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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 07/17/13

Jul 17, 2013|

You ask it of us, we answer it the best we can!

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It's time for answers the question generic answer the question which -- and how is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. It felt like you out of there Michael stressed out you're sweating like it shifts of like. If you are you -- -- got -- -- out -- right I can't find my beautiful practicing tonight if mine and it was they went to my car project to -- McCartney's ten I don't wanna see -- question chart that we need you for over 214. Degrees -- -- -- isn't an intern for that. Which one of those three of them in there Courtney I don't know. Any of them and somebody else to go get a -- you wash your signature restore -- sweating more than me publicists. Just ran you'll love the -- as well Mikey. Protect the grow up and they'll like girl right off the -- brought out my bunker. Often. Well stores or what department of college of this ask you this conference the questions comes for me I went out. Ran to the bathroom during a break earlier in the show us on guy and their brushing his teeth yet. In the middle of the day in the about it do you personally you know people the brush their teeth beyond his morning and night for him. I do like overkill I know someone you haven't read as good -- -- unsolicited tonight right he does and he doesn't -- you Portuguese middle of the day. And I am. Taking cigarette variety can be used as a varietal -- -- brushing your teeth as a as a bit after meals when you want to lose right it's that he drinks or choose my. You horrible and it -- you're supposed to Russia after me so. Feels like over and walks around the toothbrush yes I got an extra one here -- an extra two. You keep a -- person toothpaste in there for brushing during the during the day at work in the office and -- -- A dentist every six months to get together for -- to confront the dentist every six months. Yeah proposal was once a year right now -- -- -- -- was a year twice a year -- -- -- you interject if you really three times here that's like overkill now it's not overkill. Twice a year that's one of the things the dental industry tells you to try to get to their product of flossing anyway right you -- at home did you brush your teeth. And an -- once a year your fine. This is how it is in Seattle Tia Patrick. Photos everywhere once a year now. I get a body hasn't been like ten years and certainly shelves almost weakest part of -- -- to -- -- -- tomorrow and you're always -- it was stars on his fiance is making them go in and she was she as she put her foot definitely go to the -- as -- target at Thanksgiving Turkey often funny she. My question. I would not Drew Rosenhaus well I love it that's drunk and or disagree. Next question somebody who never turned down good looking girls can still. -- hardly hard drilling next question literally. Answer the question would you rather be ugly enrich or -- and good looking. Definitely leverage definitely I -- I am now seems much technology that you see how the world works -- It is seriously. Next question -- Zeke or capture the flag captured flag today privately. Hide and seek the brickyard -- but not like capture the flag and see what you need at least eight people -- all right -- -- -- actually getting real organized game of capture the -- is -- is -- paint -- that's fun yeah definitely really -- is the polls. -- have a audience ultimately show team building. Tables. Other I have definitely do I have to honor and a team building for your next week and originality government that everybody enough so we today. Well -- -- limit questions to Alter your. Here's the answer questions specifically for -- yes. What's the name of the planet between Jupiter Neptune the Arenas. It's next growing up residence document I had another good question a lot more drama that -- -- crusade to the guys sent that in your -- just. Seem so -- yesterday were given on the elevator that nice claiming that holds -- look my -- we miss it so she was mortified Bush's -- seeing your -- -- -- you know Arenas like this in years just. -- know anything about the back of your obelisk next question what is your favorite one hit wonder. In my car oh wait your. Sager. What are your favorite one you want. I was thinking and I have an answer -- it's it's among my favorite one hit wonders I imagine it's a song you like question mark in the mysterious. Nice excuse 962 years but this destruction by Jerry Maguire. There. Great song. Are you -- -- that was the original protest song what you know. But in the year 2525. Guys this is faster and bigger and bigger and Evans harassed her with something like that about there and haven't. In the ways welcomes that's about one -- really too happy for me that's your favorite one hit wonder. Six we had it makes everybody has that happiness sorrow. And I think it. Is that she's just dancing throughout the home movies home video she's in the dilapidated building it. Guys I