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Buster Olney, ESPN, on the All Star game and the second half of the season

Jul 17, 2013|

Buster joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the emotional moment during the 8th inning of last night's All Star game when Mariano Rivera entered the game. Buster also discusses the Red Sox and what moves they may make before the deadline.

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Red Sox and yankees on Friday got a -- weekend it's not -- -- 37 WEEI every week this time we talked about strongly of ESPN who was so part of home run derby coverage and part of the all star coverage for ESP impostor how are you. Oh great now what two great days for baseball while into the derby was great and that whole thing less than it was unbelievable. Can you give Jim Leland credit yeah yeah. After the game when he first spoke with reporters. And he was -- you know how did that happen where you guys waited -- -- help -- -- and then players stayed off the field for Rivera. In limited I don't know how it happened you know it. This is something that the you know happened in the -- among the players -- and some of the players Mac shares are most notably that the -- now. It would Leland in the tigers' staff the coaching staff became the idea -- we give them a lot of credit. It was awesome everybody off the field buster he goes on the field we started to show. Talking about his place in history you know in terms of -- of his dominance would ever be it a point where. And Rivera might be the only guy had a conversation with that a reliever. Would be in the topic of -- at best pitchers all time based on what he has done during his career. I think he should be and now I would tell you that a lot of people did chimp cartoon my colleague and the SPN I you know argue about it all the time about where it is you know we do that. The mount Rushmore the Yankees and I've got -- on there. And he doesn't and I think that generally speaking that. Where there is a lot like -- Jerry Rice is in the NFL. We're Jerry Rice has talked about you know one of the greatest hand for players of all time. But it these particular position he was absolutely dominated but here's why I think we should talk about Rivera. As one of the greatest players of all time one of the greatest pitchers of all time because he is without a doubt guys. And I personally don't think it's close the greatest postseason player of all time. When you're talking about someone who isn't here he's 241. Innings and in the postseason okay that too. These these -- a reliever to a full seasons. And he has been here I believe that 79. Borrowed 78 he hasn't -- -- home run. -- and something in the range. -- hundred innings in the postseason a hundred consecutive innings without allowing a homer on the last already allowed. In the postseason. With the GA patent. In the 2000 World Series. And that he may be you know beyond the fact. Daddy I mean that would close to what he does in the regular season at his job. And he postseason performer. He's unbelievable and I think that's why we should thank them about him maybe being among the top two and twenty greatest players of all time. Yeah I was you've been talking a ball busters given way to much -- the Yankees -- pick up here for anybody in Boston but I was talking about one of the most dominant pitchers because I was looking at. From the mall when he locked in that ball pretty teen years ago because you're when he was a starter the moment he leaves eighteen years. This -- always been great and you look at the post season as a closer. 49 of the 85 appearances. Went from more than one inning. It's just it's shorten the game any if nobody has dominated for eighteen consecutive -- let this guy ahead. -- and when you talked to members of the Atlanta Braves from the ninety's teams. They will tell you that they think Rivera was the difference between them winning one World Series. During yet you know I think it was fourteen consecutive seasons of of making the postseason winning their division. And winning more World Series you know and I know there are a lot of people based on who thought that Rivera. With the difference maker in that record that the Yankees dynasty you know winning this championships. In 96 and in three straight that followed for five years. It would not have happened without Rivera that if Gary closer and I don't I don't mean to demean these other guys because every other. Closure has its ups and downs -- Rivera doesn't. You know they've been that seemed to have a. Eighty. Mark Wohlers -- Trevor Hoffman guide you in a terrific regular season pitchers that get the postseason they just couldn't carry through. The Yankees always said -- Curt Schilling tells that story. Well and -- to Soriano hit a home run in game seven of the 2001 World Series has the ball leaving. The park. Chilling first followed. -- brother's coming and it's over to get the last six that we didn't but that's the preeminent that he said that sport and we're not even touching. You know the part of him which is that -- all the grace in this -- great respect and dignity that easily carry himself. -- -- way tipped his hat in Boston when they cheered nap today he -- Mac came in 04 and a follow applicant I don't wanna put you at a spot to defend baseball writers buster but. This whole unanimous. Hall of fame vote like this. If they so doesn't vote for -- is in the hall of fame but what what will look at that voter as this guy is everything. That accounts for the hall of fame I don't care what Babe Ruth got he should be a 100% first ballot in that first day he's eligible again and Cooperstown. Yeah I I agree and I think anybody -- vote for Rivera and a first ballot you know -- Jeter. I mean you you know ivy -- and other markets -- -- Now. Take I mean those guys who Greg Maddux when he comes up next person might happen Rickey Henderson and -- -- voted on by fifteen or twenty guys that to me like he's got to look at me. Among them the of the writers and I and I don't I can't stand it and it didn't really bothers me I think it reflects badly -- all of us. Buster Bud Selig is in serious trouble right now because. If these appeals are heard. And no player's gonna be suspended. In you've got Bartolo Cologne pitching and a walk our game knocking off the Red Sox you have Nelson Cruz the World Series MVP with all of this looming. That is not good for his game how can they not. So release this and then hear the appeals and do what they should do. Well. My own feeling is I don't think they have any other choice okay there's no matter which way they handled this thing. They were gonna look bad in other words there and that's I mean let's say that they held off the announcement of the suspensions. Until after the season was over. Well then maybe accused of withholding information wild stuff was going on like they