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With all the changes to our sports teams this summer, who are you going to miss most Boston?

Jul 17, 2013|

We discuss the many changes in Boston sports in the last two months, and how it will affect our local teams in the coming season. We also want to know who you personally will miss most.

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The big picture today Michael to data stepped back. -- think about where we are. No game last night Mariano Rivera wanted to talk about the two of us now. But. I think. Michael are we as a as a couple are. Going we -- -- this marriage is going to keep doing the most most most -- had that conversation. I'm guessing your -- where have you been dating for a couple of years now. That's the conversation does it always start the same way to where we go where is this thing -- where is this thing go and where we don't want us or. Now on the market date forum. Makes and this is what you want we definitely gives you got marital bit later in life friend you are already in -- -- late -- little bit later in life well later in life and then he when did you marry older real -- when he knew -- twenties during your ups and it was not in my late parents were not -- -- life well wasn't late thirty follows. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know consider though Lleyton like I don't. Know in that Jerry Seinfeld thing people like well he's been a bachelor very long time we dresses very well under the start national questions that didn't happen. -- -- I don't know mayor who met a lot of people that way -- Now it's where you and I are going it's it's looking taking a little step back and look at it where we are sports wise here in Boston right now because as you. Reflect everybody who I talked to recently on how you move back to Boston couple months of pretty intense couple of months in Boston sports on -- like. When you really start thinking about it it really fast and it really these last couple of weeks and last maybe month or two. Has been incredibly intense not just because of him all the big events that have occurred. But just because of the turnover. Look at all the people that have departed the Boston sports scene just the last what three weeks it really is pretty amazing. I -- from the promised Celtics perspective pierce Garnett and Doc Rivers gone -- -- we're all or you think about it this way there longest tenured player -- The coach in the organization had the second longest tenured red -- And the guy who may be one of the most passionate players you've seen in the modern day and it Pierce's case as you said that longest tenured the only guy with a connection back to -- our right and you're going back that far so. Complete turnover with the Celtics those three guys pushed the electorate they're more recognizable as articulately argued through the most recognized with the Bruins in Alaska. -- weeks I was Sagan -- later and yes Peter surely be on the show today at 4 o'clock lot of questions for the Bruins general manager. Nathan Horton -- later guys have been a huge part of two cop runs especially important in some ways almost more than -- the Sagan is the recognizable name in the second overall pick and even if you want to re arm or younger his name in there wasn't here very long but. Very entertaining at least while he was here all three of those guys depart. And I guess we'll put the name on the list only from a football perspective. Aaron Hernandez a -- he departs for completely different reason. And I'm not sure gonna look at him quite as fondly obviously as these other guys because the reason he -- is not age more or. Football slash basketball sledge hockey related reasons. I wasn't free agency now wasn't it trading didn't demand a new contract was. Something pretty pretty nasty in ghastly. He's he's he's an alleged murder but I think it is tough in his case. It really is tough to. And as more information comes out it's tough to separate. The football player from from the man who's emerging from these portraits. Because of the football player when it first happened. And you weren't sure if there was -- connection he's protecting somebody he didn't do it but he knows who did it he's trying to make sure his -- to get in trouble. You can still -- at that moment man what an incredible football player when a guy a guy who does amazing things with the Pope on his hand but you know. What you know what you think you know about Aaron Hernandez. You can't just look at it and say yeah -- really -- -- as a football player but he did a terrible thing it's hard to do it right maybe somebody can but. Off the socket for the sake of our conversation here today I want to we asked the question here in a moment. See if you can and just look at Aaron Hernandez the football player of the guy out on the field not the person accused of all the -- we should add an interference my fault. For leaving him out of that conversation another guy with a long tenure here in Boston incredibly well -- and it meant a lot. In some ways almost more off the ice than on -- good player on the ice. But was one of the spiritual leaders I felt like of the Bruins guy who was into the jacket -- ranger jacket or or the chain link or whatever it is they were doing each year. Parents always seem to play big role in that and so throw his name in the list as well. As we ask the question in this is it with a lot of