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Response and reaction: John Henry says he doesn't blame Bobby Valentine for last season

Jul 18, 2013|

We discuss the John Henry interview with Mut and Merloni and his insistance that Bobby Valentine is not to blame for the Sox failures in 2012. We discuss that and play the sound from many other topics John brought up during the interview.

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But he sets them it's just some very interesting things today. With mutton Lou -- a lot of interest in things. And in you name it -- -- talking about what went wrong last year talking about what went wrong. I'm his relationship -- Dan Shaughnessy and Tito. Talking about the current team that decision not to go after Josh Hamilton and being seduced by. No one player and who who's gonna make 125 million dollars a year lot of good stuff and done well. Let's start with the juicy stuff and there's a ton of good stuff here mark Lou did a great job I thought the interview of John -- will play you some of the some of the best of it start. With the drama with the soap opera which is which continues to be now what a year and a half later the entire Terry Francona dismissal. The article that came on afterwards the book that came out after that this is John Henry earlier today on -- Lou talking about some of the communication with Terry Francona. Now he heat. Now we have and -- I'm not sure wanna get back into the hole attempting because I had to do. I had a long discussion went about it in your hand as far as I'm concerned he mischaracterized. Now announced that. And to me. You know he he. He wrote a book that really attacked. Tom and Larry unfairly. And it and so. How do we have much in relation. If you like it was unfair things -- absolutely absolutely. But I I don't necessarily wanna go back tool we've we've discussed that the nth degree. You know well he but he he said. That he he blames on. I don't think you can't. -- can just blame Shaughnessy is the book is by Dan Shaughnessy and Terry Francona. And Terry Francona read the book before it went out he proved so it's easy I understand has been easy for people for many many years. The -- Shaughnessy because that there that the cottage industry industry they're blaming blaming Dan Shaughnessy for many things. He was -- he was the co author of this book. -- Yeah he wrote it I'm short noted and sit down to iPad in write anything. But these were his words. And Shaughnessy wrote those words with the blessing of Terry Francona yeah I mean I guess when I think committee it would. It's not that it wouldn't dawn on me to blame Shaughnessy for it. When I don't polling Shaughnessy Foreman yes I think some of -- agenda comes through. Throughout the book but again and it it is Terry Francona is booked a direct it he is the one who gives final sign off and it and he's the one who by the way chose Dan Shaughnessy. To write the book he's on the cups so it's Terry Francona is no message that is coming out there we'll take your calls they're out here today 617779. 7937. Maybe we do drag -- dredge up some of the some of the pain of memories and soap opera that existed on the way out the door for for Terry Francona. And in it's almost amazing in complete contrast. To what we've seen here for the Red Sox this season. Mean there's been none of this is an absolutely no drama zero zip zilch. Between this manager. This group of 25 guys this general manager this ownership I mean there's been not what Zurich -- -- controversial thing that's happened this year. Jose Iglesias when data AAA acted like a job for a few days a step on the first Iglesias went down to AAA acted like a jerk for a few days. And since then come back up has torn the cover -- about who in winners and blew off that wears that heart and we score around right -- -- optioned right to a ladder a Savvis in spring training being kind of a pain in the ass and Ferrell nip that in the bud immediately. There was also. A game where. Jarrod Saltalamacchia. He didn't know the rule go right. And barrel came out and say yeah we we expect him to know that and and you can see it becoming one of those things where. Somebody go and says. This is what John Ferraro said about this what Ferrell says about you what's your response to it and it turns into a story for a date year to you that those guys just typing editor now. At all. There really hasn't been maybe big story or anything. Where you say this is a problem now they've done some things. That I'm sure that the people covering them is ticked him off a little bit where they don't get the information they're constantly getting I want well. Jon Lester. Excuse me Clay -- -- -- to -- skip a -- it's not a big deal. And it goes from -- start to a little longer a little longer and and now. I think the total is eleven and two others were eleven -- third the amount of innings Clay Buchholz has pitched since mid may. So. They haven't been they're not always forthcoming. Wit what's going on with their team but that's fine but that's only immediate problem but -- don't care I don't