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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston: emotional day for Paul Pierce

Jul 19, 2013|

Jackie MacMullan joins TC and Merloni to discuss the Brooklyn Nets introducing Pierce and KG and the types of feelings Pierce and KG had leaving Boston and starting a new chapter.

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The economy in Iowa polls -- talking about you know six years. I embraced same things -- not to use. His. His magnitude but it was enough to where. We may just there and that's what we are in this political we will want to be there when it changed. So much for different you get a bill it knows stuff ought to be emotion not on the -- Reflect familiar to make a decision was -- you can go forward and that was the most of course all of us. Things pushed unlawfully forced homeless move -- conceive -- fairy -- anyway. As Kevin Garnett talking to project -- -- yesterday the interview after the press conference. Interesting conversation -- both Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and joining us now on the AT&T. Hotline AT&T four GL TE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible it is -- McMullen from ESPN Boston -- TC -- And I don't -- all right how about you. Now and Hannity Hannity. Good data call and -- your -- these guys wherever he -- that's on Siberia are great interview yesterday. And it was. I thought I thought we just played do we put the whole thing was that the whole thing we've got a good result yeah who played the -- And I just tell us you know you're there with a body language in talking to them before after what was what especially Paul Pierce he seemed to be talking about -- now was setting in that this happened to take us through that whole process with those two guys yesterday. Well you're a public pretty shell shocked you know you couldn't help but notice when they locked in. Statistic in -- after the press conference. -- KG was doing a good job of just smile and everybody wave and then of course Jason Terry just won the lottery so he's happy I don't. But you know apologist either try to smile that he really want I mean he's -- -- he literally literally grown up involved. And he was twenty you're old and I think 201920. When he got here. And he grew up as a basketball player as a person. And it's all he's ever known and and I thought the interest in -- the minute he walked into the Barkley and the first thing he did was look up. And there are no banners up there. And so I think it pretty emotional day for my putting hill -- -- pretty -- and ensure that. The nets that were probably a little disappointed because it was hard for him to Muster a lot of enthusiasm -- it's clear what he wanted guys it's clear what Katie wanted. They want everybody come back docket include they want to add some pieces to -- and they want to get this one more world. We all know why -- he didn't it makes good business sense that he didn't but this is the emotional side of it. You show us I was listening to an -- Paul was talking about you know. May be wishy comes this a real whatever would like to finish his career but now. But now on the net in this the way it is and Michael bring cheers from the crowd caught I don't like -- could not many wasn't exactly glowing about how being happy that he was the net and -- A lot of that had to do with you mentioned what he's been on different teams KG has been through this before and saw -- can -- work out be positive he understands that that. Being treated for the first time we'll go to a team at the for the first time. You could see why Paul Peter stick it differently than -- was a that you guys. Absolutely and you know he wanted to end his career in Boston wind and history Aaron. And it Celtic uniform and I I think he feels like he deserved and he mentioned. In the interview we did you know I see. The dispersed on Hillary up with Kevin -- -- -- -- you know lakers they we're not letting go Colby and I hear my Cubans say. We're never gonna trade Dirk Nowitzki and I'm sorry I'm thankful to nominate and I think it's a sample I really do. Now again we did all that as we all have now a thousand times why this is good for the Celtics like it was the right thing. But down the the next time you know someone told me that all Paul -- cares about money or wrong -- you could see it that and you could see yesterday. It's it was kind of devastated you know we would -- to run and tomorrow so there's more. Jack he wouldn't win when Paul talks about Duncan. And and Colby and and and obviously that among Cubans and Nowitzki with. You know guys you get to finish their career there I think Boston we understand what Paul Pierce means that the Celtics but. Right do you can you put Paul Pierce in the category of Kobe and. Well maybe not them but is he any different entered an -- now that's right that's yeah it's easy you know and and and and you've actually started the same time remember the Celtics want to draft tractor unit he that would they're grand plan. But they got beat out and at the end that that was that's who they wanted in that draft. So a little ironic there but I think he deserved to begin it in here absolutely. But we've all known for a