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The Dzhokar story is released in Rolling Stone

Jul 18, 2013|

The guys discuss Janet Reitman's cover story on the alleged Boston bomber. They cannot believe how sympathetic the story is for Dzhokar.

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-- kids you got your choice of destinations out of me and discussion destinations I mean physical destinations. You can -- a little genie -- be transported to anyone of these following destinations where do you choose to go up number one. You can hang with the beautiful people. At the espy's. Number two. You could be in in. Moakley federal court. And watch those two crazy kids white and Steve let me lay eyes on each other for the first time in decades that's today. You could be at Muirfield. To watch the open championship I like they called the open championship -- rated would that I think it's on TV's. -- -- -- -- -- can boast that they'll just build all. He's the pot. Hall gets heated seat would be awesome we get to this wouldn't some feel contends. That the -- -- -- and yes in in the British which she never be in the tree for -- made. Did two years ago content tears and rhetoric and is not his style but it won't be fun but you don't feel like going across the pond in wonderment of shorter sporting trip he could go to Fenway Park for the Red Sox optional work out this afternoon that what available with this team. The big guys whoever argument on the team who show up you know to be good to be given nobody and it buckles. I nobody -- and -- we've won but buckle to show this question yesterday we we digress. Was -- the only guy in the American League dugout. That didn't applaud mirror on America. I don't know there with this and -- An impact but beyond the railing and that much and cable over the rail he stood on the step in front of a seat in the dugout -- -- -- I thought well you know way. Honest and on the National -- was standing on the top step cheering. Because the team owners some baseball -- Doctors after the game before the game during the game Ray Allen didn't clap for the whole eats. Well it was kind of awed me he was watching he looked enthralled and hopeless it's going crazy in the street rallies it's not just watching he didn't he I think he was taking at all and I think it was in -- of them like most of us Jirga. I'm not saying was disrespectful but he forgot the class ring you forgot the car. And -- by hanging at the beautiful people TSB's. Watching the crazy kids Flemmi and Bulger lay eyes on each other Muirfield the Red Sox optional -- -- to out eat my wife I just say you. Would have wherever he goes good you pick it -- right yeah well I. I had one puts the pressure on us cost. So hard work on this all right so I've seen it I adore Paris all right well very good job and I -- get my last one and you got your. Give me I think I know what it is and we've been as the likes it we've been working together to -- Providence and I guess with last -- answer. Wherever she really is today. -- the wrist Lucia can't get enough of that. Can't get enough and no not not not no misjudgment. You can go to Cambridge. And shoot hoops. With Joseph -- friends who call him super Cheadle won the real us -- changes. She is just hang out with that crew today I did shoot some -- mean you can do that hinges at a college called -- -- and she raised. Yet. I'm comp G is now this is racial group because would broad stone trip did was try to humanize him and tried to support to a just a regular rule American teenager yeah. And whose friends call and -- and I don't see why we shouldn't call due to injury that is national associations or Joseph -- Joseph -- -- -- art dual core shall claim to know ownership staying. Just as easy -- is as easy David spell that -- sure -- never quite. Mr. Aziz who's never written the word. SI never -- -- Tucker wrote that word before an. It does make me chuckle that the elected in there are certain liberals out there horse trying trying to circle the wagons around Rolling Stone and trying to. Explain it to understand it trying to excuse this in the inexcusable. And they say things like this is the -- on Abraham in the globe today. She defends it and can't get outraged over -- it doesn't make. Him anymore sympathetic figure. Well they sure do try that Avon if you read the store I assumed she didn't read it to Boston's it doesn't make him. It's 111000 how many words Kirk I was 111288. And and you make a great he made a great point 111200. Navy words none of which are Martin riches of the crystal Cameron who's -- -- -- name they matter not a Louise blue room on the right -- Lucy Lu -- is Lindsay Lou Lindsay. The names of the victims Jeff Bowman none of the victims' names are in the story. They don't even only 111000 word they don't waste or heard a Joker 900 different ways they refer to Martin Richards not at all it is. 111000 -- attempt to. Make this mass murderer