think and in the players and a team probably appreciate that all this information all this. Proprietary. Information is not getting out due to the media that -- I'm -- arm really stretching. Really reaching to find something that that has really been Contra. -- just just has not been their style this year and and a lot of it I think is due to some of the guys that were brought in a much of it is due to John Farrell and some of it just seems to be almost an organizational shift. To try to say we're not get involved at that stuff we are we're a team that is that is going to be problem free. And certainly winning is helped as well I mean when you're winning it's it's a whole lot. Easier to keep everything quiet not to have any issues especially the beginning of when your winning. Right nobody haven't reached that point like a like a rock band. Where at the end everybody's clambering for they're piece of the -- their share of the credit and on brought fans drugs -- was in -- hoping to but you don't mean to the whole the whole like did you feel like once you get popular. You're torn in different directions -- talks on at that point yet there's still early in the process for this group. So nobody's fighting with each other nobody squabbling. And they're winning so everybody's pretty -- I'm reading another of those rock band box and be -- as you read any books about rockers who. Go to their their whole thing Stephen -- is booked for Guns 'N Roses last year aegis of a trial video -- -- you just -- very much this review I read those things over time and if it's it's somebody that life -- bomb go with Stephen -- sex drugs and -- role he was the lead singer rap star Allen -- target. I get a lead singer of rat out a rat UT's would Jesus -- jewelry that Stephen Peterson yeah I was recommended by our -- wrap. Couple good songs it round and round around and round they got shame shame shame. They got way -- junior. Had a real bottom low but those books are always fascinating that the meanwhile. Bobby -- -- and Stephen -- C and Warren. I'm -- about rap on something more from John Henry enter Franco. It's really hard to understand because. I thought when he left here he had a tremendous years. And was tremendously supportive. Even. After the collapse of September. In which we made it clear that we do not blame him that. Wasn't. Her her. Well. Wow let me. Well I think that's her tremendously supportive. -- says he was fired. Up it was just tremendously support and I mean that that that's interesting I don't totally. I don't think -- sees it that way that he was supported during that time expired. You know -- -- on -- Brought another manager. It was that it was the. Just some dramatic move or some drastic move because you expect with the collapse like that it's evident when he September somebody's gotta pay the price for. And usually the manager will certainly a manager after after eight years and it's in the playoffs for. -- for two years in Boston with a payroll they had. I can understand why they decide to move on but he can't say he was tremendously supportive. If those guy guarding that they were tremendously supportive of Terry Francona. Somebody should tell that to Terry Francona because he clearly did not get the message between the globe article that came out and then reading his. Reading his his book through the eyes of Dan Shaughnessy. He certainly doesn't feel as if he was tremendously supportive I went back and this is Terry Francona on the former show here about -- when was the -- -- was. December 1 2011 so soon after he was let go in the globe article came out is what Terry Francona had to say. Actually talked to -- like as that goes by before and there's a little bit of miscommunication Tuesday I'm not spoken to ball. Because when I'm on the football. I was under the impression that now he understood. Like sort of got him to talk to. Doctor golden in the world to -- -- personality or story so we've definitely got our signals from got a little more fun. And I probably should know what it's interesting because. When I read that story on the wow that is whoever it come from that's a low blow. -- I was surprised. That didn't respond like into letting you respond once it happened yet what scenario what what. How how do you defend that. You know that that I think the best defense or. Is to just you know what take your medicine and move on and out of order out job no pun intended yes it backward. -- we take a pill for an -- -- but I mean you know it's like you know I mean whatever whatever happened happened. I could live with myself. Almost perfect manager but I do things my way and for seven years in five months to war. The last month everything comic collapse. But I still needed to know coming out and -- and Jerrells. Is -- how I think is appropriate is that come up. -- job and you're talking -- the cardinals and view arguing that come up at all near a bit. You gotta be kidding we all know I'd refer to the Boston Globe or -- -- and in depth probably. Aggravated not accurately from saying look I don't libel on basket -- but the fact I had to