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Rolling Stone condemned by Mut and Merloni

Jul 17, 2013|

Mut and Lou rip Rolling Stone for putting Jahar Tsarnaev on the cover of their latest edition.

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Your resolve. As the greatest review. Whoever committed this heinous thing. Who lives -- to intimidate us. To terrorize us. To shake us from those values that the ball describe. The values that make us who we are as Americans. Well it should be pretty clear by now that they picked the wrong city to do. -- -- WEEI. I saw the cover of the latest Rolling Stone magazine. That is by now I think most everyone has seen it. We joke cars on a year of positioned as some sort of next teen heartthrob. On the cover their issue their latest issue it's gonna hit newsstands tomorrow. That they do. Some in their own -- in their -- riveting account of how Joseph Lars -- became a monster. And I was fake I thought this was just that Jerry calendar caught up in re tweeting something that was fake. Do that from time to time. And that there's no way Rolling Stone would put him on the cover like that take his Twitter photo take his FaceBook. Cover page something he took and used is his own and put it. On the cover the way they did and I did the digging like a lot of people didn't looked around and said holy crap. This is real and is disturbing on so many levels and my guesses a lot of people who had the same response one. It's RNC Twitter explode. With the story this thing going on newsstands tomorrow when I was son. Aside last night that chronically as the barrio last night. Restaurant all by Fenway Park and it was an event to honor first responders. -- victims the families where there. Carlos are Redondo was there. And -- -- any -- -- news trickles up that Rolling Stone has just thinks are really kind of hit home where you rat and when you go to events like that. And you see some of the victims -- sitting in wheelchairs lost limbs. Meeting columns talking to everybody about it. Talking a first responders who were actually in nurses that were there that night. What was going through talking to one guy that was there and just a normal NYNEX and he walked other room everybody's right on the TV's. Looking at nation -- everybody get ready they signed the rooms of people just kept storming in any second -- in the trauma unit I've seen a lot. That and see this I've never seen this before most talked to a -- in the find out that. This is what they put on the cover of Rolling Stone. And try to let almost like or find or make them look good picture humanizing him launched its romanticized who didn't make him look like. He was a monster numbers next teen heartthrob that's what ya go look at the Jim -- photo for years ago on the cover of Rolling Stone that lead singer for the doors. It looks eerily similar to that in a way. Trying to promote. What he did with that the and the way to use the picture it. The picture means a lot in this case right and that the picture means a lot and the picture that they used. Almost makes -- -- okay what he did you know makes it seem like less of a monster again humanize this him and it's. Disgusting that they would choose in my opinion. To go about a that we want to write a story and I add to pull out quotes the story gets full sort of built available tomorrow. Those people aside to buy this magazine. You look it goes through what they'd they share in the story even that makes my stomach turn we -- restored to a store popular stories. The cover picture balloon to have that out in stores and made available for sale. In Boston communities and Boston locales where victims and fellow members of victims might see on their -- and -- how do you justify that. If you're -- -- their -- how do you spend it pisses. An okay thing to you know anything is -- Rolling -- a lot of thought lot of effort goes into what we wanna put cover. Not just -- to wake up one day in just one person decides I'm gonna go with this it was thought. For one. To draw some attention to your magazine. Boy this is gonna back far right I mean think about it in his young people treatment now and it's not the first one -- is -- first I saw. But today things Stop & Shop missed signals sold off of their shelves good. People once described. Rolling Stone. On what you reap the benefits in the long run you -- get a little bit of attention. But it's -- the -- future. Anyone gonna buy that magazine. Well it's anyone's gonna subscribe to Rolling Stone right now it's more so than that the that would not be huge financial hit for them -- Beatrice indices if some of their advertisers. -- the same feeling you'd. -- you flip to a Rolling Stone magazine -- I want from -- a million advertiser that's where they make their money. Yeah that's when you start to pick through when you see that -- you know Bose radio -- Giorgio Armani Cologne if they spend big money in here. You know. Gone with this than the five -- get the back cover on this patrol vodka. It's the real back cover this like a -- vodka today. You want people seeing your. Your advertisement associated with. A terrorist. I wouldn't. So -- you talk about on subscribing and that's obvious to a minute hand and others whose tennis magazine taken off as well good people are taken off the shelves good. And I don't have subscription but I wish it