sympathetic so she's absolutely. Not even tell you truth right -- you -- is that none of this none of what we witnessed yesterday or read last night. As has changed her. Disdain for this guy. She says it doesn't make him any more sympathetic -- -- that she's a much stronger person and I read this I feel sorry for well first of all if that's true evil on the and they failed because they pride. They try they devoted this at this issue to making more sympathetic -- -- she writes it doesn't tell us anything we don't already know. That's not true so I mean it's his first of all -- did -- here's a violation wrote a column front page of the Boston Globe without read the story clearly is if she did. She learned a lot of them I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You learned a lot I mean it's nauseating it's sickening I -- -- talk show host in this town yesterday said I'm sort of stuff he says I didn't know until I read the Rolling Stone article. That he wrote stuff on the inside of the -- -- -- I swear to god. Somebody a talk show yes not some caller no halt almost. That was evidence hot it was in the it was statement was I don't care that he wrote this. On the side of the boat. They introduce part of the boat. As evidence of course are in -- -- as evidence. And confession and it'll be really cool the next day to pick up the paper or get from the -- rules announces. That's. No hold the newspaper -- extra extra extra read all about you buy one yet dubious sketch of the ball and on that chunk of that if he got a casino actually picture the evidence -- get c.'s sketch. Of the bloody words on the side of the ball if you're a prosecutor is there anything that you would lust after war. -- a written confession. Yet the hurt right now at a riding in the plot not -- -- -- -- is that. Talk about it -- don't have written and what that would lead me. We really should just go ahead to the penalty phase yet and selflessness and yes I mean it's skip reading it's like Bulger is and soreness I mean it's great drama for the you know. People who actually get a low number and get in the court to -- Billable hours billable to us and with the ones paying and of course of this bill that bulge his case and in Jesus case so you didn't learn the idea wrote. On the boat I don't analysts are edited sorry you don't have to live at its. He actually -- -- All of it and it was -- it was -- via affiliate. Columns. I find it amazing that out in -- one of the Boston Globe I mean their cheese drug defendants say you don't learn anything new. Did you go it would mean I think the thing was an absolute piece of garbage and absolute outrage to stewards were in the cover but. Mueller a lot. Lot super chill yeah it's super channel. I learned that -- harsh friends worry diverse group of kids from both the wealthier and horror sections of Cambridge. They were as one Cambridge parent told me the good kids the debate champs. The varsity athlete the student government types. A few -- -- who would go off to a New England colleges. -- diligent student. Joseph Hart talked about attending Brandeis. And tops. He was one of the realist dudes I ever met in my life said Sam who spent nearly every day which are edges. During your team. -- That's his friends that one Fred said the in made him that dude you can always just vibe -- As they come -- did not hide we're not I am in the complex exam. I don't know -- -- good dude -- with or vibe with or maybe I'm joking about with the -- with if I'm Biden was somebody. -- -- -- -- I tell people this all the time you know you're good -- vibe -- I don't think I used the words and no I was like this weekend on Saturday if you're gonna just chill and watch the British Open although I guess five what is in our public is good stuff is is to hang out. To vibe with. In -- now you're definitely not giving -- a good guess that would have always want to get onto the next thing idealist -- -- -- -- -- that -- Others just watch this for five or six hours I got a paper now -- on Saturday we gonna do it and might until all of Sunday summoned the that would definitely cannot since the suspect. He's not a got a vibe with -- malicious they saw it as smooth as Affleck has said that at the center. Is this pretty smooth -- like I do think. You your charge did he tell me when you wanna get to this might take might take my take away I -- hole. This I have this this story from the we didn't pay for we pretend that you could do that yes no no decent human being nobody -- Rawlings to pay for it and it. Obviously stores decent stores are gonna sell it but. You can print them out you can read it and if you think we're kidding if you think I'm being overly emotional. Give to give a read given a glance. It is more sickening more nauseating than the covers the -- assault element that cover photo is nauseating the story. Is an 111000. Word attempt to make you feel song yes. Historically DNC page of the odds are good