defend myself when reliever. That the best defense -- take your medicine or -- -- look. It Chip Beck who could write my book reveals a dish best served -- and has threatened so you really think about it where that where that book was coming from. That just to put in context. He's sitting here thinking about that in December well up to the article came out. December of Tony eleven. And there's a book contract on the table. And he's got hurt feelings. And he's a little angry okay I'll get. Point and it helps it it helps explain obviously why he chose Dan Shaughnessy good to be the one to write that book right knowing the relationships that Chauncey had a around town knowing this the style. The game would bring to -- Now it it it all make sense why it was chosen -- this idea that he was supported. And heavy curiouser reaction here 617779. 79370. Do you feel that -- do you feel like he was tremendously supported. On his way out the door. You articulate this texture this is this is a rare Texas one of breeding because most people. I don't think like Pittsburgh it's an interest in -- as one of the rat texts I don't know texas' has Tito lost credibility. I feel like he has considering where the Sox are. And what the owners cents a if he's lost credibility Terry Francona hasn't dawned on me that he has I haven't thought of the out of it that way either. But what what would you lost credit the world from OK maybe maybe this texture thing if you lose you lose credibility because the team has. With Ottawa I think we all knew last year that it was gonna work. That would -- -- I don't think we all know that there are people who all thought it would most most people thought it was. He he thought it was to go too -- went too far better than a lot of people everything is Leo and he's bringing an end all that it was gonna work having multiple new. The Bobby Valentine was not the first to it's incumbent Jerry to stories right is that -- -- absolutely must yes. He wanted to go deals -- messing with the right guy but he had Bobby Valentine forced on them and and look what happened. But -- a real manager. Now. And instill a significant payroll the Red Sox. Don't have any chemistry issues they're back in first place near there the Red Sox that. We were used to seeing in 20032004. And -- -- the -- championship or not but this is. This is the type of clubhouse right at eagle created so maybe that extra point is. It's not the only guy who can do that. Bobby Valentine could do it because he's crazy but if you bring an -- competent manager. Maybe I don't know I don't know where he's going what will be -- here I have heard many people will get to some of these phone calls or sex excellent 777979837. Plus I think that it goes beyond that Michael goes beyond just what the managers able to do with the clubhouse and in fact Henry spoke almost exactly to that point. Without realizing he was speaking to that point -- -- for an axle and holly W yet. Well it was talked about it in the dugout because others we're well aware that if the that it is factual -- -- -- rule once that. Interference takes place. That's just dead ball in and of itself. I -- him. We'll do it if that's what church. The rationale was. You know it is the role that if he gets caught up with the umpire anyway if he bombs detonated its pizza throw. You know every runner goes back to the original -- Scandal. Scandal and Red Sox Nation. That's the closest we've come this year. That was full -- Jarrod Saltalamacchia for got a rule. -- are argue I tried talking right now. It's hard because it's hard reviewer might shed its well Mike if you wanna talk to me yet you accuracy and the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's with a woman -- -- on those in my sunglasses nothing about the screams -- asked the glitz and has got to with the Nike store. You know let's talk now that I'm wearing these glasses I figured out like guys doing in there -- is it that it's just got it it's an insecurity -- it's insecure because it makes you feel. It makes you feel important they need to feel important their very so we we have learned that. -- -- And LeBron James. Have self esteem no kidding I didn't need to I need to see them wearing some I don't know -- in order to nobody gonna have a by the way it's. Am trying to trying to boost myself up because. Finally in the -- were on the range sued the same time had come on man if it needs help it. We're both at least I will give you credit my wife said as we were watching -- -- he did the introduction for Robin Roberts which has. But if he did watch the espy's last night the Robin Roberts thing was fantastic and her speech. Was lights out she's -- lights out awesome and I don't see it teleprompters and it certainly sounded as if she was she -- member I mean she was dynamite and the whole week's feature was really really good LLC -- -- -- -- collate and come out there on their speech in the honor of of Jimmy felt mono. Really cool stuff last night my wife said as LeBron was coming out to introduce Robin Roberts did it take off the sunglasses for a does this. And to his