while letting go that way he'll for a while they both come -- the writing it on the law the last game. You know against the knicks doc brought him -- senate bill organizer -- split up and -- -- that they were -- knowledge of the -- together. They're clearly they're very. Both of them said I don't know how much honestly haven't seen what ESPN has run and what they haven't -- yet when the other things immaculate you know we never want to play for another coach except for -- We wanted without that we -- -- with -- so. That element -- comes into play as well. They'll even heard that yet they're talking about Jason Kidd is their new coach I want to go back to what what we did you -- point came along with. When KG was talking about L Paul now these -- the six weeks and he said it was pushed on us any city it was almost forced on us now. As sparse he goes. Vicki was almost these disease feel want to get into with you later on and not put. Forced to either accept this deal or possibly think of retiring rather be portable -- Well he had options he had options because they're retired down there -- some interest from the Minnesota in the world to have them become part of that front office I think they'll. Approach him again and each and every year until he does actually retire. But he did at the notre iPod and I think he you know once docked left I really think that went bad domino fell. I think -- Eli -- and elect if I do think it's not going to be what I hoped it would be it's not going to be what I wanted it to be. So much to make the best this camp but it is interesting in the end the shell shocked that Paul Pierce led yesterday to be Brooklyn. He was the one attacked him and into the to finally doing that because I think he understood look. If we can't all be together and we can't -- -- the next best thing it at least let the two of us be gathering goes somewhere we have a shot at winning at all and I do think. They have a shot at winning at all you know I they'd go to the Miami Heat from audience right now they're the champions. But you know -- when he -- little older he tweaks that need. This is a deep team Kirilenko people understand. How important election than to get him to pack it in depth at every single position that this they have the makings of -- team that could win now. Doug how much of that will hinge on Jason Kidd being able to become a coach you know he does it -- as a player he wouldn't make a roster a whole lot older than. KG and Paul -- have made it. Forty years old. Plan to Jason Kidd I think the key and then I'll play like at large frank is there and he would. When the Celtics won in 2008 Lawrence Frank with their top assistant he would -- defensive guru he's only here one year and no doubt golf fell on them. Just fell lower than he was he gonna most. Best kept secrets in the NBA just a terrific coach terrific mind players really respond to them. And it appeared in case you were very very enthusiastic when asked about him yesterday and so he's really gonna be coaching. The New Jersey Nets to be frank with you I mean -- it'll be the head coach. In name but I think Lawrence Frank can be drawn up a lot of the staff and really -- -- in the guy that can handle a lot of the behind scene stuff. I think the key to whether that work is Deron Williams. Restraint tapped into different kind of cat very very very talented. But -- probably. You know reach his full potential yet one minute he looks like the best point guard in the game the next me that you can not sure you know. And actually -- made that point -- they think they'll run up portion of an on Saturday as well so he can make he'd get a bye in the fact that KG and Paul have wisdom. They have knowledge they can help them they're not trying to replace them they're not gonna steal shots they're not gonna -- -- under. They just wanna win another ring and show him how it's done and if he is receptive to that. And I think they really had a chance. -- one part of that in ago that that it wasn't shown yep but I did read that the text and it sounded like. When you talked on how much you wanna give up Ortiz it would every one are you mindset. We start talking -- what is returned to Boston. It wasn't in the video but the text it seemed like. He he he got emotional just talking to you about. He did you really get you know what I said how much of what you lasting memory lecture lasting legacy. And he's good memories -- -- -- you know to go on -- off that the duck boats that that seemed to resonate with both guys. You know that that parade down the street without those sand and and now you don't win a championship against the lakers and that policy policy teary -- emotional to remember them they won in 2008. And to kick -- 2000 nine's first game of the year and handed him the microphone. He went to center court to thank all the fans. And everybody and and you know he mentioned red. And you -- he would cry like a three year old that the Centre court of the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life I've never seen an athlete is that. But that's him that's who he -- It seemed like he could even. Talk to you about that that night returning to Boston next year that that was. It's too far off for him and and you know