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Bruins General manager Peter Chiarelli goes in-depth with Salk and Holley

Jul 17, 2013|

We discuss the new look Bruins, the departure of Horton/Seguin/Ferrence and the acquisition of Jerome Iginla. Plus details on the contracts for Raask and Bergeron and a look inside the abrupt end of the season for the B's.

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-- know that you love says. -- -- Grape -- could go. The. -- -- -- Column Bruins games soccer -- here on WEEI by the way we were wrong yes Jon Lester did used to throw in the mid to high ninety's averaged 95 and his fastball. Just a couple years ago so we will live happily say that we were wrong also excited today we're talking about a for awhile. But to talk once again the brewers general manager Peter sure Elliott joins us see the AT&T hotline that. Peter -- awhile since we've got to speak in and since then Odyssey finished up. A great -- Rhonda what were you thinking in game six as you as you watch in. The roller coaster. Into that game what is it like being Peter surely and watch and. Well it would certainly. A long stretch. I can get to that point in their in the finals and and we really can density -- -- regular season. It's. When we actually gonna Google also it became six analysts. Within that within the first five games investors are so many ups and downs so game six there was. You don't know what to expect and and certainly and -- ending obviously. That's -- we're going back for game seven where you know anything can happen by. We you know we've benefited from and things like Adam and fortunately we were -- the victim of an ending like cats so. It's it's hard to serve remove yourself from that one game and then. And then try and ignore the rest of the succession -- -- done. You know I wrestle myself there have to play which around this year and then I'd like -- ended up but it looks like -- last minute or so. I'm sure the morning after game six that was probably just a bad day all around you thought about the game all day. How often do you think about it now or what what was the progression like thinking about it 25 times thirty times a day to. 45. Well it's you know in this business and any business and professional sports like. Speak to -- is I'm. It is you know you ignore these things he learned how to you learn how to digest and how to be better as a result. -- them but I mean you know I don't really. We've been so busy actually since that day I have had time to really -- about it. We migrated to our exit meetings in greater into the board of governors meetings. The draft free agency development camp and I'm just. Kind of solutions now so if you were to ask that question that we could probably have a better answer. Well let me ask you go about one more time and we'll start thinking about some of the things you've done since then and only because we didn't have the information at the time we the fans we know how hurt Patrice Bergeron was. You did you knew what he was deal with you knew just how tough he was being. As you're watching him play in a game like that does it dawn on knew exactly what he's going through and and you realize just how impressive it is. You know you. He is you'll you know what he's going through a united had these that -- cartilage and separation -- have ever had at the same time and have never played the NHL. So I have a little snippet of -- is going to -- produce. -- amazement as a word to describe it. You know greedy and amazement and -- am very impressed and committed an act in particular a lot of those positive words. He. And if you remember this perfect game he was he was really physical too so. I think that's when he any pre populated shoulders so. He learned a lot from Mark Recchi and I am he's obviously Patrice has -- from from day one but you know I think you learn a lot America -- -- way. The way he can play like that I am. And analysts who is quite a show. I've been -- Peter wouldn't do it. Why did well let's put it this way you've you've lost a lot of guys are moved up from some guys since the end of the regular season post season. Did you feel like you had a shot at at resigning Nathan Horton. Yeah I did yes I did but you know people like when you get to that point -- -- The people change their minds and then. You know I reassert respect I respect what -- did -- team. I know sometimes in the regular season he can. He can get lost in the shuffle a bit by Clinton when -- it was crunch time he performed. And you know that at a higher level cell lines so I respect him for that I respect him for. Making that decision I I thought that we were gonna be resigning him. Collectively -- nation has certainly changed her mind and then -- the end of the -- it. I'm sorry that he didn't silenced -- -- we have we have to move on and along quickly and we felt that we we've made some good moves after that. What did you know that he once was excitable where. It was midafternoon on the Saturday for the draft. And and how did you and it was just talking with his agent talking with him what what was the. What is important sorely slick haven't had a good dialogue which is Asian there's talk talk Cora who works of Barbie or and return and I respect greatly the agency group didn't. So Equus and there's ups and downs and instruction and so I knew that he could happen but that's steps what I Potomac slander -- finally that there was gonna have to. While talking about -- and it's not just you heard it now multiple times is important and his family. -- and his family decided to move on and and it is is there something unique about this situation. That leads you to say Horton and his family. No no it's just. That's fine when Glenn there's been this when you reach a point in your career or at least in my experience and a series. Players reach that point it it it just becomes a family decision. To ignore the message specifically Mason. But they are relatives said the same thing about the other guys and at last it's just it's at that point workers. It's about moving it's available in locales moving your traveling moving your kids. To a new location and that's just how I characterize. Asked about Tyler Sagan he had really interesting quote we spent a lot of time talking about it. And it was -- right after the draft intent but Tyler Sagan and how. He needs to he's got to become more -- professional. I can say that about a lot of -- when he went murals -- got criticized for playing on the periphery and all that stuff he did he's got to commit to being a professional and focusing on the game what did you mean by that. Well there's there's a lot to take from MacWorld. And but it took to mean that -- we talked earlier about Bergeron and recchi and to these guys have focused all the time. In this in season. And then with