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John Henry, Red Sox Owner: We've had talks with Jacoby and Scott

Jul 18, 2013|

John Henry joins Mut and Merloni in studio to discuss a wide range of Red Sox and baseball topics. Among other issues, Henry discusses the future of Ellsbury and Pedroia in Boston, his relationship with Francona, the team's 'stay disciplined' philosophy, and John Farrell.

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-- it's gonna miss -- a ballgame is over he struck him out with a fastball. And a Red Sox have won again. That's another Red Sox have won the Red Sox win the series and today come from behind to beat Seattle eight -- -- to me it's not. Government -- it's my -- backpack. It's. Real time. Coach he's done it again. And a Red Sox have won again -- cloning is swinging a hot political prisoners. Good candidates know where this. Okay. And a Red Sox win the ballgame -- walk off home run in the bottom of the ninth inning 321. Minute. Pushed the Red Sox are WEEI the great Dave O'Brien. 58 of those in the first -- I gonna -- -- 58 -- and for a second there. I'm not -- thrilled to be joined by principle of the Boston Red Sox John Henry talked on the phone before he joins us. Live in studio John Dario. -- -- Thank you for coming in and as the owner this team 58 wins in the first half fair to paint it as beyond expectation maybe more than you thought. You might get in the win column in the first 97 game. In the season. More than our simulation shows we we are simulate we pay a lot of attention simulation before the season started. We were. I think second in our simulations. Were slashed your first. Saw the simulation or cubby wizards get up with -- you don't Miami after. I simulation it was. Actually don't remember it was because we we do them at various times with the last lines it was I think shortly after. Opening day. And Tampa was the was the division winner and so we've been watching temperament more closely. And as you've seen playing extremely well pitching -- extremely strong opens. That's an overview spring training and it was a lot of things going known they would start to focus here on baseball -- it's a lot more fun this summer. Last summer given two years ago. Yeah it is. Is only one thing that really bombs and that's losses. As a player and you drew knows the one thing. Players though I think do a better job. Absorbing losses. People. The players and look at that is teams show a short memory -- it seems that you have a different team I've talked about it before. We go back treatments and large -- your additions. It actually might mean more growth like the -- three team maybe how it started -- because. Guys that'll -- -- -- David Ortiz was you know it just came on to the scene and he starts this culture this change of baseball players that. It felt good. A lot of brits now feel good about -- fifty wins is nice that they enjoy this Timor. It seem like a focus. -- 03 was cowboy out that yes sort of a feeling happens -- these -- sort of feeling it is -- we're. This is going to be fun -- and when I see Jonny Gomes every time he went to ball games I told us on. Yeah it's there's this this feeling you know -- fun it was three. Was that an emphasis John when you look back at the offseason that you guys had -- safe fun. I guess the war we've we've used here's chemistry that this team the focus is on baseball are the way to go about their business as -- said attic fans appreciate. Was that part of the offseason plan to make it more fun in that clubhouse I think. There's always been an emphasis. Among some of -- that baseball -- pitcher vs hitter and -- -- -- questionable but it's pitchers that are so. I think you know I mean in past years we've had -- Worry about chemistry. Imus is chemistry effect that dynamic like. Weather's a pitcher or hitter and but last year we had a real lesson with chemistry can do to canoe club one. Has happened this year is further indication of that and I think we -- still think we appreciate hated. How much chemistry. Can mean for baseball it would sets have a change of a lot's been on the new Bill James part of the organization we know that his focus like you said on numbers. Fair to say that what you do in this offseason may be different than what it planned to do in the future with this team which is focused on a canister parliament. Yes split that. That would that's only one part there's obviously. We. The way really and we took certain turn after beginning in 2008. Away from more basic. -- core philosophy. And what we. I would say may have last year we decided that we. You know I think some emphasis in the compact that. When basic core philosophy. -- team that was put together last year. You know at the end of the year you guys swing and everywhere right the on base percentage apparently and so I can put people who batted it's going to since -- -- started. You know that 2011 team could have that -- mean you had some guys that would grind it but it just didn't work. Was it because it's a tablet -- said it was a lot of call ups and things like that was it. Core philosophy do with that he approached the plate that called