credit he did he. Assault. They ballot you know hearing those words from -- Hendry just reminds me why I have not. Com or -- back into the coal as a -- and emotionally. Just a clarified though the word three said that that he that Francona was supported even after even after the season and. Yeah what they did that Terry Francona. As four he had help that the team accomplished with a lot of years and and can be given that two former employee. There's just absolutely reprehensible. Which argued -- -- -- the article you talk about firing them. I'm talking tomorrow whoever. Leak the information out -- what -- was going through and the way they came to his character. What they let him go. -- you know bill they claim they didn't do it. That -- -- -- -- in this area you know we know and and Henry even take it to the next steps like why would argue that you know what little -- I think I'm not sure children under my hope it's step is in my opinion -- people who -- Well and it seems like based on the way Terry Francona went after those who went after in his book he thinks the same thing if I mean he I mean Henry David says it today I came off OK said in the early but he but he -- -- -- my part out -- and Tom. The problem is you don't step that the and -- condone that they weren't your daily managing general partner. -- -- -- there's -- -- to Kyra and it's just disgraceful and reprehensible. And I aren't aren't able. Now being emotionally attached to that team as a result of that incident. That's interesting bill because I think a lot of people agree with you yes it was reprehensible that article. And and how how things went down after the collapse into going eleven but I don't connect them. So I I can I can I can have that appeal is certainly about owner's written. And still look at the team and say I like the way the team plays. Like the spirit of the team like the resiliency and so on and so on so and so forth and still look at ownership and say why I wonder what their thinking here. We we experienced it into 111. The Boston Bruins scored on a great Ron. They win the cup. And at that time people still have issues with Jeremy Jacobs but for the -- I have what it happened about I'm trying to. Sit there and game seven the atmosphere I hope they -- asked Tim Thomas to shut them down and I'm just out of -- this team because of what Jeremy Jacobs did. In 1984. So. If you have problems with open the -- -- ownership and coaching on the field it goes even beyond that now more likable than team two years and why. Because maybe the entire incident was a wake up call maybe they're not ready to admit exactly what really happened maybe maybe they really do believe that this is the way it went down but in hearing John Henry talked again today all the -- Lou when they did an excellent job within. It sure sounds as if what happened in 2011 and maybe even more so what happened last year was a wake up call for the organization. We took a certain turn after beginning in 2008. Away from our basic. Take core philosophy. And what we. I would say may have last year we decided that we. Yeah I think with some emphasis when the impact that a lot of it was centered on on me at that end on the on the approach. From pitchers as well so I think Bill James termed it the collapse of the center. Which is you start depress. Things aren't going well -- there's dissension losing. Everyone wants to sort of win the game and every that so instead of having. What we had for a decade here it is grinding on that and attacking hitters here that your. We saw people. Not doing and we have the worst at bats. Consistently. And understand and they approach the said the approach was handed over the years. I think it started to move away from on base percent. Hand from attacking hitters. Put simply they stop being a team they stop playing a team game and start pulling an individual game I think everybody agrees with that this is where everybody will agree. Why did that happen that happened because. Ownership. Was there any because that was the that was the take away from the book that our agreement is that dishonesty. You -- book is that they became too big. And they -- they were forced to do things that it necessarily wanna do. Because of -- and because of the payroll because there are Red Sox and they must be this. -- let's go out and sign a big name in trade for big name. The ownership make him do this. There. Was it did. Theo Epstein. Panic internalize that but nobody actually set to have you must do this and that the -- lost his way. I get the senate when I get I get the sense it's all of the above that essentially the Roman empire just became too big and everything started to crumble and that starts at the top but it trickles down and an end. Goes all the way down to the players themselves. Everyone started playing an individual game they got caught up in trying to get their own numbers in terms of the players. Above that they got caught up in looking for bigger names and bigger ratings and bigger everything. And that wasn't would top the mayor to begin with and so now you hear him talk