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Patriots react to Hernandez

Jul 18, 2013|

Tedy Bruschi and Rob Gronkowski are finally approached regarding the former Patriot, Aaron Hernandez.

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Two patriots to significant patriots. Got involved in the Aaron Hernandez story out one of the much to the chagrin I suspect. Of Bill Belichick. Where do that. The words are we got now I'm sure from from dollar check him on high and it yeah nobody. In this team and it wants to be honesty. Is not mentioning the words Aaron Hernandez commenting on this whatsoever and it's gonna keep -- and so far grow -- has had the most practice at saying no comment because he's on the book tour with his brilliant father -- -- -- the whole bunch of them yeah yeah yeah and -- up propped him up hotel rooms into -- interviews so what yesterday during an interview com. By CBS new site. -- was pressed again and again to comment something just give us a little morsel on Aaron Hernandez I do have to ask you when you heard about -- and that's what. Thought your reaction. I would that room next question. Have you shot -- -- a -- -- throwing team. Next question. I. But -- now ask you. It seems to me that these two men played on opposite sides of the line. But more than that terms of opposites. That trip. Leah and the equipment yeah -- American. I don't walk off. -- -- -- -- -- So brought raises his hand and they'll walk out of -- -- -- the same audience that Letterman yeah ugly and he then they interview acquiescence and appeal change the subject. I heard Gordy -- say the same thing estimates is not enough oh knock us enough. I mean they say something yet does not missing nothing in the states. I get Manson's book and I'm not ready yet and forgery growing and I think. Maybe -- Aaron Hernandez has read a -- and he's got a little more you. More blow through that yesterday it's so good. On the other hand we did a patriot and the key here is it's a former patriot it's almost mr. patriot if you well. And we wondered about this last week because he is a contributor and a significant one on ESP yet you know at what point. Was Tedy Bruschi going to weigh in on this because I suspect he's no longer under the official bomb. A Bill Belichick. I think there is the sort of doled out of concern. Around previous players former players that bill passes. And I'm not sure bill was OK with this but it didn't seem to bother Tedy Bruschi with ESPN Boston when asked about the scandal. And the murder and Aaron Hernandez and all the stuff that has happened in the last month or so. To not only his. -- On the -- in on the patriots but organization as well. Emotionally. I'm still I I still around my house at times. -- spills that is the way I feel sad that. At that. The image of the organization is what it is now because it reflects directly upon the New England Patriots. On a team. And a culture that I spent a lot of time trying to build OK because money was never important to me all right. It was only about. Establishing something okay to get that first championship with the 2001 team is probably one of my most proud accomplishments because that's when your breakthrough. He's controlled but you can hear he's pissed yeah. That this that this animal. Has has made it. Put a major dent in something that he helped create a legacy eight an image if you will -- something he helped create you can hear it you can hear the subtle and kind of boiling under the surface anger and -- Bruce. And he didn't play with a or hang with -- run them now or legal. Action last year on the team. Wouldn't pick -- the launch day with -- Monday conversation. Here you had one night they say anything that way and this was after the double murder and which we don't know yet but we think he may have committed before. The -- -- murder but you you were hanging with a murder yeah. I liberty to neighbors being careful money. -- ESPN for free to Atlanta today you you know what he took less of the Atlantic body -- are being Nazis here from less than most. Let's -- Richard Seymour would you say. I don't eat away I've been to my point is that as a matter but with this but this Hernandez stuff. With Bruschi -- -- -- the guys on the team gronkowski this is what you can expect from these guys sketchy going to -- not -- actual immediately get older I get asked the gonna get a get a handle and how skewed obviously other don't handle it like Murkowski did you ask two questions. About we're done here and -- -- we were done yeah people will walk away BA Tim Thomas mobile or they say the next person who asked me about Aaron Hernandez is wins this little gathering. Yeah I guess but it you have a -- have a lined -- Brandon Spikes who will be cast more than anyone who could bring more and sell it than most even -- despite excellent well Tim Tebow to. Can keep you know he knows him but I boy's death not spikes spikes is gonna be tempted to say something wrong signal that sees me. Know what's his name and -- -- take a break we can battle that you -- is asked how did craft getting duped in this deal and