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Looking ahead to the second half for the Sox and what they need at the deadline

Jul 19, 2013|

We talk Sox as the second half commences tonight with a home stand against the Yankees. We discuss the plan going forward for the Sox, and what moves they ought to make at the trade deadline.

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Open not just salt -- thought -- on location today on the road in view of Fenway Park. I can see Fenway Park as we speak. We're at Jerry Remy some boils Easter April they great view during humongous window. Of Fenway Park. A humongous window so what you're saying is we -- inside Hillary's -- out outside now. Where everybody -- crazy or outside. How you deal with. How are you managing to keep. I do but I do to about planning you'll not hear me complain. Now there are some people who were doing some real things outside and we -- from. Mail carrier the other day saying he would love it you're. Now toting around Mayo -- -- like that it -- but I'm not I think about it ninety plus degree ball ahead to the car to hear that was fun I enjoyed that. Couple blocks I got it here I feel -- temperature for mail carrier would have to be about seven. But it's a little lower than I -- check in the mail but it's about 6565. Out of all the mail carriers can text in 37937. But I'm guessing. They like -- look at their walking all day. Randy you kind of you're build -- up they'll -- going to build your body temperature up you throw one in the sixties and it. Public service announcement but they're not that they feel -- and you're out. Some more. This out -- -- now is not high enough or what sort of balance that we but that's what the debt limit crew are home based cool. Or that he's gonna -- -- and say yes well air conditioned house cinema very expensive -- you have black you know. All of that's what -- -- kind of elaborate you know not actually elevate and Africa are -- -- -- my New England that practical. I stop it. Or Harris. Harris a Bellwether -- what do you like. 65. Bottle of the milk examining the mail carriers are weighing in. What they say 60s66. Give -- the mid sixty -- is right on the mid sixties one guy says 72 with a light breeze by seventy -- I think for everybody else. Mid to high seventies is perfect. But -- There there they wanna be in the sixty's yeah. Well tonight baseball will not be in the sixties and probably will be -- In the eighties at game time we're hopeful. It indicate an eighty's he came -- would have been an idea and that first pitched this guy says I'm an email carrier beautiful or I -- that's about 6060 -- -- Much easier to be be no carrier can you imagine. Would you look at some of those old baseball games. From benefit from the fifties and sixties. And consumables bowl games. And guys were wearing -- flannel uniforms. And keep it on games are on days like today that you weren't old old school uniforms what do you know. At least today uniforms. Over. Or we don't Mike Napoli is basically gonna have his uniform off today write him a little easier apple is gonna have every button -- will be down to his naval he'll be out there. Saw that we find all the fun and go to the game to marshals to be almost -- tomorrow. I'm looking for local -- tomorrow I had no problems with according according to this from from -- -- 93 degrees at game time perfect first pitch that 93 -- perfect tomorrow you have a high of 92. With a 40% chance perfect to go to tell it to you coming out of Fenway he stopped by a couple of farms travel iced coffee get yourself in line. Good to go for yankees series which by the way has a little bit or intrigue there's some intrigue now as the Yankees not because of the Yankees necessarily. They're six games back so I I guess if you're a yankees fan you're looking at this the -- almost need to -- get to within three games the Red Sox -- -- get a -- sort of catapulted into the second half of the season I know it's not officially the second half I get another email -- text somebody reminding me he's -- I get it that's our I -- 97 is not the halfway quicker we can just let's just relax because this. Let's let's calm down to have it -- just take it Eminem throws he says that's gone down -- And it's 99 degrees in some places where you are feel like a 109 degrees. And we can just loosen the standards a little bit and consider this the first game of the second half even though we are well past game number 81 until little a little trepidation for this year's alternate. I mean not just because it's Red Sox yankees which usually comes with a little more trepidation. Than any other series. But the added fact of who the Yankees are gonna throw at you in the series I know they're not the Yankees I know they're not what they've been kind of Jeter's not there and Iran's not there and they have been able to put at the same kind of numbers this season and there's a reason that they -- six games behind the Red Sox but they are gonna throw in three consecutive games. Any Pettit