thought you would like question marketing experience that was realized. That you guys with the obvious one. I'll make impaired -- the really. I don't want it wanted to know what it -- -- to have hit -- hit after yeah after a whole show what -- want it tonight inspired by that question. She'll ask him all night with a one of my favorite one hit wonders from the ninety's if anybody remembers this kudos to you was a band called the league and the song was called believe. When my favorite one hit wonders about the light. Group in the heart and of that -- in the heart and he went to one hit wonder I don't know I don't know any other. He was on but does make -- -- in the eighties in the UST. Which portion bushman it's. In the summertime by mongo Jerry knows it. You don't like mongo Jerry that's a happy song summer perfect candidate -- DD -- -- -- -- the guy who made it's similar to the -- sleeps tonight loses six words and so. Way to -- two way. Race. What was one of -- fame look at. PM zone set adrift on them listen you dead terrorists -- -- stage throw off this thing. QB next question. I should spouses have one joint checking account or separate counts where you know you pay the cable like pay the electric something. -- Over this and what's going on and I don't. Like this third -- reference that you've been here almost about time. These epidemic -- the next question. Next question. Picture -- -- like obstacle applies. To your buys yes you guys know. I've got. -- it was suggested yesterday by a dolphins and the like that is a little -- It's testicles. However and that. I mean it's not like -- -- this cap and it's not not -- like. But it beat Texas. -- it's not not like that's the way have -- it's at least a little it's enough that I can see why somebody would say mister OK now mr. you know doctors. Get the doctor or maybe the most as far as you know always up to questions please guys -- she were to go to the store. And you were given ten dollars to buy that we scratch ticket. And you hit on that scratch ticket for five million dollars how much would you give him. -- of the story by this drastic and here's the and it it he says means for a ticket I'm scratching the -- that's right. So I would never know going to the story never UK technical. Tickets for instance that we have that kind of we have that kind of power over -- anyway but if you go into the store question instead he gives you -- how. They can get a Victoria while you -- he grabbed me pack. Whatever for Mikey today and the lottery ticket gets good war leaves are part -- conflict where it's under 50000 in the middle. I think it's a million if you got a five million dollars you you get 20%. Of its. 20% finder's fees -- its rules it's never went twenty boxes and every one day we'll go to the door translation Mike I would crappy. Like this anecdote you'd scratch the view from a couple for you in the two bucks in their prime which determine which you prefer. The jail or Kevin Garnett. Tough on both two way players or respect for a great defensive players -- -- Current -- McHale we'll Garnett told them what their players love watching it and I just love them. Kevin McHale. Backyards and -- keep Thomas coach later we'll Garnett. Garnered better -- and -- much better faster people suggesting wanted to owner Richard Norton hit wonders violent. Oh which -- coy virtual insanity not a one hit wonder you -- -- -- songs. Don't hit doll but it wonders like you don't know anything -- -- -- -- always two or three album also out this -- of this is excellent spirit this guy Norman green mom that's a good. My dad checks in here by the way with Sam the sham and the pharaohs would bully what it more than one hit didn't it little red riding as well. They -- little rent running Wiltshire and that's Olympia. In the sham and April that it was the other day I did what I want and we're talking about it. About -- field. Airborne one after -- mr. Wendell and they had tendencies. Like Tennessee was that it but they also mr. Wendell that's people -- There -- and -- team and -- -- my question mark in the mysterious nobody knows -- fight. -- them I want it is. Almost certainly makes a lot now he also did -- -- on Broadway. -- -- Pitcher in the -- is -- good like -- -- after after a lunatic fringe -- you're talking about Michael -- writer and red Ryder yes but you know who read you know who's the lead singer for red -- note read Tom Cochran. Went on the thing that's stupid like as a highways. Because I had doubts he'll is that at -- -- -- the perfect. -- -- -- -- -- Guys from the -- thing to write freak is not the guy who invented -- -- at all I think it is. A look at outbreak. Now again this could be what I think somebody tells me withdraw and I believe that your -- soccer I believe that Thomas Dolby is in some way connected to dolby surround sound so -- But I could definitely be wrong aren't we aren't any animals Jessica when we're driveway to play as you know that would gullible as an addiction to. Profit. Back tomorrow at 2 o'clock. -- and of next by product.

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