did so -- can describe. Where I mean. -- if you don't subscription to relaunch stalled if he's not somebody that buys it all the time and regional time you know. You baiting you what does that do you know read Rolling Stone. OK I am now never gonna read -- -- OK but the people that have. The pick up all the time and read it. How do you respond magazine you loved raising used to enjoy but he responds yeah I'm in the same boat you are I don't. Never subscribed you know lights up a new Rolling Stone to Howard Stern's love for and new Rolling Stone through almost famous the move item needed this is. That's a couple of issues are now -- gravel when it's interesting but it was not I'm not really on my radar effective. For me becomes irrelevant. -- growing up -- more about the need you recently. And yeah I mean not buying it's not -- affected the advertisers. That spend huge money with this thing. Will affect it and I -- from an advertiser today. I'm disappointed I'm associated with this because it is so insensitive. -- the victims. And it's not just those who lost their lives. Like an eight year old right. It's all the victims who lost their legs. Although the victims who lives are changed forever. They're putting him on the cover in this romantic look. You know again. Makes him look in the the word Yankee go back to a sexy like they try to and they try to make he looks sexy and try to anyway. He -- defend him. When they talk about him losing his way and talk about died -- cars world. You know what how is rather. You know his brother was one who turned him in his troubled life is troubled home life. And somehow in the months leading up to the bombing is spam lead disintegrated. His -- people living in Russia is your sister's estranged. And how and that opened the door for Tamil and yet -- stepping -- it's sort of changes like why I'd argue that a lot of our listeners a lot of people around the world. -- screwed up all life. You know that'd have been affected by things that happen around that angle blow up the Boston Marathon. So that that's that's the part that bothers me look at its two dummies like us that you can say were bothered by it. It's advertisers its subscribers and its people in the music world they're gonna have to. You know really have their voice be heard the lead singer of disturbed we we play disturbing is again -- -- of the -- all the time right -- I'm not making that -- that we play. Disturbed as part of our rotation here on the show schedule pumped up. David drain in their lead singer. Wrote the following on FaceBook how the mighty have fallen. They Sergio making the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. As he used to be ultimate statement of legitimacy for aspiring musician meant the and really made it. He writes the last five years Rolling Stone has become less and less about music and more more about bold leap pop culture nonsense. You dare he writes this out with -- between the sort of emphasize right. You dare to put the image of the Boston bomber on the bleeping cover of your magazine. You know only succeeded completely insulting this honoring the victims and families whose lives were forever affected by this rabid animal. But -- now glorified as cowardly and unforgivable lack why. Because -- sell magazines. Because it'll create controversy. Because you actually do sympathize at this abhorrent cowardly piece of blank. -- made it attractive invalidated the act to a whole new generation of wannabe terrorists seeking martyrdom and infamy. You and your kind of the reason why people thinking go out and a blaze of glory while myrtle might while murdering -- honestly I mean it's in the bottom of my heart. -- bleep yourself. The next terrorist murdering incident be in another bomber or madman -- an assault rival unleashing fire upon a school full of children is on you. He finishes up go to hell they've -- and lead singer disturbed. Who about as popular you can get. In this country right now. That's not a couple sports guys on you know from Boston. Global -- talking about this this is a guy that grew up wanting to be on the cover of the magazine. That's the agreements take on this remote legislate the recovered so just your line. The pitcher like he says the bomber how popular. Promising student. Was failed by his family. -- the radical Islam and became a monster. So this promising student was failed by his -- fairways -- family life. Let him down this path. Again like being their last night you know being part of this thing in in celebrating. The first responders and being there with ramblings. That still live -- those one man I think that was came up to Boston for three or four days slipped out Redondo Beach. And he's been here ever since right because now it rehab. Everything. Is foot blown off. He just wants to play golf again you know post got a coach lined up back on meet the old man just wants to play golf. In -- meeting these people. To these people -- and to restore. In look at the shelves. And see this man. Marten -- at all these families. Walked in the stores. And they see -- Rolling Stone magazine with this guy and not looking like a monster let you -- prepped up like he's just some. -- the new hot band. Right new hot lead singer the next Bieber yes. They got a propped up looking like this for us it's disgraceful think. A step further you keep talking about