more about the way they made some changes and talking about what -- -- -- -- is sharing and comes off. As the biggest hero of this organization is he's the lone wolf last year who seems to be ignored. Don't hire Bobby Valentine I don't necessarily want to make some of these moves on the general manager please let me have my say and this year at least according to Henry it sounds like he's got more of -- Like every team I think in sports under estimates the impact. Injuries but it what you're going to go through so. We may have one of the things we've as -- so we started. And a new direction they may have left. One direction ones that we need greater depth we need greater depth and so. In order to have greater depth. You've got to you can't necessarily go out and spend. You've -- Josh Hamilton. And 25 million dollars on one player. Then. And spend a hundred million -- -- Makes it difficult to have depth and we have. We -- every team has to rely upon staying healthy to one degree or another but I think every team as tendency to. Underestimate. Much depth has not been their secret so far this year the depth. Iglesias. Car Lackey -- -- all the guys who have come in for the guys who were supposed to be there and really have done. Pretty incredible things that brought Colton Snyder and all these guys have done great things to help keep the team where they are -- organizational depth and just things he mentions Josh Hamilton I know you're not a fan and now in this is not just something that. You're saying this year. With the -- I said this on national radio program said in Seattle say here I cannot stand Josh Hamilton and I would have advised any team including the Red Sox and I said last year but the Mariners to -- -- from its national radio producer glass and and -- -- leaves back and not -- -- deal though you know what you're right images Josh Hamilton native spent department a year on one player and he. -- It's been 26 million. Per season -- -- guys. It did that make a huge difference if you put Shane Victorino. Ryan Dempster 26 million dollars there. I think that's a pretty big difference and that would kick it to make the argument I think it -- Really feel passionately about -- can make the argument that at 25 million dollar in BP. Player. Is just as important or or equal to. Two players maybe. If these are right to me too good lately but he's got to get the right guy can he write the right guy right -- wasn't the right guy any during Gonzales wasn't the right -- down to if you have if you have that right guy and you've got the money to spend a lot. And I think they did a minute they spend serious money on David Ortiz who they knew still have the right mentality to be here and was a little bit less risk for them they decided that the risk they were taking on his health. Was less than the risk that you would be taking on Josh Hamilton who would help slash. Personalities slash never been here done it in a big market like Boston before so. I can understand or is coming from David Greenfield -- him. You know it on David. Yeah and you know I originally called a -- -- book and and Terry Francona -- originally. Been saying it's just you know I write books among millions of separate reading. It's -- type thing but the more elections in all I'm. I can't back Terry Francona you know he -- third baseman. -- And and Manny Ortiz Pedroia. These guys made that he was given some different players to go ahead and win it. Now granted they weren't the same caliber players. Always around but. I'm gonna wait to see Terry Francona put himself as a manager or someplace else. He's doing it right now and art whatever they don't wanna right now David. -- isn't he doing that right now Tito. Well we got to see the final result we're gonna latency and I'm not gonna try to discredit him. It will be in the locker room club host you know the whole nine yards brought. I'm not. You know it nicely optimal you'll stop I'm going forward -- -- -- I -- Are your take on how it all coming up just drop that have to after the call -- even on the line here for almost over a minute now you're dropping your yankees fan. Oh no we don't -- No we I don't know that I -- probably know that. We're supposed to hear it in your voice appreciate the phone call David but that looked Terry Francona the demon half out of first place he's 51 of 44 game and a half behind the tigers. Two in the loss column I think most people believe the -- There's of the best in baseball yet and is a manager of Cleveland Indians community then have a a real payroll there and only made some moves in free agency in the and they have picked up swisher. And they picked up Michael -- but if you look at. You -- you look at that set up that they have from the beginning of the year drawing 89000. Fans to a game. They're never. Going to be top five payroll team in baseball just not who they are I think he is already I don't know how they're gonna finish they may. Slide out to the end they -- finished with 75 wins. Well I think most people would -- already they've exceeded expectations. They definitely have -- I mean