idea DNC page check it out you -- -- -- to. Go to be Rolling Stone website on the DNC page check it out and if you don't wanna read all 111250. Words you fifty to -- a -- -- thousand to 58. Didn't have space for Martin Richardson -- and -- yet I can give you I can give you in a nutshell. The sense that they want to portray the feeling this one I -- expression the tone and tenor right 111000 words is asphalt. People in Cambridge spot of the nineteen year old Joseph cars -- the -- -- to veterans. As a beautiful. -- haired boy. With a gentle demeanor. Soulful brown -- And the kind of shot I laid back manner that made him to dude you can always just vibe where he had been the captain of the Cambridge -- -- wrestling team for two years. And a promising student he was also quote just a normal American kid as his friends described him who likes soccer hip pop. Girls upsets over the Walking Dead and the game of -- smoked copious amounts of -- Joseph -- had earned a scholarship. To the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. I was thinking about becoming an engineer a nurse or maybe a dentist his focus changed all the time. They were Muslim yes but you're also American especially -- became a naturalized citizen on September 11. 2012. -- a deeply fractured boy lay under that the -- a witness to all of his family's attempts and he better life. As well as their deep bitterness when those efforts failed. And their dreams proved unattainable. As each small disappointment war on his family -- ripping them apart it also further join our own -- integration. A series of quiet yet powerful body punches no once off thing. I knew this kid he was a good kids at his wrestling coach and apparently also will monster. Skip the sparks it's laugh outlawed line we'll get to just a second. I -- you about his diverse groups different. Jim does as his friends called him -- -- pumas had a great three point shot. A diligent student he was nominated to the National Honor Society that saw four year old -- Yvonne Abraham the gloves that you don't learn anything yeah you just list of like a dozen things right I think that dale Ellis is you know we had a good three now. But not Ray -- I'll just finish with this diligent student nominated in the National Honor Society joined the wrestling team he was one of those kids who was just a natural. He was a supportive teammate who endured grueling workouts and runs with -- single complaint. In his junior year the team made them the captain by then everyone knew him as your car which is teammates which agreement matches to ensure the rest. Would never missed pronounces the name. See I'm coming around ansari on Abraham you're you're stronger willed person that I -- are coming around on this -- Janet right I think he would set up like a mother. We Jessica module c'mon did everything to breastfeed him in this story what you what she basically did was when it comes down to she talked to a bunch of his friends knew from high school yes in a wrestling coach who loved him. It did this thing to blast to a three page this story basically -- -- and -- booster stuff. And get Brooks that publicity stuff but to suggest I heard what no really not a bad kid. My favorite and you guys. Parties agreed that you have your favorite line. I mean every line of the story is an attempt to make you feel sorry for him but my favorite line comes from and the key is Chechnya threatened. Talked about the side of kids. Quote they were very soft like cuddly kittens. Always hugging and kissing each. She's talking about mass murders some of the worst. June the first successful terrorist attack on this country since 9/11. Two guys. Who murdered four and wounded 280. And into shook the city images monsters who killed the child culinary world child. Who who bootlegs off of thirty people. They were. Cuddly kittens she -- that. She says that an editor -- that they were like cuddly kittens always hugging and kissing. About murderous network and stuff were honest I didn't elect cuddly kittens -- could you imagine. Again we get to split and you mentioned the name Adam wins against yeah I can imagine saying this about Timothy McVeigh or -- lands or. In the -- combine all of my guys -- the -- shooting right -- over the George Zimmerman is innocent he's not a criminal now imagine them looking into -- -- -- to -- he had his brother. Which like -- -- couldn't make their fingers like that it would never ever -- ever happened. At this Muslim monster. Who murdered. Year old child who looked at in salt and smile -- again I'm gonna blow that kid up. Was -- cuddly kitten. Connecticut. He can't put into words -- outrageousness is and I'm sorry the likes of you know go on Google gone in in my friend Marjorie game. Now they're trying to understand and explain it is just an outraged the suggests. It's crazy screwed up nutty left wing right radical keep. Oh they're trying to complicate. Or describe as complicated