did -- last year. They'll take -- -- tested positive before the all star game they're criticized for not only about the all star game. Well in this case and I and I really think that it did there at the point -- this whole thing where -- feeling -- you know what. Which is going to be as aggressive as possible and the chips fall where they may and the bottom line is that they have they -- process. In place for the players who the players association is part of the agreement. And they have to let that play out and they and given the craziness in this case by Genesis. The fact that they're in that it's not one player with -- one positive test its twenty players are so. We different activities and in different. Testimony in different challenges that income up. With the same number of lawyers and won only one arbitrator so it's gonna take a long time the one thing Iowa today. If you are Nelson Cruz -- Jhonny Peralta. They could really complicate this whole thing because they're two guys who would have a lot of personal motive motivation. To get this behind them maybe it would be the two guys who would not appeal the suspension if this if they're suspended. Because that way they can go under free agency in the fall with that happen without having that hanging over them. And that would be something that would be devastating for the union begins TJ Quinn is reported. The arbitrator could look in Michigan. Up by a Peralta -- crews are other players and not appeal is -- confirmation of the testimony Tony bosh and others. You know you got it there's twenty players. -- -- trying to figure a way to get this thing done find it hard to believe that you can't get it done in two and a half months like. Even if it was every other day hearing the first week of September at least these guys are allowed to participate in the playoffs. Well. I hear you but and big question is that you know I mean how are you gonna act and Harry get arranged that. And you know. Mortgage yet you -- the suspensions would would take into effect until I heard the last appeal. And to a September. Yeah I don't think you're going to be able to I'm comfortable climate that now to Michael winners talked about it out loud. He is fighting against brain cancer the head of the players association has taken a turn for the worst. And I don't think there's any question that he is. Are held easily factor in the timing of how any deal would play out because he's been -- league guy. And -- it may well be possible in the near future. The -- transition and the players association side. Where they're gonna have to have other people help for the leadership. Because -- is situation. But buster -- ESP entrance every Wednesday Joseph Torre hinted at in a couple spots yesterday expanded replay. A Major League Baseball buster what is Joseph Torre talking about what has expanded replay gonna call for. Well I mean first off before you expand the replays in baseball gonna go from the horse and buggy to a car is well. It's Buccaneers and is Bud Selig and use email the second half Foster. -- -- -- How I you know I think I told you guys this story about our re tell it like it last fall one end. -- Joseph Torre and other Major League Baseball officials met with a general managers in the US in the -- he was that and it's a replay. He explained -- to try to come up with a system that'll work and. You know they were trying to -- something to cover all that the possibilities. And all the different things and they wanted to perfect as much as possible. In the general managers Robert jumping up on the ticket and the table scorned. When he Dylan. But I think to make calls right this weekend if you watched the NFL games. We -- you know every state and has the exact same camera angles. They don't get every call right you don't have every call is not definitive whether or not in a wide receiver caught a ball or not. It's an impossible standard retort and they are dying for them to get more work. Replay and and they have been for awhile. I think that they're trying to knock off every contingency that the delay. Finally though they're gonna upgraded next year to some degree but there are questions among the GM about how far they're actually gonna go. It just sort of silly because you -- -- at all at public but at home I can see the replay. They've got to go inside go home runs and it takes them 510 minutes when I can watch three -- instantaneously they got to fix this thing. It doesn't make any sense any any hasn't made any sense. You know that the only people don't have access to replay of the umpires. And I that umpire say to meet privately care we take it we would love it. That -- look like idiots. They don't want people screaming at the television ten seconds after a wrong call was made and the only ones who don't have access to know exactly what happened on the play. And you know whatever happens it's it's gonna be too late. He'll bust a lesson from me because I think it was two years ago was right around this time a year in an August. But actually implemented instant replay but in the middle of the season wasn't it was at the home run call out. I was after the disputed home run and the Internet baseball Mets yankees Carlos Delgado hit a ball -- foul -- After that called they implemented a home run read it I wish they would do it. India didn't see that soon it popped. Let's not saying isn't there -- precedent that may be. A couple of -- to -- right now for the playoffs. Yeah yeah absolutely if you've got a you know he came up with something you felt comfortable waited and as they say. Team executives all through sport gone wired and not doing it and I can't you be good answer. There be the first trip in a Boston this year Red Sox and yankees they'll be on ESPN Sunday night baseball on buster only. All be there buster we appreciated is always the -- talking next week. Basra only joining us -- every single Wednesday at this time when he does. He's brought to you by our friends at Toyota of Nashua go see the guys Bob Draper record for their entire crew and check them out during the all new Toyota natural megaplex. And hot deals going on during their summer sell -- it's going on right now also brought to you by an arrest restorations bestseller specialists. And by -- space. Every year we durable baseball predictions the other baseball managers usually awesome every now it's like sports almanac it's like I do you in fifth -- and that the Bakken. Time machine and grab that sports almanac of picked him out or sometimes they're terrible yeah. Last year at this time Wednesday the all star break we actually took a look and give ourselves. Second chance predictions who wanted to change any of Barcelona like that we come back we'll look weak spot before the 2013. Season and if we wanna make any. Amendments to our predictions that's next.

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