he'd say things that you federal both teams. Both the Red Sox -- Indians have -- have -- very much exceeded their expectations and to some parents say I'm not gonna give the democratic as a younger players who we know that strewn with baseball managers. You have to have good players but it was the right guy in the right place at the right time to win two championships. I like there's a guy McCulloch that took some -- -- get to this and second. More more of your reaction to John Henry on today -- -- -- on 777 on 7937. And in about 1520 minutes here plays and sound from Paul Pierce and blow your mind talking -- at W yet. And -- tremendous job of making the transaction to move players on the hand. And we now have a group we've brought in new group players who really are thriving in this market a market which is. Which other players is you know have. And in the past -- this is a really tough market tried right tough medium markets try to plan for. -- -- You don't see them at all this year it's not just the change in managers and its change in personnel is you have to give Dan Harrington. A lot of credit for. Nice to hear John Henry. Over motor head to one of those natural combinations. Very natural and what else -- to put -- while he he actually just like. Just like when he does he -- up into the microphone he was speaking all that stuff so it almost made sense -- To give -- -- whole motor had treatment he gave me is interesting today listening. To John Henry album -- Lou that was its media through the rookies. With the thought that June 30. 1230 today John Henry Alamo Lou and play -- some of the sound. In terms of what he had to say about Terry Francona in the book and Dan Shaughnessy. And I thought really praising venture in quite a bit and he's the guy that I think is has not received nearly enough credit. For what is for for the turn around that has occurred. -- -- -- -- Which is part of the reason he's he's the perfect man for the job because he doesn't need it. He doesn't seek it. He has not one of those general manager types who feels like. He had he is reinventing the game or he came up with something that nobody else thought of -- he wants to. Just just parade around so you can in. So you can get credit it is. And -- -- what is and what -- Terry Francona as popular as he was -- he wasn't a guy that really sought out our credit either mean people may have seen some on him. But he didn't he wasn't one of those guys look at me -- he wasn't terrible Russa stand out there and in fact it's interesting to see the way. Over the last. Almost a decade now the real Red Sox success which started in 2003. To see the completely different personalities that have succeeded here in some of been all about the attention. Jonathan Papelbon Curt Schilling. Larry Lucchino may -- mean those are names that -- out -- guys they really wanted all the attention on them. And have had success. And some of them have been completely the opposite pretty but the winner while I don't know it ending I was gonna first was the guys that didn't and I was gonna say bench Arrington and Terry Francona. And to an extent Manny Ramirez and and I would put. Put Keith's full into that category I guess I -- added both Pedro. Com and others to the to the first category people -- -- -- once the Pedro David Ortiz David Ortiz wanted to know mark did not want that right I think specifically. -- -- put where do you put Theo Epstein somewhere in the middle yeah so where I think. He. Won -- credit to a degree but not to the point where he wanted to go out and I write a book about it he's had he's had many opportunities that that Tito. Has had. I think he could have written. A book and gotten a ton of money for that wanna go that far and say hey look at me but I think he wants you to know that. You know he's got the brain power to do the job. Right I think Europe -- -- Q1 of those guys that wanted to not look for the attention but he kind of -- to -- to give it to him anyway -- I am I gonna say anything but hey -- -- you mentioned the fact that I've built the dame team that -- -- World Series or some walking out of here to gorillas and sell. I think you're right he's sort of in the middle but. What Collins on the is that it matters what position in the organization you're playing. If you're going to be a player yet you can probably do it either way you want the attention -- got to be prepared to deal with the downside of it. But if you're the manager of the Boston Red Sox. You cannot be out there looking for the attention. It did it work great for Terry Francona -- not be like that is working very well for John Farrell I don't think is an attention seeker although I think it the spotlight finds him as well. But there was -- -- a little. That's Bobby Valentine and I think very clearly. He did want the attention on him and yet John Henry saying today doesn't blame Bobby for what happened. I don't blame -- for last year there were a number of factors. -- last year. You can blame us as much as anyway. What happened last year. But -- last year was in my mind than normal this year people seem