and analyze how this whole thing just nothing complicated to vote no they are evil people evil. Monster end of story evil Muslim people from each pitch Nestle had this twisted ideology. Who carry it out and who by the way still to. Still I mean obviously -- doesn't anymore policies that they would divergence. There's no evidence that Joseph -- It's filled with regret and remorse and didn't know why you know what it was you know -- was thinking when he loses arrogant punk in court according to yeses. He's got no regrets now need to get just pocket the kids are in college about this in twenty year old hopes to -- the nine elevenths an inside job accordion city of Cambridge that much and I -- know we that most people in Cambridge. According these kids -- -- 9/11 was an insight into what we do love to sit down with these losers. And say explain how what happened how to work how did Cheney do it or whoever. Your show and what you say it's dangerous and people like you shouldn't be able to trying to -- much what's nice about their opinions in public. Here's the description before we go to the break. Appear in court at his at a federal courthouse in Boston. -- smiled. On slouch in his chair and generally. Seemed not to fully grasp the seriousness of the situation. At times he seemed almost to spark which wasn't -- mark. Those who know times. What is brilliant smile don't want m.'s market has put it in a bad light. As a quote teachers seem like the old job are thinking what the league is going here. Says his wrestling coach who was at the courthouse that day. Now take a break. Open the -- lines 617779797. Ones -- filling up. Get to a bunch of things today at the very first thing we get back to witness I will prove to you that Janet Reitman wrote this 111000. Words. Love -- love she is saying you love letter -- there was jazz pianist as is has a comedic talent deep into her bowl. That rivals anything Larry David -- has written in his life this was a laugh -- -- moment we will do as soon as we get back. Other on the Rolling Stone. Ayatollah discouraged -- -- All the children about the -- as temperatures on an army glorifying god created -- -- if you want. Of them there -- glorifying these guys I guess if you don't allow. Chick filet of you know like chicken sandwich yeah sold got to draw the line somewhere you can't allow -- -- there in your city. Auction I don't get to that later on about the pay attention that you really like the auction and one other just sort of reference for no apparent reason. Like to be when you grow up. Me yet who like to be mean to be famous like tiger would you wannabe you know and you know -- like to go with a -- -- was not be bought it and the paparazzi water and other men I thought would wanna beat Tiger Woods -- graduate -- movie -- -- crap I wanna be Howard -- even big ugly. He works like three days a month. And it is also a tortured soul is a different -- that -- -- he's got he's got issues with what a great schedule is yeah it's art you know hours but he only works. Less -- Two week out month I would like putting address on to be Judge Judy. That's a good one yeah Judge Judy works one week a month one week a month. And makes five million a year which are back raised a good deal doesn't do budget -- -- I had from back to my god yeah he's and his -- I don't at all the other judges must all make good money out of the guys. Judges -- is the stuff about discuss it before all the time judge -- upset ever made as much as he did. Analysts -- commercial a couple of amateurs who got famous after arraignment. It's true then yeah -- We could check it out about why isn't isn't base was. That's a good question Mark -- Loughner is I guess you know Joseph walker. I'm just think of you know scheduled to shore and that would -- look like it's about this Miguel on help him analogy that's a good one. That's a good what makes me laugh if I -- I -- no golfer as entertaining visually as a guy and we all got his chest out like a bit anti -- got -- but stick Connecticut pony -- got us a guard one man I think it was a Scotch in -- -- in the bag at our group and we I. Went public gamers with that we often talked about was the swing. This guy's great that trapped in this deal with the wedges he has the great greatest gift of all the no intention in his body and like no worry no concerns like these guys. Will be up all night now up late tonight laying in the -- same club -- yeah. Finally get a charting their course she doesn't do it implant practice I get the feeling that that he looks at this catty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Doesn't know where it's a peek at how drugs is there is why a drug contiguous when he hit that tree in the -- If if you detect what are still alive he's nine victory while seemed -- good for him it's judge you're -- critical over. Seriously disgrace to profession should listings that was -- I told you TV's judge shut up she's -- she's