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Bobby Farrelly: Dumb & Dumber To is a go

Jul 17, 2013|

The hilarious co-creator of Dumb & Dumber joined the show to announce that Dumb & Dumber To will be created this fall and in theaters next summer.

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I guess it is some day be the ninth caller right now 6179310937. With a pair of tickets to see the Red Sox July 30 at Fenway Park. Courtesy of our good friend -- drink water giant glass and your home for Boston Red Sox baseball. Sports Radio 93 point seven WEEI FM want to get. 6179310937. We will send you to the Red Sox game. Joining us on AT&T spotlight AT&T forgy LT eat to answer the question we've heard thirty different answers to yes they will. No they won't Bobby fairly writer director producer dumb and dumber two and I love the fact Bobby do you spell the TL. Are you make -- or are you not. We are making it. Little League so. We finally got the go ahead and we're gonna make it that ball unfortunately we're gonna be shooting night unfortunately. 100 acute care bought the what we would prefer to do -- -- down Atlanta. It's the little bit cheaper for it than not. The other kind of cut as many quarters they can't today in the in the movie business so we just go we're at a point. Well Jerry Jerry and I know we're Atlanta is and we also know that bar that you must bunch of drinks again so we don't we how to get their body. But they -- -- Barnett an -- great spot it's almost doubled great news out there and Atlantic Chinese pride away. Hell they compliment that you would that you guys over there at it is find out now say that. I notice given his movie -- just -- -- digress here for a second to what Jerry and I notice about Saint Regis a bunch of beautiful women commit their during happy -- who are obviously guys we know we're not staying there because they know the guys who are staying there have a bunch of money and it is it's it's quite the seat in their body. -- either they have -- through movies and -- -- meanwhile one. Smaller would have been nice comfy little -- Not great ads that I love the sheep yeah. Is it true that -- you do in the movie and that's all well and is it true that Jim -- is out Pauly Shore isn't he. I'm not passing -- it up. There's been a lot of versions of a war about to do and it you know that that's not as far -- does that as it dobbs getting and we would never do without -- -- -- but -- Now we got to both they're both. -- on ought to know what you signed sealed and delivered guys like that you say Jim -- in Jeff Daniels is in that means Lloyd Christmas will be reinvented. Terry Dunn will be reinvented is their name on a contract that says -- do what it. I -- they the other people came up -- that put the money that that's not that someone you know someone got to finance debate. They worked out a deal with. With both of those two guys and they you know I hammered it out and that together had been agreed to make the movie had to you know for a particular. Perpendicular you know amount of money. I say it is is the script completed. Yeah we brought it to my brother Pete -- and our original writer co writer -- -- -- gallon and also law. Local star Mike the -- I'll do you have we have finished the script where you know -- felt that we always. Tweaking and trying to make better and better but we do have the script. Didn't give Stewart will without giving away you know trade secrets here or some on the store can you give us sort of the sense of of what it's all about because armadillos dumb and dumb was he was trying to return a -- briefcase to Colorado can cause a general overview of what that. What the scenario where his body. Well all of 1994. And now it went by the time the about a it'll be it'll be twenty years later so. It is twenty years later in the guys like that showed absolutely no growth what's the. I have to I don't know -- a martyr. And. If there was a girl that they were fighting over in -- in the first public Q going back to by the governors are afraid of Belcher and and that one may find out. Perry get the -- guard delivered -- have been twenty years late snail mail and I say eat eat eat it it didn't find out that that he has sire the child. -- -- So they have to go live date that there have been requested to get out of tracked down that the child lies because he wanted you know he's gotten out I'll carry deep into kidney. That's going to be a perfect match -- That they have tracked down a job so they're very can hopefully Harvick one of their kids. It was it was kind of felt the woman they were discussing when they were in the in the heart shaped pop up. Yes yes. Senator John for your letter from crickets. Now -- will they have -- will -- with their haircuts I assume will be the same but maybe a great little specks of gray. Well you know all the old guys have. -- held up pretty well they look very similar they're definitely a little older mob but you know I think about what they get a different look what we're not entirely sure maybe you know maybe Harry now or cue ball but he still have the long. Here on the side you know. That's good at it. As far as GM -- he'll probably come up with not -- out of all but -- gonna have the same look with that put the chip to put all that X. Is -- gone home to do this Jim Carrey. Absolutely it yet. You know I think that they did that the fact is that we don't need a good comedy we do you know you need one we was like and that the -- that don't want to start it. It just it took it. It's kind of the one that you know -- -- hit upon a ball for all of yeah yeah that that places for many years where you're like -- viability of Ottawa putting more people -- what brought people Levitt now. Over the last forty years he's had so many people come up to on -- day you know to get elevated the camera all these different by the by one of my thinking I gotta -- I think I gotta make about a number. I guess and his ex wife is not return to return to that in the movie. You know we do not hamper written into the strip devastated. There are some. We do that could have but I don't see that happening. Is is very long -- is seen perhaps that needs staff to. Podcast. That we ever -- now. The guys end up all of this. This that called Ted conference world these very extremely Smart people there coming up with. Smart ideas about how to save the world. We've got to be funny we get dumb and -- at a at a place you surround them with extremely intelligent people to perhaps you guys. It could you know could deliver that. In that world we probably have to take an acting class but to. I think with the ball off. They've got to focus is even -- answerable question but I -- what the charming things about dumb and dumber is that when you watch it and you can watch and a watch it -- -- be a hundred times. You always see something a little extra that you didn't see in the first 99 times most recently as an example I watched it I guess I thought originally but I forgot about it. When he's being stood up in the Barney's got as outrageous cowboy outfit on and he finally gives up he walks out. And he looks at the poster on the wall this is man lands on the -- and he