cluster to do with the personalities you bring it in with the amount of money you're spending money usually given in. Well I think a lot of it was centered on on -- at -- and on the on the approach. From pitchers as well so I think Bill James termed it the collapse of the center. Which is start depress. Things aren't going well -- there's dissension losing. Everyone wants to sort of win the game and every that so instead of having. What we had four decade it is grinding on that and attacking hitters that your. We saw people. Not doing in Williams and worst at bats. Consist. And I understand and they approach the said the approach was had over the years. I think it started to move away from on base percent. And attacking hitters. You -- this though Alex -- put together this amazing four part piece but I mean at the yellow play but it wasn't made it really was an animal and it part three. And it was won't Courtney talk about successful people in business in life and sometimes Olympics while -- and all wrong for him. It is quote -- we say is often a very successful men who should know better but who have been so successful that they feel a bit invulnerable. A sense of invulnerability. The sense of entitlement. You think you guys had so much success that you just felt the -- what pushed but new pushed. It was go to war yet in my school we can go sign the best -- it doesn't matter anymore we're gonna be successful. Get away from now I think. That's too much of an indictment I'm maybe I would retract this that's the this term entitlement. But there's certainly you do get a sense I think there was a sense of invulnerability. After -- You know it's one thing to win one World Series then when you and second you really given it. A validation of your philosophy. But instead of moving forward with we sort of took a turn away from lost because everybody -- everybody in baseball. Was aware it was obvious what we were doing -- trying to accomplish. And so I think the if people look for an edge. And be a little too much. Enamored with the thought of we will find new and utterances. And but it it. But it was at educate more into. Our riches is that we can spend money rather than it will now propeller no I don't think we ever. Focused on how much then as now wants. It really was an edge and their forum meant. In my mind you really did that didn't have to move from and where we were in 20072000. And to follow up and Alex's story eat you mentioned that. October or November of 2011 after you guys who -- the best team in baseball for three and a half four months it fell apart that's story's been talked about. It was at that point where maybe you took more of a re engagement and the processes that was that a fair assessment that that time in the end of 2011 after the year. You became analysts say more hands on the more involved in the data day and less. Other delegated to just say baseball operations go do your thing and we'll meet up afterwards. Well it's fair to say that we've never been disengaged. Sure we've always been engaged but. It's also fair to say that we don't get involved in. We don't do the general manager's job we don't lose CEO's job and retire if retirement Tom and myself. -- is that who you're you're you're addicted the end of the fall 2011. You know getting maybe more. More involved was the the big word the phrase that was used. Don't think you're always involved. I think that. We weren't there were certain things that we weren't aware of that I don't think any of the story where and perhaps. It is there was a point where is probably disappointing to read things in the newspapers. We felt we should have. Known about. We're talking a Red Sox owner John Henry -- -- the join us here in studio get to a break a lot to talk about the Red Sox -- fifty. Eight wins first place in the -- no matter what the simulation said in house they are in first place the -- and John Henry -- studio more next don't go anywhere. Just play better and we we fits really well. We've we've swung the bats great we play good defense. Everybody's -- consisting guys that stepped up from the guys think when guys went down got hurt stuff like that so it's been a team effort. That is Dustin Pedroia who joined us last week it's not learned on a 37 WEEI joined by Red Sox principal over John Henry here in studio 58 wins. At the break for your team Jon and a new manager John fairly -- familiar with. But I have given a ton of credit for this team successor in the first African like the focus. Day in day out has been on baseball and I and it's a major change from what. Happened last year for this team what do you seen from John Ferrell here in the first half. Well there's been a consistency. And we -- a few articles in the last. Couple of days. And have gone into some depth he's. He's been everything you can ask for manager -- TJ equally. -- -- -- -- -- And his his day to day approach I mean this is a very resilient team. And then you can see it in the manager's office as to why that might be the case. Not just the individuals. Take the field and it's a certain. Methodology -- certain approach from. Our manager and coaching this is really strong