arrogant. He will not try to it was a view was -- very gently guys. Rusty bailiff -- she -- 45 minute you made one of them one week a month she is a goddess and my does that say how much he's worth now and now he's on now. Worked on network got. Are we -- is one of the break Rick Anthony threatening a routine just a second ready for the last from Fermi -- may -- gas found something else funny. I've found a hundred things you found that you got the right one -- -- and this is -- a wonderful compilation out of new information that I didn't know him and a just dubbed a laugh out loud funny line. It's up early in the east like New -- or 56000 words into. Chechnya and families are very traditional. On a warm and talkative woman in her late forties tells me that her country quote ladies don't Wear pants you'd have to Wear a skirt. And marrying outside the culture is taboo. Bizarre idea however were atypical in that regard. -- -- was quote. Very opened moderately. With a taste first published cheap. High heels and short skirts she left -- the part that she steals it never got a she had tattooed eyebrows. Permanent make up very glamorous. And her children. Always dressed nicely too and finally. But diet. Adore her children particularly Tamil. -- tall muscular boy she compared to Hercules. You hard on the other hand was the baby his -- to walk or heart he looked like an Angel sent on and was called Joseph joke. -- -- He was always like mommy mommy mommy yes. And we have decision to colleges or -- One of the other Jews or -- and the -- -- -- you know a comic you know it's never come. Is she is a lot of questions is how well she was a very open modern lady with a taste for stylish jeans high heels. And shorts to their pictures she sees this -- -- -- that she is -- an enterprising woman -- sure. Worked as a home help bait and switch to cosmetology. Giving facials. At a local salon and then later opening a business in their home. Her justice for shoplifting. Use to it. Sure Tebow was a pressure she mentioned shop that she did later that's a tell you that's another story an underdog but that was gonna happen I was stuff that that is. One of the left -- -- I guess this is more subtle score isn't quite as funny or talk funny at all in the and talking about. Joseph -- and she is his friends that's was for and will says he was just super chill yeah. This this is where does the writer. Janet Reitman right. Cool he had morals they all agree quote he never picked on any one. While he could probably knock out anyone he never did quote he wasn't violent. He would never violent. Says Sam is brand. -- I am committed most violent. In in the city's -- in history and had morals. And says he had. Yet morals he was never violet you talking about a guy who -- bombs and and wounded two entity killed four people shot -- earlier we believe in cold blood he would she broke. -- He was never -- 61777. Point 79 -- 37 let's talk to Fred in New Hampshire has been waiting a long -- good morning. Good morning guys. I just want. To make three points the first it is. At this looks -- day. It's a disgrace the Rolling Stone his pick to run their that it disgraced the United States to the people books and and especially to the victims of the bombing. The my second point is he justified. 9/11. Why they put Chicago leak in bin Laden on the coupled with him because they rocked grease gun based. If they're not dreamy they would never put. -- Belushi. It covered him up as all eyes out didn't he was hard -- -- Carolina -- here he'd have soulful hoc practice. At that they might bite they're pulling his guys and -- Stuckey before I was in special forces I'd like to interrogate that little world. Before he was medically treated because what you do is -- ask -- a question that he doesn't answer. You -- index finger right in his political move that sucked our route I didn't have him doing an Irish debt the -- in ten minutes. You know he well I didn't realize nothing learn that's one of -- Abrams wrong we learn a lot. He was a devout Muslim. It and Julian Wright and writes that he gave that we -- -- -- and -- full goal try that was tough it gave up we need. During Ramadan that's -- easier than eating fish sticks on Friday. Good restaurants could confess I K I try to give a bite my nails and land is just impossible -- -- had real discipline -- -- two for two days according to a nurse afterwards. After the -- human hospital right after you blow on and killed children you know he -- was -- and that's good that's that's the yep that's how -- now. We know the contrite. He cry edges out -- implement it Rick good morning. More guys. -- a few minutes ago peak my interest and map you eluded to the our kids who built to move read that little dog crap everything out buy into it. The following Friday that it Carolina -- now are. Let me if you -- I would -- beach or the Vietnam era before -- joined the military and when it hit by the military