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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 07/18/13

Jul 18, 2013|

Four topics we haven't touched upon today. We've got MJD talking fantasy sports, the ESPYs, and much more.

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-- And now -- -- and -- -- orange color of the board or the -- Fun game. -- -- -- -- On -- and you will it was big but I know it was that they. Were also surprised and John. Oh man question number one. Yesterday on evident Phillips in the morning on Sirius XM radio Maurice Jones-Drew said this about -- If I think if I scored I was gonna win and we got on to the one yard -- they were like I was gonna call this run playing them like Greg don't do it. And he looked at me any wing economic growth take. It's not time to play man is bigger than that don't let's not do this guy gonna put you what you think what. Exactly what does that mean he wasn't gonna block the guy. And said he was joking which I've tried to be -- -- But could this become a problem for the NFL and should the NFL -- players from playing. -- ball lower Augusta that's fun he was joking. An error there aren't a lot of players who take it as seriously as Maurice Jones-Drew. I mean he's way up there he's probably top five in the NFL in terms of its. His passion his intensity profanity police -- -- is that the first pick in his league this year he's gonna choose themselves. While he's got a -- fantasy football. -- -- -- -- New Orleans and himself out of it's a problem do you know I don't remember him talking to Matt Hasselbeck he used to play fantasy football as well these guys joke about it they're not taken it seriously although -- will say I'm kind of with ban. It does look pretty it's when he first mentioned that on the radio -- there so. Not prominently the NFL needs to ban -- -- Less of something were to come out that were actually an issue until a somewhat -- on the -- and yes I am Michael everybody's favorite broadcaster Tim McCarver was interviewed over the also of particular interest in comments about the MLB. Particular if you lose a Major League Baseball does not like a short video pretty gross. On our air movement and from my in my understanding he has been and to. So. -- a -- well I don't agree. Until. Do you agree with the MLB's stance on Pete Rose now. No I don't agree with the Stanford -- -- in -- hall of fame a ticket that next step. Don't pretend like it didn't happen yes warts and all Pete Rose. Deserves to be mentioned even one of the greatest hitters ever. The history of the game to pretend -- say that that he didn't do the things he did because you don't like him. I got a different problem -- your hands right now with some of the current. Members of Major League Baseball some of the current players. You still show them even though a couple of them -- gonna be suspended for more than a hundred. I -- I'm not gonna get into -- should he be in the hall of fame debate with you because. -- -- -- -- Sports Radio debate and the quote should be rose be in the hall thing I want seven and seven we're not doing that. But I don't understand why you can't -- if you're gonna show Barry Bonds home home runs and Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire and everybody else has been disgraced in some way you should show Pete Rose but I hope that's not true that baseball is trying to not even allow. Both fox or ESPN test to show the highlights of heroes that the -- -- Derek Lowe is officially retired from baseball is Derek load the most overlooked player from the 2004 -- yeah I think he -- I was gonna ask you the different question we're talking about their -- earlier. Witches. What's your favorite Derrick Low moment you think about there's a few to choose from -- have. They brought moment you have the crotch moment which I think comes up probably first for a lot of people here is awkward celebration of the no hitter with the like year -- Sort of upper cut -- gesture. You have the mental gadget thing that he said -- -- my favorite moment and and I would assume I'm not alone he did win by all three clinching game of -- that you have any of those three wins but. This has to be the in 2003 the two pitches -- Terrence long that preceded the gesture. Of pitches were guilty. To steamers came right at the hip and it drifted right back over the plate belonged to look silly as furious. That's my favorite I think he was so he was the most overlooked guy because -- regular season -- -- well over five. I remember at the time. People asking you know replace Derek -- in the rotation replace them. We have anybody's mind he didn't get to wreck but the man. Is it strange it -- was -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She's a special girl church pews and today Charl Schwartzel had a terrible approach shot and proceeded to break his club -- -- Which of the six iron thank you so. What does the dumbest thing you've done in frustration during a sporting events whether playing or watch. This is these these facts and Alia you never broken a club what club and the after swing. He's -- after sweating like I got the your golf together backswing you got the swing in the you have occasionally the after -- that these extreme thing to my pitching like I was thinking of it more in terms of things that have just. Cause you to be so angry that you do something stupid that you really regret after -- go only Tuukka Rask when he fell down getting all upset after losing game. I had a moment. With my action was that talking to my. Prompting it was still not told you name when he talked it was not going to -- -- ever met your property recently no this was in high school poker and kind of sad about something got into my car to leave. And I have. An eagle -- you remember the eagle -- Car they -- awesome. But the town is the type of car where the window. At this side window has no place around it -- mean like the actual glass goes right up to the very top there's no plot there's no rapper got. It was down -- in churches all slam the door. Glass all over me and become will hopefully offered. In the glass from the window that you blamed of course like I was like storming off which comes over and she's like -- you okay is make it the now instantly lose so sad. This left -- -- video which is that the it was sports it's not just edit the -- times you've been so frustrated I was much like Charles -- question was just frustration. I was high school football was fighting for formal opening whistle prematurely were the team ball. It's real way to really positive -- -- done for the year. -- -- -- He got living like I'm Michael I'm not broken throws it it was later in life you know there's a globe basketball -- -- -- play at the the dark house you know the Dorchester -- in Dorchester county and the premium volunteer officials basically nice guys. And I was terrible and it was terrible. And I just got a little animated over one of the calls that wasn't made. And start yelling at the official and got so bad that the to be out before that. We did -- mentally I'm there could well put up the broader bunch of if they had -- illegal oh they get in coral co workers are around Tuesday night but you said you say it basket yet I -- but just. But -- competitiveness is how little you embarrassed if you weren't you weren't doing well that's all I still not. Sure. -- like to play sort of a terrible terrible bathroom where but it went to play and bad days -- blue collar -- several calls I've just lost. And if -- -- compound is not the worst I think my do you see red in general agree one of those guys who like occasionally you just. When you get mad you lose -- you saw red and then a few minutes -- don't know what I don't have lately -- bill maybe go to de Lima that placed him dissect -- on the zone caused them to leave the globe I don't regret it. -- yeah -- it was a long gone. You just hang out on the perimeter -- she agrees is pretty good record three point threat jobs but I think that was the day I think. Somebody picked media. Back off my feet I think Lima -- may have slapped me really caught up. -- finally Martha -- Chicago to -- writers of all time won a world what a great writer. -- -- guys just next to me he says he threw a zoo on the ice at the old guard hit tomba Grasso right now helmet and white hating the zoo with him in the garden I don't know that's pretty funny idea -- -- after the open Mike we have about another hour 45 left in the show. Open Mike go to the WEEI lie about to hit the open Mike button in the bottom right corner. Dumbest thing you've done in just anger where moments later you're like I don't know why do why in God's name that I just do that you see red if you do something really stupid. And then you -- deal with the consequences latter. Text message played racquetball got mad threw the ball against the sidewalk came right back in my I know goggles huge sign -- totally embarrass. I'm guessing there's going to be a few more of those got a couple testicle heads there. Do you as a factor out there who stressed -- it was just a durable. Called down. Just that your head looks like -- and I -- so.

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