coaching staff. To assure you you watch these shifts. And our but it amazed and biography. It's good to talk to each other -- -- that held its coaches that that it's it's fun to watch a team granola to do which on its being familiar and people that he brought over. You know being familiar with it -- So to speak studio bringing in a culture back in here. Look at last year and it's just you look at it it was just total it was chaos it was a different -- it was players maybe it wasn't. I don't know but that stability seems to be back when he looked back at last year. If the odds on Bobby V was it just a bad idea just didn't work. Well and residents stake in in retrospect. It's certainly news. I thought he did everything he could from his perspective. Or from from. When he should've done by. You know Bob he's a force of nature. And he's strong personality. Did not work group. Was he said strong personality was his personality. And -- too much of a distraction like Velika Ferrell this year Johnny's. He's not saying this made news Bobby made news every single day did you did you expect that when you hired -- my guess is my question that every day every other day. He would say something that would create some sort of brush fire with this team. Now he'd been out of. Out of me usually graceful for a decade so. We. We thought he -- he would have mellowed him and he had mellowed to a certain extent but he -- -- and milk and he had mellowed a but it wasn't but I don't blame I don't blame Bobby for the last year there were a number of factors. -- last year. You can blame us as much as -- What happened last year. But well last year was in my mind than normal this year people seemed to be. Surprise that -- in first place or were decent team. I think everybody predicted this last. Almost unanimously. But. I think that's because you get you know when you have a -- Jiri. You assume. That is gonna continue and heard a lot of a lot of feeling as if the good day's over with the Boston roots. As a franchise really great run. What eleven years ten years. But last year was -- certainly anomalous year. And ended tremendous job of making the transaction to move players on the -- And we now have a group we've brought in new group players who really are thriving in this market a market which is. Which other players is you know. Have. And in the past -- this is a really tough market tried -- tough medium markets try to plan for. -- -- You don't see them at all this year it's not just the change in managers and its change in personnel is -- to give Dan Harrington. A lot of credit for its. I think we talk about pulling up Cuba should give you credit -- with out. Bringing in Bobby without may be exposing a bottoming out what you wanna call you make that tree with -- LA -- sort of hit that reset button. You think you preached a lot in the off -- -- in spring training everybody talked about discipline. And you'll really all over depth. I think two things that you've hit on as far as discipline goes so far it broke at that what happens in a couple weeks but so fought it disciplined. It wasn't any overwhelming signings nobody was going crazy over all the guys he brought in media wise fan base wise but -- state -- stayed away from. The Josh Hamilton's of the world. And depth wise maybe through the organization a few small pieces you can on both of us. Looking every team I think in sports under estimates the impact. Injuries but what you're going to go through so. We may have one of the things we've as -- that we started. In a new direction they may have last year. One direction ones that we need greater depth we need greater depth and so. In order to have greater depth. You've got to you can't necessarily go out and spend. You've got to Josh Hamilton. And 25 million dollars on one player. Spend a hundred million for. Banks had typical to have depth and we have. We had every team has to rely upon staying healthy to one degree or another but I think every team as tendency to. Underestimate. Much depth mean. What about the discipline side of -- -- and that's part of the two with the signing. Not going after garlic Hamilton Europe trade -- couple weeks away. And listen you wanna win -- anybody you know Larry does and -- band does. And he's trying to say this when this when I can get tested right because these two and a half games up and first place. -- I stayed disciplined or do well sudden get a call saying -- -- at least three years 77 million dollars but he could give us over the -- published more difficult will be the next few weeks. To remain disciplined. We you know. That's an excellent point we have a very disciplined gentlemen. And it would have been very easy. We were talking in the offseason about going after high price freeagent. He says this particular free agent is not the right it would have been easy for him to have said we need based on one. We need to make a statement. -- Have credibility. Will -- Where. Yeah and you heard it the fact that we didn't do that you've heard a lot of criticism that these are all nice guys. But. They don't add up to enough win. So again I would credit then sharing it with having this one and and