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Any shot Ellsbury re-signs with Boston?

Jul 19, 2013|

Dino and Kirk discussed John Henry's comments regarding contract negotiations between Ellsbury and the Sox.

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Jacoby Ellsbury as a tremendous baseball player. And but Scott has a history is as you point out of taking his players to free agency we have had talks with. Jacoby last year -- Swiss guy. And -- season and yes but. But. There's nothing to report. As you know Scott those. Almost a 100% of the time career. The vagaries of baseball on and off the field. Happens to be one of the elements in my estimation that makes it so interesting. However there are -- fuel and just a very few things. -- seem to be etched in stone that you know we're going to play out a certain way then and as much the -- -- would like to have negotiated with Jacoby Ellsbury got something done. Didn't get the sense like maybe three years ago. That the day that's coming is just about coming and nothing is going to change it that's always -- to go to they can go to -- Ellsbury and offer him a blank check and say you feel that it. -- probably still got a free eight. -- has got -- ended 2011 Ellsbury had that big -- yet it was over they are in the right -- taken this dial your team without the power now he's even talked to a now. What was the threat of power tells -- the idea of power so it's still out -- he's younger free agency. And we talked about yesterday -- -- Lou they want to buy an hourlong interview that you sit right there come. -- -- -- -- Ellsbury is having the kind of year where you know a two months ago you set Wellington's costing themselves money and how he's gonna probably make them not as much he would have video 2011 but. -- -- for a hundred million bucks right here's John Henry -- meals per negotiations. Well again we're. Where we have more depth and and and we we have some we -- talent coming up but. But the Jacoby is somebody that we very much -- it adds. -- he's he's not the only. You know the difference is from three years ago that. When we were considering the fact that Ellsbury was probably going to walk early skip a free agency but when they do go to free agency they've more often walk because somebody's willing to do some stupid. There isn't that abject. Panic panic about -- there isn't this concern. Because of the presence of Jackie Bradley is that fair to say I guess you how much are based on what. And nobody really knows anything about Jackie Bradley and he looks in pretty good prospect but you know Ellsbury hadn't really good year what percentage would you put on the fact that Ellsbury. Is leaving. 990 -- out yet -- -- -- Scotland back 9% -- let me ask you this it's -- -- you John Dennis GM of the Red Sox and said. Five years seventy million for Ellsbury -- Does that and Robertson of them 1414. Well I guess that would. I think that you I guess it probably did say he he's he's he's looking for a hundred no I know it's it's it's a silly the deposit to be at least twenty million dollar player. Yeah you know what somebody will probably make him one million -- I guess if you play like this rest of the way you know it's 300 -- seventy basis 65 bases. The partisan matter that shall the next foot fault he has if you believe and I believe this 90% that Ellsbury is leaving via free agency. And will not be the Red Sox in a field next year doesn't that make Jackie Bradley and tradable in any negotiations with the Philadelphia Phillies or anybody else right. Cliff -- you're Matt Garza on the cubs right Jackie Bradley is no individual player. Is not untreatable because of Ellsbury right -- very were. 26 point five Ryder Cup -- for four more years -- the public trip Bradley -- to be at yet another rocketed to a degree that -- -- implement you're next with Dennis and not Callahan -- -- I would go to -- on Friday. Yeah out. -- estimated that as Jacoby Ellsbury like everybody else on the contrary it seems to play. How does include realized they'd stay healthy at Howell. I mean. It's like they. Oil and your entire next five years and it it's the only unit give again you know I mean. Not tricked out I think the senate -- -- takes a lot of heat and I understand delegates fair. Look at the injuries he's had been contacting. -- They have the immediate that I -- opinion of outrage is not that he animal anger is that he saw. What are they look at 8 o'clock OK I mean each heat eternal life that popped like at the -- a lot that's not to me. Ellsbury crashed into a guy and then it got a guy -- regularly you know in the right both times I mean this is not you have -- USA Buchholz -- that conversation this -- J. D. -- -- -- He's a pretty tough player or. A literal I never cooked it and recruit -- really to test I mean -- just. Get paid at 88. -- it if I had any any negative to say about Ellsbury situation it's