a lot of players like that and and you know in my in my experience symptoms you get young players who -- and -- and then Tyler's it is a terrific young player. And sometimes he wasn't that doesn't mean I'm suggesting you have -- dollars Alessio is a loose social media so it's just it's just about. Becoming a professional and -- becoming more mature as a as a hockey professional also. There that was really where I was I was directed to and that part of -- quote. The other stuff was where it is true there are a lot of -- 21 murals that discrete substantially journeyman Zell. And demeaning suited keeps them -- just the same way to a certain degree in east. He's a terrific athlete than the other the other kids that there were in the Russia and South Carolina seems to be the opposite and in the market received get. You get peace. Young players at different levels -- maturation that still really was one of my college and I don't really like speaking out our players but. You know I actually had to cut plan. What about the timing of -- talking to Peter surely here on WEEI what about the timing of the rumors that come out it was right after. The draft and you didn't get traded on the draft. You make these comments and they get -- point. Many of us thought OK always trying to send a wake up call to decayed because he's going to be here for another year in Europe we we thought anyway you can please correct me for wrong. You were trying to motivate him in a new -- continuing to pull the trigger on a deal just a couple days later. Well it was really Jewish that I mean what do it and plan and there is no real message sending. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I just could have been asking about consumer directed at -- -- entirely during the draft so. I was just I guess there was a little tired of dealing with receiver with the rumors are just basically -- -- felt. Some -- anyway it wasn't you know it's if there was a message Stanton. And receive that rose five ballot system with the intention. I was Tyler saying and good teammate here. And as far as I know yeah I mean he's you know what guys like keys -- do you insert your pro using young kids. And they -- -- I got to know him well just because he's younger kids you like Chinese cement satellites professional hockey player and and he you know he'd he'd like to be that doesn't mean you're out drinking their bill later you know he was at times but he just you just. You like to live life so. And I respect that. So US yeah -- -- -- may use that energy. You know he was he brought productivity of the -- has -- you have a lot season especially the convention and we had. It you know he can do you like Spanish economy and so he was here he was good to me. He was drafted number two overall considered to be really top notch prospect how did he compare. Over his time here with your projections for him. Well you three years is tough to really. You know who they really see where he should or shouldn't be. That's for him it's going to be more like six or seven years. Maybe that's success mean -- five. I saw you don't want this here was do -- and I've said this on a number of occasions whether it would still assessing players specifically the team. It's it's tough to pass judgment. Completely and definitively. This past you're just because of the either way the year was. With no practice time. The condensed schedules so you have to be careful when you're when you're assessing and then. Rendering judgment on players and and and other parts of your your hockey teams so. The other this year I think Tyler came over and pass from from Switzerland and I think he has some habits there and on the bigger icing had a hard time. I'm pulling them back so you're gonna see a different -- next jury you're also -- this is different one because he's sentiment so. You know that's all I can say -- that. You -- to -- I mean whether it was difficult or not or on Ferrer not to pass judgment you have to pass judgment could you had to make a decision for your football team going forward here. We're talking to Peter surely hear -- on WEEI after making that deal in some of the other transactions you've had so far in the offseason are you a better team now. I think the area that. Well you know what we lose we lose a little on the on the character in speed. If from the outset that we gained -- back quickly give our. -- we got my match going -- again I think we're better team -- So like if if it's a wash as far as in addition and subtraction and carotene just gets better compared -- getting older and stronger and and -- better. -- let's talk about some of the long term deals that you came up with here. I don't think anybody is complaining about Tuukka Rask being under contract or Patrice Bergeron the only criticism I've heard or questions ever. Is about the length of time eight years from both of those guys like eight years. Well it's the maximum it's. So you know there's there's certain dynamic to take place when you're when you're. Signing players and not leave. Whether it's one near part of our drew literally -- there -- -- an ancient trees here and it's. I'm so there's sometimes you -- you don't get. And generally speaking you'll get the exact terms of term included do you want to buy it. What's would cease to do guys -- mean these 2 guys and I am character guys and and so the the years I mean there's there's ups and downs and a long term deal from from both perspectives -- the eight years -- special counsel what these guys are still young. I am I know very he has some has had some health issues split. He's even durable as they come party keeps coming right now coming back and he's. Loved the game I love this sport so. -- -- you know when you give it to deal of this planking water in my old people you wanna make sure that terrified character in which we checked our sports programs. When you're talking about Tyler Sagan turning into a enemy take another couple years he's had five years in before you really know kind of play areas. Was there something that made you think you couldn't wait I mean is there is there a window that you have is it. Trying to win Walt -- -- still in his prime of his career do you view do you view it that way were you trying to strike is often as possible now while -- -- back. A good point a little bit of that lake. The you know -- not to Wear a window because hopefully hopefully this this window will be. You know ad infinitum -- keep going over -- we keep replenishing the players. But. You know he's he's syndicated natural center and he's a guy that we got out of -- trade. And who have brought in some good returns in Thailand on the injured -- guy but he was an elite player that. Was pushed down our lineup because of where we worst team and if you were gonna work on his first. