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Jerry Remy on the Sox first half

Jul 17, 2013|

Our Sox insider Jerry Remy joined the show to give his thoughts on the Sox at the All Star Break. Jerry sees no reason why the team cant keep up its strong play in the second half.

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Our conversation with Jerry Ramey has brought to you by Lexus of Watertown new England's number one volume Lexus dealership check out online at Lexus of watered -- dot com. Also -- -- Wellesley hospital and by our good friends at Cumberland farms Gerri as always joins us on the AT&T hotline. AT&T forgy LTE morning -- dog how are -- -- guys played at a rate went out when the all star game rolls around every year are you automatically reminded of your unusual all star experience and is an issue -- make you laugh at this after all these years. Now that is another idea that you know I mean I was I was felt like -- what did he gets I was named because -- and couldn't play. And you know Billy told me Billy Martin told me that it -- -- for the team. And I. You know I don't know whether I'm gonna play -- not -- for -- while the game was close he was say than people would just indicated they went to extra innings and stuff like that and they didn't bother me that it played you know it was just. Many proud that I was one of the top guys in the league in. But it was such a whirlwind tour you know I mean is the first time -- there were in the you don't know what to expect than it does rock at a -- going on. You know it was more comfortable -- guys have been there for prime time debate they know what to expect them and know how to handle about a. I -- that your observations my my thinking is that the all star game in 1978. That was correct -- -- Looked a little bit different for the all star game in 2013. While a little bigger spectacle these days right. Glad you're good yeah yeah I mean it was basically back then it was get they have a banquet play the game and and the salute Europe again it was -- And and that was that inevitability -- the -- -- the end of the game you know I had to -- because Iowa as one -- -- -- on the -- Want to -- part about it was almost empty. And now they have a parade. How how many guys. That in -- at the wrong flow red carpet parade -- -- again today. A lot of these guys didn't get the good 4:5 o'clock in the morning on -- Sunday from up from Oakland. And then I believe for the rocket like 8 o'clock in the morning so there wasn't a lot of -- involved you know before the parade in the home run derby and all that stuff. I'm looking in baseball reference can I -- and on and try and and on the time to check on this but what how much success to do you have against Rivera. Mariano Rivera. And get. Them to do you -- -- again I would opened up on side but he got. Where it got me he'd never got you loud is supposed to say thank I've never got you out overnight moment last -- you know you ones. I I watched the game only to see how our guys were gonna do and I wanted to see the bull moment and that was a little disappointed that it got. Kind of tied in with the Neil Diamond thing. You know other than in the Neil Diamond that was a nice touch with a lot of people but it came up -- the one time I thought you know when they have Rivera coming in this because I -- that the be all moral. And it was great to see you know -- committed to get the respect of the you know both the American League and actually in the -- and he -- And that he thought about a class act beavers is they have a bit about -- about the medal you know in their stated this is the real rarity to see a guy like that. -- and what amazes you more about -- Rivera the fact that he has created carved -- this remarkable in all hall of fame career with just one pitch or the fact that after all these years after coming back off of that debilitating knee injury. And racking up thirty saves by some people's accounts pitching as well has ever pitched is going to walk away knock them back into it again next year. Yeah I know well you know I act I kind of expected -- that two out of retirement you know I -- and I think he's gonna stay with that. Then but -- and to be able to get away with one pitch brought your whole career and it's not. You know it is one pitch in different locations writing. It's it's it's incredible that you know the success he's had with that. And then he's always been tough run let him because that becomes bow on and on the under the label of the bad breaks that all over the place. And it's it's it's just amazing what we what he's been able to bill and what I like about a -- you know he's so cool com collectively you know and bad things -- happened to a level I loved him when he came back the -- awaited tip his cap to the news in the standing ovation you know after the -- like -- -- -- to beat him. 2000 Doug Ford who was invalid in 2005 opening day and you know he's I think he's just a lovely guy you know. And and and everybody feels that way but -- couldn't -- it absolutely does the pitch I mean he's still forced to the American League and they -- positive force for the couple more years but. And up because time has come for my guess enough -- enough and on your belt. Was the most important player when you look at the second half for years for this for the Red Sox -- presuming Buchholz comes back -- point of Lester spent almost two years now. Since September 2011. In those two years or 23 months whatever is CRA's four point eight I think -- 55 starts. I mean is it is this really understands what Jon Lester is. Well I hope I -- that better than that and I thought it was better than that has last you know -- Betty had on this road trip. I I have that you guys they have to say Lester is one of them and buckles is the other. Just the latest out of this season you know based out of this season -- this team up on the right track. They got him going in the right direction they got they they had him they were winning they were building confidence. They've made his -- believe that they could win. And I think it's critical book and come back at the same type the second -- -- I -- -- know what's going -- with -- to -- them re trying to read between the lines. The what they're saying and it doesn't seem like it's going to be soon. That he's gonna be back and it doesn't really -- Amanda and you know Lester. I've seen some improvement the last couple thought they really -- I know I know the results have not you know -- in his stable. He's -- a couple mistakes so -- two with two outs in the in debt that is dependent. Become a continued problem with -- -- why I don't know. But that happen again in the last game that he -- but other than that. Yes very good stuff in that game so you know hopefully. Hopefully they did those small things that that'll get him going back in the right direction but they need him. They -- Buchholz. You know we're going to be university you know how serious the buckles wearing his because. I think that'll determine whether they have -- going get another picture or not. Hey Jerry who -- the first half actually it's the first 60% of the baseball season on the Red Sox impressed you the most Lackey. Pedroia or Ortiz. Well if you try to pick one I mean you know I love Pedroia I'm gonna love watching him play every day. Ortiz went through streaks where we he was just unbelievable yeah but the guy I'm most happy about it shellac. And is because