he also. Addresses the taking a chance he risk on players will hear more from Tedy Bruschi your phone calls when we come back. The question for you here. Is the ban on speaking about. Aaron Hernandez. In the locker room with a new -- patriots something that has been stated something that is in just implied or something that they just -- -- I had steak and I don't do I think it's -- -- so well glorious right because. They're gonna say it's a legal matter it's not just our policies. You know right at the Belichick way it's legal matter you cannot mention his name it. And that just that -- says you know. You heard -- -- We will not comment it's not like Raikkonen didn't cliches and -- -- you can just start will -- say no benefit to say anything about I mean brought to us what. I mean I thought the one guy who -- you really do have questions -- -- -- -- gel on the team anymore right and always -- and global wouldn't elect a follow up what did you mean that's all one fall. Would did you mean by you didn't believe news -- life. I inherited an attorney call one of the shows on the station yesterday amateur as mid day or -- -- was but an attorney called and said it was sort of not dangerous the craft to comment on this because there is to -- said the wrong thing. Some risk there in terms of the civil suit so to what you just said Jerry I'm sure bella checked in and and everybody there has told these people you can't comment from bunch of reasons not the least of which is if you say something the jeopardizes. This. Organizations will a role in the civil suit that may or may not becoming more. We led to believe the -- -- crafted that. One on three that one and three interview. Against -- Estes yes please ask size yeah Mike McCann said the same thing. I I think it worked -- -- really do -- think without you know apologize or copping to any culpability aegis and we would do get in and he's a Smart guy -- takes pride not being -- set I was duped and that is exactly the subject. That that. Tedy Bruschi weighed in to win the attention in the interview turn with ESPN now Boston I might add up to the owner of the New England Patriots. I know mister Kraft the word that he used was duped okay the whole organization was duped but then I think as a former players like how. How would you do I mean you have biscuit for two years okay. Players. Around other players for two years you figure things out you know guys pretty well and of players in the locker room know. How did the coach is not know -- how does your organization that -- so dukes to me is an understatement. Okay because when you got a guy for two years and he still had two year it was at two years left on his contract yes and you made a commitment. It's almost as if he's calling out criticized in the organization for not knowing when you're out player when you're around a player for a couple of years you figure things out. I mean I am sure they figured out he's a bad guy a hunk of plugged -- and got -- we -- not arrested but killing people yes you can always say I was surprised I was shocked I was duped if you get retirement murder. Mean you can't say the same thing about it entered -- Kraft can't say no -- drag mugged and right teammates can't say. They know that he was and he was trouble me. Small potatoes but he was trouble right -- you play with Fernandez Hernandez did it done this would've thought these can be killer -- have been duped -- you know you can invest -- known anybody you thought might be a killer. So that's so he's not only -- It is such an inaccurate rush. We're talking about human. The ruling of the guys I think -- I think that. The size of Aaron Aaron and sell really affected you do you know I mean I've really seen things that got to you yeah. Like the June the confinement these these. Effective confinement yes somebody not only that's a lack of 900 pound note. Exactly that was just it was a nice bed and their tickets so we think yes that he can't sit up in bed really bothered you yes you must -- up -- -- -- do. So I'm always your first thing I'd do is I get the -- give back and bit pick my iPad put on a sports and whatever else. It's -- the first hour of every Saturday or Sunday in bed. Yet you couldn't do that if you were confined the and no iPad no TV no no historic. Yeah so go back under the sheets of these policy should decide -- the blankets on -- but the sheet over my nice legs yes you do the exact same thing like recess and yes. Yeah it's I don't feel sometimes things perceived that some things sometimes things all that. But that generally is they used the war but like you'll element and you have your iPad I have my own bed yet Texas in the shop. I I -- -- maybe there was a deterrent effect when you read about -- -- -- was a Porsche was are you kidding me. And if you I mean you think in about a -- and you taxes and you -- I don't wanna do that -- America's. And anything wrong thinking about I don't know cut that -- down that might have been in the neighbors and yet in you says that's happened outside with the defense that I don't wanna you know wanna does that I might take ends up -- and end up with the grits aren't and by -- I enjoy my life I really do you do I enjoy my life. And it's not to enjoy it exactly and and even before we saw those diagrams and those pictures I was just thinking about all the things that we talked about this that he will never get to duplicate things you just take for granted a good meal. Nice glass of wine. You know a bike ride. Through the arboretum forgot except crank things crank in the AC and I thought to creating sample taken map on a hot right. And take a dump nobody stared -- just in time. -- coffee. -- if they said no copied I would just jump out the window I don't you can you sell to get a chance now to go back to stop shopping at misty knows not this all the special and not do not -- anymore that's why that exchange by -- -- autism that is -- -- and was actually right there was a real deterrent effect from the stores from all the stores she does all the publicity yes he's giving that look -- that's album. If that stops one powerful. -- from steel. It it was a great idea -- which pods and Hudson should do more that. It's a great idea it is like scared straight -- version of scared straight it's a you know a particular kind of thing aptly enough. -- -- devour a politician in office or running for office it would be small planks in my platform and I would say here's here's one of the ways we -- going to solve some some problems going to nip them in the bud before they happen when rocket we will have to deal with criminals when they. -- crimes right but we are gonna identify some at risk kids. And me as governor I don't care about cold -- or inflated basketball. Sure pot shouldn't we are going to carve out an hour or two a week and we're gonna bring in. Fifteen at risk kids every single week and put them in the situation. Let them see the stark reality of spending a month a year ten years behind bars in this kind of environment. And Woolsey if we can scare what I -- -- they might not like. Coffee like I like coffee Euro line. Q but what they like run the streets assailant publish yeah. Alex get old they liked whatever -- a cheeseburger fright from Wendy's or -- there's always something that -- gonna be deprived quick -- feet in the food there. Even if you're life sucks compared Aaron I'm Aaron Hernandez -- are joined Genesis this stuff that you. Likely take for granted right to elect to do that you're going to be deprived yet and it should make you think twice I think there's still this mystery of -- guy. About there and end this thing and you know there's not a lot of mystery involved here but it -- to one mysterious thing that people can't get the -- are on this. Did -- ever take any. Precautions did he ever give any thought to get away with -- like like. Even the dumbest criminal since mean they they Wear masks hide their faces they do whatever. 22 to assure that they or just get my chance that they might be illegal it if you think he did that thing last summer right if you think you did that I know what you say that he thinks he -- -- know about the apple to be doing things and that he that he didn't do the next time he got away with it for you did -- we've seen it presuming he did it for years -- site and then. The answer is -- -- I think the answer is because of the protection that is the gang mentality that cold out there. You can do things in that environment you know you can't walk into a bank you can't walk into an old Rachel and -- possible lady walk out get away. You can shoot gang -- and I also think he's done -- -- I got to thinking committee committed to that double -- shot three -- positive -- and got away with that -- -- shot a guy in the face and got away with that. So his mind is in his mind as he can do anything and get away with it. And he can double body half a mile from his house gym and walking in on video with the murder weapon in his hand somehow and they go to bed the next afternoon. -- well gonna get away with -- I think the answer is simple. He's gotten away with a powerful yes. But they're smarter just they're Smart killers or multiple killers who have covered tracks I mean you know yet -- -- dump it in the gang world though there's this if it was the insulation around you that that people are reading on people but I think that's irony. He probably slept better. The night. After the morning off the day he killed -- Lloyd that he slept yet. The -- got a jail right I mean even the worst gang -- has regrets right -- the regret that he wrestles with every day. I think he could've taken -- and commit a plan. And if you want to eliminate old Lloyd he committed plan that. Didn't include allowing old Lloyd did text -- -- York city -- with he could include a plan that includes the where he wasn't -- on video with the murder weapon in his -- one of those friends hit it without him -- there right or got rid of the body I mean he got the weapon I guess I give credit of that some thought in that other than that it's just elected a missed. Criminal will -- -- it would of the -- the weapon until late. Video taken right.

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