the resolve that we're we're going to. We're we're program the Kansas -- -- and we can we have in the past you remember in the first. Five years it's. We have tremendous this we knew we weren't giving out 56. Year contract. Well OK -- you bring that up you got some players. Jacoby Ellsbury this year Dustin Pedroia in a couple years John that they're contracts come -- are you saying the Red Sox are out of the six year contract business I know that Victor Reno got three wanna give Napoli three in your thought was paid them more but fewer years is the team done. Giving out any long term deals to their own players are free agents now it's not done. His you have to look at every every situation. Every play differently Dustin Pedroia differences as you mentioned clearly different player -- It's it's dust it would be different than going out into the free agent market. And signs. But I I think that then it goes without saying. That we needed to get younger we were. -- and that. With the youth you have fewer injuries more it's easier to have. Going on signing a 3233. Year old freeagent. Thanks and giving him a six year contract it is. You you always know and we all and we knew we re doing it. That. The last what two or three years contract probably going to. It's it's when your paying a player the most and you're probably getting at least. Leading up to Jacoby Ellsbury this is a guy that I still think is one of the beast is is impossible to define. Yeah I should've said Dustin and -- and Jacoby. Recently Jacoby is there is well it's a different guy -- -- he's a younger player but still you know as well as -- -- Scott -- Is his agent and he says zucker talked to Ben at all it's a free agent market. Ready to find Jacoby Ellsbury too is a great ball player but he is he owed nine. Is it 2011 player wears you will see right now to close -- going to be difficult. Well it's always difficult trying to predict performance. Based. News. You know bill -- -- science in the Major League. It's it's not Major League equivalent. They project every year code code amber again. A project but boy it's imperfect science and they spent two decades. On this predicting a players and do based based on based upon performance. And that's who really imperfect science but it. Colonials Berry is tremendous baseball. And but Scott has a history is. Now taking his players to free agency we have. To be here. With Scott. And yes. There's nothing to report. As you know those those. 100% of the time career. Well they displayed on Gloria let me think you know everything he's Rickey Henderson -- -- -- it -- talking to you we don't know that but you're a good spot to be patient with a guy like Jackie Bradley and there is an option you're not stuck. Well again. We're where we have more depth than and -- and we we have some we have some talent coming up but. But the Jacoby is somebody that we very much like to retain those. And he's not the only you guys are wins you guys talk and -- Dustin now about a potential contract extension is a couple years slept would like to get something done before he. Gets a free agency. And a and a perfect world but he still -- two years after you after this year so there's there's not an urgency. -- let's do you have offered graciously takes a phone calls from Red Sox fans today John is that. Okay that you let's do this will get your questions for John Henry you guys can join the conversation as well he's. Got to take your calls the owner of Red Sox 617. 779793. -- the phone number 617. 77979. -- 37 your calls the Red Sox owner John Henry next. Here until 2 o'clock and joined in studio -- him to be joined by Red Sox owner John Henry nice not to stick around and you'll take some your phone calls -- giving the number but it filled up and about. Two seconds after people heard the -- take some phone calls every single Thursday John -- pop -- Tuesday. To go public you know as pizza but they have we have a poll question with them every Thursday and and -- -- Lou be the first one answered the question I don't know what you go first you like the answer the question it's our pop journal's poll question. And it is which Red Sox success story. Has surprised you the most -- three options and give you second to think about it. Daniel -- Jose Iglesias -- John Lackey. John's getting answered a second you can place your ball online by visiting WE TI dot com slash what Maloney the -- early Paul presented by poplar genome is gonna pop -- skip their Fenway pizza. There Margarita fresh spinach -- veggie. Or their Fenway pasta call order online a pop and he knows dot com let's see which success story. Has surprised the most this year Daniel -- Jose Iglesias. Or John Lackey up which on the spot here John you have to answer first which one of those three guys. Surprised -- the most. Well for me of it's it's we're just talk him out of during the break. -- has been amazing to watch -- shortstop he's played great third base. And he's still hitting 380. -- 353. So that that it is. That is remarkable based on the about we saw last year compared that the bats we've seen this year as patients -- the strength. At the plate but mainly used patience