hit it funny that the -- that it it's not yet. But -- -- different uniform that's weird but he's like I've lived I've lived in this -- fifteen years and how to get to the gym I -- you know two miles from the practice facility. I knew how to get to the garden and you all the pictures now you know they -- guys practice in New Jersey. And they play in Brooklyn and he's like a minute two hour traffic -- report -- tell me. And this that the -- before we we actually sat down Wednesday the committee -- cameras weren't rolling. I said only girls it is likely that the president but it girl's heart he said -- at the park he did you know I stayed across the street from Central Park how many years. I've never been essential part. I'd never crossing -- in that park he did when I was a kid growing up in LA. Central Park it that that was that the most dangerous place on earth you know all the crime go to court members -- it was back in the day he said. Now I guess I'm gonna have to figure out how to -- personal Central Park will be the whole thing is sold born in him -- -- on a hard time getting the arms around no little guy he will. And you said at the beginning -- -- use the -- grew up in Boston I think that's so perfect -- with growing up comes maturity and and and on the fourth of July when the Bruins traded say you know I kept saying. Yeah you know -- got a lot to figure out. And I brought up Paul Pierce at the time because you think about how much he matured over those fifteen years did you ever see the day when you -- saw him as a rookies always go through those first couple years. Did you ever see the day coming where we'd be fifteen years later talking about him being one of the most important players in this franchise's history. Well you know early on I would have come -- that was so impressive in early on he he came in here with. Yeah it was really really crushed. To go that late in the draft so he he added game based on from day one as a rookie year he -- yeah he worked hard he was determined he was respectful of read in all the alleges that he he he got -- webpart but it in the middle part of his career when. -- gonna cry a little bit you know he wrapped his head up that ridiculous. Jacob Marley kind of get up that he had after that playoff game you know because he didn't get the call when someone hit it -- -- -- -- all men hit never gonna get it that's when I thought wow. They contribute to announce -- they can get you know I was wrong god bless him he figured out he might favor at all times Celtics. Because of the learning curve and because he was human and he let us see him beat humans he let the good the bad the in between he and you know he also. It's fair amount of criticism in this town because that time he deserved it. But he never begrudge it was just a very refreshing got to be around I'm I'm gonna miss him terribly. All right well and part two is tomorrow night you said Saturday night. Saturday during the day -- up until really now not charge of programming yet that's honest people cannot keep organized -- we appreciate the time it was great stuff yesterday it's great talking about today and that is the weekend. Thank you to as the gray Jacqui McMullen from my ESPN Boston obviously SPN as well. Joining us on the AT&T. Hotline AT&T forgy LTE with speeds up to ten times faster than three G. AT&T. Rethink possible -- the Brooklyn nets. You don't get a -- and it's it's you know listen I'm Abby isn't just the beginning of the year watching Paul Pierce at Brooklyn nets as being an -- editing the Boston doesn't get. Yeah it's going to be especially to a thick in the nets. Come to Boston come to the garden that game I think a lot of people gonna wanna be in -- building for that and it's and Jason -- in the top spot. Right because. They come back here Terri was here for a year and I think -- -- -- the game long enough and and Spaniard knows those -- mean to take a a step back and realize that you know -- Should be part of this. It's gonna be a video octave KG and Paul Pierce that they don't have to put Jason Terry. In the video you know what I mean by that well but they don't. But it shouldn't be beat KG and Paul what is that about Terry Francona when he was back with Cleveland but knowing the guy Terry Francona wives. They had to put up the players that yells at Matt Albers -- -- magazine Chester -- still lives it was. And I get it but it's like -- PG welcome back here. You know Paul the captain been through so many years KG will we will we saw it and -- people like him voluntary if one year and -- gets the only because he's been around does it need to be in this for the -- like it's about post. You give you do you give it's to it starts with Jerry knocked him down to three pointers Denny goes to three minutes of KG and added a ten minutes. A Paul Pierce or by the end of that moral crime nozzle it works in these things I tell your reaction. -- at the Paul Pierce and his reaction to becoming a part of the Brooklyn nets we'll get back to the Red Sox they get backed work all that on the table here it is a Friday a and doubt we'll take a break come back the Bard -- golf six or 777979370. C and Lou amid extravaganza.

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