not that he gets hurt because I think bought by and large you seem to play through some things. Get a wrist that he mr. de -- but as as -- said they were they were contact injuries my would be easy to take about as much time as Daisuke. And to end and buckles to get back at it. These -- eight and 99% to play. You statement next point could take the -- to want to come back from injury she had some bad shops like that they eat at the plate through the tank so guys like. I don't know how do you do that -- to Pedroia Tedy Bruschi all those guys at all laureate. -- -- -- -- -- -- let me ask you this there may be an idealist and Ellsbury could be playing to an injured right -- -- have no idea -- So I mean I play a 155 games you're some injuries that you don't know. No we don't know why I mean look -- -- everything should be nixed every every. Payment goes to demand look at it -- 161 game -- it's a marathon I edit. It like that it takes a lot of extra. Come back for most of greet them. The average player. In the and it seems to me that he's planning a lot more appreciate that he knows he's played for a big. -- Seattle regrets it now he's playing more because he knows that the contract I. I don't I don't know that I consider Jacoby Ellsbury is soft soft to me indicates. Not mentally tough. There's a difference between not being mentally tough and and wanting to be and needing to be as close. Now ought to even -- fragile. It's the -- it's the it's the the lack of the the amount of time it takes to get back and I don't get at least off I think he sets the standard for himself. Like Fred Clinton did many many years ago and apparently like Clay Buchholz is doing now. I can't be effective I don't wanna be out there unless I'm pretty close to a 100% and maybe I'll give districts may be. That's even exacerbated. Recently because he knows that every number he puts up is going to translate into more dollars and cents or fewer dollars. Richard Rick if you have the same injury at last year with a shoulder. Debris was it was Tampa Bay that came with all of yet yeah -- -- to be back. But three weeks quicker this year because a contract year month quicker. You don't know is that I disagree. It because the contract. And amid all played about two. Singling out -- spread all our players when they get to the contrary ear people extra mildly put it the extra that they try to act a little court where. I do that Celtics have a two year is that you know probate contract. It could be the opposite -- do you think. Boris is happy when a guy gets injured. And comes back a little too soon and in fact Boris as soon as he started playing better talk about a library. Said you see he was injured in the first half for a reason he had an uneven start the reason he was ineffective early in the season is because that shoulder wasn't completely healed. -- is completely healed you see a different Jacoby -- sure I'm not sure if -- was happy that he played before he was written all options. -- pissed about it pushing it forward for fractures in his written in 2011. That to me seems a -- injury last year I sought they'll figure real injury yeah I'd Ellsbury was unhappy that you must not -- throughout J. D. Drew Dice-K it's fine. Actually -- Ellsbury has kind of bad rapper I do at least for the people. Jared is in Rhode Island major. They mark got the morning I was wondering if you're not gonna trade Bradley -- -- 90%. Sure you're gonna lose -- Barry why not trade him and try to get some value out of. Well he might the -- you know it's it's a fair question -- conversation make it back from Melbourne leaves a free agent might be better -- the guys you get back today. In -- think it's gonna be a hard sell around year the trade Ellsbury. When -- first place. Well I think would be a hard sell to another team there might be some some fish out their little bite bite on this -- also that. But but they tell what we -- and that is at the end of this year -- -- the cubs -- the Phillies or and -- the Red Sox -- he's yeah yeah exactly -- -- one for the -- better -- I'm not sure what somebody would be willing to give up knowing -- chances -- this -- -- chances -- he is going to free agency and that you would have to -- out of the nose right to keep -- -- everybody -- last year when they're playing like that. Maybe that you think about -- would -- all right 6777. Point 79371. Week from two days. The patriots begin their first practice to start their training camp training camp actually technically begins on Thursday when the report. Next Thursday as bill Belichick's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There are rules my friends there are rules will have those for you when we get back Michelle would think -- -- talk about Whitey Bulger Steven Flemmi and that mysterious death of -- Lincoln yesterday with -- during the 8 o'clock --

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