank?

Jul 19, 2013|

We go over Jaws' list of top QB and add our thoughts and disagreements on the order.

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I was looking at -- a Ron Jaworski top ten list he's been going through all the quarterbacks in football market focus on the bottom third thought they -- uninteresting teams in the middle third. But you get to the top ten I love dogs that. Just the last couple days about a top ten list looks like this so far number ten. Was Andrew -- That sounds about right that's not so good -- you don't know what is going to be asked right now where is in his career yeah I think he's going to be so unbelievably that I said before I think when all's said and done he's going to be the greatest. Quarterback that's I think he's going to be so good nobody ever will be better job on I think he definitely went about it ever whatever column number nine is not shop like it is way too high I'm very impressed shop but find it -- as well. Number she is Eli Manning. Up to that's good with the two Super Bowls he's a word about their number seven is Ben Roethlisberger Afflalo to Super Bowls about right. Number six and this is probably a little bit of -- little unpopular he had Drew Brees at number six -- hello. Right -- that we talked to Tim Hasselbeck last week and he just said look there's four quarterbacks who wanted to complain and everybody else. And I think most people consider -- to be number four of those four. But he still. In that group before and Ron Jaworski saying now. He's number six he misses the playoffs last year. One question marks about a wait and see what happens when he gets Sean -- back and maybe he can jump back over few guys to get back into the top four but as of right now he sees Drew Brees is number six. I think he is I think you should flip flop. Five and six at least or. Or maybe flip flop. Four and six because when you get here and there but now that's where I'm forced to I think for word. Babies should be hit. -- -- to -- outside outside the -- let me give you the rest of the list of people -- talking Haider Abbas was Drew Brees at number five his Matt Ryan. The pride of Boston College. And integrate hit a great year last year and at number four was the reigning Super Bowl champion Joseph Flacco now we don't know. In what order Brady Manning and Rodgers will be assuming those will be the top three if I had to guess what Josh is gonna do he'll have Aaron Rodgers won Tom Brady to Peyton Manning three. But -- he's he's don't a couple of curve balls in here so we'll find out. I I actually think the number four quarterback is Matt I would have Matt Ryan and then Drew Brees as my top five. You think Matt Bryant right now is better than Drew Brees I think right now you can hear you fear OK so that the let's go to the final drive always go to the final drive or. The big third at 637. So you got Drew Brees who's trying to. Diagnose what you're doing too well and you've got that -- is trying to diagnose you make that big pass you trust Matt Bryant right now that has. Right now what do you -- I like a baby number because I watched those final 31 seconds against the Seahawks last year Matt Ryan just stepped up and that took the field field -- -- that that was their own stupidity some of that water but some of it was he made a couple of great player we can't just take what we did that for too many people tried to do that against Tom Brady for so long it's -- well all we did was take what the defense gave okay fine but he did. And Matt Ryan did last year when he really have to. You know but I think. As far as number four news which is which is almost as outrageous as the weather today. Number four Joseph Flacco. I don't think Joseph Flacco is better than Eli Manning. I don't think Joseph Flacco is better than that right don't think he's better than Drew Brees. Did Joseph Flacco is accomplished give all the credit in the world -- post season last year. He would have Anquan Boldin was making plays out of his mind Eva and -- bold if he was he was covered -- -- made pitches when he was covered Joseph was throwing into double coverage. It was paying off paying off form. Joseph Flacco has accomplished. Half of what Eli Manning has already he's like you know on the Eli Manning -- where you look at the regular season so it's good quarterback. To do that -- no. To get quarterback who has won in the post season. So he's accomplished that he's done a good job in the playoffs before winning the championship last year -- won some playoff games on the road he's been. I've been pretty rugged stays in the pocket. I think it I think Anderson what by the way he's not he's not there what I'm saying is that Eli Manning has all of the same. Executives as Joseph Flacco and let us accomplish in terms of regular season even consistency. But with twice as many -- twice as many Super Bowl rings and better regular season. He's been better in the regular season the play well yeah he's just -- -- the better than that he's been bad if he's about a reported goodies and I agree a great Eli -- to congress or digital locker next year and you say okay who do you want it to be your quarterback unit leader Eli Manning Joseph Flacco. I'm gonna take you -- I'm gonna take Matt Ryan over Joseph Flacco to -- and picture breeze over Joseph Flacco. -- -- those guys -- and now the question is how far down to the fall on that list a week I mean I don't wanna just give them credit. For winning a Super -- eleven are you gonna take him you get taking Andrew Luck next year over Joseph Flacco yes we get it to a cap predict over and over Joseph Flacco -- follow that up front about not sure. I'm not sure -- operatives are you gonna take Russell Wilson next Euro got short tempered -- that the dolphins or the forty. It's a bit -- that he can be areas where there is an act that's entirely up to him -- -- wants to make are you taken Russell Wilson. Over Joseph Flacco. 