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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 07/18/13

Jul 18, 2013|

You ask us anything, we'll answer anything... almost.

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Let's answer the question. It's. Time for answers the question generic answer the question which -- Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question what. And of course always brought you by heiress restoration specialist at your property your facilities manager we met many of those people the other night -- the big -- event at a great time lot of insurance prose is well our Richfield. Katie pills you know subtle -- -- pictures for days with those we saw jets themselves the lot of the good folks of any one of insurance salesman and and and property manager at times it got. Him. -- heiress to a jury got a disaster restoration game plan in place 877. 4611111. Or simply go to AR NS server dot com rob Bradford Alex beer or both -- and about ten minutes. They will kick off the way to go -- yeah so cute name for right now it was a hybrid animal it was a donkey yeah did congress. -- but Don crystal was -- a donkey you know what -- -- walrus I thought there were some -- that doctors. Answer the question guys do you keep your underwear on the softer or the bottom -- -- -- Minus the penalty from the bottom. Can keep it c'mon really and second the second to the bottom panel -- that is underway talk with an ultimate yeah it's good words you were reaching on the -- setup. -- -- -- so. I don't have the top. It's not quite as sir -- -- Bureaus that are on perspective about what. -- bloat I got a formula for styles that are not make sense semis I think I saw for a Nextel Cup in Cuba at the end of that Comerica. Elected what did you get a Dresser. There's address book and it's that it's -- your wife has taken over the winter weather looks. I. Right there -- realized they gosh I put my underwear and angers so you hang it iron and hang. -- didn't know and answer was no wonder. Thankfully while about you know towards jeans. Expect them to actually go through its. Three players and repairs of the piles of it on someone next question is what is it that usually gets you to do -- what he run out of that gets you to do wonder. Mean -- and everything gets -- I. I don't know all the time you always have a lot of -- -- there's no data laundry every day is -- we had a crappy tiny laundry machine as well so like. The need to do laundry is literally constant. Stress. My -- -- account for two weeks. And that two weeks yet though the British sheet so that'll get you yeah gimme two on I thought that was actually happening. No no not yet but it was kind of curious what rob Bradford probably likely to advertise them for tomorrow and I would do -- after we can do not know how to deal under. What area right here if you -- I don't know kill you right RAZR V in high school. You mix things up right so I don't want to hide hide stuff yes. Separate -- -- legally -- anymore and things don't want to cool for a long I don't know I. I -- my will my older whites and when my dark and I don't there was look exactly the same point -- your older yeah well -- white to appeal to dark. -- -- Next question. That Drew Rosenhaus. How many red -- how many current Red Sox players do you think would attend Johnny Pesky funeral he died this year it's that mr. how different -- that story be this year. -- question that that's I mean assuming that they were informed more than four hours in advance or whatever it was like. You know part of the fault is on the way in which it was communicated last year and possibly but I really do think it probably would have been near 100 it's ironic -- asking them or someone's asking that question. Today because tonight is the buckles all which used to be the basketball which was the day that this. And a lot of players leaned on that -- we're going to be back -- bowl later in the day. We just come back from this but the answer I think we're clearly be almost the entire team just stemming off the criticism -- -- last year. Alaska you guys this. You guys are like human next question next question thank you very much loved one more time and giving them next question. Here. Guys just got married and moved into a new house. Wanna put our new fifty inch TV over the fireplace my wife was to put candles in the mirror over the fireplace. What do I do. Well because -- have a little more intimately what else is available for your fifty inch television. Can you put can go somewhere abroad and it is there others we know what's good and it's gonna go somewhere else. Right he put in front of the fireplace. Like -- finally over the -- if you if you make a mistake -- it's -- in the -- president. -- I'm kind of weather what what the white let -- talented good place for your TV now it sounds ostentatiously -- it but it might you know maybe you can. I put on an ultimate that I thought part. Roland can put on like the candles on the background of the team leaders are negotiating tactic that now in the fireplace and Christmas. If I felt like the prisoners. -- I don't know what's going on my house yeah underwear everywhere at all as a regular season. You're watching paint you know causing -- -- he's got the kind of house that doesn't really make sense to anybody else they -- house certainly doesn't make sense of violence and tonight you get -- -- Paul Pierce is a new -- in Brooklyn he can -- living your place and learn how to be instant -- -- -- you would understand you have around a lot of hipster -- it hipster. It was never ever in the united what do you think you can define it like you know hamsters. I got used to I think about that because -- can come as a friend of mine once wrote a great article called death of the its. It was really competition and then there's been a huge rebirth of the tipster just in the last few years it's a forced one I think in the post tipster. He called hope that the I gotta tell you it's very hipster -- -- that. The equipment for. Next question. Do you think Paul Pierce will come back and -- one day contract to retires self of course -- he may come back and finally get two or three year contract backwards because the Celtic. He dissented miserable that -- You wanna be Brooklyn dies. Guys it's it's it's it's not hit them yet. And I I think the entire season's entire Brooklyn career. Don't think you'll identify himself as -- Brooklyn. And -- can win USP on illegal and pressure now now. They're gonna. Listen piercing Garnett are what they are now. They're good players but they're not players are in character what they're gonna blow it out of that they're brought their carrier and I don't think so we have if they can play 2530 minutes and I. -- can keep and that they can be interest. To be a good team but it won't be good enough to beat the heat. Well in the north of be good enough to be Indian yeah -- there windows that's that he you know overcoming those like Lee cores that are really. On the on the upward trajectory. Seems like so much wrong treatment and had a pretty you know you're talking about and her. Utter fear are they put black plastic flip -- the crux flip flops. Who would you rather -- with Archie Bunker Jordan Jefferson. On Archie Bunker they -- the story George about the story after had dinner -- Archie Bunker Archie Bunker would have dinner with me. It was I hear you would have dinner with isn't it free I don't think so if it was with George can we have the Jefferson's theme song in the background there could have George and would you it was a it was a I'll record heat games in a vast. I. All right you guys got some good questions answer on your show talking trade deadline how much does Clay Buchholz. Setback affect the Red Sox plans for July 31 up to listen to find out next we'll be back tomorrow. At 2 o'clock from Jerry Remy if you wanna stop by -- -- -- street by Fenway occupancy of.

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