time here today for you guys to just hit the phones some would like. Would like to get you guys seriously involved in this and OK 617779793. Cents. Of that group of guys. Pierce KG doc -- parents -- younger. And Aaron Hernandez we gonna miss the most. -- you're gonna miss watching the most. We can ask a side question later who's who's going to be missed the most by their team whose whose loss is going to be felt the most on the line. But just that simple fan question. We gonna miss watching the most of that group of people. We gonna -- You have an answer that and I got am and I I find myself incredibly torrent so it's a difficult question. Chancellor made for me is going to be the guy and I saw the longest guy we all knew the longest. It's all yours. I remember slipping in the draft. Our member and remember him having columnist race. Oh when he went up here with with his Celtics had not because well why -- -- believe I got drafted by the Celtics but. I thought it was going to be a top five pick. Tell me tractor trailer was drafted before it was -- Larry Hughes was drafted before it was while. Ripple of friends Jason Williams. OK maybe -- can live with Antawn Jamison and Vince Carter I'm impressed that you know all the names of everybody in the draft ahead of all these guys but there would have to bring you what they're doing the same shot shots with peers -- autonomy misty hit a shot he would talk about what are they covered it David Paris car. It's a date came at first gain. -- first game in the -- -- numbers first game as a program are all moments. Remember the stabbing all of this stuff. In demanding to war thinking about. -- asking asking out of town. Winning the championship. All of the appears moments but he didn't miss in the most on the on the court well. Really both on the court and off on the court and off the clinic -- that the public acquitted last year and he was it was a cruel ending for purple years. Thank you go to here in injured you mean on your time -- April. He's turned the ball over in the -- and this and he's he's being asked to run the point he's not a point guard. He's at times last three who handles the ball pretty well for 23 but it is the primary ball handler gonna have a ton of mistakes and a ton of colonel. Over the last couple years doesn't evolving into more of 300 to three also. I think I mean it just as get a little bit older a little bit slower no knock on him and kind of evolving. He uses his body so well that's always we always do it nor right but the only solace he gets older Wright of India comes is better tool. -- I agree with -- Michael Owen and in terms of pierce. He's not going to be my answer but I we talked about this briefly before he's unique. I can't think of another we've talked -- maybe you've come up with -- -- since I cannot come up putting another NBA player in my lifetime that I watched. They got to the basket the same way your state. Physically I mean it and eating -- with -- didn't beat you with quickness he wasn't a high flier who you know like Jordan rising through the air footwork and angle if he wouldn't burn you like Iverson with a quick shake the same way. He just -- -- was almost sheer force of will he just kind of kept going -- Until all the sudden he was at the rim. As great footwork. -- fantastic fundamentals. Any -- uses Leahy in almost used it got to the basket. In football terms football players and coaches -- talk about leverage. I -- -- in -- -- -- guy was new. If he had somebody out of position and although wasn't a quick first happen if you made a mistake. He would take that first step and get two out of position and get the basket either score. -- filed if you look at some of the numbers Paul Pierce's numbers early in his career. I think years. 3273. Through eight. Look at the free throw attempts. A staggering amount of the free throw attempts for a guy. Who really struggled really was upset that he wasn't described. As one of the star players because I'm like start by the way text message says Karl Malone yep he's a power forward I mean he he what he would get to them. To the -- similarly in terms of just being a big strong guy that would -- when there is a power forward mile to get the ball on the wing couple shakes and and that's what makes -- so interesting to me is more of a 23 guy. To get to the basket the way he did a dirty you out a dirty fundamental rugged game I'll give you my answer in a minute I -- I need a point of clarification from you. As Wes Welker count in this conversation. Sure he didn't -- in the last couple weeks but he is gone and was supposed -- -- a a name that was a big part of what's been done here -- -- our special with Aaron Hernandez are used to -- you go back to -- -- willing to add in Wes -- -- and -- throw Wes -- name in this conversation. I did we were we remiss in in saying which -- nuts thing which apparently. Does rich Beverley is -- need to be -- only be remiss in not mentioning and your parents that now -- definitely it's an opener. Rich Beverley and I'll be surprised if we a lot of -- it does but you never now who don't you never know I don't know whether it's gonna be the backup goalie but I. Again anything is open to -- 617779. 7937. All the athletes that have departed Boston in the last couple weeks -- mobile throw Wes Welker in the -- even -- it's a little bit farther back. Going you going to miss watching the most was the most fun to watch for you personally a -- the -- to give you my answer SXX 17779. 