12 now want to that very careful how you into now. -- DeVore we're sitting next to each other it is no table between us that's not ideal you take Russell Wilson over Joseph Flacco and I'm not now. I'm not gonna go and I'm not sure what he is getting the new quarterbacks. For the most part. Still. Incomplete. Even though it's been fascinating to watch what Russell Wilson. Has done watch cap -- -- Andrew Luck less are incomplete I concede. I can see greatness there with Andrew Luck. Sure sure Russell Wilson is going to be great yet -- Japanese going to be great I don't think right to have you ever been great. And Griffin I see greatness here too but he's gonna have to be so -- he's been great while -- right luck and Griffin well. Let -- Griffin I'm pretty sure what they're gonna be not really sure about jeopardy and the Los. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To erase the stigma of being drafted later in the cap predict was drafted late in the second round and then buried for years nobody really talked about a much. Russell Wilson we know was drafted in the third round nobody thought that it was the serious -- when he when he was made him without Matt Flynn was gonna have that job. So I don't believe that's really based on what we saw a carrier or which is based on the air base there. Our category based on what you -- base -- which side assumed that there -- It's a purely. -- really believe that Michael or. That's district here is falling into the trap of a third round -- -- cook. They -- -- -- based on what I saw last year Russell Wilson is on a level with Angela yet. Based on what I saw last year blow based on what I saw last year he was unbelievable poll yes based on what I saw last year's -- in the second half of last year. He was every bit as -- Andrew -- last. Now I think are locked upside is off the charts what Russell Wilson I don't wanna terms and Russell conversation -- -- always I am not he did not gonna do that I promise. But its accuracy that's the one thing he has over into. Look if I told that it looks going to be. Or possibly the greatest quarterback of all time when it's all said and done that's -- to be awhile from now. But I think -- more accurate than he has and by the way so -- Tom Brady it's what's made Tom Brady. Number two when this was number one on this -- never worse than number three in this list from the entirety of his career and accuracy and decision. Our mistrust. Think that there. Because if you could tell you that I've made -- made gifts of them make what's the bar here are released. It's up until some strong here so it stronger than the -- he got so I can say some good things to think so the president okay Dan Marino yup. Joseph Montana yeah. John Elway get -- Manning Tom Brady yup I'm gonna go back to go back you up like I hit it you would Otto Graham. I go to reduce. You think it can block will could be the great guests. Of all -- yes. -- I think it's gonna depend on some think it depends what they put around it depends who's gonna end of coaching them over the entirety of his career what wide receivers they get how well they protect him and he can't do that. By himself we talked about how football is such. More than any other sport each position is affected by all the other positions around them the great things that all those quarterback's status for the most part they're great players around to -- -- dot com. I won't go -- you wanted but the high topless but John Elway great player all you know we. In his in his prime when he was when he Super Bowls late in his career. Unbelievable running game great coach knew what to do them Tom Brady always have the greatest coach with a -- great. When super balls and his -- it is not I guess I didn't know. I was an -- assurance that not in his prime but later in his career but the guy. Single handedly took teams to the Super Bowl can't bet that's a little. That have a distrust and a strong that a bloody good defense he had the three amigos out there are certain. Egos really that he will advance -- at a mark -- not to mention Clarence KD ME winder had. Risks that he'll why don't you why you gotta -- -- religion they feel like why would he say that about -- he made those guys he did not -- day it was a star long before John only after hotly thinking hey darling without Vance Johnson. 