was already shut you down this year Hiroki Kuroda what happened I think is an excellent pitcher and -- CC sabathia in game three of the series they're coming much. Right and you're gonna countered that we -- -- Lester or choose to do -- Lackey and then last Lester. So -- if you order not to look at anything else other than the three pitching matchups in the series. You would very clearly give the edge to the -- they're like you know you look at their pictures. -- already this year. The first series of the year. Has he was able to accept the Red Sox now it's still can be an effective guy you don't know what you gonna get from any that it -- -- he gets all. Or maybe you get that JD Pettit -- don't know what's gonna get from CC sabathia in the velocity has been down but. Every now and then CC sabathia. Can beat themselves. And he'll give you problems and and -- wrote it's just that to him this particular picture list of good picture nobody ever talks I sit here yeah he's an under the radar guy -- ever really talks about them. We just too good pitchers so curious. Now how how confident I guess is the right word to talk about it because. You start thinking about your confidence level in in in the team in general the pitching staff in general the relievers in the can look at it almost like position group. Or you can just go I -- guy. Which your confidence right now. Red Sox. Well I was saved from a team perspective pretty good. They've been steady all year. They went out to the West Coast that could have been disastrous trip they could have stumbled. And and it started a major slide going into the all star break now that lost a couple of games. To a to a very good Oakland -- team before the break. But still. Going 500 on that road trip. -- game trip was pretty acceptable they have been. The definition of steady the entire season. I don't expect them to fall off. Suddenly there especially during this homestand. He -- terrible job of playing at home last year you're you're a bad team overall but they were bad team at Fenway Park to. And can be a bad team still be competitive that way they weren't 2012 have been good at home. And they've been good against the American League east we've been very good against Tampa good against the Yankees they've struggled against the Orioles. I expect him to continuing now as far as individual players. As we are proud. You know ten days away from the or Robert -- Couple weeks away from the trade deadline. There are some guys. That out I can I could see them. Need to upgrade or some positions that they need to upgrade did you see that global list today guests at 22 names the globe Ali on the twelve has the right idea blocked of the 22 names twenty of them were pitchers but give -- 2220 of 22 were -- I don't -- something that -- what you think that that's the number one area. Especially relief pitching I don't knows of it may be starting pitching as well depending on what happened to -- I. I do think that they need pitching more than they need another bat. But I don't know that it's twenty of 22 Calvert you don't mean like I agree that they do need it and I can only acquire one guy. It's probably an arm more than it's about. But I would like for them to acquire their -- I mean I I don't have a ton of faith and Stephen Drew we start talking and we will delayed about half hour from -- kind of go through the roster. In terms of we have faith -- who you trusted we don't. Steve injures not too high in my list I gotta be honest and he may be higher on Jon Farrell's may be higher on that chair intends. He's not that higher mileage that I don't have a lot of faith there and so. I'm assuming that place is going to be the shortstop down the stretch and so I can upgrade to that other position. And go from Stephen Drew two player acts I'd like to do that I I just don't think they're too many guys available. Well what they're going to they're gonna play third base Michael young's only a little what's -- just an amazing -- You have more confidence in Iglesias. Then drew. You have more confidence that I nominee based on well seen this year how come I'm not -- base what you see this year but now it's starting to come the other way it. Certainly coming up without that road trip. It was a decent road trip for the Red Sox as a team I was not a good road trip for Jose Iglesias he starts to look lie. A guy who he'll always be fun in the field not a problem great fantastic will make. At least one plus play every game seems that way. At the plate. You don't head tilt and the topping your head Dan -- -- and -- right. Mr. testicle does not like we're just pursue -- what does -- just go to get a certificate letter to gold does not like what he sees the. -- Jose -- I don't know I I I think I handled it more faith -- that you do and -- be curious to get some reaction you're 617779. 