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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 07/17/13

Jul 17, 2013|

We tackle four topics not on today's normal agenda. Rolling Stone magazine, Johnny Football, Keith Olberman and MORE

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-- Zell spoke today at SEC media Dayne commented on his dismissal from the Manning passing academy. There's absolutely no truth may not waking up to subpoena the template overs left of the more than that to talk in the rumors that came out about the other things. Or ugly truth and -- talk to them and absolutely. And set my tell us where there was no excuse for not having my phone charged and have an alarm. And absolutely no doubt that was my fault. It's the epitome of the media building somebody to turn around and bring them. So I don't see why the media has done anything to Johnny -- well I think that there's a belief that. You really fun player everybody built them up because it was exciting to watch last year great story old -- football thing. And then it seems like he's having a really weird offseason where -- get himself into some troubles at some odd things and don't believe them to put that I don't believe he may be telling the truth I don't believe them I believe he was out the Levy was out drinking. That story makes more sense to me and the fact that he just overslept and seems like the next logical progression of Johnny Mann tells the anybody's. Done anything on purpose -- which is -- his story. Out of anybody's I think on purpose to -- either I think it's just the story of a guy who has gotten too much attention. Too soon. To be able to handle. Now he is handled it on the field I mean he belonged in college football is a Heisman Trophy winner so that there's no there's no problem there. -- think a lot of freshmen are able to deal with the scrutiny. He's getting now it in and maybe maybe it would have been difficult to deal with 25 years go 25 years ago -- -- have all of the media. Mainstream and grassroots media let's call -- that. Or social media. -- -- have those things -- deal -- I just think it's a lot of scrutiny and too little too much Africa. -- -- Keith Olbermann is making his triumphant return to ESPN he will be hosting late night show on is being too. Is your favorite all time ESPN person. And then mark Jackson's turn. Also from three point land. I have to. -- you guys know my answer is going to be. This is right this is not this is my family this is my this is my brother you can't answer that this is my brother. Light and fast and -- -- box and one that's read my costs Smith who was Mike who was close -- What is -- this and on Twitter about me to life in. What he's saying what is these. Michael Smith busted halo. Might. Like what Michael slipped out if they -- -- similar question. A somebody -- Michael Smith -- send -- -- question. I don't I don't make my. Request. Where is Michael Schmidt it people that's well hold on your. That's right. Go Michael Smith. Of virtues are friends I can go Brock Huard is on the TV right behind you right now out SEC media way or you're not gonna choose -- Europe now. -- president Barack -- -- friend. -- don't ever know what -- Hasselbeck said those things about his -- and choose counsel I guess I'm not going to ask about not after he was mean to me yesterday forget hand away and go to him. In terms I just think I I was thinking more just of sports. -- go all times is Keith Jackson count. -- blow right. -- job Jackson to an Islamic Keith Jackson he's really more of an ABC I think more than ESPN. The terms of sports and a super Mossberg now what I was -- -- -- fan and a president who. Never been a big sprint fan you were never -- -- -- very well tell you quarterbacks and killed a good look at odds of we -- to go somebody just kind of like -- deals. But he loved to -- we might be the smartest -- ESPN. Camp. Linda -- you know eloquent account -- my answer though is rich -- and all of that rich guys and I think the biggest mistake. ESPN ever made was let rich -- Poles. Pulls it is X now while of course it's different when he's going to could be an analyst for sure. Who Bosnian Craig Kilborn -- glory in his prime Charley Steiner. Charley Steiner great in his prime ball now Olbermann is coming back so a lot of reports -- excellent gruden cringed and not sure -- journalist and -- -- -- and guys you don't like partly. Pure journalistic airport. What's your particular god smiled at me I think that's exactly what makes him that he never smiles I think he's dead. Mike I had Denver -- -- -- to -- -- and one of the great guys young guys they've got there pretty pretty good deal it's him and were little bit -- Weinstein Weinstein and Kevin McGee on the they have to give people on Neil Everett people are saying Bob -- account can men. Michael Mitch album. Stuart Scott really derelict Stewart's got the best story has done so nobody thinks Stuart Edwards got it has -- captured Erin Andrews and that's. -- -- -- -- Chairmanship. -- chairmanship. I'm Jeremy shaft project Edwards. Really think of Jack is an ESP and I even though it was there was -- besides I think who's been pizza. Do not answer to calls and if it and complain about that he's just gonna have to deal with a did not answer. Yesterday at Torrey Smith said that the ravens will be better this year than they were last year to hand the ravens -- No artist at the -- -- even make the playoffs this year. Now that we're going to be fun you know at that we added attention -- were last year not -- Again but it probably. Last question now is good for. Report to have four -- I thought we were done already -- out of stir that up in the past. The newest issue of Rolling Stone magazine is featuring -- -- is Arnie -- on the cover what are your thoughts on The Rolling Stones. We can't look at it and not immediately be offended him and he looks like a rock star they have the phrase the bomber right underneath then. The only thing I've found interesting about this the only defense axe him and kudos to CBS and Roche Brothers which -- a -- farms and who lost that gas skis at all of them have taken. Walgreens now has as well they've all taken it off their shelves here is that no this is offensive it's ugly it's not what we want it sends the wrong message. I did read something interesting this morning from a friend on FaceBook saying. That the fact that he does look. The way he does and that he has the sort of normalcy to Guam. Is part of what makes the story interesting from a purely psychological standpoint how to things goes terribly wrong here for somebody that looks the way he does. But it doesn't -- and put it inside the magazine you have a question inside the magazine go head. It is so hard to see him put in this holy place and somewhere at the cover of Rolling Stone has a horrendous reserve for. I think you're let you -- be naive to say they're Rolling Stone has not trying to sell magazines right that's what they do their that's their business. So they're trying to profit. Off of me terrorist. What are they Glor. -- it well region quote it's just that there's -- out now. It was bad in the third paragraph. He's called beautiful tussle haired boy with gentle demeanor and soulful brown eyes. But I think that comes back to the point of that is that is the demeanor that is does what people believed about them. Until this thing happen that's what people thought that's part of I think some of the questions people have but I don't see any adjustable so awful. Enter your causing pain for no reason well I think that's the that's the argument I think the review your housing pain right. -- I think that pain argument here it makes it makes all the sense in the world in Boston. For somebody. -- Roche Brothers and four Walgreens to say no thank you because this was a story that happened here that happen. It took the innocence away from the marathon. It was. Is just eight -- at. It's an awful story for so many people so many people were affected by this. But if you look at it on a national scale that it is a national story in national tragedy as well. Terrorist acts. By. By two Brothers. If you look at it just from Rolling Stone doing the story on on this tragedy. What why don't we let people decide. What Rolling Stone -- doing what why are we speaking for the people are we saying to others who are we saying to a potential reader. You should be offended by this. Or you should be discussed by the toughest thing I'm on the phone and I discussed obvious but for wrote for Rolling Stones or some people angry at Rolling Stone this is a person because it feels like they're trying to make money off tragedy what they are. And and and every -- minute shopping and headaches and every other new events or you -- -- they're shoving and our -- every publication writing about it on the front what it on the front page. Because of York right now I'm art and business I understand their business but this feels like. -- Specifically profiting off the fact. And putting this -- in in a position that. He does not deserve to be -- -- and I think I'll -- -- I do for hours and I -- we could and I wanted to know what that story is going to be a very interest it to see if it's a fawning story I'll be right on your side of it and if they have only get his money is just the cover -- the that's the problem with that aren't. Peter surely will join us next public questions for the Bruins general manager did you ever feel like he had a shot signed -- important before he got away that much more coming up next stick around soccer hall at W --

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