he went -- a -- in the city you know when he came here it was never healthy. He got booty is attitude was not good because he was not pitching well he was not you know he was he was not feeling like himself. And here's a guy that really worked his tail off I mean I I -- it. With my own -- all last year he'd be out on the bench during games should be cheering guys -- guys given the club house. He's a great teammate and he's actually going better right now than it normally would -- with the angels. And and I am really really happy Foreman I'm glad that the people -- to respond. To a guy who was you know classic picture of for the city angels. And maybe even a little bit better now after the Tommy John surgery. You know -- it seems to me and I think maybe some people are starting to understand and grasp this is well if we're willing to look at Clay Buchholz and roll our eyes and wonder why -- the stiff neck. He's been out in June -- and -- fighting his way back in the lineup we should -- on the other side congratulate John Lackey for playing an entire season with his -- hanging by a thread knowing he was ineffective pitching -- a lot of pain. And not opening his mouth about it and using -- excuse. I think you're exactly right -- and you know he said he said and so -- -- trying to trick people. Is into the into I didn't have my good stuff them because they knew I didn't have the abilities overbought ball by people come -- they're trying to trick people. Usually that's dominated me so -- told an aggressive that you would like fastball and try to get people element like Obama couldn't do that. And you know you -- at times you -- they're just put that horrible up they'll open a ground -- you know that's a terrible way to go out there pitch. And then finally they got you know they get the examination they got to take care of big at the surgery he worked odd that the rehabilitation he got his body in shape and he comes back he came back a totally different guys sides I think -- -- an awful lot of credit. For what he's done and and I'd that would have been a popular thing to say a year ago right but I think I think everybody realizes that now. Do you think -- that the management the manager the pitching coach maybe the general manager look at buckled and thank. We're fine with this take your time we want you to be 100% we want to be ready in September and October or do you think this and let's go clay you said you could pitch you -- -- The doctor said you can't injure it further let's get back out there. Now I think I I I think I honestly think they wanted to be on a percent. The U wanna most of those -- you know I mean pretty easy he was incredible when he was out there pitching. There's obviously something wrong technically buckles the guy that's gonna take the blog on the mound and end you know there's this. -- it's it's obvious that there's something there that's causing him from doing that and it you know if it was just some of the usual pitching. Soreness -- tenderness you know he'd be out there. And whether or not it's more than that it's it's got to be more than that. And you know he's not the type of kid that's gonna sit back and -- the united I got to be I -- feel. You know like -- -- -- united brought their -- grade I think I think that if it was -- -- -- pitching. -- CBO did that can. But it's not. And I think there's some concern about that so you know you know look at bellicose -- we'll tell -- His next side session goes in the you know how one any rehab but you're gonna leave him. You know when he's got to get back out there but I am concerned about it because it's been a long time now. Jury I'd be interested in your thoughts on -- middle Brooks do the Red Sox front office owner management. Baseball ops people view him more as potential trade bait or reclamation project that they think they can get back to where he needs to be. I think they believe that he's a kid -- get back to where you know date they believed that he should be. And that the reason he's not a target right now I don't think he -- play date. Don't look comfortable doc came up to adequately forum. You know and everybody is available. But the fact is is that I think that the they've really believe that this is going to be that baseman you know for the future. They think they've got you know so acute that could be somewhat like one Gloria. But he's got to get -- doubted you know he's had flashes of that about a AAA worried yet. Would cut some home runs and much of RBIs the end of the few games as I guess a week ago. And but it hasn't been consistent and so you know I I thought honestly that they would -- bring it back after the all public but I don't think that's gonna happen yeah. And you know I think they wanna make sure the -- Completely on the right track right now the good two guys filling into the do a very good job and it got to ride until -- put themselves laid up but I still think they look at him as -- the -- for the future and guys you know not -- Maybe later on this year but also the long term solution to the third -- situation. They done with making moves here before the deadline Jerry you think the center. You know what that's hard to tell I don't think so I think -- I think they might make more I think a lot of it depends on health at some of these guys we mentioned buckle. You know as far as the team goes -- I'm satisfied with a team as it is. But you know again -- it's just pitching you know the more pitching depth I think that you can acquire the better -- you're going to be in them and that -- both in the bullpen starting rotation that we saw that. Get a we actually saw that the first that they did have a lot of depth they've they've had to go to the minor leagues an awful lot. They've got a decent performance out of those guys but I think they look for more you have what you look for more established guy a guy that's been there before down the stretch. And you know if the injury situation is that the way it is that maybe the direction they go. Jerry final question and it seemed like an old story now forty come down on the week deserves or does not deserve to be in the all star game based on his short sample. Back I mean that you -- -- the to be out of it I just you know I know he's an exciting kids knowledge about the applicability of previous you know. And some of this particular have been crazy yeah and I don't think that's a good example of of Major League Baseball right now I think he's gonna grow up a little bit. I think that you know these -- -- -- that talented kid but had right now I can go back and have a good month you know. And -- -- and it would ultimately not my cup is at the ages 60. You know I I believe that a lot of grown up the bill I think that you know look. But what it would give a chance to grow up with the big league level and and believe me at all by many times over. The difference between you and -- Jerious TMZ would not catch you coming out of Hollywood restaurant late at night -- -- starlet on your arm and getting in -- white Rolls Royce audit where. Think that this is as red. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rem dog joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE back to your phone calls -- in main Phil on the -- John in Braintree Tonys and Everett. It appears to be Rolling Stones all the time 9 o'clock hour Bobby fairly joins -- dominant number two yes or no.

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