617 seconds 7979837. Jarrett and run I want stocks and football bijur. Yeah yeah happening guys I think I wanted to talk about one. Statistically true breeder is ranked outlook if he doesn't do well when he played from behind I don't know if you. Ever thought to look at that but when he down in the fourth quarter he atrocious and you know what to win in his fourth quarter comeback category and to. RG three failed. He's doomed to failure because he's won the Heisman. There's only one really successful Heisman Trophy winning quarterback certainly -- off and you come -- one guy who had an awesome career as a quarterback that's when -- Who is under stop. Roger is you think -- is only good Heisman Trophy winning quarterback. Yet in the NFL in NFL or in the history of the NFL. In the -- good I mean is that if it does -- does that many count. It's only certain Damon off right on I'm coming up that's what it is -- one argument -- loves this city you think that he had a good career. Good career goes and it was never report on what a great what do you think get a good -- you -- -- to what he was supposed to be used to wait wait I'm not being great is it okay -- a -- river school. Great quokka you're not in the eyes aren't that. This this anomaly will look at -- but it seems like you study that so. You're probably right now. All the ideas but I don't know that that's a good reason for me to assume that he's not going to be good I just don't buy that a lot while that. But that's don't. And in the fact I mean you're right that's been the pattern in the past but there's no indication of the future means the fact that you win a Heisman Trophy doesn't actually event that future. Well because it doesn't actually affect how you're going to play in the pros it's just. Worked out that way. I mean RG three was fantastic this year literally got hurt you think that he's not going to be good because you want a Heisman we think he's not gonna be good because he's gonna give her aunt. Came into better in this second year after he had an appellate -- no he didn't. I -- but that doesn't mean that aren't there really isn't going to. You understand they're different people right aren't standard for people bought my my point it and you can say. I'm stereo typing at some level -- -- aren't you -- in regard to what my I don't quarterback. It just doesn't -- that's what's happened in the past and that's fine I'm not doubting your right. There it is not done well but that's like saying the Red Sox were never gonna win the World Series because they had never won the World Series it's true into it isn't anymore. I mean that there's no actual. Unless you can come up with the reason why the Heisman Trophy is connected to failure in the NFL. These guys get they get built up too much and and they are not able to succeed I think I think that you think its battle really -- to meet expectations. But it doesn't but it doesn't hurt running backs and other positions. Disorder. -- a better you better odds of running back because that court. It's surrounded with as much out of the bellowed it's less about you. It's the opposite of that -- running back is the position in the in the NFL most dependent. On everything else around you can't do anything as a running back unless you have a much -- a good offensive line. We talking about it's the opposite of well. It whose husband drove elegance Heisman -- here alive but I I like you like -- they -- -- most of the guy. Think they got it it's so that's a good thing. And he's really thought about this. He has he has he has studied this this Heisman Trophy. You know when the Heisman Trophy you can't get good you know their credit didn't work out so they're -- great -- -- -- ever gonna work out children. A country where out it's never gonna happen Rodney -- forget about it maybe in and out of the route of the key losses on open market. Now is he not only wasn't great quarterback he won a couple of Super -- Is the does that count whatever a couple of super wolves. I would think I don't it was I just I don't buy into theories like that and I don't see how they make any sense it's fine if you're gonna look at -- say hey isn't this a weird coincidence all these guys who won the -- haven't been good you -- -- -- -- it's not a predictor of -- without. Recent quarterbacks -- in -- or three. Well that's -- that's where he started off the point that their property. An -- on alternative candidates had to step back in in year two he was pretty a 4000 yards that back invasion. Safe to say that can't be great but very few quarterbacks are great and how many quarterbacks than our great. How many quarterbacks have truly been great. Write him. Fifteen they're when he -- need if you're gonna really talk about greatness of more than fifteen or twenty total any way when I was President Obama has never happened. -- -- -- That's they had that a day like today does that. But it's so hot so hot it. See you react differently -- heat tonight do you -- heat by allowing everything I react to the heat by getting a little -- your -- if you're terrible or irritable he'd look at it tell you it's really out where I am at -- exact moment. Right by the window at them they're very odd. There's only.

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