CBS and all these places that I hope pulled from the shelves. Well what if he's rehab places subscribes to we subscribe to magazines your doctor's office you're dentist's office she's described put him out there. It means though what if what if what these people that you met last night are these people that have to go to rehab still. Sit in their weight and walked in and see this piece of excrement. On a magazine at that office files back and feel. Now there's been a lot of statements on this from people in and around you know the media except -- just heard the agreements report on Mayor Menino. According WH DH says rolling stone's decision to pull the alleged the put alleged marathon bomber on its cover is a disgrace. His office will contact the magazine directly reports Nicole Oliveira. A channel seven sell. On it sounds like the mayor not surprising outraged by this the city is outraged by this and there will we will see if you know they'd they'd make a move innovate they pull the magazine altogether. You know I think that would be a good thing and -- -- the other side -- for people just don't wanna talk about -- they feel like they're giving. They're giving the magazine publicity that's crap. They're get there on CNN. They're on The Today Show today the story is out there in this day and age when stories out of stories out. I think it's important talk about things like this because. Eight -- remind you and gives you an opportunity to have your voice heard. If you disagree with. You know gives you an opportunity to. You'll get involved and and find out where you can go. You go to the Rolling Stone website and click on letter to the -- customer service and send them what you think. How to get hide from stuff like this I really don't I don't think that's the way you go about that the magazines out there they have gotten. A monster PR ball from the by talking about in and getting your feelings on and it's you live in Boston wherever your New England. Ali it's committing more -- I it's giving people an opportunity to find out how you make your voice heard and lot of good a lot of good. Responses today going with CBS Stop & Shop wherever throws with a Marty pulled and tell pay a nearby and some of them not if I come back tomorrow on my USA today. And this is out there are not coming back same thing in any one of these stores or silently yes -- put the magazine the backward hits newsstands tomorrow. Although given it does -- newsstands tomorrow my guess a lot of Boston places won't have it now and that's a good thing it's a really good thing. 61777979837. That's the phone number AT&T -- line. Is 37937. Ball stroll is gonna join -- after -- we seal lined up we'll get to your phone calls next. My assessment of that particular incident is that he was assassinated in this -- do you -- when -- It was just wanted to call for a disturbance. Police chief Ed Davis. Talking about John collier. Assassinated -- these two -- holes. But -- 937 WEEI. Still no word yet from Rolling Stone magazine. Still no word yet from when media. Who publishes. This magazine when you put a cover like this along with men's journal last week -- men's health in self defense helping us weekly I'm at a position where I get home today and I kept -- immense help description and I used the same people publish it. I like -- help of an affair and a magazine for a long time but -- us. Now I'm my wife gets us. Just picks up the grocery store stuff and it's a nice way to ignore -- elect us. So. It's going to be it's just you see when and if they response president responded by now. You guys certainly heard phone calls today and heard a lot of people reacting. Odd through this and outs kill a lot of people are one and react to right now he Jerry's and -- I Jerry. Hey guys I'm a general works on the plate might make it all more. You know Robin and -- -- to elect not to a book by its cover. And and as disturbing as the cover of the magazine is there's been much in my opinion is much greater here. And that is arrogant culture of people who are motivated other political ideology. Who will refuse to -- by the people at terror. Wanna try inside who sent the way. Sympathize with them and find out what makes them -- hair and why -- -- -- kind of stopped and that. That they put murder article on paper. And size that it really what's -- -- and everybody's here they're not -- at the end of the blog politics. That we need to put that yes. And get -- People are now I know you don't have a bad life. Well I think Lou -- -- -- refer to a lot of people are that bad luck who looked tragically lost their parents you know. A lot -- -- the young guys who who maybe got on the road trucks but haven't been making bombs and blowing people an app. And and let you know about that and kneecap but the only known that on the front page -- the article. As respectable. What if -- -- on the inside. Reflects its culture and that radio and gentlemen it's gonna put out a war that. And what each and every -- about it pushed back in debt and then and now it would not. I think about these -- he's gonna see this magazine Gerri thanks your call he's going to be where reais in Evans -- enemy there waiting to. A face trial so I was gonna walk and say -- -- on the cover of Rolling Stone. You kill people there were two -- plus victims and your on the cover of the freaking Rolling