and ability to. Two. Have -- that mean they have been great and that news is if he used 3233. There is complete different hitter I wouldn't -- nominee for me personally you guys just. I was talking all awarded in the first half last year before he got hurt preparation and I want him lest it begin with you -- -- -- he represents a lot of things that you guys who have gone through here in the last twelve months. Keys. Was. Don't cut rip apart right media wise Sports Radio even you name it -- and base everybody. And now it's at the point where he's -- it's us such a high level we -- people saying you know what. Okay he's gonna get me back like a lot of this team has got a lot of fans back I think he's he represents a lot. We wouldn't be in first and this year which he's been. Arguably our most productive pitcher and and probably the numbers say he's the second best pitcher but he's been. He's been making all these starts. And been incredible. We were talking up a lot last couple weeks about the of the plate of of Aaron Hernandez -- released by the patriots and it is alleged. Alleged murder. Just curious how your team John goes about looking at players who's reporting you guys at a private guy. Around Carl Crawford for like six months before you signed him deal look at guys this character an issue issued the gonna draft or sign a player. How much research do you do in terms of the player off the field before you make a signing -- pic like that. Well I think. Owners. Sometimes. Go after play our our look at players that had troubled histories troubled backgrounds and we've had we've had. Plays like that the -- and you. You make it you know you make a judgment. Thinking it and and I'm sure this happened with the patriots as well and make a judgment that if they come in our organization we're going to. We're gonna help them in every way we can. I used to be a partner in these yankees many many years ago. And George Steinbrenner. And remembered two decades ago. It was a it was sort of a cause for him I'm going to. The way you look at he's gonna rebuild if we don't look at it that way and we relocated. And they. I I don't believe we -- Private. Carl Crawford and all for six months but it and but we had players and it and you have to feel for the patriot organization because I'm. I know the craft and -- very well and they are community first. Organization's first. It's. Just. Unfortunate. One. As fans I think he -- you get lost you think of it as. As owner amuse you look at it we want this player look at his numbers he can help us when this the that we need is the dominate. Long term deals not just a commitment on the field hoping produces is a commitment that represents your brand. You know you have to think about is this the kind of not just the athlete but the person I want to invest and you take it that far so these guys. I don't think we think of it in those terms I think we think of it in the individually case by case. That. We're gonna we're going to do everything we can to make an informed judgment for -- among them. And over the years I think we've looked more and more at. Because. Things and you know there it. Athletes have tremendous pressures you you being in. You're in that position it's this tremendous pressure to. Maintain your position in this tremendous pressure from the media in this market so. We had people come here and fail. Because of pressures. So I think we don't think in terms of much of the brands we think in terms. Of what what it is right for the club. Does solicited -- lunatics who calls -- just a couple things at one in real -- a few days ago -- the Twitter world sort of blew up and we get sort of we start hearing about you and your wife and on Drudge pouring the -- That I get to got a text and it shows you what's not your -- the globe. Lot of people wondering if you don't hit -- all that did don't worry about it if it happens that you might YouTube might be said. What what's the latest there with your interest in them. Well I've I've managed interest and once we go -- of their newspapers since 2000. But I really can't talk about process and learn anything associated. With the beard. This we have. We have documents we signed prohibit us from doing so is due diligence checking everything out. It's a big decision some getting involved -- the newspaper who we all know it newspapers are going through now why this one's for sale. It's so it's big decision for any potential. For any any group that there would if if we. Happened. To move forward on this that it would be it wouldn't be. Just me obviously the group. Let's talk to Dan in Connecticut -- -- to talk to the Red Sox owner John Dan Dan. Yet our. President. You. -- both political band and today that Pakistan and you know after you got recover Liverpool are back into -- a bit. And apple notebook in your wallet -- you know. How about that and -- you. -- and very different country and Orton and have you been able to take everything you learned in one game Chet -- other other. You know they're both equally humbling. Rick we also have a team in another sport and NASCAR. And that's humbling as well that these are these are great