rally. You know understood what the whole thing was all about the protesters. They're about the same approach that that -- You know Atlanta protest all the where soldiers came home from Vietnam. Who -- their country back a bit. And it just. Amazes me how -- college kids can really be in the fact that they just need. Like -- to grab on to. And it. That that. That same people on talking about alike and it -- sixty right now early -- -- sixty and I point it cause is that stupid and will grow a lot of it apparently can let it -- to -- yet. They've just been you know here a little period in college everything out what the professor -- what every in the papers not Internet. And it just amaze me how these kids have no concept of light yet I think that might be the point of trying to make -- suspect that. They -- you like that forever. Well I don't know I mean I've met dumb college kids I was a dumb college kid but these of the dumbest I mean these these -- Join the military idea I -- complaint I wasn't at all what to look like the left column but I worked on a plane on an aircraft area. And -- at the time and and I got -- concept and everything out I mean it looked known to be slightly and I am. Which -- I ain't that cute it's the ultimate. Inflation that Patriot Act that yet we mean that is why we have the Patriot Act and people like that I mean that is -- defendant. They're looking for rate they're looking for closet looking for allegiances and these dope smoking but he's the good kids Algeria the good kids good kids the debate team the National Honor Society people the -- -- all those people. That's who -- young. That's Wheeler that's one thing we learned. Learned a lot -- Janet Reitman wrote that he went through a series of quite yet powerful body punches yes his life and that's what this analysts I think you know -- why shouldn't we shouldn't let another second goal line because we talked about this at length yesterday -- -- about talk about. The the day of reckoning for retailers in this area right and and we -- say congratulations to our great friends that Cumberland farms. Excellent idea. CVS is well Walgreens to -- ski. Shaw Stop & Shop Roche Brothers as far as I know unless something is changed overnight. Only Barnes & Noble and 7-Eleven. Have decided WL seven or where they'd -- at the store they tried to raw but before SX security -- call that's the war. It's gonna sell the magazine. And an amazing. This is Peter to best -- president of the desk -- foods. And we have distorts 717 boy Austin goes right between the two blasts. OK we have employees that were affected that saw what happened. We have a lot of our customers who were adversely affected some of them very -- -- by this event. It's really not about censorship -- a more about fellowship. -- elect not about censorship that's about fellowship Peter does censorship you can what you want to -- on line one way. And apple read it to you on censoring her words in fact. They're getting a lot of publicity is good publicity -- think it's a disgrace that the magazine. Gonna have a hard time recovering from this but. You can read it won't stop you from reading it plod as in Connecticut. On good morning I didn't Geithner will -- Take just one quick thing did you know that Rowling stole. Last yesterday at the -- emergency shipped overnight this. This not the magazine. To the -- -- -- the manager for next hour -- are sent out emergency. Email all the stores. Let's look forward third shift because that we're gonna sentiment so they can be a surge as legitimate part of up on shell of itself. So you're you're selling either trying to accelerate the process they were -- went on Friday. Does that mean they think you're gonna sell a lot more than they normally would -- Were they what they wanted to get him out in its entry and Agassi now I'm shell and start selling before. All heck broke loose which is what's going on what you guys and everybody else. Not gonna sell is not is not gonna sell and you could and maybe Barnes & Noble feels some obligation because it's bigger and they. Magazines from all over the world and and all that but no one's mind I don't I can't picture people -- meet in honestly. There is it's. In an hour -- accused me you make of political these are these are left wingers -- on the left off the Charlton wingers. And in May in my knee to left. You know. Deval Patrick who didn't read the article says there's lots of good stuff and it didn't re. Apparently bringing in the morning. But the cover is. Got a taste. Oh out of Thomas Tapeh listing I -- does that mean. Out of -- this is out of touch her in bad taste right he's a magazine cover so he's right on -- takes -- kill him but he's -- he relates -- Janet Reitman type who thinks 9/11. Was the result of people failing to understand and love to one another that was his explanation. Of the these these slaughter of 3000 -- --

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