to be. Surprise that we're in first place -- that we're a decent team. I think everybody predicted this last. Almost unanimously. But. I think that's because you get the you know when you have a bad years. You assume. That is gonna continue. And I heard a lot of a lot of feeling as if the good days -- with the Boston -- As a franchise really great run. What eleven years ten years. But last year was -- certainly anomalous year. And ended tremendous job of making the transaction to move players on the man. And we now have a group we've brought in new group players who really are thriving in this market a market which is. Which other players as you know have. And in the past -- this is a really tough market to try to write tough medium markets try to plan for. Deal with. You don't see that at all this year it's not just the change in managers and its change in personnel -- to give Ben Carrington. A lot of credit for are three things in there Michael the first is. They don't blame Bob. How can you know blame -- there is a big part. That -- president and an anomalous year. It was part of Vietnam Cooper that he he -- one million dollars Valentine right well it was a part of it. And these days the good days work over why people say it was over and over. -- -- -- -- What changed last year you start with the guy -- the guy who was with the field manager who was leading was leading the team had -- was charged with. Building relationships Foster relationships giving the team on the same page you've failed miserably. Yeah so that's the first part of the second is once again giving a lot of credit to venture Arrington for his for him for what he's done along the way and then talking about the types of players -- will succeed here. It -- I guess dawns -- me that you got almost BM between you can seek the attention here but you have to be prepared for some of the backlash or Dustin Pedroia and seemed to mind the attention. Right he's out there he's brash he's loud he does the commercials. But he simply get a handle and -- and when people are upset at him if he makes a mistake he's ready to own up to it. The problem seemed to be guys who only want positive attention all the time and can't handle the the occasional criticism. Tell people say it's -- and bring John Henry just said. It's a -- media market is that a top media market deploying them or is it just tough because there's so much interest in baseball and that the fans. Will call you out. Your viewers you're going to dinner on Newberry street. And you are in the middle five or six game losing streak. There's there's there's a fan there who's gonna recognize future might say something about it because I don't -- the media mark I don't by the top medium market anymore with with the new media. Everybody no matter what team you play for if you're any good. There's going to be a spotlight on you. It is not going to be a mainstream. Media spotlight all the time but it's -- and I mean I haven't given us a different -- tell -- for your phone -- -- cellphone cameras. Bloggers they're bigger solicitor earnest and the materials work. There's always attention now. I don't think that from the media to sum up from the media aspect now if you he's going to the largest city if you're going to Pittsburgh. Which even when the pirates were were were great. Was not a baseball town was more a Steelers and in the and he went down. Go to Pittsburgh. And after game Andrew McCutcheon goes to a restaurant it's gonna be noticed by -- 125 people wanna talk about baseball maybe not. So that's different is talking about being covered on a daily basis by a baseball writers in baseball. By the way we were over by Fenway the other and I went to Jerry Remy is so open the roof deck for a nice event put on by -- good friends and they RS really fun event and good food good. I respect sweet awesome first time I've been up there and we were over to remedies we're going to be over there again tomorrow. Do in the show from there Yankee series starts tomorrow night's second half begins Red Sox back in action they also be surf and turf now after the -- two different kinds a lobster rolls. Warm butter in the traditional way when may another massive half pound of lobster meat need to eating that tomorrow for -- just so you know. And for the turf sirloin steak tipster duck and -- Bison burgers -- -- released new roof deck as we just said one of the it's it's the best reflect I've been on a mosque and been a better reflect the most. Right next at Fenway Park they get the mr. is out there for one it's hot looking right at them -- right there. Critical. I said at a house just looked at the -- that topic one. There when -- can talk about what we're gonna move right on on the Mike we have some that blew -- mind a little bit earlier -- don't catch any of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett in their press conference today in Brooklyn saying hello Garnett. Not that biggest surprise Paul Pierce. They're kind of laws we'll play the sound -- blow your mind ex alcoholic W --

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