challenges. But. -- I'm not so sure that that that you can translate. Things between sports that well. You know sports fans. All of -- Hampshire received tremendous differences and sports and you really can't take. If we owned NF NFL team I don't think there would be a lot to -- from from from the in the hierarchy part of and the business part of it. It's all about resources trying to have the kind of resources that you need to be successful making -- of the right people in the right position but. As far as. How to be successful and on the field. Each sport has its own. This -- own methodology. And me. They don't translate well. There's one mortality and any other -- ownership goes yeah I think the I think English football's more challenging in any sport in the world. I've seen it's it's like the wild west. Here we. Owners. Sometimes can complain about agents but the agent. Phenomenon. The way it works. Is it's difficult to know who represents wrong. In English football here you know -- -- such Scott -- he is if you're -- -- is your best solution ours it's. There's -- done. What happened GG cultural wanna talk what color is here -- go up or he's called tonic it's easy to John Andrea brick mountain. It will take Motown could probably -- that one. And Tom are good friends. Wouldn't you Tom or Jay-Z and a quarter friendly they hang out you know that's that's the -- the biggest thing that I did you. Well -- -- won't mean Jay-Z and Jed -- -- -- Timberlake who played Fenway Park guilty -- down -- Well you know there and winner of -- where some hearings new. Bus for a hat. A lot have been known to Wear Wally. I ask you a student politics and calls that it com. -- carries and a lot of things happened in the past. Well which you can see you relationship right now Terry Francona have you communicated. Recently at all is everything okay there nor. Not. Now he he now we have in Munich. As he attempted or view attempted. I'm not sure wanna get back into the hole attempting because I had to -- -- had a long discussion went about. As far as I'm concerned he mischaracterized. That house. And to me. You wrote a book that really attacked. Tom and Larry unfairly. And so. How can we have much English. If you like it was unfair -- have to absolutely. But -- I don't necessarily wanna go back tool we've we've discussed that the nth degree. And they treated me fairly. I'm should -- one. -- Williams we live life in the -- he's done a lot of great things in -- we get older you look back and there are lot of great memories and this is getting is that regrets that relationship isn't there when it really was so much yeah absolutely yeah. It's really it's really hard doing stand preakness. You would think that. I thought when he left here he had a tremendous years. And was tremendously supportive. Even. After the collapse of September. In which we made it clear that we do not playing him that. So. But this this is the argument you can't win and really. What -- what reason when I. Go on about the situation as he was the best manager we've ever we had eight great years. Great teams great. -- a great manager he was the best man threw her hat so. And I appreciate what he did he he suffered. As much as any measurement ever seen even through good times he. He. You know -- news he did everything he could to win for this organization. And so you open a feature to mend fences here -- -- that relationship back maybe not now it's called -- It you know it may be difficult because. The things that were said so some of these things -- Sobel belt he can maybe can blame. And Chauncey. In the we got in the book yes we believe -- for every system it's about the book. And. There's not much more to say about. Our mikes and a car driving -- wants to talk to John Henry -- like. I'm doing good afternoon gentlemen. Mr. your question the economic big -- up throwing a Luis Suarez took at the end. -- so how we use the revenue sharing that just passed yeah you're seeing in baseball a lot of players now are getting locked up. I'm working earlier and earlier. Because the fact that. The economics of baseball kind let me. They've they've kind elections in the different between the top club in the lower clubs do the top and not contribute more revenue. And the lower and they're getting more thing -- question is where did you call in that discussion -- you -- the smaller club in one because I know the rhetoric from one of the car and that are paying more for you -- -- being -- -- -- lock up your feet and -- Republican get -- long term contract in Buick got. A big contract. You see all the players getting locked up earlier and earlier where did you fall in that and it's taken them off the free agent market and the kind of helping the competitiveness in baseball. Well that's a good observation is helping the competitiveness that it was unless you're seeing great free agents on the on the free agent market but. I guess. What would what was the main part of his question. Where did you fall in terms of revenue did you like do you like the idea that some of these. -- like yourself who spend and that top 10% top 20%. Are giving a lot of money back to the smaller market