7937. An old school. Trade deadline conversation -- -- -- eleven days away. Trade deadline twelve days -- excuse me trade deadline conversation. What do you want what do you only give up. What more what do you want to meet the -- through what are you willing to give up but it ends up in a conversation about prospects that we know we've heard of we sort of have an opinion about but it's mostly just. You know which give Alexander Von -- know would you give this guy know. We want our relief pitcher you want relief how to relief pitcher has a lot of lives in this listed every jumped out to you are awesome there're some closers there are some setup guys who have to go I don't adding I'm. A closer I don't necessarily need a closer kind but I think -- another reliever. Because I don't wanna continue to put pressure on you we are as a closer whose fine. Now the one they like your cars clothes and it makes you nervous is the only weak part of his game. Is that it gives up home runs. Doesn't throw that hard but he still manages to get people out so I'm not worried about that. -- you go into what you going to ninth inning in Europe by one. As you. You know you look at your -- if if they can they -- they usually get taken out of the ballpark. But they don't connect very off I just want to be able to take the pressure off him I want one more reliable guy in there or couple if if I get it. Couple more reliable guys in the bullpen. So I can reduce his workload this. It and it's not just him admitted it's it's just adding to the death of their so that you're not worried about it now look maybe Brandon Workman is able to take over that spot however. When I wrote about that on Sunday night thinking hey you know what this can work out great. May be -- Workman for another starter to the book -- comes back and you're able to slide it into the later innings because he throws hard and he can kind of be Papelbon like. For 2005 before you'd move them into the root of when he went from the rotation to the bullpen for the first time before he assumed the mantle the closer the next year he was. He was a weapon for them down the stretch in 2005 well. I don't -- you're going to be able to do that would -- -- right public it's a little problem with Clay Buchholz who is gonna have to cancels throwing session you're gonna have to push back the entire time line. And now August 1 at least to me. Seems. No wait that's gonna happen my guess is you're looking to mid to late August before you actually see clay buckle. If -- seen you know it's frustrating about the clay buckles situation everything. Even more than everything OK Gloria put everything on everything beyond everything -- frustrating about Clay Buchholz. Is that. He answered one question. Kept another question ago so the question that he kept going. And we don't know the answer to is will we ever being a guy that you could rely on war -- -- that say 200 today. I'm reducing I'm relaxing the standards so let's say 200 innings. Today it's 185 while. Not one night because he gave he almost -- you 886 last years of -- So -- ever big guy you've got hundred no. Ninety needed 200 plus it out this year are so there's -- question that he keeps that going we can you rely on him is he durable guy. But this the question he did it. He is not only the best picture on this team he's the best starting pitcher on this team. And he is a one and a handful. Of his great this is not a question for me. I don't I don't question skills I don't think that his 2010 season. When he had a sub two ERA. I don't think it was spooky at all he didn't have a lot of innings over in about 174752010. He's a great picture. Urged the but. Like what can you get out of what are you gonna get out of Clay Buchholz going forward early always. Beat this guy is he going to be is it a 160 innings of greatness didn't count on it and you go really easy on him and April and may just give them. Earlier this season so you can have them available. In October 10 he had that. Appearing to -- that's so frustrating is that it's not I don't base is not a basketball season where you can afford to to the flip with things like that right he can't be Gregg Popovich and just bitching you're good players for a couple of games because right. That's a long season and don't go to the playoffs these games don't really matter that much -- -- work that way only one team from your division is going to. Make the playoffs yes I understand there's two wild cards that just means you're gonna get one game playoff to try to get into the playoffs are you can put yourself and opposition. That's a good enough on the you can't afford to be taking weeks or months off even need to make sure the clay buckle them and it. Having a good regular season is pretty damn important in baseball what he Minnesota. Even if -- don't -- basketball -- that you can afford that there another set of problems that come with that philosophy. It creates deepens. And it creates babies. What do you so if you baby the guy. You know if he kind of feels like. Not really. I'm a kind of letting my team down. You know I'm I'm not I'm not able to take the ball. In Jon Lester definition of -- about Avery and I am not able to go out there every