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Michele McPhee: Never a dull moment with Bulger trial

Jul 19, 2013|

Michele McPhee of ABC News joined the show to give the latest with the Bulger trial. She told Dino and Kirk that the Stippo death remains under investigation and the last time he was in court he was told he was not going to be allowed to testify in the Bulger trial.

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It is our number three Dennis without Callahan Kirk met I -- alongside phone lines opened 6177797923. Several get to some of those but first. Some have been -- talked to for quite sometime in particular after yesterday joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE -- our friend from -- ABC news abcnews.com and you can check around -- Michelle McAfee dot com -- of course would mean Michelle McPhee joins us on the hotline good morning Michelle how -- -- -- great to talk to you -- up this way is just sort of a broad statement it seems to me that event in many venues in life Michelle. Free event hype. Rarely. Is lived up to you know we can say oh this is the greatest super bowl of all time and it isn't. This is the best movie you're ever gonna see and it isn't this going to be the best vacation we'd ever planned and it ends up not being that. But would you agree that the pregame hype before the Bulger trial has been exceed about what's gone -- a courtroom. On the didn't act little argument that everything in the court about why it I -- -- I are unbelievable every single day it's like watching a movie you don't he said that. In court. All -- -- -- up around -- twenty act it out there today and I would I would. Probably admit committing 45. During the Aaron Hernandez debacle. OK so the days basically three weeks you spent in court how many times review board and ready to not off. Probably -- the advocate whose testimony was that -- technical testimony. Exactly -- and it's time that I don't understand that not talking about he had the lead in a black on the -- electoral right. Are so you around the block -- with court cases of legal proceedings that all those kinds of things have you ever seen the kind of pop -- this way. -- exchanges between the the defendant and and and witnesses that we've seen a mistrial. There and blocked at at least here probably. That came from the get and cable we are -- -- -- shocking to me because the diet so decrepit looking. You know we bring our reportable for the attack it would barely earning Nellie checked into bought -- and I want you -- and it carried me and one and it -- -- up an old problem opt an attorney Yale. So I really thought that I would and he made it out -- turn into a weekend at older and it struck at a ticket and able. But even up by lying his appearance is pretty obvious there's a mean and nasty and and M -- mean and nasty strike in this guy correct. Little he's still at like you couldn't see you know the government at betraying him very well at this psychotic. -- killer. And every time you hear him -- problem -- that aren't able you know that what the government it. No matter. I don't know didn't Alter that an attorney I didn't irony immediately you know big reopening didn't work my client it. Here shortly -- all of that LP which you know didn't completely apart all of the lead and that lady kept the drug that it probably. Exactly -- that that Robin an idea that he was doing something good for some video element of society I don't know I've ever seen this and and but I've not been a -- nearly as much as you. The marshals I'm told Michelle -- you write it. Stood between Stephen the rifleman Flemmi and James Whitey Bulger not because that that the gonna jump up and in and come to blows. They didn't want that to make eye contact. Well I didn't know -- to vote count it up and coming the blood because -- we have been leaked out and got to witness box. This when he act take -- out idea this you don't want called you a rat art it. And why I think we're -- now. The did in his wallet at Oak Park in street corner and there really like you know a couple of the flooding that drug dealer that -- Talked about it it works -- let's let lady answered. Really part of what you need to talk about it glided to a problem like lol about what he's started Obama an old hand aren't big. You know she. It they had while Leslie would help it beat up the acts we decided how it leaves. The the -- testimony was only fifteen minutes yes Sarah Michelle as they go for 34 hours today they're saying right. -- -- -- I would not right here earlier that day and today they already -- because it is going to be really another great day what they're really like you and it really hasn't been a bad day in court. Every day Patrick they'll direct Rickey let me start but the and I'm gay -- like. My client is absolutely -- for a -- He old he cheated you rockets will ride he can -- you know Iraq. I'll need -- trial has and really trying to rebuild. White street cred. And -- -- aren't quite -- important in nineteen that he is you know. It's possible. For these murders and the only ohrnberger wait and edit it a lot. I can't negate that he did it sit there and eat it every day. And -- and -- planet. Yeah they are wondering what the reaction is in the court room. From the beat the people who were just sitting there in the general population of the courtroom. The jurors and and the judge when exchanges like this take place when Fred -- -- -- -- -- -- let me bring to characterize his relationship with Bulger -- entered strictly criminal not to laugh out loud at that. He immediately around much in the back -- in town because you can actually -- allowed. -- have it on here you're you're credentials what I have. Well. Yesterday what if you could act -- they were more important than ever get and that happened during the start of the trial yeah. Typewriter you know TJ -- about it silently day. He -- to the black app built schools ought to look at during all the time but really you're not only that -- -- -- -- look at the people who don't have to cover. Is there an audible gasp when he finishes his testimony speaking about -- And as he's getting out the stand. -- told -- call Bulger a mother bleaker and Bulger. Snarled back go bleep yourself does the judge. I happen to pick the iPad app that got it and get -- and -- in the yeah that springing Arnold want our eyes. Well what happened did you ordinarily our director aren't out of pocket aren't you -- it bother with skills. I -- about that I -- and -- to kill. And that he might -- on your part aren't they'll what they'll be like OK so exactly what a way to get back. They hear white. And then you -- -- -- created -- but those guys aren't saying that it shipped out of all elaborate. We have an idea any idea at all Michelle when this trials actually can and you said the 25 days in -- -- is -- kind of a road map here how it's gonna look the next few weeks. While it did it because definite evidence here -- we don't make it any tournament title. -- out of body of -- great. Yet -- give us an earlier theory on that give us a cliff notes version for people who might not exactly know. Why he's involved in this although he's not involved anymore and what your theory on our