clubs the are you in favor of that do you like the process the way it works right now. It's. It's it's created a situation where in the Yankees and Red Sox. Have. Of them are trying trying to stay within what's all the competitive balance the rituals and rational. And that's why he's seen reduce spending it in the top. It is sort of odd that the teams are locking -- players so early. Him if Lou has a perspective on that but it's just a little puzzling to us. Well for you right -- before Arctic where some of those years at La Gloria thinks. Tripoli treatment the first date Indy -- that it proved to be outstanding for the race. It has -- and and we knew we had contracts probably like. You clues us in. Austin. We locked them up early. And Ellsbury might have been right he didn't give her name -- -- -- in in that window and any -- your typical -- Beck and MVP year and you know what to do you think Scott. It's in favor of -- stringers. Earlier quickly to open a quick break here now but we gotta go -- com. Baseball stated the game attendance is down. Slightly ratings ratings down yet that the cable money ridiculous profits are up. It's it's it's got to come to and as far as that things don't even now right attendance down slightly ratings are down your money is up profits are up. A point that's got to balance out right and it could be an issue. Well paces games. I don't know how -- field. As a player but does -- insistence pitchers. It take to slow those pitchers. Not a hitter dinners and a -- Well I'm sure he's a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) -- slow that I did see it's an absolutely right the amount of dead time John and your game right now. In the way our culture is going where it would people have shorter attention spans and a C. You're gonna sit there when there are sixteen minutes of action in a four hour baseball game. Well sixteen men I would I would take -- email Bud Selig isn't it weird tales anymore we find levees that not every male in European what needs to happen to kind of more interest. We need rules with regard to pace of the game and I think you'll see. I think you'll see that. It just deliver the baseball pitchers delivering players staying in you know if you. If you'd be -- it it would be ashamed to ban batting gloves but if that's who -- -- you know he. At some point you've -- at some point you have to address the pace of the game. The game that existed as far as pace in the 1960s. And seventies. Was. I'm much more pitching in the all star game. You remember what the all star game used to be like it was really something the city it's still is quite as commencement. Pace. Is terribly and we'll start with the use of OK apart at the age. Actually games quicker I think we need to get really rid of we need both leagues to beats him. I don't care which way you -- whether it's pitching pitchers hitting. One DH but it's it's we have every day and now we have these games where teams are trying it's -- -- suddenly and you can -- Or suddenly the pitchers. It this week I'll take -- Wanna talk to Matt for one more question for John -- -- -- Florida waiting patiently -- -- They got out of all my little -- America. And like to thank you -- -- firm gringo go read our my question is gone what they've been proved to outlet in the second half of the season. Keep up or these places and eventually hopefully go to the playoffs and eventually World Series. Well you know we need to stay healthy obviously if we can stay healthy we've had a spate of injuries recently. Now we need to get. Playback when we need. To stay healthy and if if we do we should be it should be held -- pandering. Last time we talked him before today. We're talking to you about some rumors that it popped up about the Red Sox being for sale. This I just saw where the small not this for a couple days ago. Your franchise has died at one point 32 billion dollars is the team in anyway she performed John for sale as of July 18 2013. No we went through that the year ago I appreciate you guys calling me and about it that you called us all I called you called us and thank. That would be. But I Linda I've been on we're bidding on the -- IMAP. You're on things. That team not for sale now in no way shape perform now that turned out member is impeccable sources. But he was misled then and by doing one year going through bad times we were -- You get all kinds of things bubbling up to serve an -- that's accurate. I sat here talk pays for the for an hour thank you very much won't informant at any time you want stop by in this. I'm Carly and next yet I don't come my call whatever you every get off the mark Billy these guys to really get off -- them. He's even drew there and I all public lace these guys are Iglesias tartan a year and look -- -- -- interrupt the -- used to say Hussein is nobody better -- baseball announced as the new loan. What's gonna love that. -- in the April onto Joey say that there -- simply an oil clean cut to John thank you. I've John Henry joining us here in studio quick break we'll come back we are Red Sox. Tickets to giveaway it's model united threesome.

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