7937. Start when Mike is in the car I'm. Yeah I don't good about it. It that a court I'm really shocked when I saw a lot of our. What is it about a if that area -- -- that's the Bruins. What's interesting I mean you know important is one of those guys that debt was never he didn't have great regular seasons mean he's got. -- had that Michael Ryder frustrating nature to him right where you say. I wish I could I know you're capable of because I'd seen it in the playoffs I know you're capable put the puck in the back in the net. Why can't you do that why why have these twenty game stretches where where you work where you just completely disappear on the other hand. He's the guy that it is the perfect complement. To what that line was trying to deal -- banging on one side here in the big body on the other the ability to get front of the net and then to step his game up once he made it to the playoffs. I understand why you'd go it sounds like pressure answer to it it's not it's not my answer not I'm not there I eat it. I think that he may be the guy whose team misses them the most when all's said and done but he's not the -- I'm gonna miss watching the most. I think dying and is watching the most KG. I just and I was talking -- about it and on the way in and I completely agree with his answer. There's nobody else like him. TJ it's fascinating to me he's such a giant he's so long -- and just his arms are all over the place nobody else really looks like him. Because he's a freak of nature physically I -- it in a really good way who knows that all that quick. That long arms that athletic. And who else jumps up and there's no you're not going to put the ball on the basket even after the whistles been blown dead pool in the NBA especially of all of all the links -- Who says. I'm gonna come and play hard every second of every game every night and even once the whistle is blown to stop play I'm still going -- you can scurry. To scurry you don't get to do that on me. I just I think his passion for the game is unlike anyone else is like and think in in almost any other sport. But motor -- kind of intensity combined with that kind of physical freakish -- It's KG yes it's a motor Syria and and I like what you say it that way because not. Necessarily I think he obviously enjoys playing basketball -- but it's not. He. Angel is -- too wasteful and there was no for -- it's almost like -- rage Z. Aren't going to barely controlled -- aren't going -- This is the way they do it. I'm gonna defend my guys would be passionate and everybody out there everybody. Except for the officials at times. We'll be enemies because before the game. To the officials before I. Noticed the key to the guy actually get acknowledged OK -- our next. -- before we start point -- -- and are very well. But everybody else. If you are on his side he's the best -- ever had and the Ray Allen Ray Allen leaves and and rail -- one day. But come to me during the game. During my back -- not all that about what did you think he's not a -- -- almost 13 who wanted to model sportsmanship on the street you're on the other team I -- I -- you right now I think KG is a good source is just the fact that the longevity would be yours is with him about what level is one of the -- you watched him vault -- watch them grow up to all of this moment Saddam. Ups and downs in between auto poll do you you remember the commercial couple years ago we'll be right back to call 61777979837. Which departed Boston athlete. Are you gonna miss the most. -- the commercial they did it for like some sort of dog food or dog treat or something where you can hear the inner thoughts of dogs and the dog just literally walking around on bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon sauce is a -- remember that commercial -- They can strips of bacon strips right. How much would you love to hear the inner monologue of Kevin Garnett during about what what his thinking to himself. What people like what that -- -- -- sounds like. For its feet. But -- that. -- Or that's what KG is thinking it might be but would you love to hear -- is -- -- monologue over the course of the basketball game and all the hatred he has to everybody in the blame game -- -- game because I like to make me a worst person. At least two furlong -- I don't know that I would like anybody probably not not even myself after six -- 777979837. Alex in the car hi Alec. That. I'm not Michael correcting that off -- going to be. An outcry because they're. All well. And I watched the Celtics. And wrote a member Michael tackle climate and -- called the station. Owned six or seven summer league and it breaks at all we all. -- -- -- -- -- I -- And yet. And it's almost like -- net net income or especially until -- come back I don't like they'll watch. In a regular season basketball. Pocket and I -- main attraction even when they were back. You can at this CO legitimate super on the war and you get to see them pushing for all my career -- -- record the team in record at the NBA. It was a little bit of a what story to follow even when they weren't back it was Paul -- and I feel like -- just happen at any more but once we come back on the court. It's gonna be good iron that I missed the model that's the early and then other teams like that they're still gonna -- on the you'll story line. That's well said Alec you think about it what the Celtics because of