Stone. -- popular promising student was failed by his family -- a radical Islamic became a monster. So failed by the family and -- to live well and sip sympathize. I think any talk to both life -- most parents -- Russia. You know just read some of the on line some of that that the talking points and now. You know his two sisters strange sisters and his his family disintegrated. Sympathizes -- we're doing here people have failed this guy with a trio program have to do wrongs don't. -- -- Wear him he joins the conversation 937 WEEI have like. I don't -- long time -- huge damper -- -- I'm you guys that actually had done also about sixteen minutes and action and what you guys have been talking about is definitely kinda changed my opinion. I'm on what I originally was calling about -- and I'm 34 year old man. I'm married -- have a young child didn't and a iPad a run on subscription. And I would welcome. Aunt and my wife is up for faster. And we both I think I saw last night that it was coming out today. -- I think guided more important to educate and I have not read the article which you guys are going there right now. Now the article they -- to be fair the article not out yet while a reading from a couple of snippets I send -- Texas a lot Saudia. So in my history going on -- Charlie -- on the -- back in the -- to sell magazines -- but it could educate. And I'm. What's educate about the picture though Mac I understand your point -- to some level what's educating about a a done our new 88 teen heartthrob like photo of a murderer. -- and that I I agree guys that I wish it was not somebody else in the marathon but to the cowboy and it cannot picture about. Actually is not a not a picture she looked like I dated date basis I'm he wrote. You -- you -- And eve that he is secured and and I think back. Re just the kiddies a murderer Mike he's a moderate not just they kiddies terrorist murderer. If you don't want and I'm not agreeing that he should be on the cover of rolling out the guys despite in the Boston Globe went up. Big time here experts say old. And and radio listening and watching television and declining especially with the air and that stuff. So I'm not saying Rolling Stone is trying to block it but that's because I don't know I don't I don't read the article but it -- monster with the cover allowing -- a picture and -- no doubt about it team -- picture which is disgusting. -- -- -- kid he always had. All of this picture if you looked like a little left EE you know like I said -- I just in Peter's type deal. The -- you don't think in the back of their mind that they knew that picture looked like a million other other covers of heart problems might. I and I think guy at the boardroom when they announced at a discussion on idea of putting this -- on the cover. I'm gonna that was the longest border meaning that I'd I'd probably within the last two decades connivance in a cover and I've -- out and I've been fifteen that it. You know support an Internet like that. What's not a good interest though like I thank each year called Charles Manson. Cover of Rolling Stone. Have you seen a picture of me looks like an absolute Psycho. Okay and it's it's been a report Charles Manson incredible story of the most dangerous. Man alive. And it looks like a Psycho. I mean. I don't know you couldn't list. You put this picture of him and the most dangerous man alive in here you've got a promising student that was failed by his family. You know the story itself. Listen I'm sure if you're a journalist. And someone's at a I can get you an interview which all are. You know holding. Absolutely. Right if people want to miss this more information just read a few tidbits of it affected. FBI negotiators mention a public plea from his for his surrender from his former wrestling coach you know the -- wrestling coach over. While he's in the vote enemy that humanize the saint bought up to say there are deep -- in this that aren't you at least curious that the details don't make me try to. Don't don't I don't wanna read anything about how those poor guys fairly and everything else and it wasn't him and all. I don't wanna read that but there are some details that you're curious on to the article K it's the cover. Pity you put them on there in the subtitled. How he was failed by his family and we just fell in the radical Islam. That's the thing that's disturbing. And the guys that more sensitive to loss here in Boston yeah. Of all of us come across victims' families like I said last night on the run right smack in the middle of that. I'm look -- you know a girl in a wheelchair with no legs. A guy crutches with only one. Another guy that has ankle and foot blown off. In -- them sit there talking to Carlos. You know talk about things are what -- bomb went off and do you stay in touch with him and and I'm talking to a nurse that was there in trauma. At the hospital as this was going on and what his life was like then that night. So is it more sensitive to -- people around here absolutely. Absolutely I distort the way it's portrayed way to portray him. Donna Connecticut talking about discovered today hi Don. They may get done -- Let them and I I understand your -- and it and we got -- -- -- -- on the -- -- I was in the last caller I wanna just present another side as well. He's right about the challenge and -- I think the that the picture