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For your question on you know it is it. It -- he -- characterized as a window extra time to win the true story that characterizes and so that was part of it yeah I was part of it and the that this that are Winger saying then we we pride ourselves and having senator's record player. Up and down the line up -- a -- so -- -- so. But you know we felt we needed more natural -- you. My and I think of that what I think of your team I think of all I think of all the depth at center hey if you confuse -- -- OK for me accidentally -- your football teams that hockey team I don't completed it will get to that maybe another day but. You do trade away some of your senator depth right -- to weigh heavily who had a disseminate trade away Sagan I guess in theory. Added to some of that is that a concern for you that you're not as deep now -- Well. You know at some point at some point in this process when we are trying to build the team from here a year you'd describe -- in -- system. Special to Caplan Darren Garnett. Make you make some of these choices in the second open in certain areas so. We do we -- we have pride ourselves on the -- adapts. And deals Yost in our coach coral you know put out to two senators and are critical times. For -- purposes so. Nobody you have to you know you have to. Make these decisions in here and decision to assign people to certain numbers and to and to let other people go and then don't you just sort of -- part of the job and and you would hope that the other the senators down the line and it didn't get to test -- senators and -- and the organizational eventually come up to help. And Peter what are how much grappling with a win always -- you before this deal one hand you're you're giving getting and a fairly young player 27 an Erickson who's been productive. It can score on the other hand you look at Tyler Sagan. And he's not the same kind of players Ericsson. What that number just keeps jumping out 2121. Could he developed into a star at how -- look at Pete to be becomes a star and three or four years that was -- a. Well I thought the little. Well I had I had speak you can't worry OK I have a good deal with Tyler will be coming right and I don't worry about you don't know what you're getting. And how little doubt that we'll help you win now so. There there's -- there's a real good chance that kind of becomes a star. You know and then it when we treated -- likely I I said publicly discuss at least a certifiable score political scores we knew. What we were trading so it's it's about it's about which -- getting back and how you can make it shouldn't I can -- limit. When you signed into that contract did you think at that time. Look at this is going to be a core member of our team he's going to be here for the length of the contract or was it just. It makes all the sense in the world to sign up to this contract right now. Before a -- Well I had nothing to do to for the locker. It was more broad. What is peers society for and which doesn't isn't why you sign somebody but it could do if certain points of view these factors into the equation. And -- to vote. Making sure that he's locked in him and as part of a group they will issue and obviously the numbers suggest at least part of the course so yes. You would think that. That they moved -- things changed you and then. The reasons certain reasons arise should -- -- -- time -- you would want to. If you -- -- particular Ameritrade and part of that is stepped reformer to other people and what they're gonna have to be Kadant. For the success that we've had over over 56 years into the you know eventually. And these prices go up and you have to deal with -- -- -- doing what now and then back and we feel that we wish that we would -- we've improved the team with the most and and now standard he he might become a star and the loudest sound skilling might become a star and to match actually you'll be very good player. Frustrating at all knowing that as your team is you get a good team. Built with a lot of young players because you work -- a salary caps sport not a baseball GM. Because you're working in a salary -- sport eventually those guys are gonna need to get paid it. And you can't afford to pay all of them how how tough is that to know that you can't keep the gang together forever. Well you know it was it was tough it is tough when you win at the -- -- totally won the cup and you know you have his grandiose. Maybe not real realistic at times idiots trying to keep these guys together because. You were there you solitude in the trenches and then then then and can anyone. So you -- you I have to separate my emotions from that and an -- see what they did -- this past year and we didn't win but we came close to winning and you see the sacrifices that guys make -- possible birdie and and I am. It you know like I've spent some time in the old system. -- salary cap system and it's a completely different way of thinking. Building the team and drive obviously being in this system for awhile so you get used to. The decisions and I kind of the framework of the decision and it is difficult that it is slick the maternal or to talk about the parity in the turnover rate it a lot higher. More -- of higher turnover rate in this system and you just you just get used to it and it's it's tough because you have to make some difficult decisions. I hope you get all time off now -- vacation get away from idiots like us in the media get away from get away from all of this and go spend some time by herself a little bit get ready for next year thanks so much -- as we appreciate it. Are you are they others Peter sure LE GM in the Boston Bruins and why I called the football team and governor Arnold you're trying to -- on television company. And you think about football I guess it's been on my mind today apple but perhaps there's a lot in there from him and he he really will will. Will let you guys -- Heidi exactly what he's thinking and in some of the risks that he was taking first of all want your reaction to what you heard there from future only jump on the phone right now 6177797937. -- a whole bunch of times you're devoted to it. What are you -- saying about Tyler -- what -- here are saying about Nathan Horton what are your saying about a window that did he says you don't wanna use the word window. But he kind of describes a window in which you're trying to win right now and you can't wait for a young potentially great star like Tyler Sagan to turn into what is going to be. How do you how how can you not wait in a system that has the salary cap. It forces you. To -- young inexpensive talent to commit to replace some of the more expensive talent. That is on its way out so please jump in or six point 7779793. Sevenths alcoholic Emilia.

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