the round -- injury. They really are in. Any any new positions in a first position because when pierce came actually. You all your edits on mob hit them. Antoine was the guy that you -- won the roster -- -- so Paul Pierce was joining hands while walker got you already knew. With the new guy and they had kind of the older brother little brother kind of dynamic it felt like almost right away they -- they did and eventually I think at first. Yours is UV -- -- was saying this is my team. That he realized very quickly. Well Paul Pierce is pretty good will say that we're equals but I think I know that he's better than nine. I do know that you think here is that it figured it out he figured it out and he's gonna be such a weird moment for a firm basketball player especially -- when you were because it is not sport more than any other is built on one guy being the man on on each team. It's got to be a weird moment when you realize that you're not back guy and that somebody else's. But even -- you think about this even through the bad Celtics teams in the bad teams. Row in -- mean all those. Just. The arrow where you just that I hate -- team and all of franchise swap. 29 and 53 it was still guy. There from the past who would welcome in the new guy so there somebody you knew you. And then there was a press for its -- center Maxwell was here a couple of years before Larry Bird count when he was here. So you brought in bird OK does that continuation. There is no continuation now I agree with that this person got around it was her right and and Rondo doesn't seem to have that same connection with beautiful but even if -- even if you say what Rondo I do for that way about Rondo you. You're not gonna see him in October and November but isn't that. Sort of what you're going to be watching for this season to see how about how that develops how somebody is going to come in and be that guy how the role player and that's what you're going to be watching for this year to figure out. Who is going to take that mantle and eventually have a beat their team. Is excellent 777979837. I instant text messages here as well 3770. TT -- line guys KG inner monologue would be nonstop Samuel Jackson pulp fiction. I would imagine there be some similarities I think -- more about -- and a monologue KG. That he that are opened my today I think so what is it got to keep it clean enough for and I know you don't right now immediately open and probably a lot of pork are and he's got auto market if you can. Give us what you think Kevin Garnett inner monologue sounds like over the course of the basketball game or. At some life if you need some inspiration is gonna YouTube and Google Kevin Garnett get that out and no no no don't do. Is work how to do it hasn't done we can come -- -- mills. I like the idea of not. If people want. To call up that it got and Kevin Garnett not only not only his inner monologue during a basketball game but -- some other time in his life Kevin Garnett eating dinner Kevin Garnett stuck in traffic. Kevin Garnett trying to get out to the north to to the beach during the afternoon. Kevin Garnett on late night bus ride with the rest of the team Kevin Garnett inner monologue. I've got to do ten seconds -- -- to go over to the W the -- bottom right corner. Click the open Mike right there in the -- and right into the pond together over the course the ship ornament right TNT official wireless provider. Of the Boston anonymous. -- out of her. Battle with blow. Interactive the excellence 779797. We gonna miss practical here just a sex -- W media. -- Okay. Yeah. You love. So we get a message. That's the list pierce Garnett. Doc Rivers interference Nathan or in the army -- yarder. I -- Sagan Aaron Hernandez Wes Welker all departing the Boston sports scene in the last little while Welker yet to go back to school bit farther but. What are you find yourself missing most missing the most already come off as a fan perspective. -- from a fan perspective Hernandez is an interest in one by the way. Because as as as awful he's had such a different category. From any of these other guys but as we said we're not talking about the apartment today certainly we've done more than enough and I'm sure we'll do a whole lot more as the trial moves forward more more information comes out. But on the field he's unique. -- he's this amazing pass receiving tight end who complements. Rob Gronkowski who you can line up at running back -- you were thinking about maybe even splitting out little bit more this year. He just. -- that one. How eager to -- but he was fun to watch. But yet it's it's tough it's tough to say it is tough to say that name -- it was tough to say that they're gonna miss it Honeywell. Do they will miss them and they're gonna have to adapt to figure out how to replace them. But you got a guy you felt like. Aaron Hernandez if you can stay healthy needed. You can stay healthy be great now makes you wonder not trying to be. I'm not trying to be flip here maybe this comes naturally. If I gotta wonder about some of the injuries now. No wonder some of his injuries are suffered injuries. At the patriots ever tell you. How how guys get injured. I don't I don't know -- -- had a hard time you -- hard time staying on the field -- that was all football related or -- the other stuff that was happening in his personal life you have no idea who. It's an interesting question and I certainly haven't -- -- 6177797937. Jeremiah