turns around -- just is incredulous about that eighth. Cut is our technique and a method to writing those little new lots typed things into a movie or as someone once said. Jim Carrey at live -- and was even written into the story. Local at the weather is pretty astute yet. That. That's about the way the who really a note about -- -- good right to get the putter really good actor because you know we got that the intent that I did and -- just walked out the door then the last time we get looked overnight and he just you know -- eat definitely he had lived and it was that we all you know well. Felt on the floor -- that's great we put it and -- Yeah he you know he's like that he he held them those stupid things like when you get a little they would walk up the stairs in the eighties with the girl would. You know he kind of -- to pull it -- ought to be Europe there -- like. A lot of little things like that that are very very funny and you know that you all for that on the day be shooting -- comes -- a little bit better but. I was gonna say I'm -- much of that is and lived like in in kingpin was -- just -- an all time -- -- stick -- -- -- -- I was -- -- Well it you know yeah I hate we we have met dissidents in -- -- that -- no. Thought up by these that it had that they're attacking -- because. Christian ankle had after the US company couldn't raided Christian I thought memorize all the lines. But he couldn't deliver -- so we world -- on the spot. And he nailed -- can't win the -- but you don't so these top. Like I tell us shoot his whole life was enacted it it it. I tell the story that the final -- when he says are you still drinking and eternal look at the camera that was like the 35 take and I'd done at 34 times and an aunt had a proper response that was written and I actually forgot what I was able to say after 34 times and in panic I just looked over you and Bobby. And either one of you said that's it print it and it was a mistake. While that you know what he can never be too good about Bobby vital. You. Never needed good reaction that that always the best way out of a joke is that -- show. Somebody you know give a very good -- that's what you did there it was better than whatever alive we are trying to -- yet probably. -- you always have some. Boston athletes in there whether it's a sea bass Tom Brady I'd -- lawyer Malone a lawyer came immediately to any plans and the anything in the works. Well you know I haven't really talked to anyone. Anywhere all over the country at about dumbed down without the first question being is. The and so we're gonna try to figure out how to. How to get him back in married in a way that. That organic and and also along the way out. We thought maybe you know maybe Ilan Lucic is yeah is -- be bad because they yes there's a definite similarities between those two those two boys. I assume you ruled out Aaron Hernandez and denigrate him from appearing. Hernandez -- had to we had actually had written a man now. Unfortunately error won't be him and I haven't we have ruled out better yet we'll have to wait to get. Belichick you're a big Belichick guy and he was in -- Dennis layers in rescue me -- you media. Woody woody would you ask him if they could do. I don't think he'd do it I think you know yeah I remember Rex Ryan was then -- -- available right. I thought that you know you come out of those big. If your head coach to come out of it I think look at little. A little silly thing you know -- -- you never know with him because it is unpredictable but. I don't think he built. Are you an LA Sun Valley are you home. Well I just came home last night I was in without -- for a couple of weeks and -- just came back got a big gap men's league hockey game and I just felt. Or your radio over sixty champion are you not. We -- MacBook Air India where you and goal. I would back up oh did you have a chance to be your camp spun it helped put the I would might have got it though there on the bed at. Villanova fifty champions national champion pet. I have an -- you know they are all checked while -- -- aware of what pride nice well you're just living the life Bobby living the life. Boy you know what that is going to be a long long dated have opted out all the data year in my acknowledged that. There's nothing to gamble on. That it -- -- UPS this year. Even you know alt target but -- -- you can bet on the home run derby. Every other day heavier -- the game. Bullock you're in London you can bet on the British Open. Ruben -- happening now is not happening today it's true that's true best of Peter best your folks and you know our phone numbers we can get to a -- in a heartbeat body. OK guys straight talk video and that we will love we will definitely call. Around great Bobby fairly of the fairly Brothers fame they start in the fall in Atlanta -- -- in Atlanta. Why don't get a line -- he thanks indeed acting like this is exactly. -- I never get a siren might strike protecting the in thing yeah ultra shackle the late Christian nickel he did he had an emphysema problem you also had a blood vessel. Break in inside it was he was he was kind of under the weather so got a lot of you -- -- your Duff yeah yeah but every movies subsequent to that your role has been less and less you know when -- was an app for 45 minutes -- -- Well they ask you would have been doing all these years -- Drinking a lot of latitude. Are you still drinking don't know why I don't that's that's behind -- narratives. What you've done. The and I panicked at that point I panicked I forgot my line and it looked at Peter -- line. Did -- -- no I don't forget analysts that you were dynamic article. That was -- -- -- and I count Florida and comfortable exit your -- with the mother that smelled really good at the -- the most smelled it was like mother was too young for you. When you get line get paid more. A lot she had one line and they kept making her do it again and again and again and he tries it will be a little more. That's more important factual reports that -- try to -- culture up. Every time she did the labs exactly as a way to do it before -- -- it was a hundred degree all of wealth and welcome Vermont right -- Vermont at least that's the one time a member will -- myself Hillary -- -- -- -- -- electric and margaritas. Mexican place yes and you pat Lyons was there Richard Jenkins. Was an awesome idea and and them big Anthony Anderson and three triplets and at the take stock. You like start -- -- -- really cool guy yeah that was the movie that the and a -- free LT. Up for people QB it shows some. And right and and and in that movie I think Jim Carrey improvised -- even more like fallen as a part of the thing he has as you know -- does it gets a perfect on the first -- and for the next 152030 times which allows in this freedom of expression to you know throw -- regard -- or grab the lady's leg blown up the -- takes to places on me we. -- With him. With him day in and -- that problem yet notes can be a long -- painful process long day. We'll take a break picked Evans and Bristol, Rhode -- he's always fun to talk to Tony Everett as well fault lines open. Will talk with you after this.

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