theory is on. Why not only it was he found dead the dead with no car anywhere near and no identification on his body. No I can't keep you know he did it it -- you -- -- -- possibly be a suicide yeah. And I think that they are drop back -- are that out because eight. The sorry that. So what do what exactly commitment that the looking at the latest factory number. And they said that he. I talked to -- -- -- Good right now. It was last seen in court -- UK government -- that it would not going to call into the and that quote that Stanley tell me that you -- -- that the government apparently believed. Cabin leaks are and what happened but the order electric start you know they're McCain or the way that they're Boe -- -- called it. While that what you multiple it how are on the little girl at the end I regret. And take it electrical. While that story I'm Althea Dolly -- a little. We HEE. Yeah exactly and they have been leaked out by that and I. What actually happened is that we got a look at the upper hand. Like there was a bag of money literally end I pulled -- -- Because even tried it looks like a -- -- in great. And out -- look at what we got away. So. Info has told other victims and the court. Is very close with the gators lose that it would hurt. And told they that they couldn't wait a day what it is an armed. And he signed -- I get -- -- wrote and instead no you know like he. You know. No heart anywhere nearby. And that no evidence that aren't high but then again you know. Yesterday at eight the Turkey -- architect you. Right legally Michelle -- why would the prosecution not put him on the stand why would they have a change -- -- because Kevin Weekes was so believable they said oh yeah. Wolf will will take you work. Story about the acquisition of this liquor store at face value and we won't hear from the guy who tells a completely different story what does that make any sense. Well one thing it doesn't make it the government have to explain why -- -- in the vote it. And even that is anyhow yeah he had an opera -- -- -- -- he was doing got an -- you want it in an 800 point without all of that lady had secret that you -- I I think you're probably not do it -- area where people are ending up in California -- to strengthen very coincidental. Consider that on board and at the interior. That he was there. In 1994. Right after what you -- -- Aaron -- -- -- -- apple golf to another great day kept people. We're talking about -- that the at -- -- at the Quantico and the soaring and it looked a white. -- to threaten the -- yet supervisor. -- all right and the -- have a heart attack. It's so afraid of getting a call Hawaii. Actually after that even a more Texans at the beauty dirty. Shortly -- that you get a remote. Head right there the public are not as a lot in the last. Like what exactly that smile I've been out and market regulator about it on that. Exactly it miles from -- I don't. By the way the -- -- am lead to a lot about what someone help me get a we apartment blocks from the beach except. A re rented. When he 800 dollar that their really wanted her our adopted at an apartment I was actually -- They repair the hole in the wall where the -- the guns in the money -- -- it hit it there all along well and handed you need that extra light it peak -- it is yes. But the cowboy hat yeah oh they're that young hot and. They're building manager and -- -- and anger but frankly it probably -- -- -- the -- that they you know popular here you can mark the tunnels. Exactly it's -- get it by lady. Knight stepped into the like the one good. -- Carlyle somethings don't change Michelle does is Michelle is any chance he was really at that game seven Vancouver Bruins sentence -- possibly true. You know I can tell you -- absolute certainty that I need to clean black and are expected to -- We hit the bar -- and. You know all I'm redneck area blessings awfully risk because a lot of Bostonians there right. Yeah and people recognize them. Do you do you -- that people. I mean they need what apple ID eight -- teacher I have quite yodeling songs didn't help there. But yeah I know you would happily went back and looked at -- I believe anybody -- what is going to be I saw why do you like you like to forget about it. I'm even on meet the -- elements aren't happy either decrepit old man walking up the outbreak blew everybody that look like an hour. And nobody dropped the dime on this. Not all of you well you know the people who did not have a daughter -- -- -- well. Like he nanny they get it was a big target -- wife and I. Any thought Whitey ball on an epidemic America's small quiet that aren't on the market you know what we don't know me and all the FBI I need to act -- new owner is called article on it -- likely to prepare. And he what are the -- all the typical white people. It absolutely credible that he -- ought to act and everything else crops are neck and yet he never -- Sounds like the same FBI agents who didn't check guns aren't able in the got a a watch list call from the Russians. -- that REIT UN I cannot -- aren't they on that because I'm. I'm just very that in higher -- it you know and I didn't. Interesting interesting well I suppose. Michelle that once the Whitey Bulger troubles over you go straight to Aaron Hernandez. Do not pass go do recollect 200 dollars and then move on to joke our. The czar -- you're going to be busy for couple 2345 years here. Green picky now -- -- a lot of stories about a lot of noncriminal yeah. It Aaron Hernandez -- the alarm in the hall of fame. Well I shall we first started when we first the news habits are trickling out we said it's not possible he did it because he can't be this stupid red alert he's exactly that's the -- the deadly combination is Michelle in my estimation it's the stupidity. With the arrogance and the arrogance born out of living that life win the within the the gang situation where I can do anything to you. And because you're gang member economic gang member nobody stitches on anybody I mean for God's sake he may have killed two people in a car on an overpass of of the southeast expressway and at least one guys survived but has no idea -- And the got a shot of the I told police he had no idea that it. Pop up op currency and attacked shot and Florida wouldn't it I litigator at the which is very suspicious. Adjusting both both Whitey. And and Aaron Hernandez share something you spent any amount of time around either one of those two guys it's -- and and well probably. -- even tell you if you look at two iron and -- it -- I let the Indian perspective. And a number of Arlington and yet we can't and that's what that high as Alter. The body count is rising Michelle -- they always a pleasure thanks very much for the information informative and entertaining we appreciate it. While they you know that is going to be in -- Eric are out of bomber Eric. Check -- -- Michelle -- on ABC news and abcnews.com. And of course Michelle McPhee dot com she joined us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. The thing. Of the next segment of the Dennis and Callahan program. Photographs. Ones that get you in trouble and ones that get to a -- back to a separate sets.

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