is in Maine I Jeremiah. A stock I don't about it. And Ali is brought really deployment early considered that the outfield injuries -- up and by the brought to the field. I mean are you surprised myself across different kind of a you know maybe dark for the Tampa got a lot of those personnel are you gonna pull the outdoors to stands a walk off like he's done after -- -- the rest of the show myself -- an interview surely by myself 4 o'clock. -- -- -- -- -- -- I have a football fans first and foremost. I. I personally think I think -- that the collected no limit and based probably -- it emits any. Doc or Paul Pierce I would equate Paul Pierce leading. -- the patriot fans felt like what's so leaving that for me personally I'm gonna let it Welker the most. Pocket in my -- art and I think that it. I think got a whole Welker thing kinda on the fringe because descending Hernandez. So for me personally I'm admits watching Welker the most. Yeah I think you're right and and we'll never know they answered this but if the patriots had known about. Aaron Hernandez they new he had some things going on in his personal life is Wes Welker still here. If they have all the information it would not all the information they have enough doubts about Aaron Hernandez off the field they say. He's a terrific player but there's no way we're gonna extend them what will stick with -- Wes Welker. And see what happens with Aaron Hernandez to continue to play out. On his rookie contract and if we need to trade or more he walks fine but we we got to stay with her and and I would just it would -- because he's more. Solid off the field and and real surprised that this phone lines are completely full of people saying Wes Welker. Like there there is a part of me that once we put his name out there said it every save we mention if we bring up Wes Welker put him on this list. Everybody is gonna say -- welcoming granted some of the passions that we've heard -- even before anything happened with Hernandez -- Iraq. I just about the loss of Welker one it was gonna mean to the patriots had Danny Amendola couldn't possibly replace them how it's such a big mistake. Because he's such a good player in some people's in the past wide receiver in the game and all that. I was kind of expecting the phone lines at that point to just say welcome welcome welcome Welker. Hasn't really happened and is looking at the list of people who were on hold here there but we haven't seen that I'm not surprised really thought I thought it would be. That would be more here's -- thought -- just because of of longevity. But a lot of people on on the text 901 am terrified that I won't miss any of them to. But it but if you're forced it is if if if he's forced to come up one of the third Pearson. Peterson case there's no way that struck by the aren't blaming you -- hear -- -- many of these any any of the guys who have let your not gonna miss any of them. No well really it. No Welker no king tomorrow I don't hear Ken and Jacques stop I don't know -- stop with that stop it that's just -- you're gonna miss some of those guys 617 ultimate -- -- -- This unofficial poll and from Miguel round once said as well -- ago. They had to organize them. Hey I have to disagree with that last caller I mean I understand what walker but the whole Doc -- thing. -- prior to Doc Rivers getting the victory but I didn't really do it you can make an argument for years to -- always -- you know monumental career with the Celtics. But for me it's it's pretty much KG I mean I can't imagine a guy. In New England the fact the Tom Brady that impacts. The game the way KG did both on the defensive side -- -- the side. Whether split. Throwing elbow starting problem I mean like he just go back to like the country blocked situation. Few years ago had to get to 2010. He made the guy cry. And the Celtics came back and ended up beating the wizard. You know the situation with big baby. You can pretty much coaching -- I think I just impact the game and every single way and I. I can't think of another player that directed that a welcome Tom Brady. In New England so I have to say it's KG. Yeah I think that's well said I think Bill Russell saw some of himself and KG if you remember before we won the championship in 2008. There's an interview just to just understand how seriously and people think too seriously. KG takes winning. They were struggling in Minnesota probably know 3738. Win team. In John Thompson big John when not to interview Minnesota. And you find this on on YouTube somewhere. And he starts talking about -- -- tournament that he didn't like he's doing his job because the team is now winning start to cry. But he tells the camera he points Cameron and wagged his finger like okay tourniquet it didn't affect her because I'm not gonna have you. Right another had ECB -- -- but he's emotional and I think that that's an artist -- -- -- me -- on camera but the camera didn't didn't turn -- nor -- it and and is that part of what you like about KG because he's you know why he's crying it's built out of this unbelievable intensity -- -- to win it. And be that kind of a person all the time -- in Kenya after -- Hey how's it going John. I just want they Hernandez circle or even from -- -- what you might not think about you know it's cracked up to general Clark and without an end it there I mean who knows kind of attention are you received and Wes Welker wasn't -- this or ego because you