that they put on and I. I have read the article to see the picture. Part of the story is. How different he looks from our typical idea of the terrorist. You know we don't know of the urban doesn't have the beard yet looked like he'd been high communicate without the open you looked like everybody else -- part of story part of that you know. The fascination with it by the people might turn out is the fact that he was young he was good looking he. You know looked like he does I'm not on the public. What you accomplish all of that can UK -- finish I promised on can you accomplish everything you just said telling -- tell his story as war. I can you accomplish that without putting that the face of him. On new shelves here in the area -- that that. And that's the part that it's the cover of Rolling Stone which is musicians and movie stars now to terrorist who looks like. Anyone of those guys. Well you're right but but I am on the scarlet and have been for a long time it's not just in this movie stars not buy -- subscribe 95%. No I wouldn't say that at all actually maybe maybe 65 and you can you can take that that we wanna take it but they do you really couldn't get your journalism on a lot of different elements and and I. I understand we get a commitment and notices this is -- longer. I'd seen the picture that's in that headline and I wanna read the article I don't have a real problem with the with -- Yes yeah I guess if you put a -- say about it to -- about that the tells me it's and cover -- -- looked -- looked like a that's the cycle in the carbon. Now they get the pitcher over here. And and a note probably just an all fall open looks like he's just lounging on the coach who looks like he just got his hair done looks accused in make up I mean. You know it looks like actually prepped him for the pitcher and no that's not the case but. You know even if you just put a -- at the white hat on right side view or something I don't know I just I don't like the waitress she's sort of propped up here in this magazine but they're set. But he's the next Justin Bieber teen model right. Exact. How he looks that's what they went for it and they had two of nomad and and looking you know affinity not offended but the city couldn't have told the store without this picture him on the front. You know I just don't believe it and look I don't subscribe Rolling Stones I can't really debate without last called around looking at just looking at one year Rolling Stone. On every and and for that year and -- are exactly what year it is here looks like 20052006. Every single cover that month was either somebody music or some sort of movie star Aniston Mark McGrath Lauryn Hill Rob Zombie Will Smith Beastie Boys JC a -- so. I get the impression its may be far more than 60% of the covers being somebody in. Hollywood which is what they try to make this -- look like today. Talked and they crews -- met -- Oh look at the picture look happy. -- I end up and we built -- how -- -- with the red in your act umbrella around. -- -- -- -- -- At a pre op. Art. Book away. And I are -- Like. The other guy. I'll look like at all like that. It looked decrepit will I. Felt. All right America and -- -- -- Course she will of course he was that futuristic and college where you and I the taxpayers will pay for his education. That's a pitcher they use. Stern in front of -- while he has all -- a crop up I can't wait or anything like dramatic crime you know. Yeah like you wanna hear it and you know -- -- it -- like it all because my -- like one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- every opportunity Adam -- happy. So they'll at some point and we don't want all clerks and capital annually under achieved older. People around -- in -- locker broke him. And that's the point -- ankle popular blogger Q did they shouldn't I'm just silly like it don't make him a sympathetic figure the arrest. Photo of him right you do images of this guy -- the arrest photo album. You know. You even that is better than than the model photo of him running the -- just put that arrest voting easier before. It's you know so it it it it could've happened is on the photos out there they chose the one where it looked like key was that modeling. It may be their point is exactly some people saying. That you know trying to show that this. Is not a typical terrorist. That this guy just looks like he just blended in. I don't know if that's the Rolling Stone had in mind. The bad idea to mistake. Insulting. Disrespectful. A lot of things insensitive. Is what it is in my opinion when a story about tomorrow you know Woolsey. -- details of MM a leak out today but as the so far they're not saying anything Rolling Stone is is gone into their bunker and they are holed up people try to get -- their editors the decision makers and they so far. Want no public comment on this 617779. 7937. The phone number AT&T -- 137. 9370 -- and continue with your phone calls when we come back Austral they'll join as he always joins us 12 o'clock hour on Wednesdays we'll get his take. On the Rivera sendoff last night I got asked about this Joseph Torre. They yesterday Torre saying (%expletive) or expand instant replay what does he went Torre says that but baseball's gonna expand replay how much do you expand. Instant replay in the sport -- only next.

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