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TC tells radio hosts across the street, "it's OK to talk Red Sox"

Jul 19, 2013|

Tom Caron, filling in for Mut, rips certain media members in this town for telling fans what they should want to discuss and for trying to limit Red Sox talk.

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Nobody better -- baseball analysis the new blown. Welcome back here's Tom -- -- Mike and -- the first hour rolling on on the my little experience. Good about DePaul live at first that guarantees that we would tell you what OK I just wanted to order -- quick rent that it's okay. -- like this reds XT. And there seems to be people are very -- radio stations in town who just wanna keep telling us that nobody cares about the -- And I think this personally because the ten years cited Bruins games on message at every ten years I don't think this radio station to task at. That did you stretch people kept telling every. Not to pay attention the birth I listened to radio station and they were doing there. Update try not to use specific names of certain sports updates and it would include. Tonight's Bruins game in the Bruins weren't that good for a lot of that stretch but there was still a hard -- passionate group that. Was way ahead of the current governor's -- before have been here with one that was way ahead of the curve when the Bruins became relevant again. Another broke the tells the dollar -- love the Bruins and that's right you should. But stopped telling me now that I can't enjoy this Red Sox team because of what they did last. In fact. People stopped telling the widgets don't I can't like beat the patriots -- patriots for the next week. And then -- patriots for the next four tomato careless because. -- don't know what talk about while there is an issue and again. Go back to 1998. A big part of the issue with people saying don't -- -- -- with that they didn't know anything about the Bruins and weren't paying attention hockey often it is now because if you're going to be sports the arguments on you have to. And and that is what your house that I talked to privately you'll admit. When they came into their spots over the last eight years they knew nothing about it at at the Packers -- probably Hoechst. Grew on the hockey show not on this radio as it. What was on this radio station at one point five minutes of jazz and Celtic TC and it and UT. What year it boasted the spot halfway through season but he had washed a minute of Bruins like. On the being the year they got to us -- by -- and they blew the three nothing lead Philadelphia. About the appointment in the -- -- but the point is right now -- they do want to get back to the Red Sox. Because if you don't listen if that (%expletive) you off. Because of what they did last year and you're really never going back then and good luck is you know I. I'm not here to try to convince doubters say you have to listen and you have to -- attention to -- there. The -- V did some things some people there are emotional scars that won't go away that quickly. But if you don't understand that this is a different group. If you don't understand that this is a completely different vibe if you don't understand that this is a team that right now. -- is playing probably better than its individual parts. Should lead. And us and this is Oakland last year and this is Baltimore last year doesn't need to win the World Series. But you should be in for a hell of a ride here over the last couple months. So why not have a little -- -- -- representatives. Baseball -- is looming problem. -- was their last that don't don't. Of that act absolutely picked the best -- -- at a restaurant -- whenever I go there. There and cheer up with that that the you know it's funny because we we aren't we can on the year it was a march right in the union win the cup week month. Talking Beason was still like you know because there are patriots from before -- boundary of the month. You know it's like you know you Sadat and it was tough broad. I've never said yeah I'll never sit down tweets saying you know. And but he calls it must not patriots tomorrow and hang up on nobody cares and have never gone that far that maybe we've seen with this team. We went we went up -- everything. If we don't shy away from anyone anymore any fan bases anymore specially if tend to witness might take a revolution. Maybe not today. No state of the grabs you and I know you're TC are we don't know -- and soccer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would talk about next summer on the world -- I was there a couple of years ago during the last World Cup they would let me tell. So I -- again once again. Right now from Tenet to and I respect the game. But I -- you don't know who was like here talk across either. Yeah I like it right to IKEA I can't do and I love the sport. The cross talk on the logo depicts a mystic and break it I mean it's not it it's just -- literally place what he wants. To snow across great sport is not for the Maloney for -- that's right. Field hockey. -- there. A big deal had an avid I don't have a daughter so I really don't have to be encouraged -- to be recently someone told you know BC -- we don't care recently recently. Blah blah blah first place team nobody cares second half and nobody cares. -- Again it's just the media elite of this down. Of which -- part of now yes trying to keep the fans you -- to demand down. Keep the fanned -- telling us what we can and can't talk about all of that and get -- did you do attention duke. Would take a break a promise when we come back -- John John bought -- take your calls dead and that's what the Red Sox need to do should they do any thing. And what do you expect them to do when they get back to work against the Yankees tonight --

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