know and -- secure the same girl I mean -- scraping by. Literally get it anywhere I mean I don't enjoy what are you -- this classic but it more in our -- and you know we did boost and not read and Ferdinand that is. I mean and her counsel all -- out there and at all -- luck that I mean it's of pitchers are receiving game what banquet or -- stocks went up and you're sport so. -- my input and sort of thing at all I don't think you can look back at school. They cannot now. -- thank you John I appreciate John's always NFL because he's not in Miami Dolphins -- only dolphins fans think your head looks like it has the got -- -- the dolphins -- -- sit on the bottom of the things I never thought of that equipment -- that. Last night I was looking. Little wrinkle here among our and it can -- original happily gone Cody is on the -- -- Eight appreciate that Eric call it a lot. -- agree collapsed caller -- It's. Opened don't know what say that is but for all the forest started just been by no means -- -- supporting -- Aaron Hernandez was strictly. From football player standpoint. Mean what he could do on a field I think you missed it so flexible and we saw that running back at some -- -- -- in the slot obviously -- and it also put them out wide out. I think you're going to be extremely -- we have had been able to talk about. Also too much about what he brings the -- look pitchers mention him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you watched you watch Aaron Hernandez with the ball in his hands makes people miss. Pretty good speed for -- and just days a dimension. That we haven't seen from a -- in here a long time maybe. That they've been been coached -- I think I think rock is more similar to Ben Coates and dragging people them -- yeah those and all that in her and there aren't that many. There aren't that many players who were who were who were like Hernandez right that kind of a speed it tight end who can also lineup in your backfield handled the ball right. And those guys don't really exist they never have -- it's it's. Almost a completely new take on the position well I think what's included in Mac -- Ben Watson if you out of Africa -- he'd been better if he'd -- what he was supposed to be half lettuce is and he had his speed factor. I think they wanted and wants to be that guy -- -- going back to news when someone asked me at Gillette Stadium maybe in weeks and Enrique. Hernandez his rookie year who who you reminded me of my mind was then go back when it's really it's a waste. It's a waste of talent because and -- retirement hall of fame gone and so was amazing. I don't know there was conflict at all -- but he had the ability to do some things a lot of people planet this -- grandmother is American -- -- -- -- and a lot of the same characteristics on the field in terms of what they can give -- -- text. Pierce Garnett. Doc Rivers nobody saw parsed Doc Rivers don't wanna -- Tyler shaken. In terms of a person you're gonna miss watching the most in May be just because of the frustration factor but arguably the most talented guy in this list south of Garnett and Garnett -- efforts to. Maybe the answer and for years -- if people -- -- is I can't believe I didn't answer Tyler -- let him get away aged 21. When he was just coming into his prime and number two overall pick. How could you possibly have made that deal. Not much people are saying that the same -- today and a little bit more polarizing. But nobody -- Nobody is saying of the gang and in -- watching the most is Tyler Sagan even though other than Garnett he probably has the most -- of anybody on this team. Right that's there's a reason using number two overall tech where is Wes Welker you know sort of was and afterthought when he first came over from. From from Miami. I -- say about -- and I'm not sure. I know it was -- the second overall pick and only had 329. Between nine goals those career are. And I'm not sure group people who say there's no doubt that he has the ability has the tools not our. Maybe not I think they I think they gave up on -- and we'll ask Peter surely there's a 4 o'clock when he's on witness. I think they traded him. In part because. They didn't think he was. What they thought they were getting -- it was almost like it that he was advertised as one thing. And they got -- though I think I. Knowing what you're saying is that a lot of the people who save -- base EU. That incredible ability from sake and flash are just saying it because they wanted to be there and expected to be there because they've been told that there. Haven't holed that that because he was the number two overall pick in the rural draft that he's got this incredible abilities any time I see any thing I just see it. And believe that it is that it is incredible of you were flipped Sagan and -- If you were just you know put one guy in the nineteen Jersey in the other guy in the 49 and put them out there again and and in the moment -- flash or because he's just as fast as Sagan is at times. Obama look see there it is that's what I've been waiting to see -- ready roof that TO went over the net when it but that's I was expecting CC he's got the talent it's in the. I think he has -- talent but some of the guys on this list. They're here and we were talking about them because they had talent match with one -- Whatever you whatever you wanna say about Wes Welker. Use an undrafted guys who who was cut in the league was dismissed by the