fifth day and help my team. So that's what you're junior member of the Red Sox released on you know. Really part of the rotation you're like the sixth or seventh guy who skipped every now and then or the flip side is you're so special. You're so fragile. That. -- was like it's like the the good dinner where they bring you up for special case. At the dining room table tonight that we alone actually get real -- well let's let's did you let's get the good table called. At table -- out in the that nice it's nice this is that we never yeah. You know after the normal dish has risen to nine stitches when they come I think so that the normal dish which are good enough we're not good enough for you today. Well we got to go out there and do the work Monday through Friday at the kitchen table but all the sudden over the dining -- K Arnold special occasion are bringing out the fine China come -- man dining rooms -- about a -- I think they're becoming obsolete. That's five times a year maybe. Where is -- that I. But times here what you got. Yet yeah thanks to a couple of -- experience that respect maybe occasionally having dinner party. 61777979837. Kevin that. -- in Wakefield and can you put on Kevin place. And what's going on guys I am German NATO and get. It is so odd note that there is nobody watching the lake in Wakefield -- heard that a normal -- you know sovereign eight -- maybe 5000 though. That's so it is anyway. I wanted to call and talk about equally -- situation but it I might like it let this slide Clay Buchholz is not a great -- you really have to watch. Who we called great I mean. -- addicts it's great okay Clay Buchholz is so great addicts that. Our guard Greg fanatics but he's got he's got it his ability he's got the skills. To be a great picture I have no doubt about it -- That is correct but -- still -- injury defeats knee should count against you which outscored your real. It's hard nonstop this symbolic -- so. Polo would know I don't know look at -- -- now -- you just said the word now we're gonna have a real conversation here Kevin you do is dead his toughness. So is he. -- now you can be fragile. -- -- -- You can be fragile and soft it -- and and is not mentally tough to beat Uga does have a body type. Would you wanna go out and kick ass you wanna do it. But your body does not let you do you tell me that guys make you think he's. Raining why it's sort of whack you -- -- well. No I don't think -- well I see. -- so Q what do you attribute it to Michael that he's not training. Eating properly -- He's doing all the things he's supposed to why -- the -- getting hurt every other month. Some guys just get hurt Kevin. Guys get hurt it in this -- -- A -- got to get that it was Hewitt we agree on some things but we're just jumble them together -- just like where I'm trying and I tell you where it can I'd say -- agree with U verse. Or let's say I agree I agree that it counts against you. That durability. And consistency being out there games played for a for a position player gains pitch for a pitcher. Is he is a double check marking your column where I disagree with you is that you're blaming god for getting hurt. It sometimes you can't blame you lazy player who doesn't train will forget and other times it's just out of your control. It is just the way it is. Out and took the ball was a -- and been on it well how often -- we have done that. Could we have done that it would happen exit well the next hold on even beyond the shoot he had unbelievable and not trying to -- Of course it was unbelievable what happened and that's what you got to continue the conversation -- -- got it in the middle of the season there. Yeah our 300 wins you're an athlete now than strikeouts what you want the -- to do. That's what or -- don't Michael we don't at. Jon Lester is that -- are black you -- one of those who are quote unquote war are now and it's like these guys going to be 200 inning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I got it -- OK but -- have to go back that far but I had to go back and -- sixties. What -- and US yes I agree Curt Schilling was great in the playoffs he was great game six. Against the Yankees. But what happens next year -- think with Curt Schilling not a war here in 2005. I don't even know why it even goes beyond that might go. Curt -- did that in the playoffs or resentment it was -- playoff game Curt Schilling did that. You need to do that in the middle of the season -- need to do that now he can do that in July and August you can go to the playoffs for one or two games. There's a humongous difference right Greg and -- doing that now -- -- -- colts did that now and with an injured himself situated that he wasn't able to play in the playoffs because of it. We -- -- great he was tough but he's really really stupid aren't I would expect him to put everything on the line in the playoff game but I don't expect him to do it now. Yeah we want to -- 77979837. More your calls next sultan -- W media.

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