Miami Dolphins to meet straightaway and no he was as valuable as he was. And because that is what you. Here's a guy at that size was able to catch the ball as often as he did and be as reliable as he was that that's that's -- work ethic in I think. The same thing with Garnett talent with -- work and work ethic -- talent with the work ethic I think with Nathan -- I'm not sure pull it what's filers break in has. That what's funny is parents is the opposite side of that -- probably doesn't have as much talent as most of the other guys we've named on this list but has always -- that want to was always had that work ethic. You don't nobody was watching and at the time because the Bruins -- nearly as popular but yet -- Gregory Campbell kind of a moment and it was like five or six years ago broke his leg on the ice managed to stay out there for the rest of the shift. In fact actually cleared the puck himself. Before leaving the game and having to have surgery on broken leg. May interference is is a very similar kind of a greedy determined. You don't -- working greed in the room type of player. But probably not as it's not as just not a skillful some of these guys and they end up being more frustrated six point 777979837. Who you gonna miss the most. More your calls there plus. Why are excited about something that is never ever worked and yet there are people out there there really are excited about one -- against salt and -- Camellia. Who was imitating there -- can be one of them. Operator. In the air giveaway. -- it acts as kids. The first of the U 911 operators we found were incredibly obnoxious to the people who were calling in so what's the address. -- gave that a doctor given your response our Barbara Cook. Well -- -- you really do have a bizarre note we memory -- -- that things that you -- able to retain and that -- -- that if you're really -- unbelievable some of the things that every -- in the -- from a while back and that Brinkley had a serious unbelievable -- very very impressed coming up -- fifteen minutes we'll get back into the NFL spent a lot of time talking football yesterday. Great article in the USA today today asking thirteen questions with -- -- three -- respective. And created a a great ten questions which will run through come up in fifteen minutes -- some good FL stuff some of the patriots related. Some of the big picture we've been asking you who you're going to miss the most as they all depart Boston just in the last couple weeks pierce Garnett Sagan doc. -- important jogger Hernandez Welker even politics more your calls on that I wanna add another question to witches. Why -- we think that Brad Stevens is gonna work. Mean they're just going through it. They -- seem to be a lot of people that believe it's going to -- well people have raved. Have raved about this hire right into thick with them. I'm number eighty -- very bold and you know a fresh. Energetic. Innovative to iceberg for any change. But if you look at that you wanted to work in the -- never worked your Celtics -- you this is gonna work wanted to work at what you have nothing. It's never happened there and in his network a college coach who has come to the NBA and made it work immediately. You -- -- -- I tried so I asked our line. So I can I do an impersonation know again crazy so you ask your -- Bob Bryan at Fenway right at night that game and we were over there was a Friday -- -- Wednesday -- before the forthright when they ended -- pulled the trigger NN and bringing in Stephens. And we ask this question is that it worked before so I asked Bob Bryan and some upstairs in the press box and -- said what about by the way is always fun anytime you spot Bob Bryan somewhere to sort of life and he's always he's always on EU always -- that yes. People's is that and it's not an act you could be following play unit in Europe somewhere -- a question about sports and he will immediately. Be fired up and answer with an audible passion. -- With -- -- thank you just estimates that never happened before and I don't think Sony start thinking in and throughout the one name that everybody wants to to to go to which is Larry Brown. But -- rumor he shot down Larry -- so quickly. -- Larry Brown he was on NBA -- went after -- college for a few minutes that he can back in the back called academia but he was an NBJ got so he was -- was -- That I can't I can't really do Bob Ryan but that was sort of the energy level that he gave to me that he he wanted no part of Larry brown and not having been in a job. In beta two person -- it. And may have I may have wagged a finger at you it the other way and -- tell you this mr. assault at a Biden know me as Larry Brown. A college guy India diapers he was he was -- -- if you look at the list yeah. There are some high profile names and Danny mentioned a couple of them at the press conference that -- any I don't know Pete was I don't know why. I he was being nice directing what the press conference when he said all other factors were at work. Well well wired -- you know wasn't successful in the NBA yet there are other factors called Rick pitino's ego I think he has a Twitter account Rick pitino's ego. -- didn't know the rules he took the presidency from -- are back. Other factors he got in his own way. It would anybody else's fault but Rick -- was an analyst John Calipari is an analyst Mike Montgomery's on that list. Tim Floyd Lon Kruger there -- a lot of guys who have come from college. And it just -- And it makes sense to me if you just look at it for a moment you second -- why have they fail because the games are completely different. More than in more than in pro football the -- college and pro versions of basketball. Coaching wise -- -- different summons some of these coaches some of these NBA teams which they can do one and done right like college go to their. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They run everything about their program they can be ego maniacs like the -- parties or the pitino's of the world because that's what they do. -- charged you don't want flight simulator to get somebody else I don't know if you're guaranteed contract I was our chair and a couple years you're gonna be out of here anyway so just bring an all new class. NBA coaches need to find a way to get you to buy yen because they can't force you to buy in once you're there. -- they just they they come with such a completely different set of skills. -- I don't know how can work your fourth. Five or six best guys make more money you -- right they're gonna be here whether. -- that have a look at it this -- I don't think they'll get paid. Whether they're buying in or not. So what you're trying to do is is is consensus building you try to get the best player and he's already done that Bret -- very Smart on his part. Going global. And showing up at average -- run those -- so you try to get the best player on your side and you hope. That not what got the best player the best player can help with pressure spread the gossip it's so. Easy to go to that best players think you're doing the right thing and I'm not saying Rondo is done this but there's plenty of them the players that do that look you know. Whatever man we're gonna come to my camp to try to work for me to buy into your system that your here that you do your college coach. I'm asking you might get out of here -- talk to me next year so he's got the backing of a he's got the backing ownership he's got the backing of the general manager opened but got a six year contract. But still keep looking at it -- is that different than anybody else have a yes. All the people at the -- and ownership and management will be wet long contract offer some ugly -- O'Reilly doesn't wanna be to buy and doesn't wanna be apart of it yet in college he stuck there. Didn't wanna buy a new party sign your letter if you wanna go somewhere else you need to sit out an entire year. If you wanna transfer to go play somewhere else in the NBA act like a jerk Beltre -- -- of morals tomorrow. I did it it like it's easier when they go your way or they don't write what they don't treat you and you -- art and I'm going to be here a -- that way but I didn't pay right. And if I wanna be a ball -- Augustus do then I'll go get my contract somewhere else somebody's gonna fall -- my talent and I got Payton college too but I got to -- I have to keep -- secret 61777979837. We found somebody who says you missed -- -- the most Larry in the vineyard Tyler. Larry hello. -- Larry owner wants you wanna buy some we don't forty buying what kind of story that. Well now you're getting in a wheelchair and -- -- -- -- pay what's the comment that we can hear you better now what's in your mind. Did you know if you compare the pilot Craig and then you're out there they -- -- and I would be -- and couldn't -- income and on that point Carter. Well no I like and I'm no not at all they would not like that at all not a big connect to feel like Reagan played under her belt I don't think you know it is real they have not -- -- -- -- I -- but I don't think -- -- -- -- That that may or may not be true that he's gonna need to play centered on the road I think you're wrong but it is nothing like asking KG to play point guard are asking Wes Welker -- place play yet linebacker. I need to make the move from center to wing it basically and I ever played the game listening to other people talk about it which is less responsibility. They're -- to do a lot of the same stuff just with less responsibility. OK let's responsibility there now playing center with the Bruins and with the Blackhawks who sought to similar guys who plays a first line guys it was in Toews and Bergeron. OK there are some things that you have to do. With the Bruins that in defensive responsibilities to other teams right. Can -- Tyler taking go to Dallas. Play that position. With just his natural position maybe with -- on May be but but I don't see how that works as well long term and you see what happens when you have a guy at that position which usually require some level. Of defensive responsibility we saw he wasn't strong enough he got killed on the draws. We tried to play center for the Bruins it was an abject disaster games it was off with a two game he had put our game and a half but it was terrible -- -- he did not look anyway ready for it. Could it end up working in Dallas it's certainly possible but I -- -- signal was given an unfair shot. Because he was asked to play out because he was asked to play -- here. More call 61777. On 7937. An hour away from Peter sure rally Bruins general manager will join us right before clock. Looking forward to that Alaskan quite a few questions about Sagan important parents and these guys. That have departed plus what they've brought back in return up next though. Him a great football questions. -- -- -- -- --

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